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In production. Delivery date: 2015. As summer drags by, 13-year-old Jimmy is forced by circumstance to become an adult too soon, caught between a mother on the slide and a stepfather who keeps her down. AMNESIA (France) Drama. Prod co: Les Films du Losange. Dir and scr: Barbet Schroeder. Prod: Margaret Menegoz. Cast: Marthe Keller, Max Riemelt. English, Spanish and German with English subtitles. In production. Delivery date: 2015. “I will never go back and I will never speak that language again.” Martha said this in 1936 about her homeland, Germany. Everything changes when Jo, an experimental young musician from Berlin, moves in nearby. MY FRIEND VICTORIA (WORKING TITLE) (France) Drama. Prod co: Les Films Pelleas. Dir: Jean Paul Civeyrac. Prod: Philippe Martin. Cast: Catherine Mouchet, Pascal Greggory, Stanley Weber. French. Post-production. Delivery date: immediate. OTHER TITLES AVAILABLE 1001 GRAMS (Norway, Germany, France) Romantic comedy. 90mins. Prod co: BulBul Film. Dir, prod and scr: Bent Hamer. Cast: Ane Dahl Torp, Laurent Stocker, Hildegun Riise. Norwegian, English and French with English subtitles. $4.8m. Completed. Delivery date: immediate. BAAL (Germany) Drama. 88mins. Prod co: Hessischer Rundfunk, Bayerischer Rundfunk, Hallelujah Film. Dir and scr: Volker Schlondorff. Prod: Hellmut Haffner, Hans Prescher. Cast: Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Margarethe von Trotta, Hanna Schygulla. German with English subtitles. Completed. Delivery date: immediate. THE DAYS COME (France) Comedy, drama. 102mins. Prod co: Les Films du Losange. Dir: Romain Goupil. Prod: Margaret Menegoz. Scr: Romain Goupil. Cast: Romain Goupil, Noemie Lvovsky, Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi. French with English subtitles. $3.2m. Postproduction. Delivery date: 2015. GERONIMO (France) Romantic drama. 105mins. Prod co: Princes Production. Dir and scr: Tony Gatlif. Prod: Delphine Mantoulet. Cast: Celine Sallette, Rachid Yous, David Murgia. French with English subtitles. $3.4m. Completed. Delivery date: immediate.

Films Sans Frontieres

Also buying all rights worldwide Tel: 06 09 49 25 09 Executives attending: general director

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Galeshka Moravioff, head of sales Christophe Calmels, DVD label manager Laurent Maupas, head of business affairs Anne-Sophie Mignot, DVD sales manager Elise Lasne, international sales manager Catherine Chevassu 70 Bd de Sebastopol, Paris, 75003, France Tel: (33) 1 42 77 21 84 Fax: (33) 1 42 77 42 66 E-mail: Web: MARKET DEBUTS ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13 (HD) (US) Thriller. 91mins. Dir and scr: John Carpenter. Cast: Austin Stoker, Darwin Joston, Charles Cyphers. English with French, German and Spanish subtitles. Completed. Delivery date: immediate. The lone inhabitants of an abandoned police station are under attack by the overwhelming numbers of a seemingly unstoppable street gang. THE GATE OF HEAVEN (LA PORTA DEL CIELO) (Italy) Drama. 88mins. Dir: Vittorio De Sica. Prod: Corrado Conti di Senigallia, Salvo D’Angelo. Scr: Vittorio De Sica, Adolfo Franchi, Cesare Zavattini, Diego Fabbri, Carlo Musso. Cast: Marina Berti, Elettra Druscovich, Massimo Girotti. Italian with English, French, German and Spanish subtitles. Completed. Delivery date: immediate. This is the story of a pilgrimage train full of sick and maimed people that was headed to see ‘Nostra Signora de Lourdes’ in Rome. OTHER TITLES AVAILABLE THE BLUE ANGEL (MUSICAL REMAKE) (France) Musical. Prod co: Films Sans Frontieres. Prod: Galeshka Moravioff. English. In development. THE DRAGON WITH SAD EYES (France, Poland) Animation. Prod co: Films Sans Frontieres, Studio Animacij. Dir and scr: Katia Even. Prod: Galeshka Moravioff. English. $3m. Pre-production. IN DREAMS BEGIN RESPONSIBILITIES (France) Drama. Prod co: Films Sans Frontieres. Dir and prod: Galeshka Moravioff. English. In development. OSKAR SCHLEMMER (France) Documentary. 90mins. Prod co: Films Sans Frontieres. Dir, prod and scr: Galeshka Moravioff. Cast: Oskar Schlemmer. French and English with French and English subtitles. $400,000. In development. Library Nine hundred titles from auteurs from around the world. Titles include: Fear And Desire (HD); Sheherazade; Glamour; Brazilian Cinema Collection; African Cinema Collection; 20 Classics Of Italian Neorealism In HD; 20 Classics Of Japanese Cinema In HD; German Expressionism Collection In

HD; The Luis Bunuel Collection In HD; The Satyajit Ray Collection In HD.

