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TROUBLE IN THE HEIGHTS Action. WHO THE F* IS BUDDY APPLEBAUM?! Romantic comedy. Library Titles include: John Wayne Parr: Blessed With Venom; Chasing Beauty; 36 Saints; Tio Papi; Little Red Wagon; Life’s An Itch; Random Encounters; Ace Wonder; You May Not Kiss The Bride; Psychic Experiment; Frat Party.


Also buying all rights for Japan Stand/room number: c/o Japan Booth, Palais 01, stand 21.02-21.04 Executives attending: general manager of international sales and licensing Fumiki Yamazaki, assistant manager of international sales and licensing Atsumi Shibata, general manager of acquisitions and home video Hiroo Murakami, assistant manager of acquisitions and home video Yuki Hatano, assistant manager of acquisition and home video Megumi Agarie Akasaka Biz Tower, 19th Floor, 5-3-1 Akasaka, Minato-Ku, Tokyo, 107-6321, Japan Tel: (81) 3 6441 9696 Fax: (81) 3 6441 7965 E-mail: Web: MARKET DEBUTS JUON: THE BEGINNING OF THE END (Japan) Horror. Dir: Masayuki Ochiai. Scr: Masayuki Ochiai. Cast: Nozomi Sasaki, Sho Aoyagi. Japanese with English subtitles. Post-production.


Stand/room number: Lerina, 63 La Croisette, 2nd Floor Tel: 04 93 43 32 12 Executives attending: CEO Nick Meyer, COO and cfo Marc Schaberg, co-president Marc Butan, executive vice-president of international sales Jonathan Kier, senior vice-president of international sales Kristen Figeroid, senior vice-president of international marketing Joey Monteiro 9378 Wilshire Boulevard, #210, Beverly Hills, CA 90212, US Tel: (1) 424 253 1060 Fax: (1) 424 653 1977 E-mail: Web: MARKET DEBUTS 999 (US) Thriller. Prod co: Anonymous Content, Sierra. Dir: John Hillcoat. Prod: Steve Golin, Keith Redmon, Bard Dorros, Marc Butan, Anthony Katagas, Christopher Woodrow. Scr: Matt Cook. Cast: Chiwetel Ejiofor, Casey Affleck, Woody Harrelson.Preproduction. When a crew of dirty cops is

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blackmailed by the Russian mob to execute a virtually impossible heist, they realise the only way to pull it off is to manufacture a 999, police code for ‘officer down’. THE LOST CITY OF Z (US) Action/adventure. Prod co: Plan B, Sierra. Dir and scr: James Gray. Prod: Dede Gardner, Anthony Katagas, Jeremy Kleiner. Cast: Benedict Cumberbatch, Robert Pattinson. In development. In 1925, Fawcett ventured into the Amazon to find an ancient civilisation, hoping to make one of the most important discoveries in history. PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES (US) Prod co: Cross Creek Pictures, Darko Entertainment, Sierra. Dir: Burr Steers. Prod: Sean McKittrick, Allison Shearmur, Natalie Portman, Annette Savitch. Scr: David O’Russell. Cast: Lily Collins. In development. The latest retelling of a classic tale. WILD CARD (US) Action. Prod co: Current Entertainment, Reme Productions, Les Productions Martal. Dir: Simon West. Prod: Steven Chasman, Jason Statham. Scr: William Goldman. Cast: Jason Statham, Michael Angarano, Sofia Vergara. Postproduction. Tells the story of a tough, compulsive gambler who makes his living providing protection in the rough edges of the gambling world as a ‘chaperone’. THE ZOOKEEPER’S WIFE (US) Drama. Prod co: Plan B, Sierra. Dir: Niki Caro. Scr: Angela Workman. Cast: Jessica Chastain. In development. The moving, true story of a husband and wife’s compassion and incredible will to save hundreds of Jews during the Second World War. OTHER TITLES AVAILABLE 1:30 TRAIN (US) Prod co: Wonderland Sound And Vision. Dir: Chris Evans. Prod: McG, Mary Viola, Chris Evans, Karen Baldwin, Howard Baldwin, Mark Kassen, Bill Immermann. Scr: Ronald Bass, Jen Smolka. Cast: Chris Evans, Alice Eve. Post-production. EVERLY (US) Action. Prod co: Vega, Baby!, Crime Scene Pictures. Dir: Joe Lynch. Prod: Rob Paris, Adam Ripp, Luke Rivett, Andrew Pfeffer. Scr: Yale Hannon. Cast: Salma Hayek, Akie Kotabe, Togo Igawa. Post-production. LOST RIVER (US) Drama. Prod co: Bold Films. Dir: Ryan Gosling. Prod: Matt Platt, Adam Siegel, Ryan Gosling, David Lancaster, Michel Litvak. Scr: Ryan Gosling. Cast: Christina Hendricks, Saorise Ronan, Iain De Caestecker. Post-production. NIGHTCRAWLER (US) Thriller. Prod co: Bold Films. Dir: Dan Gilroy. Prod: Tony Gilroy,

Jennifer Fox, Jake Gyllenhaal, Michel Litvak, David Lancaster. Scr: Dan Gilroy. Cast: Jake Gyllenhaal, Rene Russo, Bill Paxton. Post-production. Library Titles include: Queen Of The Desert; Rosewater; Somnia; The Coup; Winter’s Discontent; Whiplash; The Keeping Room.

