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NOVEMBER 27, 2012

The Panther Press

New Administrative/Preschool Building Ready For Students and Administrators Mikaela Hamilton, 10th grade

The new administration office and preschool are now housed under one roof and located near the old band practice field in front of the high school, bringing these services to the main campus of Maysville Local Schools. Construction broke ground the first week of June 2012. Staff moved on November 2nd and kids began classes on 8th. Mr. Bainter, Mr. Musgrave, and Mr. Sidwell all have new offices in the administration building. In the preschool, there are four regular classrooms, an extended care room, and a multi-purpose room. Each of the four classrooms has one teacher. There are six teachers' aides in the building.


In the morning, the preschool classes have "circle time" where students and teachers discuss the calendar and the weather. The multi-purpose room is used for naps, snacks, and shelter during inclement weather. Additional offices in the staff building will be completed before December 1st and remaining staff members will be moved in by that date.


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NOVEMBER 27, 2012

Holiday Fashion Ashley Ferre!, 10th grade With the holiday season coming up, many people are looking for things to wear to dinners, parties, and other social events. I did some research to find which outfit styles would help you look your best throughout your busy holiday events. Black dresses are always a popular choice for nearly any occasion. They look nice on anyone without being ‘flashy’ or ‘loud’. Many people pair them with either silver or gold accessories. Black dresses with lace detail are also popular this year. Lace with black looks very elegant. For anyone who wants a little more color or perhaps doesn’t like black, red and navy blue are popular choices. I’ve seen navy

dresses paired with gold accessories and tancolored shoes. Red is a festive, classy choice for holiday parties. For anyone who is looking for a way to keep warm, a cardigan is a really good piece to pair with a dress. Cardigans match almost anything and you can get them in almost any color. They can be used for casual outfits or something more formal. They even come in different fabrics; you can get sheer ones for summer, and heavier knit ones for fall and winter. Whatever your holiday occasion, there’s a fashion answer for you in the many selections available at area stores and online.

Madonna Sends Her “Luvin'” To The Q Nathan Cole, 12th grade While Madonna delivered a variety of her past hits, the “Like A Prayer” singer also presented her recent work, like “Turn Up The Radio” and “Give Me All Your Luvin'”. Fans enjoyed a visual spectacle that included a flying marching band and thought-provoking video interludes between each act.

Pop singer Madonna entertains Cleveland, OH, with a performance from a song on her latest album, MDNA (2012).Photo Credit: Nathan Cole

American pop singer Madonna performed at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, OH, on Saturday, November 10, 2012, to promote her latest album MDNA with The MDNA Tour. !

Paul Oakenfold, British DJ, opened the show with EDM (electronic dance music) hits fused with his personal techno expertise. Oakenfold had the audience sweating from highenergy movement an hour before the show began! However, the pure excitement came when the arena's lights lowered and Madonna took to the stage in a Catholic confession booth with her dance-chart number one single, “Girl Gone Wild”. The MDNA Tour explored violent PAGE 2

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NOVEMBER 27, 2012

imagery, as well, with Madonna and her dancers sporting rifles and ammunition in songs like Revolver. Madonna went further with this dark atmosphere where she performed in a moving Paradise Hotel room and shot her dancers “in the head.” This transitioned into redemption numbers, where Madonna performed her True Blue single, “Papa Don't Preach”, where she asked for forgiveness from the transgression in the show. From there, the show became lighter in theme, where Madonna performed an “Express Yourself”/”Born This Way” (made famous by Lady Gaga)/”She's Not Me” mash-up with a levitating marching band. The 53-year-old music legend reminded the audience with these

numbers that she still reigns Queen of pop music, even if younger acts try to threaten that. However, the utmost highlight of the event was when Madonna performed her 90's hit, “Like A Prayer,” where she joined a chorus in song. She wore a long, silk robe, yet danced like it was the last concert in her career. This performance prompted the audience to join in compassion for something they all have in common: their love for Madonna. The MDNA Tour is set to complete at the end of 2012 in South America. However, fans who missed the concert tour can wait for a DVD set to be filmed in Miami, Florida.

Book Review: Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games Haven Labaki, 11th grade

What was once known as North America is now the country of Panem. Twelve districts and a Capitol is all that’s left. There were 13 districts in the past, but District 13 rose up against the corrupt Capitol and was destroyed. That uprising is what led to The Hunger Games, a display of the Capitol's power over the remaining districts. Annually, each district must send a boy and a girl, called tributes, to fight to the death against other tributes in an area. The fight is publicly broadcast and is hugely poopular among the citizens of the Capitol.


Katniss Everdeen is a 16year-old girl from Dictrict 12, the poorest district in Panem. She hunts illegally to keep her family alive after the death of her father. Her sister, Primrose, is up for her first reaping this year. The odds aren’t in Primrose’s favor and she's picked to go into the Hunger Games. Naturally, Katniss takes her sisters place and is sent to the Capitol to be slaughtered. Katniss is my favorite character of any book that I’ve ever read. She’s strong, brave, and inspiring. She loves her sister more than anything and

that’s touching. Another character I like is Peeta Mellark, an honest boy who is very important to the plot. Peeta and Katniss are very different but they complement each other excellently. This book is exquisitely written and it hooks you from page 1. Read this book if you haven’t already. It’s worth every minute you spend reading it. I recommend The Hunger Games to everyone who asks me for a good book to read. Don’t miss out on this literary masterpiece-- read this amazing trilogy today. Five out of five stars. PAGE 3

