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Our goal is to create an accounting system which complies with all the applicable legal requirements and can ensure a reliable and uninterrupted flow of data to management. Developing solutions for information collection and processing, and reporting data in a readily understood manner, our Accounting and Outsourcing Services Department boasts a vast portfolio of local and international clients. The detailed reports we prepare for the management teams of our clients play an important role in ensuring the smooth flow of data across their corporate organization and, thereby, providing reliable data to their executives. In addition to developing accounting systems, we provide our clients with all kinds of services and assistance in the performance of their obligations under the Income Tax, Value Added Tax, Corporate Income Tax and Social Security laws, and in preparing and filing the required returns in full compliance with these laws.

These services are grouped under four main headings: Accounting and Tax Compliance Services Setting up an accounting system that best suits the client’s needs Performance of accounting functions by our English-speaking accountants Filling out and filing Value Added Tax, Withholding Tax, Stamp Duty and Quarterly/Annual Corporate Income Tax returns, including BA and BS forms Accounting and tax consulting services

Reporting Services Setting up an accounting system capable of producing financial reports and management reports Preparation of IFRS-compliant, or other standards-compliant, financial statements or reporting packages that will be consolidated at Group Level

Payroll Services Payroll processing Delivery of payroll slips in printed format or by encrypted e-mail Preparation of salary payment instructions Preparation and filing of Social Security declarations Social Security consulting services

Accounting Review and Tax Compliance Services Review of accounting entries, including year-end closing entries, performed by the client’s accountant to verify compliance with generally accepted accounting principles and the Tax Procedure Code Ensuring compliance of statutory books with both the Tax Procedure Code and the Turkish Code of Commerce Preparation of tax returns or checking of tax returns prepared by the client’s accountant Accounting and tax consulting services

CONTACT Hürriyet Mah. Dr. Cemil Bengü Cad. Hak İş Merkezi No:2 K:1-2 Çağlayan 34403 Kağıthane/İstanbul T: (+90 212) 296 51 00 F: (+90 212) 296 51 44


AOS, Tax Restructuring Partner

Accounting and Outsourcing Services  
Accounting and Outsourcing Services