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challenges, and role-playing,” LaPaglia explains. “I have observed new supervisors emerge with greater confidence and seasoned supervisors report the training validated things they had been doing instinctively over the years.” The MBA’s training programs are truly tailored to yield maximum results. According to Daggett, the structure and format of the course offerings help participants apply what they’ve learned right away. “That’s why we have gaps in our Series courses,” he says. “We do that intentionally so they can implement these new skills in the workplace and then come back in three or four weeks and share what they’ve learned.” Participants also come to learn that professional development training through the Association can open the door to new opportunities. At Betts Industries, for instance, the MBA’s Supervisory and Leadership training programs are instrumental in the development of its current and future leaders. “We place so much value in the MBA’s offerings, that these trainings have become mandatory

for any employee at Betts pursuing a leadership position,” explains Betts. “For those employees who may be concerned taking on the new and challenging responsibility, the MBA does a fantastic job of introducing the key skills and information required for building their foundation and developing their confidence.” Through the MBA, employers know its offerings bring real-world training with real-world results — which is the real return on investment. For Marquette, “One employee was enrolled when he entered a supervisory position for the first time in his career and was amazed at everything he learned. He is now an effective mentor and supervisor,” LaPaglia says. “I’ve seen vast improvement in his interactions with everyone across the company at all levels, and he is now a strong advocate of using this program for other supervisors or high potential employees.” At Betts, many of the employees who have completed the MBA Supervisory program have gone on to achieve careers such as supervisor, manager, director and vice president within the

company. “The skills these employees developed during the MBA’s training,” states Betts, “were instrumental in creating the foundation in which to build their future success.” LaPaglia, for one, recalls a success story that speaks volumes about the value that the MBA training brings. “When I first began enrolling our seasoned managers (as a refresher), a few were offended and a little hurt, believing I lacked confidence in their abilities. We talked about how we all need to keep our skills sharp and eventually they agreed to attend,” she notes. “One of the most vocal critics turned into one of the biggest fans of this training, stating that she not only felt good about things she had been doing over the years, she learned some new techniques for handling difficult conversations and much more.” Indeed, those who turn to the MBA for their training needs often become “raving fans.” It’s just a matter of experiencing it for themselves. For more information about the Association’s professional development and computer training courses, visit • OCTOBER 2018


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Business Magazine - October 2018