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basicSteps KA1


- Equipment & wind basics - Wind & weather - Launching & Landing - Kite controls/ flight school - General safety


Level 1

- Advanced kite controls - Launching & landing exercises - Body drags with changes of direction - Re-launching the kite from the water B







1 Basics - Theorie K F 1 Launching & Landing - Bodydrag K F 2 Waterstart Basics K F 3 Advanced Waterstart / planing / change of direction K F 3 + Controlled steering / upwind sailing / Basic Jibes K F 4 Controlled sailing / Beating / Jibe variants / License K S 1 Basic jumping Planing jibe K S 2 Freestyle on demand KA


KITE COURSE / MB-Level-System With kiteboarding, for safety reasons, it is important to master some basic skills before you begin practicing by yourself. We offer a step-bystep learning system to make sure you learn in the safest possible way. Before signing up for a course we kindly ask you take a level check. This will help us assess your level and will enable us to assign you to a course suited to you.



Level 2

- Basic exercise for the waterstart - Safety checks in open sea - Self-rescue in emergency situations - Navigation rules/right of way

Advanced Steps KF3

Level 3

- Advanced waterstart - Sailing downwind - Maneuvering - Change of direction


Level 4

- Controlled steering and sailing in both directions - Basic upwind sailing - Basic jibe


proSteps Ks1

Level 6

- Basic jumping - Planing jibe


Level +

- Freestyle on demand

Level 5

- Controlled sailing on all courses - Sailing upwind (beating up) - Jibe variants

(at the end of the course, you can make your license with us. With this license you will be allowed to take the rental equipment)

Course information

Course schedule: New courses start every day. On site registration have to be done one day in advance before 5pm. All the courses we offer follow the VDWS/IKO teaching standards. Our instructors are VDWS/IKO certified. Certificates issued by our team are valid worldwide. Skills exercises such as dry runs are done on the beach at the kite-zone. Theory classes take place at the main Pro Center base. Minimum requirements: to join our courses you need to be in good shape and be a good swimmer. Kite-VDWS/IKO license: VDWS/IKO licenses can be purchased at the Pro Center office. You can choose one of the following: - A full VDWS/IKO certificate that includes theory, learning material, license plus accreditation of all steps completed in the past. Price: € 54 - Upgrade of your VDWS/IKO certificate with the steps you have just completed. Price : € 20

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Brochure 2015 EN  


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