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Sola Media

Scr: Sergey Gavrilov. English. In production. Delivery date: 2015. TOM LITTLE AND THE MAGIC MIRROR (Spain) Animation. 73mins. Prod co: Ficcion. Dir: Ernesto Padron Blanco, Bruno Lopez. Prod: Esther Hirzel, Julio Casal, Mamen Quintas. Scr: Ernesto Padron Blanco. English. Post-production. Library Animation, high-quality family titles, international features and edgy documentaries.

MARKET DEBUTS COCONUT THE LITTLE DRAGON (Germany) Animation. 80mins. Prod co: Caligari Film. Dir: Nina Wels, Hubert Weiland. Prod: Gabriele M Walther. Scr: Mark Slater, Gabriele M Walther. English. In production. Delivery date: 2015. A fire dragon who can’t fly and a vegetarian dragon friend set out on an incredible adventure to save Dragon Island against all odds. SANTA LOST DOWN UNDER (Australia) Animation. 80mins. Prod co: Bruce’s Dream Productions. Dir: Rob Nunn. Prod: Robb Nunn, Diana Giorgiutti, Ben Cunningham. Scr: Robb Nunn, Gregory Johnson. Pre-production. Delivery date: 2016. Four days before Christmas, Santa and Rudolph are stranded in the Australian outback, exiled by a scheming elf intent on taking over the North Pole. SECRETS OF WAR (Netherlands) Family. 90mins. Prod co: Rinkel Film. Dir: Dennis Bots. Prod: Reinier Selen, Harro van Staverden, David-Jan Bijker. Scr: Karin van Holst Pellekaan. Dutch with English subtitles. Completed. Tells of how war can divide friends and affect people’s humanity through the eyes of two best friends during the Second World War.

The Solution Entertainment Group

Also buying all rights worldwide Stand/room number: Riviera E8 Tel: mobile (49) 177 278 1625/(34) 618 064 613 Executives attending: managing director Solveig Langeland, sales associate Tania Pinto da Cunha, legal and business affairs Imke Wulfmeyer Filderhauptstr 49, Stuttgart, 70599, Germany Tel: (49) 711 479 3666 Fax: (49) 711 479 2658 Web:

OTHER TITLES AVAILABLE THE ANDERSSONS HIT THE ROAD (Sweden) Comedy. 90mins. Prod co: Eyeworks Sweden. Dir: Hannes Holm. Prod: Patrick Ryborn. Cast: Morgan Alling, Anja Lunqvist, William Ringstrom. Swedish with English subtitles. Completed. CAPTAIN SABERTOOTH AND THE TREASURE OF LAMA (Norway) Family, Action/adventure. 90mins. Prod co: Storm Film. Dir: John Andreas Andersen, Lisa Marie Gamlem. Prod: Fredrick Howard, Lars Hellebust, Fredrik Stobakk, Gudny Hummelvoll. German with English subtitles. Post-production. NICKY TANNER AND THE FIRE FLOWER (Ukraine) Animation. 73mins. Prod co: Panama Grand Prix. Dir: Vladimir Mikhailov. Prod: Dmitriy Belinski, Aleksandr Kotelianets, Sergey Krischenko.

Stand/room number: Grand Hotel, Apt 4 Flamant, 45 La Croisette Tel: mobile (1) 818 516 4746 Executives attending: co-founder and partner Lisa Wilson 6063 Sunset Boulevard, 2nd Floor, Hollywood, CA 90028, US Tel: (1) 310 272 9002 MARKET DEBUTS INFINITELY POLAR BEAR (US) Drama. Dir and scr: Maya Forbes. Prod: Wally Wolodarsky, Benji Kohn, Bingo Gubelmann, Sam Bisbee, Galt Niederhoffer. Cast: Mark Ruffalo, Zoe Saldana. Completed. Screening. OTHER TITLES AVAILABLE 5 TO 7 (US) Romance. Dir and scr: Victor Levin. Prod: Julie Lynn, Bonnie Curtis, Sam Englebardt, William D Johnson. Cast: Berenice Marlohe, Anton Yelchin, Lambert Wilson. First market screening. THE FORGER (US) Dir: Philip Martin. Prod: Al Corley, Bart Rosenblatt, Eugene Musso, Rob Carliner. Scr: Richard D’Ovidio. Cast: John Travolta, Christopher Plummer, Tye Sheridan. Post-production. HOW TO MAKE LOVE LIKE AN ENGLISHMAN (US) Romantic comedy. Dir: Tom Vaughan. Prod: Richard B Lewis, Beau St Clair, Kevin Frakes. Scr: Matthew Newman. Cast: Pierce Brosnan, Salma Hayek, Jessica Alba. Post-production. JENNY’S WEDDING (US) Romantic comedy. Dir and scr: Mary Agnes Donoghue. Prod: Mary Agnes Donoghue, Gail Levin, Michelle Manning. Cast: Katherine Heigl, Tom Wilkinson, Linda Emond. Postproduction. LAGGIES (US) Romantic comedy. Dir: Lynn Shelton. Prod: Steve Golin, Alex Madigan-Yorkin, Rosalie Swedlin, Myles Nestel. Scr: Andrea Seigel. Cast: Keira Knightley, Chloe Grace Moretz, Sam Rockwell. Completed. Screening.

