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Casey Twenter, Jeff Robison. Cast: Billy Crudup, Anton Yelchin, Selena Gomez. Completed. First market screening. RUN, BOY, RUN (Poland) Drama. Dir: Pepe Danquart. Prod: Pepe Danquart, Susa Kusche, Robert Gold, Uwe Spiller, Andrea Roman, Alexander van Duhlmen. Scr: Heinrich Hadding. Cast: Jeanette Hain, Itay Tiran, Katarzyna Bargielowska. Completed. Screening. TAKE DOWN (UK) Action/adventure. Dir: Jim Gillespie. Prod: Ed Elbert, Sarah Ryan Black, Stefan Brunner, Jamie Brown, Alex Brown, Alex Tate. Scr: Alexander Ignon. Cast: Jeremy Sumpter, Phoebe Tonkin, Sebastian Koch. Pre-production.

Rai Trade

Stand/room number: Majestic #110 Via Umberto Novaro, 18, Rome, 00195, Italy Tel: (39) 06 331 78 244 Fax: (39) 06 375 16 222 E-mail: Web: MARKET DEBUTS A GOLDEN BOY (UN RAGAZZO D’ORO) (Italy) Drama. 93mins. Prod co: DueA Film, Rai Trade. Dir, prod and scr: Antonio Avati. Cast: Riccardo Scamarcio, Sharon Stone, Giovanna Ralli. Italian with English subtitles. Completed. First market screening. Davide’s father was a scriptwriter of B-Movies. Davide is a copywriter whose dream is to write something good and true. DARKER THAN MIDNIGHT (PIU’ BUIO DI MEZZANOTTE) (Italy) Drama. 94mins. Prod co: Ideacinema. Dir: Sebastiano Riso. Prod: Federico Saraceni, Jacopo Saraceni. Scr: Andrea Cedrola, Stefano Grasso, Sebastiano Riso. Cast: Davide Capone, Micaela Ramazzotti, Pippo Delbono. Italian with English subtitles. Completed. First market screening. Davide is different from other teenagers. Something makes him look like a girl. He runs away from home. LATIN LOVER (Italy) Comedy. 100mins. Prod co: Lumiere & Co, Rai Cinema. Dir: Cristina Comencini. Prod: Lionello Cerri. Scr: Cristina Comencini, Giulia Calenda. Cast: Virna Lisi, Marisa Paredes, Valeria Bruni. Italian with English subtitles. In production. Follows a great actor who had five daughters with five different mothers. OTHER TITLES AVAILABLE THE CHAIR OF HAPPINESS (Italy) Comedy. 94mins. Prod co: BiBi Film TV. Dir: Carlo Mazzacurati. Prod: Angelo Barbagallo. Scr: Carlo Mazzacurati, Doriana Leondeff, Marco Pettenello. Cast: Isabella

Ragonese, Valerio Mastandrea, Fabrizio Bentivoglio. Italian with English subtitles. Completed. THE MAFIA ONLY KILLS IN SUMMER (Italy) Comedy. 90mins. Prod co: Wildside, Rai Cinema. Dir: Pierfrancesco Diliberto. Prod: Mario Gianani, Lorenzo Mieli. Scr: Michele Astori, Pierfrancesco Diliberto, Marco Martani. Cast: Pierfrancesco Diliberto, Cristiana Capotondi. Italian with English subtitles. Completed. MOONWALKING DISTANCE (Italy) Comedy. 94mins. Prod co: 9.99 Films. Dir and scr: Francesco Calabrese, Enrico Audenino. Prod: Cosimo Alema, Fulvio Compagnucci, Lorenzo Foschi, Luca Legnani. Cast: Remo Girone, Stefania Casini, Vittorio Giannotti. Italian with English subtitles. Completed. LA SANTA (Italy) Drama. 110mins. Prod co: Panamafilm, Rai Cinema. Dir: Cosimo Alema. Prod: Paolo Rossetti, Francesco Siciliano, Riccardo Brun. Scr: Riccardo Brun, Cosimo Alema. Cast: Gianluca Di Gennaro, Massimiliano Gallo, Michael Schermi. Italian with English subtitles. Completed.

Raspberry & Cream

Stand/room number: Riviera E20 Tel: 04 92 99 32 49 Executives attending: managing director Maren Kroymann, sales Aleksandra Abykova, festivals Katja Lenarcic, marketing, press and acquisitions Yvonne Andreas Prinzessinnenstr 16, Berlin, 10969, Germany Tel: (49) 30 6150 7505 Fax: (49) 30 2758 2872 E-mail: Web: MARKET DEBUTS FUCKING DIFFERENT XXY (Germany) Documentary. 83mins. Prod co: Kristian Petersen Filmproduktion. Dir: Buck Angel, J Jackie Baier, Felix Endara, Sasha Wortzel, Kay Garnellen, Gwen Haworth, Jasco Viefhues, Mor Vital. English, German, French and Hebrew with English subtitles. Break stereotypes. Create confusion. Celebrate diversity.

