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Kids-Windsurfing-Academy (4 - 14 years) BEGINNERSteps

4 - 6 years




Windsurfing Playground © Even the youngest children can enjoy the thrills of windsurfing whilst playing. We have equipment designed especially for them and a great Kids – instructor. Your little loved one might just start to compete with big brother or sister!


START, STEER, TACK Learning how to Windsurf is «FUN». By using suited equipment, you will learn the basics in light wind conditions.



QUICK TACK AND JIBE You are now getting the grips with the game, continue improving whilst playing.




With the harness you will be able to sail longer and more comfortably in stronger wind conditions. By learning how to beat upwind you will improve your safety on the water. Beach start will spare your strength in stronger winds.

K 2 + Kids PLANING & FOOTSTRAPS Speed is everything. Once you get planning with both feet in the foot-straps you will feel the adrenalin and will be hooked for life!


tep S y b p e St course Info Equipment: full gear including wet suit, Kids boards (RRD), lycra and harness are available for the whole day
with the full days rental. Course starting at: 9.30 am (on Monday, or on special request) Level-Certification: During the happy hour at the beach bar on Friday at 5.30 pm, we will give all our KidsStudents a Level-Certification.


WATERSTART The waterstart is a required skill to progress further into funboard! Go full steam ahead!

Funboard Steps

K 3 + Kids




Bump & Jump The Bump & Jump course will provide you with the Basics you need for freestyle! Go full steam ahead!

Kpro Kids ...go for it ! Are you an expert at jumping and landing? Tell us any new tricks you want to learn for this course! See you soon!

How does it work?

Our windsurfing lessons are organized in the same way as in alpine ski schools. Groups are put together for each level and age and are easily recognizable by the coloured lycra each participant has to wear. The benefit of these Lycra’s is to identify all participants; during group assembling, on the
water and especially to locate a child that may have accidentally beURF come separated from the rest of the group. To minimize the probability DIPLOMA WINnteDS r of this happening, the course area on the water is marked with buoys Ce o MB-Pr that are easily recognizable. To sum up, the safety of your children is our Kids-Academy number one priority and they are well taken care of at MB-Pro Center. We K1-K2-K3 operate two lifeboats and have certified lifeguards on our team.

Porto Pollo

Baia dei Delfini

- Italy – Sardinia PALAU (OT) Delfini 07020 rdegna Pollo - Baia dei ter.it skype: procentersa ge - Loc. Porto ter.it - info@procen r. c/o Windsurfvilla Michiel Bouwmeeste +39.0789.704206 www.procen MB-Pro Center 9949 –Tel. Cell.: +39.335.637

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