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Tel: (44) 20 3691 8600 E-mail: eonefilmsinternational@ Web: OTHER TITLES AVAILABLE THE CAPTIVE (Canada) Thriller. 112mins. Prod co: Ego Film Arts, The Film Farm. Dir: Atom Egoyan. Prod: Simone Urdl, Jennifer Weiss, Stephen Traynor, Atom Egoyan. Scr: Atom Egoyan, David Fraser. Cast: Ryan Reynolds, Scott Speedman, Rosario Dawson. English. Completed. CUT BANK (US) Thriller. Prod co: Kilburn Media. Dir: Matt Shakman. Prod: Laura Rister, Edward Zwick, Ted O’Neal, Mark Manuel, Dan Cohen, Mickey Barold. Scr: Robert Patino. Cast: Liam Hemsworth, John Malkovich, Billy Bob Thornton. Postproduction. MAPS TO THE STARS (Canada, Germany) Drama. 148mins. Prod co: Prospero Pictures, SBS Productions, Starmaps Productions, Integral Film Production. Dir: David Cronenberg. Prod: Martin Katz, Said Ben Said, Michel Merkt. Scr: Bruce Wagner. Cast: Julianne Moore, Mia Wasikowska, Olivia Williams. English. Completed. WHAT IF (AKA THE F WORD) (Canada, Ireland) Romantic comedy. 102mins. Prod co: No Trace Camping, Fastnet Films, Caramel Films. Dir: Michael Dowse. Prod: David Gross, Jesse Shapira, Macdara Kelleher, Andre Rouleau. Scr: Elan Mastai. Cast: Daniel Radcliffe, Zoe Kazan, Rafe Spall. English. Completed.

Epic Pictures Group

Also buying all rights worldwide Grand Hotel, Ibiz, 5th floor Tel: mobile (1) 323 327 5420 Executives attending: CEO Patrick Ewald, COO and co-founder Shaked Berenson, vice-president of international sales Giulia Prenna, marketing and servicing Sarah Gyldenvand 6725 Sunset Boulevard, #330, Hollywood, 90028, US Tel: (1) 323 207 4170 E-mail: Web: MARKET DEBUTS TURBO KID (Canada) Dir: RKSS. Prod: Ant Timpson, Benoit Bealieu, Tim Riley, Anne-Marie Gelinas. Cast: Munro Chambers, Laurence Leboeuf, Michael Ironside. English. In production. The tale of an orphaned outcast who becomes a hero in a post-apocalyptic world. V/H/S VIRAL (US, Spain) Horror. 90mins. Prod

n 40 Screen International Cannes 2014

co: 8383 Productions. Dir: Marcel Sarmiento, Gregg Bishop, Nacho Vigalondo. Prod: Gary Binkow, Brad Miska. Scr: Justin Benson, Aaron Moorhead, Todd Lincoln. Cast: Emilia Zoryan, Justin Wellborn, Emmy Argo. English. Completed. Fame-obsessed teens hellbent on capturing the next viral video discover they are the stars of the next hit. VIKING: RISE OF THE WARRIOR (Finland, US) Action. Prod co: Roger! Pictures, Epic Pictures Group. Dir: Marko Makilaakso. Prod: Patrick Ewald, Shaked Berenson, Teemu Virta, Tero Kaukomaa. Scr: Marko Makilaakso, Mathew Sansom. Pre-production. Delivery date: 2015. A blood-soaked tale of a viking warrior who is given three chances to rise from the dead to avenge the murder of his son. WHO GETS THE DOG? (US) Romantic comedy. Dir: Steven Brill. Prod: Patrick Ewald, Shaked Berenson, Bill Ryan, Reid Brody, Eva Longoria. Scr: Matt Wheeler, Rick Rapoza. Cast: Eva Longoria. Pre-production. Delivery date: 2015. Follows a couple going through a divorce and fighting over custody of the dog. OTHER TITLES AVAILABLE A TIGER’S TALE (US) Family. 80mins. Prod co: Epic Pictures Group. Dir: Michael Sarna. Prod: Patrick Ewald, Shaked Berenson, Salvy Maleki. Scr: Rolfe Kanefsky. Cast: Greg Grunberg, Darlene Vogel, Merit Leghton. Completed. GAME OF ASSASSINS (US, China) Thriller. 85mins. Prod co: KOL Entertainment. Dir: Matt Eskandari. Prod: Matt Eskandari, Wellington Sun, Jonathan Shih, Daniel Wei. Scr: Adam Lawson. Cast: Bai Ling, Warren Kole, Dustin Nguyen. English. Completed. JAMESY BOY (US) Drama. 109mins. Dir: Trevor White. Prod: Jim White, Wayne Rogers. Scr: Trevor White, Lane Shadgett. Cast: Ving Rhames, Mary-Louise Parker, James Woods. Completed. LOUDER THAN WORDS (US) Drama. 93mins. Prod co: Identity Films, Brenwood Films. Dir: Anthony Fabian. Prod: Anthony Mastromauro. Scr: Benjamin Chapin. Cast: David Duchovny, Hope Davis, Timothy Hutton. Completed. NYMPH (Serbia, US) Dir: Milan Todorovic. Cast: Franco Nero, Kristina Klebe, Natalie Burn. English. Completed. First market screening. SPACE DOGS: ADVENTURE TO THE MOON (US, Russia) Animation. 80mins. Prod co: Kinoatis, Epic Pictures Group. Dir: Inna Evlannikova.

