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PRESIDENT’S ADDRESS It is with great pleasure that I submit my first NULYP Awards Packet as President of the Metropolitan Board of the Chicago Urban League [MetroBoard]. This first year of being the leader of a chapter with over 36 years of history has been a humbling and cherished experience. 2020 brought to us the biggest challenge not only for our organization but the world. The pandemic has shown us that our movement is necessary on so many crucial levels. We have learned that within the African American community income inequality, healthcare disparities and inadequate housing are destabilizing forces that combined with any other outside force creates complete bedlam. As the world struggles with the pandemic our fragile communities continue to bore a disproportionate amount of damage. Like many, I feel the fatigue of 2020. The constant barrage of despair brought on by the coronavirus pandemic mixed with the daily reminders of work needing to be done would make anyone feel like the tasks at hand are too large. However, our greatest example of perseverance comes from the civil rights area, where life altering sacrifices were made. To quote Jay-Z “No, [I] did that so hopefully you wouldn’t have to go through that.” As millennials in the Movement we do not have to lay down our or our livelihoods, as the gains made by our ancestors have forever changed how we will fight for our right for better. There was a time when 100% of your being had to be given to a movement to create 1% of change. Today’s changemakers no longer need monk like devotion to a cause, but rather a radical form of engagement. Our numbers must swell and we must reach/teach far more than we ever have before. Many hands can make light work - dispersing the responsibility to a far more manageable workload. With 100’s of YP’s giving just 1% of their might the Movement can undergo drastic change. For my second term as President that is my goal - to spur a radical form of engagement that will guide an insurmountable energy into the gateway of service that is MetroBoard. Engagement that nurtures the spirit and helps build coalitions that can interject passion for change into sectors that reach far beyond MetroBoard, the Chicago Urban League or the National Urban League as whole. During this first year I have seen first-hand how even in a small organization it is sometimes difficult to get people to engage large amounts of their free time. Young Professionals trying to juggle career, family, and mental well-being takes up almost all of our time. I don’t see the pathway toward my second term goal as trying to change people’s priorities, but rather a way to increase the number of hands that will share the work at even the smallest level. If you aren’t leading, then volunteer. If you aren’t volunteering then consider donating some funds. If you can’t donate time or funds, take a few minutes to like/share a post on social media or with a friend. If the coronavirus pandemic has taught us nothing else in 2020 it has shown that infecting people with a message can change the course of history.

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2020 ANNUAL REPORT YP President Name: Kevin Itima Phone Number: 832-630-0799 Email Address: mbpresidential@gmail.com Year Chapter Founded: 1983 Chapter Term Start & End Date: July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2021




2019 - 2020

Number of Members



Facebook Followers

Number of New Members



Facebook Engagement Total

Number of Membership Renewals



Number of Affiliate Service Hours



Total Affiliate Dollars Given



Number of Corporate Sponsors



Twitter Engagement Total

Number of Community Partners



LinkedIn Group Members

Number of Sister Chapters Supported



LinkedIn Engagement Total

Number of Affiliated Focused Programming



Weekly Newsletter Distribution

Number of Civic and Advocacy Focused Programs



NATIONAL CHAPTER AWARDS X - National YP Chapter of Excellence X - Affiliate Service Award X - National Day of Empowerment Award X - Robert Ingram National Day of Service Award X - Excellence in Advocacy Award

Instagram Followers


2019 - 2020



3817 1,207

Instagram Engagement Total Twitter Followers

1,573 1805


1,595 308


734 63



# of Chapter Members at NUL Conference 2019: Indianapolis, IN


# of Chapter Members Registered for NUL Conference 2020: Houston, TX


NATIONAL MEMBER LEVEL AWARDS X - Central Region Outstanding YP Member LONGEVITY RECOGNITION Please see attached Distinguished YP and Longevity Spreadsheet

Regional Chapter of Excellence Awards X - Central Region YP Chapter of Excellence

Signature of YP Chapter President

Signature of Affiliate President and CEO

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2019-2020 ELT TEAM



TESSIE EBENJA Director of Operations


JAMES MENDEZ Financial Secretary


ERIC GATLIN Parliamentarian

KEONA OWENS Community Service Project Manager

CANDICE MOORE Community Service Volunteer Coordinator

SKYE BONNER Political Action Chair

RAQUEL MCGEE Civic Engagement Chair


INDIA COOLEY Fundraising Chair

BRANDI ANDREWS Membership Retention Chair

ARTHUR DENNIS Membership Recruitment Chair

SUPERIOR BARNES Professional Development Chair

JASMIN JENKINS Professional Development Chair

ASANTE BROWN Personal Development Chair

NIVIA BOYKIN Media Relations & Promotions Manager

BRITTANY BROADERS Public Relations Creative Director



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1,352 17 4,226 9 $11,000.50 $107,467.18 Community Service Events

