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All available courses are organized according to the “MB - Course - Level System”. At each level, you will develop the basic skills required for the following level. When several succeeding courses are taken, faster progress can be expected (i.e. two succeeding courses will take 5 days instead of 6 days to complete).

F3 Water Start Safe Surfing Learn the water start rapidly with the MB- learning method which leads to the water start. Once you master it, you’re ready for smaller free ride boards. Perfecting foot strap technique and foot control will help you get started with jibes. Safety on the water! “Level up” to the F3 + ... Learn the water start with the Video Learning Simulator Boards up to 160 liters





Power jibe free ride

Advanced Power Jibe & Jumping



Now it’s time to use the smaller boards! You’ll learn how to optimize your body position. Your programme prepares you for freeride boards, easier manoeuvrability and the power jibe - the stumbling block of many windsurfers. Pupils learn more quickly and undoubtedly in a much less stressful way, thanks to the new jibe simulator. At last you know how to turn properly!!

Jibing, jibing, and more jibing... right on up to speed jibes until you’re as competent as those performed on the specially filmed training videos. Tricks and hints for individual performance, jumping techniques and equipment information are also included in the program.

Are you ready for action! You can compose your own course program: select 3 manoeuvres: body dragging, clew jibe Sail 360°, duck jibe, duck tack, flaka, front loop, shaka, spock, air jibe, Vulcan air spock, Willy skipper. Now you’re a real pro, and if that’s not enough ...

“Level up” to the S1.

“Level up” to the S2 ...

Video Learning Simulator Boards up to 120 liters

Video Learning Simulator Board up to 100 liters

We start with the small waves. We will teach you all the techniques you need to surf small and medium sized waves. Safety is paramount; reading the wind and the waves, choosing the right equipment, in short, everything that makes you a real wave surfer.“level up”... there is always something new to learn!

“Level-up” to F4... Video Learning Simulator Simulator jibe - Boards up to 130 liters

Video Learning Simulator Free Board choice

Profile for Pro Center Michiel Bouwmeester

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Brochure 2015 EN  


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