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GIRL WITH NO FEAR (Colombia) Thriller. 110mins. Prod co: Bluefilm Cia. Dir and scr: Bernardo Canizares Esguerra. Prod: Consuelo Esguerra, Irene Torres. Cast: Alejandro Buenaventura, Carolina Piechestein, Juan Ricardo Gomez. Spanish with English subtitles. $1m. Completed. Delivery date: immediate. Not a predictable story of conspiracy, corruption and the cruel manipulations in the pharmaceutical industry. OTHER TITLES AVAILABLE GIRAFFES (Cuba) Thriller. 94mins. Prod co: Galaxia 311. Dir: Kiki Alvarez. Prod: Ivonne Cotorruelo. Scr: Claudia Muniz. Cast: Claudia Muniz, Olivia Manrufo, Yasmani Guerrero. Spanish with English subtitles. $1m. Completed. Delivery date: immediate. HALIMA’S PATH (Croatia) Drama. 93mins. Prod co: Arkadena Zagreb. Dir: Arsen Anton Ostojic. Prod: Slobodan Trninic, Arsen Anton Ostojic. Scr: Fedja Isovic. Cast: Alma Prica, Olga Pakalovic, Mijo Jurisic. Bosnian with English subtitles. $1m. Completed. Delivery date: immediate. JAIL CAESAR (UK) Drama. 88mins. Prod co: Caesar Productions. Dir and scr: Paul Schoolman. Prod: Alice Krige, Paul Schoolman. Cast: Derek Jacobi, John Kani, Alice Krige. $1m. Completed. Delivery date: immediate. ROMEO AND JULIET (Argentina) Animation. 94mins. Prod co: Field Light Films. Dir: Brian Cass. Prod: Eduardo Cortes. Scr: William Shakespeare. Cast: Andrew Dionese, Sarah Lynne Wright, Frank Drank. English. $2m. Completed. Delivery date: immediate. Library Seventy-six titles of all genres.

Huat Films 18 Sin Ming Lane, #08-30 Midview City, Singapore, 573960, Singapore Tel: (65) 9838 8168 E-mail: Web: OTHER TITLES AVAILABLE 3 PEAS IN A POD (Singapore) Romantic drama. 90mins. Prod co: Huat Films. Dir, prod and scr: Michelle Chong. Cast: Alexander Lee Eusebio, Calvin Chen, Jae Liew. English and Mandarin with English and Chinese subtitles. $1.7m. Completed. Delivery date: immediate.

Huayi Brothers Media Corporation

Also buying rights for China Tel: mobile (86) 1861 178 1823

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Executives attending: president Felice Bee, senior manager of co-production and acquisitions Charles Hwong, manager of sales and marketing Annabelle Hao Lou Tai Duan, Wenyu River, Tianzhu, Beijing, 101312, China Tel: (86) 10 6457 9338 Fax: (86) 10 6457 0230 Web: MARKET DEBUTS A TALE OF THREE CITIES (China) Period drama. Prod co: Huayi Brothers Media Corporation. Dir: Zhang Wan Ting, Alex Law. Cast: Tang Wei, Lau Ching Wan. Mandarin with Chinese and English subtitles. In production. Delivery date: immediate. A manipulative widow with two children carries on a turbulent affair with a spy on the run to pursue their love during the Second World War. LOVE ON THE CLOUD (China) Romantic comedy. Prod co: Huayi Brothers Media Corporation. Dir: Gu Chang Wei. Cast: Yang Ying, Chen He. Mandarin with Chinese and English subtitles. Postproduction. Delivery date: October 2014. In a world occupied by social networks, a fresh love story is coming up in the entertainment circle. STRAYS (China) Drama. Prod co: Huayi Brothers Media Corporation. Dir: Peng San Yuan. Cast: Andy Law, Jing Bo Ran. Mandarin with Chinese and English subtitles. In production. Delivery date: May 2015. While looking for his lost son, a peasant meets an abducted boy and they start a tough journey together. WOMEN WHO FLIRT (China) Romantic comedy. Prod co: Huayi Brothers Media Corporation. Dir: Pang Hao Xiang. Cast: Huang Xiao Ming, Zhou Xun, Hold-Sister. Mandarin with Chinese and English subtitles. Post-production. Delivery date: July 2014. Love is more than simple dining and wining; it gives one woman the strength to conquer another, and ‘flirting’ is a woman’s best weapon.