Affiliate Service Events

Chapter Community Volunteer Hours Affiliate Volunteer Hours

FY20 Affiliate Give 2020 Value of Service

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Central Member of the Year Keona Owens highly believes that in order to change the trajectory/narrative within our community, it is imperative that we become tangible, transparent, partner with community members, collaborate with other organizations through relationship building - and most importantly “show up + be present.” Keona joined MetroBoard as a general member in 2018. In 2019, after winning MetroBoard’s Young & Ambitious Community Service Award she was appointed as the 2019-2020 Community Service Project Developer. As our 2019-2020 Community Service Chair, her goals were to 1) improve service initiatives through collaborations, 2) strengthen partnerships and relationships with community based organizations (CBO) by 15%, and 3) increase member participation with a minimum of 10 members per service event. To date Keona has assisted in triumphing well over her goals. This year MetroBoard membership volunteer hours have increased by 85%. Human capital is priceless. Keona’s clearly outlined goals created a “volunteer service initiative” by offering MetroBoard members’ time to local organizations currently doing the work. These collaborative efforts were partnered with stapled organizations such as, Julian D. King Gift Foundation, My Block My Hood My City, Greater Chicago Food Depository, Social Works + Michael Airhart, Women of Love Ministries, Sista Strut, Matthew House, Touch Gift Foundation etc. - just to name a few. Out of these collaborations this year MetroBoard was able to host a historical number of successful service events - 2020 Virtual Teen Summit, Taste for the Homeless, multiple Community Grocery Distributions, Toy Drives, Hatch Day/Back to School Drives, etc. Joining forces with these organizations enabled MetroBoard to increase our community presence while creating meaningful experiences for both our membership and the local community. In addition to chairing MetroBoard’s Community Service Committee, Keona also spends a vast amount of her time as the Founder and Executive Director of a 97% volunteer-based CBO, while also serving as a board member for several other community organizations. During her time as a Community Service Changemaker Keona has partnered with many organizations creating alliances that change the narrative of Black communities by building and equipping individuals to IMPACT others. These organizations include World Vision, Sacred Ground, Hirsch Metropolitan High School, Midwest Food Bank, Julian D. King Gift Foundation, South & Westside Literacy Coalition and South Chicago Dance Theatre. With every community service initiative Keona’s executable objectives always include developing leaders and empowering individuals within the Movement - all while striving to meet the immediate needs of our local community.

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT Community Service Project Developer, Metropolitan Board of Chicago Urban League, 2019 - Present Chair, South & Westside Literacy Coalition, 2019 - Present Board Member, South Chicago Dance Theatre, 2018 Present Board Member, Julian D. King Foundation, 2012 - Present COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARDS YOUNG & AMBITION COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARD Metropolitan Board of Chicago Urban League, 2019 COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARD National Council of Negro Women Chicago Sector, 2019 HONORARY MEMBER OF HONOUR SOCIETY HUMANITARIAN AWARD DePaul University International Golden Key, 2019 HUMANITARIAN AWARD DePaul University International Golden Key, 2019 WORKFORCE WEDNESDAY SPOTLIGHT MEMBER Chicago Jobs Council, 2019 2019-2020 KEY NUMBERS AND HIGHLIGHTS Chapter Leadership?: YES, Committee Chair Increased MetroBoard volunteerism by 80% Developed a record number of service initiatives for MetroBoard: 15 total within the 2019-2020 programing year Number of MetroBoard Services Hours: 251.5 = Valued at: $6,395.65 Total Service Hours to-date FY20: 1,068.5 = Valued at: $27,171.96 Chapter Meetings/Event Attendance and Participation: 100% Raised In-Kind Donations for 2020 Teen Summit: $16,613.12 value National Day of Empowerment Participation: YES Join Week 2020 Participation: YES NULYP Advocacy Efforts Participation: YES National Day of Service Participation: YES Registered for 2020 NUL Conference in Houston?: YES

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> COMMUNITY IMPACT 2020 August 2019

Julian D. King Gift Foundation Hatch Day 2019 - Back to School Supply Distribution August 14, 2019 Volunteer Hours: 12 # of Volunteers: 3 MB members

September 2019

ENGAGE CHICAGO with U of Chicago Class of 2023 Service Project with Hashtag Lunch Bag September 28, 2020 The University of Chicago selected MetroBoard as one of the organizations for ENGAGE CHICAGO! During ENGAGE CHICAGO MetroBoard engaged students from the U of C freshman class (Class of 2023) in a community project. With the support of MetroBoard members 20 --30 students from the Booth School of Business, the Harris School of Public Policy, and the Law School volunteered with the Hashtag Lunch Bag organization to pack lunches for the homeless at the Promontory in Hyde Park. Volunteer Hours: 24 # of Volunteers: 7 MB members

October 2019

Sista Strut 3k Breast Cancer Walk October 5, 2019 Volunteer Hours: 20 # of Volunteers: 7 MB members # of Individuals Served: 5000+

November 2019

MetroBoard Season of ServiceWomen of Love “A Touch of Love� Thanksgiving Food Basket Giveaway November 23, 2020 Volunteer Hours: 36 # of Volunteers: 10 MB members # of Individuals Served: 150

December 2019

MetroBoard Season of ServiceMy Block My Hood My City MLK Lighting Event December 14, 2019 Volunteer Hours: 30 # of Volunteers: 10 MB members # of Houses Served/Decorated: 75