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Also buying all rights worldwide Stand/room number: Relais de la Reine, Apt C42, 42/43 La Croisette Tel: 04 93 06 70 08 Executives attending: head of international sales Charlotte Boucon, international sales manager Alexis Cassanet, director of acquisitions and sales Lionel Uzan, director Thierry Desmichelle, heads of acquisitions and production Segolene Dupont and Nicolas Rolland 89 Ave Charles de Gaulle, Neuilly Sur Seine, 92575, France Tel: (33) 1 41 92 73 39 Fax: (33) 1 41 92 73 39 E-mail: Web: MARKET DEBUTS A PERFECT MAN (UN HOMME PARFAIT) (France) Thriller. Prod co: 24/25 Films, WY Productions. Dir: Yann Gozlan. Prod: Wassim Beji, Thisbault Gast. Scr: Yann Gozlan, Guillaume Lemans. Cast: Pierre Niney, Ana Girardot. Post-production. ALLELUIA (France, Belgium) Horror. 90mins. Prod co: Panique, Radar Films. Dir: Fabrice Du Welz. Prod: Vincent Tavier, Clement Miserez. Scr: Fabrice Du Welz, Vincent Tavier. Cast: Lola Duenas, Laurent Lucas, Helena Noguerra. French with English subtitles. Completed. First market screening. LA FAMILLE BELIER Comedy. Prod co: Jerico, Mars Film. Dir: Eric Lartigau. Prod: Stephane Celerier. Scr: Victoria Bedos, Stanislas Carre De Malberg. Cast: Karin Viard, Francois Damiens, Eric Elmosnino. Post-production. SEX LOVE AND THERAPY (TU VEUZ OU TU VEUX PAS) (France) Romantic comedy. 90mins. Prod co: Arene Productions, Tabo Tabo Films. Dir: Tonie Marshall. Prod: Bruno Pesery. Scr: Tonie Marshall, Erwan Augoyard, Sophie Kovess-Brun. Cast: Sophie Marceau, Patrick Bruel. French with English subtitles. Post-production. A sex addict on the mend hires a nympho who wants to jump his bones. SK1 (France) Thriller. Prod co: Labyrinthe Films. Dir: Frederic Tellier. Prod: Julien Madon, Julien Leclerc. Scr: David Oelhoffen, Frederic Tellier.

Cast: Raphael Personnaz, Olivier Gourmet, Nathalie Baye. Postproduction. OTHER TITLES AVAILABLE ALMOST FRIENDS (ON A FAILLI ETRE AMIES) (France) Comedy. 100mins. Prod co: Move Movies. Dir: Anne Le Ny. Prod: Bruno Levy. Scr: Anne Le Ny. Cast: Karin Viard, Emmanuelle Devos, Roschdy Zem. French with English subtitles. Completed. Screening. AMONG THE LIVING (AUX YEUX DES VIVANTS) (France) Horror. 90mins. Prod co: Metaluna Productions. Dir and scr: Julien Maury, Alexandre Bustillo. Prod: Fabrice Lambot, Jean-Pierre Putters, Caroline Piras. Cast: Anne Marivin, Beatrice Dalle, Francis Renaud. French with English subtitles. Completed. Screening. ASTERIX: THE LANDS OF THE GODS (France) Animation. Prod co: M6 Studio. Dir: Louis Clichy. Prod: Philippe Bony. Scr: Alexandre Astier. French with English subtitles. In production. AUNT HILDA! (TANTE HILDA!) (France) Animation. 98mins. Prod co: Folimage Production, Melusine Production. Dir: Jacques-Remy Girerd, Benoit Chieux. Prod: Jacques-Remy Girerd. Scr: JacquesRemy Girerd, Benoit Chieux, Iouri Tcherenkov. French with English subtitles. Completed. Screening. THE DATE COACH (FISTON) (France) Comedy. 88mins. Prod co: Monkey Pack Films, LGM Cinema. Dir: Pascal Bourdiaux. Scr: Daive Cohen. Cast: Kev Adams, Frank Dubosc, Nora Arnezeder. French with English subtitles. Completed. Screening. GET WELL SOON (BON RETABLISSEMENT) (France) Comedy. 90mins. Prod co: Ice3, KJB Production. Dir: Jean Becker. Prod: Louis Becker, Thierry Lhermitte. Scr: Jean-Loup Dabadie, Marie-Sabine Roger, Jean Becker. Cast: Gerard Lanvin, JeanPierre Darroussin, Luois-Do De Lencquesaing. French with English subtitles. Completed. First market screening. MARSEILLE (DE GUERRE LASSE) (France) Thriller. Prod co: Elzevir Films. Dir and scr: Olivier Panchot. Prod: Marie Masmonteil, Denis Carot. Cast: Jalil Lespert, Tcheky Karyo, Hiam Abbass. French with English subtitles. Completed. Screening. PARIS FOLLIES (LA RITOURNELLE) (France) Comedy. 99mins. Prod co: Avenue B Productions. Dir and scr: Marc Fitoussi. Prod: Caroline Bonmarchand. Cast: Isabelle Huppert, Jean-Pierre Darroussin, Michael Nyqvist. French with English subtitles. Completed. Screening.

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