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E-mail: Web: MARKET DEBUTS ARGENTINA (Argentina) Documentary. Prod co: Mondex & Cie, Barakacine, Zebra Producciones. Dir: Carlos Saura. Cast: Soledad Pastorutti, Chaqueno Palavecino, Dino Saluzzi. Spanish with English subtitles. In production. Plunges us into the heart of traditional Argentine music, via a succession of choreographed tableaux retracing the country’s rich mulitcultural history. CHAPLIN BEHIND THE MASK (France) Documentary. 90mins. Prod co: Magneto Presse. Dir: Frederic Martin. Scr: Laurent Delahousse, Laurent Seksik. English. In production. One hundred years after the birth of “the Tramp”, this documentary will retrace the story of Chaplin. DONT TELL ME THE BOY WAS MAD (France) Drama. Prod co: Agat Films & Cie. Dir: Robert Guediguian. Scr: Gilles Taurand, Robert Guediguian. Cast: Syrus Shahidi, Gregoire Leprince-Ringuet, Ariane Ascaride. French with English subtitles. In production. Paris 1981. Aram, a young man of Armenian origin, blows up the Turkish Ambassador’s car seriously injuring Gilles, who just happens to have been passing on his bicycle. METAMORPHOSES (France) Drama. Prod co: Les Films Pelleas. Dir and scr: Christophe Honoure. Prod: Philippe Martin. Cast: Amira Akili, Sebastien Hirel, Damien Chapelle. French with English subtitles. Completed. When Europe climbs aboard a truck with young Jupiter, little does she know of the journey of initiation among Ancient Gods that lies ahead. THE TOURNAMENT (France) Drama. Prod co: 24 Mai Production. Prod: Lola Gans. Scr: Elodie Namer. Cast: Michelangelo Passaniti, Lou De Laage, MagneHavard Brekke. French with English subtitles. In production. Young chess mastermind Cal Fournier, the most promising competitor in international chess tournaments, faces an unknown 11-year-old prodigy, finding himself challenged like never before. WONDEROUS BOCCACCIO (Italy) Drama. Prod co: Cinemaundici. Dir and scr: Paolo Taviani, Vittorio Taviani. Prod: Luigi Montini. Cast: Jasmine Trinca, Kim Rossi, Michele Riondino. Italian with English subtitles. In production. A group of young people, living as a community sheltered from the plague, decide to tell each other a story a day. OTHER TITLES AVAILABLE STILL THE WATER (Japan, France) Drama. 100mins.

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Prod co: WOWOW, Comme des Cinemas. Dir and scr: Naomi Kawase. Prod: Masamichi Sawada, Takehiko Aoki, Naomi Kawase. Cast: Nijiro Murakami, Jun Yoshinaga, Tetta Sugimoto. Japanese with English subtitles. Completed.

MonteCristo International Entertainment Also buying all rights worldwide Stand/room number: Lerins R15 Executives attending: president and co-CEO Michael Taverna, co-CEO and sales and acquisition executive Cindy Nelson-Mullen 459 Columbus Avenue, #334, New York, NY 10024, US Tel: (1) 917 647 7587 Fax: (1) 917 677 8300 E-mail: michael@ Web: www.montecristoentertainment. com

MARKET DEBUTS NICK (Andorra) Drama. 94mins. Prod co: Imminent Productions. Dir and scr: Jose Pozo. Prod: Maria Parron. Cast: Melina Mathews, Molly Malcolm, Timothy Gibbs. English. $2m. Postproduction. Delivery date: December 2014. A young boy with a boundless imagination tries to solve a murder he witnessed. OXV (UK, Australia) Romance, sci-fi. 105mins. Prod co: The BritPack Film Co. Dir, prod and scr: Darren Paul Fisher. Cast: Daniel Fraser, Eleanor Wyld, Dylan Llewellyn. $2m. Completed. Tells the story of a boy meets girl in a not quite here, not quite now world where one simple discovery has changed all human relationships. SECOND TIME AROUND (Canada, UK) Drama. 84mins. Prod co: STA. Dir: Leon Marr. Prod: Pieter Kroonenburg, Jaime Brown. Scr: Leon Marr, Sherry Soules. Cast: Jacqueline Bisset, Elliott Gould. English. $2m. Pre-production. Delivery date: early 2015. A timeless and uplifting story of two seniors who meet and discover it’s never too late to fall in love again. OTHER TITLES AVAILABLE ANINA (Uruguay) Animation. 84mins. Prod co: Raindogs Cine. Dir: Alfredo Soderguit. Prod: Julian Goyoaga, German Tejeira, Jhonny Hendrix. Scr: Frederico Ivanier. Cast: Federica Lacano, Maria Mendive, Cesar Troncoso. Spanish with English subtitles. $1m. Completed. Delivery date: immediate. CHIMERES (Switzerland) Horror. 94mins.