January 2020

MetroBoard Season of ServiceAdopt a Family Holiday Service Initiative January 9, 2020 # of People at Holiday Party Fundraiser: 85 Amount of Money Raised: $200 # of People Served: Family of 4

Domestic Violence Awareness Pack-it-Up during Committee Open House at General Body Meeting October 10, 2019 Volunteer Hours: 15 # of Volunteers: 27 MB members # of Individuals Served: 42

Matthew House - Thanksgiving Day Dinner Serving November 28, 2019 Volunteer Hours: 50 # of Volunteers: 10 MB members # of Individuals Served: 100+

MetroBoard Season of ServiceJulian D. King Gift Foundation Toy Drive December 17-19, 2019 (setup) December 21, 2019 (distribution) Volunteer Hours: 70 # of Volunteers: 8 MB members # of Families Served: 595 # of Children Received Toys: 2,032 Average number of children serviced per family is 3.4

Touch for a Gift Foundation Grocery Giveaway January 10, 2020 Volunteer Hours: 75 # of Volunteers: 15 # of Households Served: 80

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MetroBoard Season of ServiceMichael Airhart + Social Works Chi-Taste for the Homeless Winter Fest January 12, 2020 Volunteer Hours: 75 # of Volunteers: 18 MB members # of People Served: 1,591

February 2020

Jewish United Fund Young Leadership Division Dinner & Dialogue January 22, 2020 # of MB Attendees: 7 ELT Members

Join Week 2020 - Greater Chicago Food Depository Volunteer Day February 8, 2020 Volunteer Hours: 36 # of Volunteers: 12 MB Members # of Meals Packed: 13,817

Touch for a Gift Foundation Grocery Giveaway February 7, 2020 Volunteer Hours: 75 # of Volunteers: 15 # of Households Served: 132

March 2020

April 2020

Touch for a Gift Foundation Grocery Giveaway March 6, 2020 Volunteer Hours: 50 # of Volunteers: 10 # of Households Served: 87

Touch for a Gift Foundation Grocery Giveaway April 3 & 17, 2020 Volunteer Hours: 110 # of Volunteers: 22 # of Households Served: 1,037

May 2020

National Day of Service (NDOS): 2020 Virtual Teen Summit May 2, 2020 Volunteer Planning Hours: 600 # of Planning Volunteers: 21 MB members Volunteer Event Hours: 21 # of Event Volunteers: 7 MB Members # of People Served: 50+

Touch for a Gift Foundation Grocery Giveaway May 8 & 22, 2020 Volunteer Hours: 110 # of Volunteers: 22 # of Households Served: 1,000


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> COMMUNITY IMPACT 2020 Affiliate Service Award

August 2019

2019 Bud Billiken Parade with the Chicago Urban League August 10, 2019 Volunteer Hours: 77 # of Volunteers: 11 MB Members

Chicago Urban League Back to School Festival August 24, 2019 Volunteer Hours: 24 # of Volunteers: 6 MB Members

September & October 2019

November 2019

December 2019

January 2020

February 2020

Chicago Urban League E3 Strategic Partnerships Forum: Engage, Educate, Empower February 18, 2020 Volunteer Hours: 4 # of Volunteers: 1 MB Member, MB President Kevin Itima

Chicago Urban League Golden Fellowship Dinner Planning & Fundraising Committee Volunteer Hours: 20 # of Attendees: 1 MB Member, MB President Kevin Itima

Chicago Urban League Center for Student Development Holiday Party December 17, 2019 Volunteer Hours: 18 # of Volunteers: 7 MB Members # of People Served: 141

Join Week 2020- Affiliate Appreciation Day February 3, 2020 Volunteer Hours: 15 # of Volunteers: 5 MB Members

Chicago Urban League Golden Fellowship Dinner November 2, 2019 Volunteer Hours: 45 # of Attendees: 7 MB Members

MetroBoard Season of ServiceAdopt a Family Holiday Service Initiative January 9, 2020 Volunteer Hours: 60 # of Volunteers: 6 MB Members # of People Served: 4

April 2020

Chicago Urban League College Scholarship Application Reviewing & Grading April 2020 Volunteer Hours: 80 # of Volunteers: 10


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For the National Day of Service (NDOS) 2020 the Metropolitan Board hosted its 7th annual Teen Summit on May 2, 2020. To ensure the safety of our participants, speakers, and volunteers during the coronavirus pandemic the summit was held virtually this year. This year’s theme was Level Up: Let’s Get Social! The purpose of this year’s summit was to introduce the many ways that social interactions play a factor in our lives. The planning committee provided the teens with 2 sessions and 3 workshops within each session. The teens chose one workshop to attend each session. With 90+ registrations and 50+ in attendance, our 2020 Virtual Teen Summit was one for the books. All the teens in attendance left inspired and ready to Level Up! Approximately 600 volunteer hours went into planning this year’s National Day of Service event.

