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Honolulu Coffee Company Contact: Mayu Hayashi Phone: (808) 840-9017 E-mail:

FOR IMMEDIATAE RELEASE HONOLULU COFFEE CO WILL HOLD FUNDRAISER FOR NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS Celebrating 10th year anniversary. Giving out free deserts to customers HONOLULU – April 13, 2011 -- Honolulu Coffee Co announced that they will be celebrating its 10th year anniversary. To show respect and appreciation to our customers, we will be giving out free macaron to our customers (if you buy a drink from us). This event will be held from April 30, 2011 to Aug. 31, 2011. Also, Honolulu Coffee Co will be selling coupons to help fundraise for local non-profit organizations -- the Honolulu Coffee Mug Cup Fundraiser.

“Honolulu Coffee Co was founded in 1991. At the time a specialty coffee café did not exist in Hawaii. Since the founding of Honolulu Coffee Co, our goal has been to serve the freshest and highest quality drinks to our customers, on a consistent basis, with the best possible service. We are honored that we are able to help non-profit organizations by serving our drinks.” said Ed Schultz, President of Honolulu Coffee Co.

Honolulu Coffee Co Drink Fundraiser – Honolulu Coffee Co created a two-piece coupon that


provides a way for customers to enjoy two of Honolulu Coffee Co’s popular products – a medium-size coffee (iced or hot) / a medium-size frozen drink AND a 16 oz coffee mug cup. The non-profit organizations can sell the coupon for $8 and keep $3. The remaining $5 will go back to Honolulu Coffee Co. Customers can redeem coupons for a Honolulu Coffee Co’s mediumsize coffee / a frozen drink and a 16 oz Honolulu Coffee Co mug cup at any Honolulu Coffee Co store.

Any non-profit organizations in Hawaii are welcome to apply for the Mug Cup Fundraising and order from 100 to 2,000 coffee / frozen drink or a mug cup coupons. To place an order, at least 100 coupons must be purchased. Depending upon where the organization is located in Hawaii, coupons will be picked up or mailed. A deposit and contract are required.

For more information, visit to book a Honolulu Coffee Fundraiser and submit a request online.


Mug Cup Fundraiser  
Mug Cup Fundraiser  

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