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Fast Weight Loss in a Matter of Week

Avoid common pitfalls: Too many people lose weight, feel great and then go back to where they were before they started to shed those pounds. The result is they go back to where they were before the diet. It is essential therefore to embark on a healthier lifestyle change. Get help from family and friends to keep you motivated and on course. It is not a race and keeping off those pounds will be easier if you do it slowly and steadily. Set realistic attainable goals to boost your confidence and motivate you further and finally track your progress to keep you on course. Stop emotional eating: Many people do not realize they do emotional eating and fail to spot the triggers that set that off. It could be snacking while watching tv, feeling stressed, lonely, sad or a number of other reasons. Once you have identified what starts your snacking you can change your behavior. The solution could be healthy snacks, exercise, breathing exercises or talking to a friend. Find out what works for you. Tune in when eating: Often we lead such frantic lives that we eat quickly, not thinking about what we are eating and how much we are eating. Try taking longer to save our your food and you will find it more filling. If you ntry and make a habit of chewing your food thirty times before swallowing you will start to enjoy your food more. Try not to eat while doing other things as it is so easy then to overeat. Lastly stop eating before you are full. You do not have to clean your plate! Fill up with fruit, veg and fibre: Stop counting the calories but choose your foods wisely. High fibre foods are filling as they are higher in volume and also take longer to digest so you feel full for longer. Eat more fruit, beans in particular and they can be any kind for example; black beans, lentils, split peas, pinto beans and chickpeas. Wholegrain fibre rich foods such as oatmeal, brown rice, whole wheat pasta and air popped popcorn are great to eat. Losing weight and eating less calories does not mean you have to eat less food. If you choose your foods wisely you can still feel full and satisfied without putting on weight. Indulge without over indulging: Learn to enjoy your food without going over the top. Yes give yourself treats as rewards but do not go silly and over eat. Look forward to treats and be sensible! Take charge of food environment: Start your day with breakfast and kick start your metabolism. Those who have breakfast tend to be thinner than those who do not. Plan your meals and your snacks in advance, cook your own meals and never go shopping when you are hungry. A glass of water before you

goes shopping makes you feel full and lessens the desire to buy more food than you need. Give yourself smaller portions. Controlling your food environment gives you a much greater chance of success. Make healthy lifestyle changes: As well as a healthier diet try to have plenty of sleep, try not to do static things such as sitting in front of the tv. If you are watching tv try and do some exercises such as leg raises, do more exercise and drink lots of water to help you feel full and prevent the intake of calories. Fast Weight Loss Tha’s Realy Work‌.

Fast weight loss in a matter of week  

Losing weight and eating less calories does not mean you have to eat less food. If you choose your foods wisely you can still feel full and...