Workshop Title

Workshop Description

Session 1 YouTube: You and Your Brand Facilitated by Valencia Muhammad, People & Places Staffing and Management

Starting a business may be challenging, but it is rewarding. Protecting your brand is vital. By the end of this workshop, trainees will understand broadly, how entrepreneurship works, and how they reflect their brand so they must connect to their brand and get their audience to connect to them.

Session 1 Snapchat: Snap into a Healthy Life Facilitated by Siddiqu Muhammad, Chicago Fit 4 Life

As social norms, centered around health, begin to change in the African American community it is important that we continue the conversation. By the end of this workshop, trainees will understand why it is important to connect with their physical and mental health.

Session 1 WhatsApp: What’s Up with the Movement? Facilitated by Marcus Evans, State Representative

African Americans have come a long way, yet we still have so much more to achieve. Passing on the fight to the next generation is pivotal. By the end of this workshop, trainees will understand that it takes social connections to make the movement happen and keep the movement alive.

Session 2 LinkedIn: Linked into Your Future Facilitated by Sierra Dockery, House of Light, LLC

While middle and high school students deal with individual connections, the networks you make, especially during college, play a vital role throughout your life. By the end of this workshop, trainees will understand why it is important to connect socially throughout high school and college.

Session 2 Instagram: #MoneyBag Facilitated by Kevin Itima, MetroBoard President

With so many ways to save and invest, things can get confusing. Let’s talk about resources and options for our finances. By the end of this workshop, trainees will understand how having a healthy connection with their finances can set them up for success in the future.

Session 2 Full S.T.E.M Ahead Facilitated by Tammera L. Holmes, AeroStar Avion Institute NFP

Through this session teens were empowered with information on careers in the area of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics.

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On the 2nd Thursday of every month MetroBoard holds its General Body Meeting (GBM). During GBMs MetroBoard business is discussed, announcements are made, networking occurs and each meeting consists of a professional development theme.

June 2019

Road to 20 NULYP Event To commemorate the 20th Anniversary of YP MetroBoard was chosen to hold this national event. Past Presidents, Executive Leadership Team Officers and the current President of MetroBoard spoke on the birth of the movement, where it has been and where it is going. Attendees left with an understanding of the life changing benefits of being a part of this organization and why they should get involved.

August 2019

Annual Budget Meeting This meeting consisted of discussing and voting on the FY20 financial plan and learning about the executive leadership team’s goals for the new year.

September 2019

State of MetroBoard Address by President Kevin Itima & “This is Only a Test” book talk with TGINatural CEO and Arthur Chris-Tia Donaldson September’s GBM not only featured the State of MetroBoard address from our president, Kevin Itima, but also an exciting discussion with TGIN CEO Chris-Tia Donaldson on her new book “This is Only a Test.” The book talk was moderated by Mobile General Counsel founding attorney Ashley Kirkwood. As the FIRST book club IN THE NATION to receive Chris-Tia’s book MetroBoard was honored to kick off her book tour.

October 2019

World Mental Health Day with Dr. KeaJuanis Malena For World Mental Health Day MetroBoard had Dr. KeaJuanis Malena presented an engaging presentation on mental health, well being, self care, and the importance of therapy as it can help a person define goals, clarify who they are and what they want out of life.

November 2019

#MBMoneyMoves: Financial Planning for Young Professionals In November attendees learned financial planning tips from the experts. This insightful discussion was lead by Metroboard member India Cooley

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and Jason Conger from Northwestern Mutual. Attendees left with the ABC’s of financial literacy to not only help create wealth but sustain it as a young professional!

January 2020

Lead Your Ship: Charting the Course of Your Career in the New Year To kick off the year this engaging talk with spirited speaker and leadership consultant Candace D. Washington of Pivotal Impact, LLC provided insight and key tools for taking the lead & navigating to a place of greater personal and professional success, fulfillment, and impact in 2020 - and beyond!

February 2020

Estate Planning with Attorney Theodore “Ted” London February consisted of an in depth conversation on black wealth - what Afriona Americans have been able to accomplish historically, and practical ways to protect our hard fought gains.

April 2020

MetroBoard Executive Leadership Team Candidate Forum (virtual) MetroBoard’s first virtual GBM during the pandemic was an open forum for members to hear from the candidates running for 2020-2021 ELT positions.

May 2020

What Now? Your Mental Health & the COVID-19 Pandemic: An Open Conversation with Claude L. King, LCPC May is Mental Health Month and it was never more important than this year. May’s GBM was a virtual open conversation on mental health awareness and the COVID-19 pandemic with Psychotherapist Claude L. King, LCPC. Claude touched on how the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing/the quarantine is impacting our mental health, ways to manage your mental health during this crisis, barriers that make people of color reluctant to reach out for therapy and provide some resources that make the mental health world easier to navigate. Executive Leadership Team Retreats Executive Leadership Team (ELT) Retreats are once a quarter meetings for MetroBoard Officers and Committee Chairs to brain-storm new programming ideas, implement innovative policies and connect as a team. Team building exercises during retreats help the ELT function as a cohesive group in order to serve members and the community better. Quarter 2, October 2019 Quarter 3, January 2020 Quarter 4, April 2020 Welcome Orientations Welcome Orientations are held once a quarter and open to current, new and prospective MetroBoard members. During orientation attendees learn about MetroBoard, the Chicago Urban League (CUL) & the National Urban League of Young Professionals (NULYP). Quarter 2, October 2019 Quarter 3, January 2020 Quarter 4, May 2020

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October 2019

TGINatural “This is Only a Test” Book Brunch A Sunday Brunch in September for those that enjoyed that month’s GBM Book Talk. During brunch members took a deeper dive into This is Only a Test by Chris-Tia Donaldson, CEO of Thank God It’s Natural (TGIN).