NOVEMBER MAN Action. Dir: Roger Donaldson. Prod: Beau St Clair, Sriram Das. Scr: Michael Finch, Kark Gajdusek. Cast: Pierce Brosnan, Olga Kurylenko, Luke Bracey. Completed. First market screening. TEN THOUSAND SAINTS (US) Prod: Anne Carey, Amy Nauiokas, Luca Borghese, Trudie Styler, Celine Rattray. Scr: Bob Pulcini, Shari Berman. Cast: Ethan Hawke, Asa Butterfield, Hailee Steinfeld. Post-production.

Spotlight Pictures

Soul Food Distribution

MARKET DEBUTS RED WING (US) Drama. 108mins. Prod: Patricia Carpenter. Cast: Bill Paxton, Frances Fisher, Luke Perry. Completed. A socially thought-provoking love story.

Executives attending: sales and acquisition Miroslav Mogorovic, sales and acquisition Igor Stankovic Pariske Komune 13, Belgrade, 11000, Serbia Tel: (381) 11 2672 004 Fax: (381) 11 2694 152 E-mail: sonja.topalovic@soulfoodfilms. com Web: MARKET DEBUTS NO ONE’S CHILD (Serbia) Drama. 95mins. Prod co: Art & Popcorn, Baboon Production. Dir and scr: Vuk Rsumovic. Prod: Miroslav Mogorovic. Cast: Denis Muric, Pavle Cemerikic, Isidora Jankovic. Serbian with English subtitles. $1m. Post-production. Delivery date: autumn 2014. In 1988, in the Bosnian mountains, hunters capture a wild boy among wolves. OTHER TITLES AVAILABLE BUGS & HEROES (Serbia) Drama. 92mins. Prod co: Doktor Fried. Dir: Petar Pasic. Prod: Petar Jevtic. Scr: Petar Pasic, Nikola Pejakovic, Dimitrije Vojnov. Cast: Bojan Dimitrijevic, Zoran Cvijanovic, Branka Petric. Serbian with English subtitles. $900,000. Post-production. Delivery date: autumn 2014. THE PIANO ROOM (Macedonia) Drama. 103mins. Prod co: Skopje Film Studio, Restart Production, Eye To Eye. Dir: Igor Ivanov. Prod: Tomi Salkovski. Scr: Zanina Mircevska, Igor Ivanov. Cast: Natasa Petrovic, Jovica Mihajlovski, Svetozar Cvetkovic. Macedonian, English, German, Russian and Turkish with English subtitles. $1.2m. Completed. Delivery date: immediate. STRANGE FOREST (Serbia, Hungary) Drama. 75mins. Prod co: Atalanta, Laokoon Filmgroup. Dir: Szabolcs Tolnai. Prod: Piroska Tolnai-Varda, Gabor Sipos. Scr: Szabolcs Tolnai, Dragan Stankovic. Cast: Hermina Erdelyi, Robert Tilly. Serbian and Hungarian with English subtitles. $700,000. Post-production.

Also buying worldwide rights Stand/room number: Riviera D8 Executives attending: head of international sales Scott Bedno, vice-president Ryan McCombs, head of sales Carlos Rincon, director of acquisitions and festivals Will Robelo, CEO Matt McCombs 6671 W Sunset Boulevard, #1591, Hollywood, CA 90028, US Tel: (1) 323 871 2551 Fax: (1) 323 446 7349 E-mail: Web:

OTHER TITLES AVAILABLE AUTHORS ANONYMOUS (US) Comedy. 90mins. Dir: Ellie Kanner. Prod: Hal Schwartz. Scr: David Congalton. Cast: Kaley Cuoco, Chris Klein, Dennis Farina. Completed. CHILD OF GOD (US) Drama. 92mins. Prod: Vince Jolivette. Cast: James Franco, Tim Blake Nelson, Scott Haze. Completed.

Spring International

Stand/room number: c/o Taiwan Cinema, Palais 01, stand 26.02 Executives attending: general manager Jackie Kong 8th Floor, No. 157 Sec. 2 Fuxing South Road, Da’an District, Taipei City, 106, Taiwan Tel: (886) 2 2701 3288 Fax: (886) 2 2701 3282 OTHER TITLES AVAILABLE CHA CHA FOR TWINS (Taiwan) Romantic comedy. 110mins. Prod co: Real Asia Pictures. Dir and scr: Yi-chien Yang, Jim Wang. Prod: James Chia-Hao Hsu, Hank Tseng, Oliver Chen. Cast: Peijia Huang, Paul Chiang, Oreo OuYang. Mandarin with Chinese and English subtitles. Completed. Delivery date: immediate.

Star Alliance Movies (HK) Co

Stand/room number: Riviera B8 Tel: 04 92 99 32 27 Executives attending: executive producer Angus Chan, senior acquisition manager Cliff Chan, senior distribution manager Lammy Li, distribution executive Daisy Wong Unit 302, Block A, East Sun Industrial Center, 16 Shing Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong Tel: (852) 2116 0946 Fax: (852) 3909 0431 E-mail: Web: Cannes 2014 Screen International 97 n

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