Raven Banner Entertainment Also buying all rights worldwide Stand/room number: Riviera F10 Executives attending: Managing partners and buyers James Fler and Michael Paszt, sales executive Sonia Lowe 177 Drayton Avenue, Toronto, M4C 3M1, Canada Tel: (1) 416 428 3537 E-mail: Web: www.ravenbannerentertainment. com

MARKET DEBUTS BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE (Italy) Horror. 86mins. Prod co: Doghouse Pictures. Dir: Brini Amerigo. Prod: Marco Palese. Scr: Brini Amerigo, Andrea Cavaletto, Marco Palese. Cast: Danny Cutler, Alex Lucchesi. English. Completed. In a mansion in the woods, the peaceful life of a medical scientist and his family is upset by a three masked men raid. EJECTA (Canada) Sci-fi. 87mins. Prod co: Foresight Features. Dir: Matt Wiele, Chad Archibald. Prod: Chad Archibald, Cody Calahan. Scr: Tony Burgess. Cast: Julian Richings. English. Completed. The story of one night on earth that changed everything we know about the universe. WOLFCOP (Canada) Horror. 86mins. Prod co: Cinecoup. Dir and scr: Lowell Dean. Prod: Bermie Hernando, Danielle Masters, Hugh Patterson. Cast: Amy Matysio, Leo Fafard. English. Completed. First market screening. It’s not unusual for alcoholic cop Lou to black out and wake up in unfamiliar surroundings, but lately things have taken a turn for the strange… and hairy. OTHER TITLES AVAILABLE ASMODEXIA (Spain) Horror. 85mins. Prod: Albert Armengol, Carles Herrera. Scr: Marc Carrete, Mike Hostench. Cast: Irene Montala, Lluis Marco. Spanish. Completed. Screening. COPIII: THE 1ST ENTRY (US) Horror. 85mins. Prod co: Copiii Film Project. Dir: L. Gustavo Cooper. Prod: Jonathan Shepard. Scr: L. Gustavo Cooper, Jon Bosworth. Cast: Graci Carli, Rod Luzzi, Emily Rogers. Completed. Delivery date: immediate. SAVAGED (US) Horror. 85mins. Prod co: Green Dog Films. Dir and scr: Michael S Ojeda. Prod: Jordan Fox, Jason Gurvitz. Cast: Amanda Adrienne, Rod Rowland, Sammi Rotibi. Completed. Delivery date: immediate. SEPTIC MAN (Canada) Horror. 83mins. Prod co: Foresight Features. Dir: Jesse T. Cook. Prod: Jesse T. Cook, John Geddes, Matt Wiele. Scr: Tony Burgess. Cast: Jason David Brown, Molly Dunsworth. English. Completed. Delivery date: immediate.


Stand/room number: Lerins R14 Also buying all rights worldwide 2913 Third Street, #310, Santa Monica, CA 90405, US Tel: (1) 310 305 1285 Fax: (1) 310 305 1223 E-mail: Web:

MARKET DEBUTS ALMOST BROADWAY (US) Comedy. 80mins. Dir, prod and scr: Antony J Bowman. Cast: Taryn Manning, Dov Davidoff, Diane Farr. Completed. THE HAUNTING OF ELLIE ROSE (UK) Horror. 80mins. Dir and scr: Tristan Versluis. Prod: Andy Thompson. Cast: Lucy Benjamin, Alexandra Moen, Billy Ward. Completed. Ellie Rose returns to her family’s unused cabin, which holds dark secrets from her past. However, the horrors that haunt her mind quickly transform into a reality. MISFIRE: THE RISE AND FALL OF THE SHOOTING GALLERY (US) Documentary. 80mins. Dir: Gil Gilbert. Prod: Whitney Ransick. Cast: Robin Tunney, Tim Blake Nelson, Morgan Spurlock. Completed. A documentary about the independent film company responsible for art house hits ‘You Can Count On Me’ and ‘Laws Of Gravity’. OTHER TITLES AVAILABLE ALIEN UPRISING (UK) Sci-fi. 101mins. Prod co: Hawthorn Productions. Dir and scr: Dominic Burns. Prod: Tim Major, Andy Thompson. Cast: Bianca Bree, Jean-Claude Van Damme. Completed. Delivery date: immediate. BLUE CAPRICE (US) Thriller. 94mins. Prod co: SimonSays Entertainment. Dir: Alexandre Moors. Prod: Isen Robbins, Ron Simons, Stephen Tedeschi. Scr: R F I Porto. Cast: Isaiah Washington, Tim Blake Nelson, Joey Lauren Adams. Completed. Delivery date: immediate. KINK (US) Documentary. 80mins. Prod co: RabbitBandini Productions. Dir: Christina Voros. Prod: James Franco, Vince Jolivette, Miles Levy. Completed. Delivery date: immediate.

Red & White Films

Also buying international rights Stand/room number: Riviera G7/H10 Executives attending: managing director John Dunstan, vice-president of sales and marketing Michaelangelo Masangkay, director of acquisitions Michael Da Silva, acquisitions coordinator Ryan Lee, sales coordinator Catrin Brunke, chairman and founder Nick Stiliadis 1240 Bay Street, #307, Toronto, ON, M5R 2A7, Canada Tel: (1) 416 363 6060 Fax: (1) 416 363 2305 E-mail: Web: MARKET DEBUTS BOTH HANDS (Canada) Prod co: Ironworks Productions. Dir and scr: Michael Cannes 2014 Screen International 91 n

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