January 2020

Under Armour x MetroBoard AthlHEAT with Larry Howard of LH Fitness Solutions MetroBoard kicked off 2020 in a BIG way with a YP Fit event! We teamed up with Under Armour and Larry Howard of LH Fitness Solutions to bring MetroBoard members and friends the opportunity to workout in Under Armour Chicago’s flagship store/Brand House on Michigan Ave. This fitness event also served as a fundraiser for MetroBoard and $500 was raised. Making this the highest grossing YP Fit fundraiser in MetroBoard history! After the workout attendees got the opportunity to take home products from a number of wellness vendors and shop the store with a 25% discount!

May 2020

YP Fit & Flow Yoga with LaNae Plaxcio Co-Founder of Seed Wellness Chicago During this virtual yoga session LaNae created a space of vulnerability and plenty of room for members to get stronger and grow. By the end of the sessions all attendees had delved deeper into the mental and physical practice of yoga. LH Fitness Solutions x MetroBoard Virtual at Home HIIT Workout For a second YP Fit offering during “quarantine” we brought back trainer Larry Howard of LH Fitness for an at home virtual strength and conditioning HITT workout.

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SOCIAL ENGAGEMENTS 2020 Wanna Rolls MetroBoard Wanna Rolls are periodic social events primarily planned by our Membership Chairs and committee to facilitate fellowship between members. 2nd Annual Young & Ambitious Awards + After Party For the second year MetroBoard held its Young & Ambitious Awards. With 6 local changemakers being honored, a silent auction of amazing items, a sponsored open bar, over 90 attendees and an official after party - the event was a success! # in Attendance: 96 2019 NUL Conference July 2019 MetroBoard members showed up and represented for YPs at the 2019 NUL Conference in Indianapolis, IN. # Members in Attendance: 17 MetroBoard New Year Celebration 2019 July 2019 To celebrate the beginning of a new MetroBoard year we held a roof-top celebration at the Molson Coors (formerly Miller Coors) Chicago corporate headquarters. With a full taco bar and open bar full of Molson Coors products this celebration was a great way to kick-off the year! # of Attendees: 74 100 Black Men of Chicago All White Scholarship Fundraiser August 2019 MetroBoard’s Ladies of the League supported the 100 Black Men of Chicago’s annual all white party & scholarship fundraiser at top Chicago’s SX Sky Bar rooftop. # of Attendees: 11 Chicago Football Classic Weekend - Events, Tailgate, HBCU Football Game September 2019 MetroBoard teamed up with local event curators to offer members exclusive discounts to Chicago Football Classic Weekend events and the game. The collaboration also functions as a fundraiser for the chapter. The MetroBoard Membership team organized a jam packed before game tailgate - over 55 attendees! BBQ on the grill, HBCU Football and Fellowship made for a great day! # in Attendance: 63

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Macallan Manor November 2019 Through a collaboration with Macallan Whiskey MetroBoard was able to offer members & friends exclusive access to the Chicago stop of the Macallan Manor tour - an exceptional multi-level whisky tasting experience at the International Museum of Surgical Science. # in Attendance: 27 Chicago Urban League Golden Fellowship Dinner November 2019 In support of the mission of our affiliate The Chicago Urban League (CUL) members attended the league’s largest fundraiser. Over 1 million dollars were raised in support of the Chicago Movement. # in Attendance: 7 MetroBoard Holiday Party & Adopt-A-Family Service Fundraiser December 2019 MetroBoard held its annual holiday party and fundraiser in support of our annual holiday season Adopt-A-Family initiative. Members and friends came out to celebrate the season and support a deserving family in need. # in Attendance: 63 Frosty’s Christmas Bar December 2019 Tis the Season! Members meet up at Frosty’s - a Christmas themed bar in the city for a night of holiday cheer! # in Attendance: 9 Young & Ambitious Professionals Social For Join Week 2020, for the 2nd year in a row, MetroBoard organized the largest young professional social in Chicago. # in Attendance: 256 NBA All-Star Weekend 2020 February 2020 STADIUM STATUS - The Largest NBA All-Star Weekend 2020 Day Party in Chicago! NBA All Star Weekend in Chicago was one to REMEMBER! MetroBoard teamed up with some of the largest event curators in the city to offer members an exclusive discount on the LARGEST All Star Weekend Day Party in the city at historic Soldier Field. With over 2,800 tickets sold the stadium was the place to be All Star Weekend 2020 in Chicago. # in Attendance: 12

