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THE CUSTODY (Canada) Drama. 93mins. Prod co: Attraction Images. Dir: Sylvain Archambault. Prod: Lorraine Richard, Luc Martineau. Cast: Paul Doucet, Antoine L’Ecuyer, Sandrine Bisson. French with English subtitles. Completed. PIM & POM: THE BIG ADVENTURE (Netherlands) Animation. 70mins. Prod co: Pim & Pom, Flinck Films. Dir: Gioia Smid. Prod: Gioia Smid, Hans van der Voort, Michiel de Rooij, Sabine Veenendaal. Scr: Fiona van Heemstra, Tingue Dongeimans. Cast: Georgina Verbaan, Cari Leslie, Michael Diederich. English. Completed. Library Titles include: The Rooster Of St-Victor; 1987; Horizon Beautiful.

Aura Films

Also buying Latin American films for international sales management, worldwide Stand/room number: Palais 01, stand 23.02 Executives attending: sales and acquisitions director Patricia Primon, sales and business development director Octavio Nadal Olleros 3200, Buenos Aires, 1426, Argentina Tel: (54) 11 4551 3104 Fax: (54) 11 4551 3104 E-mail: Web: MARKET DEBUTS COUP DE GRACE (TIRO DE GRACIA) (Argentina) Thriller. 72mins. Prod co: Mediabyte. Dir and scr: Nicolas Lidijover. Prod: Juan Pablo Buscarini, Nicolas Lidijover. Cast: Nacho Gadano, Nicolas Goldschmidt, Julieta Vallina. Spanish with English subtitles. Completed. Delivery date: immediate. Behind every crime lies a violent society. FEET ON THE GROUND (PIES EN LA TIERRA) (Argentina) Drama. 108mins. Prod co: Sede Cine. Dir: and scr Mario Pedernera. Prod: Maria Lorena Minoli. Cast: Francisco Cataldi, Carlos Belloso. Spanish with English subtitles. Completed. Delivery date: immediate. Aged 33, Juan is in a wheelchair and lives on an island. After his mother’s death, he decides to look for his only living family. FOR A FISTFUL OF HAIR (POR UN PUNADO DE PELOS) (Argentina) Comedy. 96mins. Prod co: San Luis Cine, Elegua, Nestor Montalbano. Dir: Nestor Montalbano. Prod: Esteban Lucangioli. Scr: Damian Dreizik. Cast: Nicolas Vazquez, Carlos ‘El Pibe’ Valderrama, Ruben Rada. Spanish with English subtitles.

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Completed. Delivery date: immediate. Tuti Turman has everything but hair. Suddenly, he discovers a waterfall which makes it grow. Mystery, fantasy and a hairy pig characterise this bizarre comedy. LUCIAS’S SECRET (EL SECRETO DE LUCIA) (Argentina) Drama. 96mins. Prod co: Aguila Taura. Dir: Becky Garello. Prod: Juan Pablo Martinez, Adrian Lorenzo. Scr: Graciela Maglie, Becky Garello. Cast: Carlos Belloso, Emilia Attias, Tomas Pozzi. Spanish with English subtitles. Completed. Delivery date: immediate. Juan and Mario meet Lucia. The Fight for her love leads one of them to the death. A film of intrigue, secrets and lies. READING FROM JUSTIN (LECTURA SEGUN JUSTINO) (Argentina) Drama. 92mins. Prod co: Sabate Films. Dir: Arnaldo Andre. Prod: Ignacio Echegoyen, Arnaldo Andre. Scr: Gustavo Cabana, Arnaldo Andre. Cast: Julieta Cardinali, Mike Amigorena. Spanish with English subtitles. Completed. Delivery date: immediate. During the Stroessner dictatorship in Paraguay in 1995, Justino’s father dies. Justino goes to a German school where he meets an ex-Nazi soldier. ROCANROL’68 (Peru) Comedy. 100mins. Prod co: Argos Producciones Audiovisuales. Dir: Gonzalo Benavente Secco. Prod: Augusto Tamayo. Scr: Gonzalo Benavente Secco. Cast: Sergio Gjurinovic, Mariananda Schempp, Jesus Alzamora. Spanish with English subtitles. Completed. Delivery date: immediate. A 1960s comedy based on friendship, first loves and rock ’n’ roll. OTHER TITLES AVAILABLE BLESSED LOVE (AMAR ES BENDITO) (Argentina) Romantic comedy. 81mins. Prod co: Mandragora Producciones. Dir and scr: Liliana Paolinelli. Prod: Paula Grandio, Liliana Paolinelli. Cast: Claudia Cantero, Mara Santucho, Carlos Possentini. Spanish with English subtitles. Completed. Delivery date: immediate. GREEN DESERT (DESIERTO VERDE) (Argentina) Documentary. 84mins. Prod co: Polo Sur Films. Dir: Ulises de la Orden. Spanish with English subtitles. Completed. Delivery date: immediate. SAMURAI (Argentina) Drama. 96mins. Prod co: Tarea Fina. Dir and scr: Gaspar Scheuer. Prod: Juan Pablo Miller. Cast: Alejandro Awada, Nicolas Nakayama, Jorge Takayima. Spanish with English subtitles. Completed. Delivery date: immediate.

