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CONTENTS - Urology session for men - First aid presentation for UES - 10 Ways to prevent insomnia - Why phones prevent sleep

For all MB Group employees only

UROLOGY SESSION FOR MEN: Not enough men know about the specific medical issues and emergencies that can potentially happen to them. While employees know about general medical dangers, male employees also need to know about medical issues concerning men. Hoping to raise this awareness. On the 3rd February, MB Clinic organized a men’s session given by Dr. Amol, Urologist from NMC hospital, about Benign Prostate hypertrophy – also called prostate gland enlargement. He also included scrotal emergencies and hemorrhoids.

FIRST AID PRESENTATION Basic first aid skills in the workplace are lifesaving, which is why staff nurse Ibtisam Al Sulaimani gave a first Aid presentation in UES HSE session on 17th February. Feedback was positive from the audience, who called the session fruitful. The session covered how to act when faced with choking, heat stroke, nose bleed, fainting and others.

SAYING OF THE EDITION: . ‫كل ما تفعله يرتقي بعد أن تحصل عىل قدر كايف من النوم‬

Everything you’ll do, you’ll do better with a good night’s sleep.


Waking up from sleep to urinate might be a sign of prostate enlargement!

HEALTHY SLEEPING IS: - Falling asleep in less than 30 minutes - Sleep duration of 6-8 hours - Wake up less than 3 times per night - Waking up fresh and relaxed

WHY PHONES PREVENT SLEEP Using your Phone before bedtime forces the brain to stay awake and send signals to the brain that it is not time to sleep. Prevent the secretion of the hormone melatonin, which helps you fall asleep. Looking for deep sleep?

Keep your phone away one hour before bedtime! This gives the opportunity for the hormone melatonin to work naturally and effectively.

10 WAYS TO GET RID OF INSOMNIA: After a hard day of work, we sometimes struggle to get enough hours of good sleep. The clock keeps ticking but we remain awake.

Insomnia can lead to exhaustion, stress, and further medical issues. It is important that we do what we can to sleep well. Here are some tips to overcome insomnia:

Keep the lights dim (Bright light causes sleep disturbance). Check your medication cabinet: Some medicines cause insomnia as a side effect (check with your doctor) If you can’t sleep, wake up: In case you couldn’t sleep within 20 minutes, wake up from bed and do activities that help you relax, like reading. Keep your sleeping room a bit cold: Ideal sleeping room temp range from 15 – 25 degrees Celsius. Increase your Magnesium intake: Spinach, Swiss beet root, and pumpkin seeds. Take a warm bath before sleep: helps the brain to relax. Keep the clock away from you: watching the clock tick and hearing it, increases anxiety Inhale lavender: It can relax you and help you sleep. Use your bedroom to sleep and relax only: This makes the brain automatically links it to sleep. Take a short Nap: Afternoon nap for 10 minutes to half an hour helps sleep at night

QUESTION OF THE EDITION: What is the recommended sleep range for newborns (0-3months)? 8-10 hours/day 10-12 hours/day 14/17 hours/day

Email your answers to the clinic via Dhishaan@mbholdingco.com

The correct answer of the Feb edition question (what is the most frequent comment about the weight scale) was #3 – the weigh scale is not accurate Winner: Faiza Al Dalhami (Petrogas E&P)

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MB Clinic Magazine - March 2020  

MB Clinic Magazine - March 2020

MB Clinic Magazine - March 2020  

MB Clinic Magazine - March 2020