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Quarantine Bingo May 2020 Membership Chairs organized and created a night of fun for members during the “quarantine� period of the COVID-19 pandemic. Attendees played bingo with digital cards based on common quarantine 2020 activities. # in Attendance: 9 #MBMemberPerks MB Member Perks are discounts acquired exclusively for MetroBoard members for some of the hottest events in Chicago. July 2019 CUL IMPACT Summit discount # in Attendance: 4 September 2019: Chicago Football Classic Weekend events and game ticket discount November 2019: Chicago Urban League (CUL) Golden Fellowship Dinner & Ticket Raffle December 2019: National Association of Black Accountant (NABA) Chicago Holiday Party complementary entry # in Attendance: 4 ELT members January 2020: Under Armour Chicago all-day flagship store discount on merchandise. January 2020: MADE Maven Day Gleam: The Ultimate Self Care Social ticket discount # in Attendance: 5 February 2020: All Star Weekend 2020 - Stadium Status day party discount March 2020 MetroBoard at The Auditorium Theatre for Alvin AileyYoung Professional ticket discount # in Attendance: 5

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JOIN WEEK 2020 “Our Moment. Our Movement”

Monday [1] Affiliate Appreciation Day. A member invitation only event to kick off Join Week. Members showed appreciation to the staff of our Affiliate The Chicago Urban League (CUL) by catering in a continental breakfast. Newly appointed CUL President & CEO Karen Freeman - Wilson also joined members and staff for a overview & discussion on the CUL movement in Chicago. # of MB Members in Attendance: 6 Tuesday [2] Young & Ambitious Speaker Series: MoveMaker Strategies featuring Eric Williams, Founder & Creative Director of The Silver Room/Silver Room Block Party. The Silver Room owner Eric Williams joined our Join Week edition of our Young & Ambitious Speaker Series and shared his journey, best practices and advice for how he grew The Silver Room from a side business into the beloved and successful entity it is today. Williams founded The Silver Room Block Party in 2004. Now in its 16th year, the Block Party attracts over 40,000 people in Chicago. # in Attendance: 43

Friday [3] 2nd Annual Young & Ambitious Professionals Social. For the second year in a row MetroBoard held the largest young professional social in the city! With 8 young professional organization partners, drink specials and special guest appearances by the Cook County State’s Attorney & our Affiliate CEO & President - it was a night to remember! # of RSVPs: 329 # in Attendance: 256 # of Local Community Partners: 11

Saturday [4] Join Week Welcome Orientation. This Welcome Orientation was open to current, new and prospective MetroBoard members. Attendees learned more about MetroBoard, the Chicago Urban League (CUL) & the National Urban League of Young Professionals (NULYP) # in Attendance: 30 # of Members Recruited On The Spot: 7 [5] Our Service Movement: Repack Session at the Greater Chicago Food Depository. Members participated in a rewarding afternoon of packing a variety of produce and food items for distribution to community social service and homeless centers across the state. # in Attendance: 9


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The March General Body Meeting is cancelled/rescheduled. All in person/live programming is canceled. All programming is switched to virtual. PR Team begins sharing/reposting news, information & resources on all MetroBoard social media platforms President Kevin Itima releases a statement regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

Social Distancing Resources MetroBoard launches social distancing resources • MB Brain Bank, MetroBoard announced the creation of a “How To” repository of videos - The #MBBrainBank! The brain bank is open to all, however only member submitted 1-5min videos are featured. The MB Brain Bank allowed members to advertise their businesses, services, share skills etc digitally. • MB Digital Library, a collection of MetroBoard member’s favorite books, movies, podcasts etc. MetroBoard members and friends were able to browse, add and share this resource with friends. This Digital Library is open to all. Membership Words With Friends March Madness Tournament MetroBoard launches a March Madness bracket-style members only Words With Friend tournament. The champ took home the grand prize of $100! Service Touch for a Gift Foundation Grocery Giveaway x 1

April Advocacy The Impact of COVID-19 on Black Chicago A virtual town hall discussion on the impact of COVID-19 on Black Chicago. Two WEBZ Chicago journalists, Natalie Moore and Maria Zamudio spoke on their coverage of the racially disparate impact of this pandemic. Service Touch for a Gift Foundation Grocery Giveaway x 2

May Service 2020 Virtual Teen Summit for NDOS Touch for a Gift Foundation Grocery Giveaway x 2 Personal Development/Wellness • YP Fit & Flow Yoga class with LaNae Plaxico (YP Fit Fitness and Nutrition Week #4 Activity) • Mental Health Month focused May General Body Meeting: Your Mental Health & the COVID-19 Pandemic with Psychotherapist Claude L. King, LCPC • At Home AthlHEAT HIIT Workout with Larry Howard of LH Fitness Solutions Membership Virtual Spring Welcome Orientation Quarantine Bingo Advocacy A Seat at the Table: Black Millennials in Local Politics

| 19



September 2019

National Voter Registration Week The Metropolitan Board of the Chicago Urban League participated in National Voter Registration Week. In total, three voter registration events were hosted. The drives took place at 100 Black of Men of Chicago’s Health & Wellness Expo at Malcolm X College. Another was hosted at a screening of Chicago’s South Side Film Festival at the Illinois Institute of Technology. The last drive was hosted in between classes at Wright CollegeHumboldt Park. In total, The Metropolitan Board registered 28 voters. Metrics: - 3 Voter Registration Drives Held - 28 individuals registered to vote - 5 MetroBoard members trained as Deputy Registrars