Hungarian National Film Fund

Stand/room number: Marina Showroom, Riviera G17 Executives attending: head of international division Csaba Bereczki, PR manager Csaba Zoltan Papp, festival manager Marta Benyei, international sales Klaudia Androsovits Rona Utca 174, Budapest, 1145, Hungary Tel: (36) 1 351 7760 Fax: (36) 1 352 6734 Web:

MARKET DEBUTS AFTERLIFE (Hungary) Drama. 100mins. Dir: Virag Zomboracz. Prod: Ferenc Pusztai. Hungarian with English subtitles. Completed. The father who always considered his son a ghost one day becomes one. CAR PARK (Hungary) Drama. 100mins. Dir: Bence Miklauzic. Prod: Ivan Angelusz, Peter Reich. Cast: Ferenc Lengyel, Tibor Szervet. Hungarian with English subtitles. Completed. A desperate war between two men who are forced to face the lie they are living and the scars they carry from their past. NO MAN’S ISLAND (Hungary) Drama. 100mins. Dir: Ferenc Torok. Prod: Pal Sandor. Cast: Juli Jakab, Eszter Banfalvi, Tamas Mohai. Hungarian with English subtitles. Completed. A modern fairy tale about young people in search of true happiness who come to love themselves and find a way to realise their dreams. WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO TIMI? (Hungary) Romantic comedy. 105mins. Dir: Attila Herczeg. Prod: Gabor Ferenczy, Attila Tozser. Cast: Andrea Osvart, Kornel Simon, Simon Szabo. Hungarian with English subtitles. Completed. OTHER TITLES AVAILABLE HEAVENLY SHIFT (Hungary) Black comedy. 100mins. Prod co: Unio. Dir: Mark Bodzsar. Prod: Istvan Bodzsar. Cast: Andras Otvas, Roland Raba, Tamas Keresztes. Hungarian with English subtitles. Completed. LIZA, THE FOX-FAIRY (Hungary) Black comedy. 108mins. Prod co: Film Team. Dir: Karoly Ujj Meszaros. Prod: Istvan Major. Cast: Monika Balsai, David Sakurai. Hungarian with English subtitles. Completed.

Hyde Park International

Stand/room number: JW Marriott, #207 Tel: 04 92 99 70 00 Executives attending: chairman and CEO Ashok Amritraj, president Eric Christenson, vice-president Stephen Gary 14958 Ventura Boulevard, #100, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403, US Tel: (1) 818 783 6060 Fax: (1) 818 783 6319 E-mail: sales@hydeparkentertainment. com Web: MARKET DEBUTS THE HAUNTING OF ELOISE Dir: Robert Legato. Prod: Tripp Vinsen, Sanford Nelson. Scr: Chris Borelli. Cast: Chace Crawford, Eliza

Dushku. In production. Four friends break into an insane asylum nicknamed ‘Eloise’, where they flight to escape not only the confines of the institution but their own minds. JUST BEFORE I GO Comedy. Dir: Courteney Cox. Prod: Courteney Cox, Gabriel Cowan, Thea Mann. Scr: David Flebotte. Cast: Seann William Scott, Olivia Thirlby, Garret Dillahunt. Completed. First market screening. Chaos ensues when a down-on-his-luck man travels to his hometown to make amends with the people he blames for ruining his life. OTHER TITLES AVAILABLE 99 HOMES Drama. Dir and scr: Ramin Bahrani. Prod: Ashok Amritraj, Ramin Bahrani, Andrew Garfield. Cast: Andrew Garfield, Michael Shannon, Laura Dern. Post-production. CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR Thriller. Dir: Elizabeth Allen. Prod: Ashok Amritraj, Robert Stein, Michael Helfant, Bradley Gallo, Kirk D’Amico. Scr: Chris Frisina. Cast: Nick Jonas, Isabel Lucas, Dermot Mulroney. Completed. First market screening. EVERY SECRET THING Thriller. Dir: Amy Berg. Prod: Anthony Bregman, Frances McDormand. Scr: Nicole Holofcener. Cast: Diane Lane, Elizabeth Banks, Dakota Fanning. Completed. First market screening. LEGENDS OF OZ: DOROTHY’S RETURN Family. Dir: Will Finn, Dan St Pierre. Prod: Bonne Radford, Roland Carroll, Ryan Carroll. Scr: Adam Balsam, Randi Barnes, Barry Glasser, Roger S Baum. Cast: Lea Michele, Jim Belushi, Kelsey Grammer. Completed. LIFE OF CRIME Thriller. Dir: Daniel Schechter. Prod: Ashok Amritraj, Ellen GoldsmithVein, Lee Stollman, Michael Siegel. Scr: Elmore Leonard, Daniel Schechter. Cast: Jennifer Aniston, Tim Robbins, John Hawkes. Completed. MIDNIGHT SUN Action/adventure. Dir: Roger Spottiswoode. Prod: Ashok Amritraj, Brando Quilici, Jake Eberts. Scr: Hugh Hudson, Bart Gavigan. Cast: Dakota Goyo, Goran Visnjic, Bridget Moynahan. Completed. First market screening. Library Titles include: Christ The Lord; Merry Friggin’ Christmas; Adult World; Sunlight Jr; Liberal Arts.


Stand/room number: Riviera A17 Tel: mobile (1) 7070 7917 Executives attending: sales executive manager Gustavo Fernandez, sales executive Tania Delgado, producer

Screen Cannes Bumper 2014  
Screen Cannes Bumper 2014