Prod: Vadim Sotskov, Sergey Zernov, Patrick Ewald, Shaked Berenson. English. Completed. First market screening. Library Titles include: Zombeavers; The Patrol; The Last Scout.


Also buying all rights worldwide Tel: mobile (39) 339 8177 616 Executives attending: international sales Giuseppe Staropoli 10230 Helendale Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 91042, US Tel: (1) 818 468 9796 Fax: (1) 734 468 9795 E-mail: Web: MARKET DEBUTS LA PETITE MORT (Germany) Horror. 80mins. Prod co: Matador Films, Laservision. Dir: Marcel Waltz. Prod: Thomas Buresch. Cast: Andreas Pape, Manoush, Ines Zahmoul. German with English subtitles. $200,000. Completed. Delivery date: immediate. OTHER TITLES AVAILABLE POE – PROJECT OF EVIL (Italy) Horror. 90mins. Prod co: APC Production, Domiziano Cristopharo. Dir: Domiziano Cristopharo, Tagliavini, Capasso, Giacomelli. Prod: Domiziano Cristopharo, Giuseppe Capasso. Cast: Francesco Malcom, Alessandro Valori, Federica Tommasi. English with English and Italian subtitles. $200,000. Completed. Delivery date: immediate. TAETER CITY (Italy) Sci-fi. 75mins. Prod co: Necrostorm. Dir, prod and scr: Giulio De Santis. Cast: Monica Munoz, Riccardo Valentini, Santiago Ortaez. English. $200,000. Completed. Delivery date: immediate.


Also buying Stand/room number: Majestic Hotel, #250/251 Executives attending: CEO Christophe Lambert, chief sales officer Marie-Laure Montironi, international sales manager Andrei Von Kamarowsky, international sales manager Ludovica Stoppa La Cite Du Cinema, 20 rue Ampere, Saint-Denis, 93200, France Tel: (33) 1 55 99 50 00 Fax: (33) 1 55 99 52 48 E-mail: Web: OTHER TITLES AVAILABLE FASTLIFE (France) Comedy. 91mins. Prod co: Mandarin Cinema, Europacorp, D8 Films. Dir: Thomas

N’Gijol. Prod: Eric Altmayer, Nicolas Altmayer. Scr: Thomas N’Gijol, Mohamed Issolah. Cast: Thomas N’Gijol, Karole Rocher, Julien Boisselier. French. Completed. Screening. THE HOMESMAN (US) Drama. 122mins. Prod co: Tommy Lee Jones. Dir and pro: Tommy Lee Jones. Scr: Tommy Lee Jones, Kieran Fitzgerald, Wesley Oliver. Cast: Tommy Lee Jones, Hilary Swank, Meryl Streep. Completed. Delivery date: immediate. I DID IT AGAIN (France) Comedy. 90mins. Prod co: FEW, Europacorp, TF1 Films Production. Dir: Melissa Drigeard. Scr: Melissa Drigeard, Vincent Juillet. Cast: Alexandra Lamy, Melanie Doutey, Julie Ferrier. French with English subtitles. Completed. Delivery date: immediate. JACK AND THE CUCKOO-CLOCK HEART (France) Animation. 94mins. Prod co: Europacorp, Duran, France 3 Cinema, Umedia, Walking The Dog. Dir: Mathias Malzieu, Stephane Berla. Scr: Mathias Malzieu. Cast: Mathias Malzieu, Olivia Ruiz, Jean Rochefort. French and English. Completed. Delivery date: immediate. SAINT-LAURENT (France) Biopic. Prod co: Mandarin Cinema. Dir: Bertrand Bonello. Scr: Bertrand Bonello, Thomas Bidegain. Cast: Gaspard Ulliel, Jeremie Renier, Lea Seydoux. French. Post-production. Delivery date: autumn 2014. THE TRANSPORTER (France) Action/adventure. Prod co: Europacorp, TF1 Films Production. Dir: Camille Delamarre. Cast: Ed Skrein. English. Pre-production. Delivery date: early 2015. Library Titles include: 108 Demon-Kings; Buddy Guards.

EYE International – EYE Film Institute Netherlands

Stand/room number: c/o Dutch Pavilion, Village International, Riviera #116 Executives attending: head of EYE international Claudia Landsberger, project coordinator Nathalie Mierop PO Box 37767, Amsterdam, 1030 BJ, Netherlands Tel: (31) 20 758 2375 E-mail: Web: MARKET DEBUTS CAT & MOUSE (Netherlands) Drama. 95mins. Prod co: Moskito Film. Dir and prod: Maartje Seyferth, Victor Nieuwenhuis. Scr: Maartje Seyferth. Cast: Carlijn van Zijtveld, Wilma Bakker, Raymond Thiry. Dutch with English subtitles.

Screen Cannes Bumper 2014  
Screen Cannes Bumper 2014