November 2019

National Day of Empowerment: 2020 Census Community Leadership Brunch & Workshop The Metropolitan Board of the Chicago Urban League hosted a Census Brunch & Workshop. The objective was to inform community leaders about the impact of the 2020 Census on individuals, businesses, governments and other organizations. As well as to develop innovative strategies to reach more residents of hard-to-count census tracts, namely African Americans and other ethnic minorities; youth; nonEnglish speakers; the homeless; and the impoverished and other historically under-counted and under-funded groups. Metrics: - 27 attendees - Workshop was facilitated by the Chicago Urban League’s Kareem Butler, 2020 Census Project/Policy Coordinator

Chicago’s 1st and 7th districts, across the city to make informed decisions when they go to cast their ballot during the primaries and in the months to come. Metrics: - 8 candidates confirmed and in attendance - 75 attendees

April 2020

DIGITAL ADVOCACY 4. #TurnUpTurnOutTheVote - Illinois Primary Elections MetroBoard posted a reminder to #TurnUpTurnOutTheVote for the Illinois Primary Elections, reminding individuals to make sure their voice is heard! The post included information on early voting and a link to check registration status, look up local polling places and early voting sites. 4a. Advocacy 101 Challenge The Metropolitan Board of the Chicago Urban League created the Advocacy 101 Challenge to help members engage with top civic leaders within the State of Illinois. It also served as a way for members to get direct updates about the pandemic, as it pertains to Illinois, from individuals who are leading the charge. Metrics: - 11 shares/mentions across Social Media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter)

March 2020

The Blueprint 2020 Wave 1: What’s the Debate? Congressional Candidate Forum The Metropolitan Board of the Chicago Urban League hosted a Congressional Candidate Forum. The objective was to inform and empower young professionals, from

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YP Pledge to Get Out the Count - #MakeBlackCount The Metropolitan Board of the Chicago Urban League created and posted several #MakeBlackCount reminders. Metrics: - 15 shares/mentions across Social Media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) 2020 Census Blitz: Social Media Day The Metropolitan Board of the Chicago Urban League participated in the NULYP 2020 Census Outreach. The objective was to target our efforts to hard-to-reach black communities in the Chicagoland area. We virtually participated in the NULYP 2020 Census Social Media Blitz on April 1st. By utilizing virtual platforms such as Facebook, GroupMe, email, Instagram, Twitter and text messaging we reached a range of communities and advocated why it is important to be counted. Metrics: - 21 shares/mentions across Social Media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) - Number of Individuals reached via email: 600+ - Number of Text Messages sent: 153 The Blueprint 2020 Wave 1: Advocate for an Issue - COVID 19 & Black Chicago The Metropolitan Board of the Chicago Urban League hosted a COVID-19 Virtual Town Hall with two WBEZ journalists. The objective was to discuss the implications of COVID-19 on the black community

in Chicago specifically. This event provided 90 attendees with information on COVID issues facing communities of color in Chicago. Additionally, the town hall highlighted the importance of working collectively to mitigate this crisis by reaching out to elected officials about concerns and being more educated about the crisis. The session ended with the group creating a brainstorming document on potential actions to take following the discussion and highlighted the significance of voting and the census. Metrics: - 90 virtual attendees via Zoom

May 2020

The Blueprint 2020 - Wave 1: A Seat at the Table Black Millenials in Local Politics The Metropolitan Board of the Chicago Urban League hosted A Seat at the Table: Black Millennials in Local Politics. This event was aimed at informing the black millennials about various steps necessary when running for political office. The panelist discussed their passion for running, how to run for office, and how to be successful at holding a political seat. Our panel included Lamar Brown, Former Political Director for Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx; Kam Buckner, member of Illinois House of Representatives - 26th District; and Karen Freeman-Wilson the former Mayor of Gary, IN and current President & CEO of the Chicago Urban League. Metrics: - 100+ RSVPs - 64 virtual attendees via Zoom

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2019-2020 >National Day of Empowerment (NDOE)

The Metropolitan Board of the Chicago Urban League hosted our National Day of Empowerment on November 16, 2019 with an event titled, 2020 Census Community Leadership Brunch & Workshop. The focus of 2019’s National Day of Empowerment was to educate and bring awareness to the public about the importance of the 2020 Census. In preparation for the event, MetroBoard pulled census data to find hard-to-count communities within Chicago. With the data collected, we invited faith and community leaders from those hard-to-count areas to participate in our brunch workshop. The event was hosted at the Chicago Urban League. The Metropolitan Board proudly partnered with our affiliate. Kareem Butler, the Chicago Urban League’s 2020 Census Policy Coordinator, provided insight on how the census impacts the distribution of federal dollars. He also spoke about the its bearings on local government, businesses, and individuals. Through breakout sessions and group discussions, attendees were able to develop innovative strategies to reach more residents of hard-to-count tracts, as well as ways to motivate people to participate in the 2020 Census. #Census2020 #MakeBlackCount #BeTheMovement #IamEmpowered #WeVoteWeCount #NDOE19