Filmsharks International

Also buying all rights worldwide Stand/room number: Riviera B19 Executives attending: CEO and founder Guido Rud, international sales Florencia Gasparini Rey, English language acquisitions Roxy Kohan Av Diaz Velez 4323, Buenos Aires, 1200, Argentina Tel: (54) 11 6380 3803 E-mail: Web: OTHER TITLES AVAILABLE THE MYSTERY OF HAPPINESS (Argentina, Brazil) Romantic drama. 92mins. Prod co: BD Cine. Dir: Daniel Burman. Prod: Diego Dubcovsky. Scr: Daniel Burman, Sergio Dubcovsky. Cast: Guillermo Francella, Ines Estevez, Alejandro Awada. Spanish with English subtitles. Completed. Screening. Delivery date: immediate. OF HORSES AND MEN (Iceland, Germany) Comedy. 85mins. Dir: Benedikt Erlingsson. Prod: Fridrik por Fridriksson, Christoph Thoke. Scr: Benedikt Erlingsson. Cast: Ingvar E Sigurdsson, Charlotte Boving. Icelandic, Swedish and English with English subtitles. Completed. Screening. Delivery date: immediate. SAVE OZ! (Mexico, India) Animation. Prod co: Anima Estudios. Dir: Alberto Mar. Prod: Jose Carlos Garcia de Letona. English. Screening on promo reel. Delivery date: immediate.

Finecut Co

Also buying all rights for South Korea Stand/room number: Riviera E9 Tel: 04 92 99 32 15 Executives attending: CEO Suh Youngjoo, director of international sales Kim Yunjeong, director of international sales and co-production Kim H Y Luna, manager of sales and marketing Lee Sejin, manager of festival and marketing Kim Namyoung 4th Floor, Incline Building, 64 Seoulleung-ro 90-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 135-840, South Korea Tel: (82) 2 569 8777 Fax: (82) 2 569 9466 E-mail: Web: MARKET DEBUTS FASHION KING (South Korea) Comedy. Prod co: Ylab. Dir: Oh Ki-hwan. Prod: Tcha Sungjai. Scr: Yun In-wan. Cast: Joo Won, Park Se-young, Sulli. Korean with English subtitles. In production.

A teenage boy decides to become the ‘fashion king’ in order to win the heart of the prettiest girl in his entire school. THE TUNNEL (South Korea) Horror. Prod co: Filma Pictures. Dir: Park Gyu-tek. Prod: Kwon Jun-hyong. Scr: Yoo Se-moon. Cast: Jeong Yu-mi, Yeon Wonn-jin, Soung Jae-lim. Korean with English subtitles. $2.5m. In production. A group of friends party at a luxurious resort before it opens for business, only to face the horrors of a nearby abandoned coal mine. OTHER TITLES AVAILABLE HAEMOO (South Korea) Thriller. Prod co: Haemoo Co. Dir: Shim Sung-bo. Prod: Bong Joon-ho, Cho Neungyeon, Lewis Taewan Kim. Scr: Shim Sung-bo, Bong Joon-ho. Cast: Kim Yoon-seok, Park Yu-chun, Han Ye-ri. Korean with English subtitles. $10m. Post-production. HAN GONG-JU (South Korea) Drama. 112mins. Prod co: Vill Lee Film Co. Dir, prod and scr: Lee Sujin. Cast: Chun Woohee, Jung Insun, Kim Soyoung. Korean with English subtitles. $500,000. Completed. Delivery date: immedate. NIGHT FLIGHT (South Korea) Drama. 133mins. Prod co: CinemaDAL. Dir and scr: Leesong Hee-il. Prod: Kim Il-kwon. Cast: Lee Jae-joon, Kwak Si-yang. Korean with English subtitles. Completed. OBSESSED (South Korea) Romantic drama. 132mins. Prod co: Iron Package. Dir: Kim Dae-woo. Prod: Kim Dae-woo, Park Dae-hee. Scr: Oh Tae-kyung, Kim Dae-woo. Cast: Song Seungheon, Lim Ji-yeon, Jo Yeo-jeong. Korean with English subtitles. $4m. Completed. First market screening. Delivery date: immediate. Library One hundred and forty titles from acclaimed Korean and foreign directors.

Fintage Film and TV

Stand/room number: Grand Hotel, Goeland Entrance, Apt 3C, 45 La Croisette Tel: 04 99 39 72 02 Executives attending: co-CEOs Robbert Aarts and Niels Teves, executive vice-president of film and TV Lars Plukker, executive vicepresident of client relations, film and TV Said Boudarga, executive vicepresident of licensing Andrea Lovasz Stationsweg 32, Leiden, 2312 AV, Netherlands Tel: (31) 71 565 9920 Fax: (31) 17 565 9960 E-mail: committedtorights@ Web:

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