Prod co: Chaoticlock Films. Dir and scr: Olivier Beguin. Prod: Olivier Beguin, Gwenn Deschenaux, Lluis Fe Perez. Cast: Jasna Kohoutova, Yannick Rosset, Catriona MacColl. French. $2m. Completed. Delivery date: immediate. RESILIENT 3D (US) Sci-fi. 94mins. Prod co: Resilient 3D Film Services. Dir and scr: Michael Taverna. Prod: Cindy NelsonMullen, Michael Taverna. Cast: Virginia Madsen, Robert Beltran, Ayelet Zurer. $5m. Pre-production. Delivery date: December 2014. ROAD 47 (Brazil, Italy) Period drama. 94mins. Prod co: Tres Mundos Films. Dir and scr: Vincente Ferraz. Prod: Isabel Martinez, Matias Mariani, Danile Mezzoca. Cast: Sergio Rubini, Daniel de Oliveira, Ivo Canelas. Portuguese. $3m. Completed. Delivery date: immediate. Library Fifty art house theatrical genre titles from North America, Europe, Asia and Eastern Europe.

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Stand/room number: Lerins R23 Tel: 06 17 42 12 74 Executives attending: CEO Etchie Stroh, president Yael Stroh, director of acquisitions Shahar Stroh, producer Jay Firestone PO Box 1599, Studio City, CA 91614, US Tel: (1) 818 985 3003 E-mail: Web: MARKET DEBUTS DARK STRANGER (Canada) Thriller. Dir and scr: Chris Trebilcock. Prod: Glen Wood, Jay Firestone, Paula Devonshire. Cast: Enrico Colantoni, Katie Findlay, Stephen McHattie. English. In production. Terrorised by a character come to life out of her latest graphic novel, a young artist struggles to overcome her psychosis before it destroys her. GOD THE FATHER (US) Documentary. 100mins. Dir: Simon Fellows. Prod: Moshe Diamant. Scr: Michael Franzese, Moshe Diamant. Post-production. A true story about Mafia, money, love, loyalty and God. RUSHLIGHTS (US) Thriller. 98mins. Prod co: Crosstown Films. Dir: Antoni Stutz. Prod: Jeffrey Coultier, Gabriella Stoolenwerck, Antoni Stutz. Scr: Antoni Stutz, Ashley Scott Meyers. Cast: Aidan Quinn, Beau Bridges, Josh Henderson. Completed. First market screening. Delivery date: immediate. Two young lovers travel from Los Angeles to a small town in Texas to falsely claim an inheritance, but

wind up in a nightmare of greed and betrayal. OTHER TITLES AVAILABLE FALCON RISING (AKA FAVELA) (US) Action. 100mins. Dir: Ernie Barbarash. Prod: Shahar Stroh, Etchie Stroh. Scr: Y T Parazi. Cast: Michael Jai White, Neal McDonough, Laila Ali. $6.2m. Completed. Screening. Delivery date: immediate. FLESH AND BONE (Canada, Germany, Hungary) Dir: Istvan Szabo. Prod: Etchie Stroh, Jay Firestone, Jeno Hodi. Scr: Joe Eszterhas. English. In production. Library More than 100 feature films of various genres.

More In Group

Also buying all rights for South Korea Tel: mobile (82) 10 7420 2046/(82) 10 9336 2659 Executives attending: president and executive producer TJ Chung, producer Jenny Jung-a Kim, planning manager Robin Haerang Park 2nd Floor, Starts Building 40-9 Samsung-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 135-867, South Korea Tel: (82) 2 790 6930 Fax: (82) 2 790 6922 E-mail: MARKET DEBUTS THE TENOR (LIRICO SPINTO) (South Korea, Japan) Drama. Prod co: More In Group, Voice Factory, Social Capital Production. Dir: Kim Sang-man. Prod: Jenny Jung-a Kim, TJ Chung. Scr: Kim Sang-man. Cast: Yoo Ji-tae, Yusuke Iseya, Cha Ye-ryun. English, Korean and Chinese with English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese subtitles. $7m. Post-production. Delivery date: autumn 2014. Based on the true story of a tenor who lost his voice through cancer.

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Also buying all rights worldwide Stand/room number: Lerins R1 Executives attending: managing director and sales Gary Phillips, managing director and acquisitions Mark Vennis 11 Denmark Street, London, WC2H 8LS, UK Tel: (44) 20 7836 5536 E-mail: gary.phillips@moviehouseent. com Web: MARKET DEBUTS CONVENIENCE (UK) Comedy. 90mins. Prod co: Urban Way. Dir: Keri Collins. Prod: Ray Panthaki. Scr: Simon Fantauzzo. Cast: Ray Panthaki, Vicky McClure, Adeel Akhtar. Completed. Delivery date: July 2014.

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