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MB-Course-Level-System courses Course guarantee For all offered courses: If the wind conditions are not suitable for the successful completion of a course you have booked , you will receive lesson - time credits valid until next time you visit us.

Course duration: Single & Combined courses 1 Level = 1 course = 3 days 2 Levels = 2 courses combined = 5 days 3 Levels = 3 courses combined = 7 days Lesson time per day = 2 hours (including theory and practice), depending on course levels.





Harness Jibe

Planing Footstraps Beachstart

It’s easy to get going! With the super-steady RRD boards, suitable for beginners, and the ultra-light RRD & NP One, you’ll quickly learn how to start, how to steer, sail, tack and jibe in light winds You’ll pass your course with ease and upon optional completion of an examination, you may apply for the VDWS certificate and diploma. Included are: VDWS training booklets. So carry on ... “level-up” towards the F1…

More fun and less hard work. We’ll teach you how to use the harness! Fast tacking safer going up wind and jibing without drifting, but above all more safety on the board. Now all you have to do is continue further ...

All you need is speed! Speed is now it’s time to learn the new funboard technique, fast planing, foot steering, beach-start, footstrap technique, and the strong wind jibe. Now that you really know what a funboard is....

Video Learning Simulator Boards up to 240 liters

VDWS - Licence 29 € Regardless of which MB course level you are taking, you can always pass the VDWS certificate. Beginner courses include VDWS course manuals as well as special editions for kids.

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“level-up” towards the F2. Video Learning Simulator Keystone simulator Boards up to 180 liters Video Learning Simulator Keystone simulator Boards up to 180 liters

“level-up” to F3. Speed & Foot straps simulator Boards up to 180 liters