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Chicago Football Classic (CFC) Weekend Events Partnership

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THANK YOU TO OUR CORPORATE SPONSORS Molson Coors (formerly Miller Coors) Under Armour T.G.I.Natural Southwest Airlines Walt Disney Amazon The DuSable Museum of African American Art The Chicago History Museum

Massage Envy Diageo Liquor The Chicago White Sox Howl at the Moon Grupo Bimbo Ciroc Don Julio Crown Royal

THANK YOU TO OUR COMMUNITY PARTNERS #Hashtag Lunch Bag Chicago 100 Black Men Chicago AfroTrak AfroFusion Chicago The Ashley Nicole Show Auditorium Theatre Black Women Lawyer’s Association (BWLA) Chicago All-Star Weekend Civilized Lifestyle CK Psychotherapy DJ Skoli Florea Flower Bar G4Aperture Photography Greater Chicago Food Depository Humboldt Park Vocational Education Center Illinois Institute of Technology Jewish United Fund Young Leadership Division (JUFyld) Julian D. King Gift Foundation Kevin Itima Productions LH Fitness Solutions Lou Baker Promotions Mobile General Counsel The Movemakers Municipal Bar

My Block, My Hood, My City Music Box Foundation National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) Nigerian American Professional Association (NAPA) National Association of Black Accountants (NABA) National Black MBA Association (NBMBAA) Net Impact Chicago Norman’s Bistro Per.So.Na Lounge Pivotal Impact,LLC Portillio’s Prince Events Pyramid Events Sigma Chris Events Social Works Chi Seed Wellness Chicago Touch Gift Foundation The Silver Room The Michael Airheart Experience Young Nonprofit Professionals Network (YNPN) WBEZ Chicago Women of Love Service Ministries Women’s Board of the Chicago Urban League (WBCUL)

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NOTABLE SOCIAL MEDIA MENTIONS/RE-POSTS x12 Mentioned by the NULYP Instagram page x2 Mentioned by Chance The Rapper’s Non-profit SocialWorksChi x2 Mentioned by The University of Chicago x5 Mentioned by The Silver Room x 4 x4 Mentioned by Under Armour Chicago x2 Mentioned by TGINatural/ TGINatural CEO

OTHER COMMUNICATION METHODS Google Groups 2019-2020 current number of forum members = 664 LinkTree View count ending May 31, 2020 = 276 Mass Text Messaging to Members # of Members enrolled = 142

December 2019

November General Body Meeting Speaker, Northwestern Mutual Financial Representative & MetroBoard Member India Cooley advises what you should do before purchasing an investment property. November General Body Meeting Speaker and Northwestern Mutual Advisor shares his first experiences with investing.

January 2020

January 2020 General Body Meeting Speaker and Pivotal Impact LLC founder Candace D. Washington explains how you can be an effective leader without being perceived as domineering.

February 2020

Eric Williams, founder and creative director of The Silver Room and Silver Room Block Party in Chicago explains how to reframe and learn from failure.

Paid Promotion Ads (Instagram, Facebook) Average Audience Reach = 1100

METROBOARD MINUTE VIDEO SERIES This year MetroBoard’s PR Maven & Creative Director Brittany Broaders launched our MetroBoard Minute video series. This video series consists of brief enlightening clips of our outstanding speakers answering one or two member submitted questions on a variety of topics.

Average # of Impressions = 650 Average Reach = 350

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Milwaukee Urban League Young Professionals

June 3, 2020 Metropolitan Board of the Chicago Urban League Young Professionals Chapter Letter of Support 2019-2020 Greetings,

P.O. Box 246 Milwaukee, WI 53201 Phone: (414) 374.5850 Fax: (414) 562.8620 www.tmulyp.org

It is with great appreciation that I, Tiffany Henry, president of the Milwaukee Urban League Young Professionals write this letter of support for President Kevin Itima and the Metropolitan Board of the Chicago Urban League Young Professionals, and I confirm that our chapter received support from this chapter. With our cities being so close in geography, it is appreciative to receive not only financial support but their physical support as well. Membership from Metroboard attended our chapter’s Professional Development Conference and Toast to Twenty celebration in September 2019. We look forward to continuing our relationship and support of each other in leadership but as chapters with deep history and achievement within the National Urban League Young Professionals movement.

Elected Officers Tiffany Henry President Michelle Brown Vice President Jordan Roman Treasurer Vacant Parliamentarian Fiesha Lynn Bell Secretary

Respectfully submitted,

Tiffany Henry President, Milwaukee Urban League Young Professionals

Milwaukee Urban League Young Professionals is comprised of young professionals across Metro-Milwaukee who are dedicated to serving their local communities through social and community activism. MULYP strives to engage these professionals in the Milwaukee Urban League's movement toward achieving social and economic equality.

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