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n a revealing expose in today’s Son newspaper Ken & Maz Brown tell how they plan to quit the UK to escape the taxes (shurely to serve God overseas, Ed).

In an exclusive interview Ken tells how he was first approached by MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) to work in the remote northern territories of Australia. Maz says that she thought Ken was barmy to apply for the role but Ken thought it was right to push at the open door. Before they knew it they had signed up to move their home and family to Nairobi, Kenya for four years from July!

Bubbly Maz (37) said “Ken and I have always dreamt of returning overseas with our family. We are so excited that this opportunity has come along.”

Ken will be working in an aircraft hanger at Nairobi’s domestic airport (Wilson Airport) running the

The bar at Wilson airport's Aero Club, Nairobi.

finances for MAF Kenya whilst Maz will support the family and look for work once everyone is settled. Vivacious Maz added “We hope to visit Nairobi in early 2014 to look for a house and to choose an international school where the kids can continue to study under the British academic system”.

Bean counter Ken added “this whole thing is a giant leap of faith. We

Isn’t it about time we kicked this family out of the UK? Please show your support to send the Brown family overseas by sending a message of support to:

They partner with over 1,000 organisations to bring care to those who need it most. This includes flying in aid workers, doctors, church workers, food and medicines and evacuating those at risk of physical harm.

When asked by his doctor what excited him most about the move Elijah (8) said “seeing lions”, when asked what he was most scared of he replied “being eaten by lions”.

MAF is a dynamic Christian organisation operating more than 130 aircraft in around 25 countries in the developing world. Flying across hostile environments, they reach the world’s most isolated people.

need to raise £25,000 a year for MAF to support us or we are unable to go. If this wasn’t hard enough we have to give up our jobs before we can even start the support raising! I’ve handed in my notice so there is no going back now! However, we believe this is all part of Gods will for our lives and that this is the start of a new adventure!”

Christmas letter 2013 with maz  
Christmas letter 2013 with maz