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Get The Best Tallit Prayer Shawl & Kippahs Celebrate any occasion with pride..

Tallit prayer shawl: 

In Judaism the tallit (also spelled tallis or talith) is a shawl worn to create a sense of personal space during prayer - the name comes from two Hebrew words: TAL meaning tent and ITH meaning little.

It can also be worn during the Jewish holidays as well as during Sabbath.

Colors and materials the modern Prayer Shawl comes in several colors, black and blue being the most popular. The black Tallit is used for mourning while the blue one looks like the Israeli flag. Other colors can represent various aspects or things.

Wedding Tallit Prayer Shawl:

Modern Wool Tallit Prayer Shawl:

The best praying jewish shawl for man:

Women of the Wall wearing prayer shawls:

Special with Us: 

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Get the best tallit prayer shawl & kippahs