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Also buying all rights worldwide Stand/room number: c/o Riviera European Pavilion, Village International Executives attending: managing director Salma Abdalla, theatrical sales manager Astrid Guger Spittelberggasse 3/14, Vienna, 1070, Austria Tel: (43) 720 34 69 34 E-mail: Web: MARKET DEBUTS THE CEREMONY (Sweden) Documentary. 75mins. Prod co: French Quarter Film. Dir: Lina Mannheimer. Prod: Mathilde Dedye. Cast: Catherine Robbe-Grillet. French with English subtitles. Post-production. The most famous and oldest dominatrix in France creates sadomasochist “ceremonies” in her chateau, where dominance and submission is central. OTHER TITLES AVAILABLE A SYMPHONY OF SUMMITS – THE ALPS FROM ABOVE (Germany) 94mins. Prod co: Vidicom Media. Dir and prod: Peter Bardehle. German with English subtitles. Completed. DOMINO EFFECT (Sweden) Documentary. 75mins. Prod co: Otter Films, Zero One Film. Dir and scr: Elwira Niewiera, Piotr Rosolowski. Prod: Anna Wydra. French with English subtitles. Completed. THE NEW RIJKSMUSEUM (FEATURE VERSION) (Netherlands) Documentary. 100mins. Prod co: Column Film, Pieter van Huystee Film. Dir: Oeke Hoogendijk. Prod: Gijs van de Westelaken, Pieter van Huystee. Dutch with English subtitles. YALOM’S CURE (Switzerland) Documentary. 74mins. Prod co: Das Kollektiv fur Audiovisuelle Werke. Dir: Sabine Gisiger. Prod: Philip Delaquis. Scr: Sabine Gisiger. Cast: Irvin D Yalom. English. Completed.

Automatic Entertainment Also buying all rights for North America Stand/room number: Lerins R19 Executives attending: managing partner Jeffrey Giles, managing partner Michael Lurie West Hollywood, CA 90069, US Tel: (1) 310 402 2829 E-mail: Web:

MARKET DEBUTS JURASSIC CITY (US) Sci-fi. 90mins. Prod co: Little Dragon Productions. Dir and

scr: Sean Cain. Prod: Anthony Fankhauser. Cast: Ray Wise, Kevin Gage. Post-production. Delivery date: July 2014. OTHER TITLES AVAILABLE AMERICAN MUSCLE (US) Action. 90mins. Prod co: Snowfort Pictures, Automatic Entertainment. Dir: Ravi Dhar. Prod: Travis Stevens, Jeffrey Giles, Michael Lurie. Scr: John Fallon. Cast: Robin Sydney, Nick Principe, Todd Farmer. Completed. Delivery date: immediate. NINJA APOCALYPSE (US) Action/adventure. 90mins. Prod co: Automatic Entertainment. Dir: Lloyd Barnett. Prod: Shawn Austin, Jeffrey Giles, Michael Lurie. Scr: Ashley Scott Meyers. Cast: Ernie Reyes Jr, Christian Oliver, CaryHiroyuki Tagawa. Post-production. Delivery date: June 2014. POUND OF FLESH (Canada) Action/adventure. Prod co: Odssey Media, Ace Studios, Automatic Entertainment. Dir: Ernie Barbarash. Prod: Kirk Shaw, Henry Luk, Jeffrey Giles, Michael Lurie. Scr: Joshua James. Cast: Jean-Claude Van Damme. English. Post-production. Delivery date: March 2015. WHITE RABBIT (US) Thriller. 90mins. Prod co: Burning Sky Films. Dir: Tim McCann. Prod: Shaun S Sanghani. Scr: Anthony Di Pietro. Cast: Britt Robertson, Nick Krause, Ryan Lee. Completed. Delivery date: June 2014.

Bac Films

Also buying all rights worldwide Stand/room number: 5th Floor, 24 La Croisette Tel: 06 26 98 85 59 Executives attending: head of sales Gilles Sousa, international sales executive Clementine Hugot, international sales and festivals Franka Schwabe 88 rue de la Folie Mericourt, Paris, 75011, France Tel: (33) 1 53 53 52 52 Fax: (33) 1 49 29 49 60 E-mail: Web: MARKET DEBUTS LOVE AT FIRST FIGHT (France) Prod co: Nord-Ouest Production. Dir: Thomas Cailley. Prod: Pierre Guyard. Scr: Thomas Cailley, Claude Le Pape. Cast: Adele Haenel, Kevin Azais. French with English subtitles. Completed. First market screening. Between his friends and the family business, Arnaud’s summer looks set to be a peaceful one, until he runs into Madeleine. THE PRESIDENT (Georgia, France, UK, Germany)

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