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Black raw silk kippah Kippah is a brimless cap worn by jews, as customary requirement hold by earlier orthodox halachic authorities to cover their head. These are usually made of cloth and can be sighted being worn by orthodox Jew communities at all times, although not necessary. As per the Jewish laws, a man is required to cover his head with a kippah during prayers and can be removed at other times. However, according to some authorities, it is compulsory to wear kippots at all times and thus has been a topic of debate in Jewish communities for long. And one more point to be noted is that only now kippahs have also been allowed with women, otherwise it was strictly exclusive to men only, earlier. Kippahs have evolved through ages according to different Jewish communal beliefs. For example, • Crotched types are popular among Zionism religion who calls themselves modern orthodox or modern conservatives/ Masorti Jewish. • Many Jerusalemites wear a full-head-sized, white crocheted kippah, sometimes with a knit pom-pom or tassel on top. The Na Nach subgroup of the Breslov Hasidim, followers of the late Rabbi Yisroel Ber Odesser, wears it with the Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman phrase crocheted in or embroidered on it. • Terylene kippahs are common among Rabbis teaching in yeshivas and seminaries. • Bukaran are worn by children and also popular with some Sephardi jews as well as feminist, liberal learning and Reform jews. • Satin kippahs are common with Conservative Judaism who is also called as The Reformists of Judaism. Apart from these, there are several other types of kippahs that signifies the community of person wearing it. It also varies with cloth and colour. Kippot surogote that are knitted and crotched are worn by people belonging to Religious Zionists, who consider themselves more liberal or modern orthodox. Members of Haredi group wear black velvet colour kippahs. In short, the larger the head covering or kippah, more traditional the person is. And the ones wearing smaller kippah tend to be more liberal and modern. Kippahs are easily available on multiple websites online. One such online store for various kinds of kippahs is The online store has a collection of kippahs of various fabrics in different colours and textures. Black raw silk kippah are one of the best in the market. These are made from high quality silk fabric. The design is flattered, lined with a white lining for a better fit and nicer shape. The hidden eyelet in the lining for a kippah clip. And also free personalized for order of minimum 60 pieces or more can be placed. Also, an optional button can be added. All together, it provides its customer with a good range of kippahs to choose from at an affordable price.

Black raw silk kippah