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NOVEMBER 27, 2012

Special Feature: Social Media Networks Ashley Reed & Amy Smith, 12th grade Codi Trout, 11th grade Our lives are run by social media and technology. People stay in touch by social networking sites and spend free time looking at new updates. The sites that are primarily used are Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram. They all are becoming more popular over time and even though they are used for different things they have some similarities. Facebook was created in February 2004, by college students Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes. The site, originally called Facemash, is now known as Facebook. It was designed for Harvard students but by the end of February the site had more than 1,000,000 people registered. As of October 2012, there are over 1 billion active Facebook users. Facebook and another popular social networking site, Instagram, are linked together, pictures you take on Instagram can be uploaded to Facebook. Facebook is one of the largest networking sites and almost everyone has an account. Twitter was founded on March 21st, 2006, but wasn’t launched until July 15th, 2006. The creators of twitter are Jake Dorsey, Noah Glass, Evan William and Biz Stone. Jake Dorsey said, “We came across Twitter and it was just perfect.” Twitter has more than 900 workers. Last year they made 57 million from growth funding. There have been a massive amount of accounts created. Every second 11 accounts are created, 750 tweets shared per second, and is the 3rd most !

popular social base. Twitter also allows a retweet which makes it interesting. It can get a trend started where a certain phrase, word, or top can get a large amount of tagged topics. Twitter is also available as an app. Even with all that twitter can do, they’re hoping to still bring out more things. For example, a new line they are working on is called Vine, which will be released within a few years. Tumblr was founded in February of 2007, by David Karp. As of October 13th, 2012, Tumblr has 77 million blogs, which showcase each user's individual interests. In July, 2011, tumblr had 13.4 million unique visitors, which is 218% more than 2010. Tumblr is a safe getaway from other aggregated content sites, because those who enjoy another person’s blog can "follow" them to receive their content in one area, known as the dashboard. They can then "reblog" this content, a feature similar to Twitter's retweet. Tumblr users share pictures, quotes, art, gifs, and anything they may enjoy. Tumblr has recently developed an iOS app due to increased popularity. Within a few years, Tumblr could be as popular as other social media websites. Instagram was founded on October, 2010 by Keven Systrom and Mike Krieger, but is now owned by Facebook. Facebook paid approximately 1 billion dollars in cash and stocks on April 2012. By September 6th, 2012, the deal was officially closed. In December of 2010, Instagram had 1 million users. In June of 2011, it PAGE 4

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NOVEMBER 27, 2012

had 5 million users and by September it doubled its users. Finally in April 2012, Instagram had reached 30 million users. Instagram gains a new user every second, during which time existing users upload approximately 58 new photos. Instagram was named app of the year in 2011. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram are slowly becoming integrated. Not only do users from one site often have another account for another site, they also share content from one site to another. Most social networking sites have buttons to post content to other networking sites. If the trend Do you recognize each of these social networks' icons? continues, most people will have an account on Your parents may not! every popular social network.

Student Athletes Honored at Annual Sports Banquets Victoria Himmelspach & Kyauna Bailey, 12th grade

The MHS Fall Sports Banquet was held Thursday, November 15th, in the cafeteria. The football team and cheerleaders banquet was held Sunday, November 18th. There were overall 42 graduating seniors, 42 scholar athletes, and 93 lettering players. The banquet was split into two with volleyball, track, and boys and girls soccer in the first award banquet and in the second awards banquet held athletic trainers, football, and cheerleaders. SA denotes that a student is a scholar athlete. The following athletes were honored:


Volleyball Lettered 3 times: • Bailee Creeks (SA) • Erin Curry (SA) • Morgan Swauger Lettered 2 times: • Gracie Lowe (SA) • Madison Smith (SA) • Kayla Russell Lettered once: • Darcie Davis (SA) • Kelsie Farmer • Mylie Swauger • Madison Riggle • Kori Sidwell (SA) Girls Soccer Lettered 3 times: • Emily Mullinex


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Shawna Lambert (SA) Kelsey Rice (SA)

Lettered 2 times: • Sarah Brown • Bailee Ray (SA) • Brooke Smith • Callie Tatman (SA) Lettered once: • Aspen Ziel • Lexie Glaub (SA) • Katie Bice • Samantha Grant • Kayla Graves • Gabriella Graves • Tana Hennessy • Jaela Madinger • Molly Sprankle Boys Soccer Lettered 4 times: • Jacob Waltemire (SA) • Skylar Novaria (SA) • Jacob Landerman (SA) Lettered 3 times: • Colt Ray (SA) Lettered 2 times: • Ronny Jarrett (SA) • Tony Mahon • Jacob Tabler (SA) • Parker Bash • Tony Lawrence • Jacob Dalrymple • Parker Webb Lettered once: • Paul Reed • George Tuttle • Josh Ash • Jake McGee • Jerry Huggins (SA) • Zach Price Cross Country


NOVEMBER 27, 2012 Lettered 4 times: • Dana Dale (SA) • Brett Potts Lettered 3 times: • Justin Graham • Stephanie Monroe (SA) Lettered 2 times: • Codi Trout • Capria Hall • Connor Wright (SA) • Logan Gamble • Josh Kerns • Alex James • Linzee Sims Lettered once: • Jole Lay • MacKenzie Kunz (SA) • Meagan McGill Football Lettered 3 times: • Austin Knowlden Lettered 2 times: • Aaron Evancho • Alex Presley • Justin Wilson Lettered once: • Dylan Evans (SA) • Mason Deaver • Joe Kelly • Steve Lowery • Paul Russell (SA) • Brandon Bush • Sloan Hastings • C.J. Harris • Jordan Hayes • Logan Bash (SA) • Chase Roberts


25¢ VOL. 2, ISSUE 6! JV Football Scholar Athletes: • Matthew Barber (SA) • Anthony Bonfield (SA) • Brandon Linscott (SA) • Kyle Quinn (SA) • Jacob Rockwell (SA) • Alec Shook (SA) • Jameson Curry (SA) Cheerleading Lettered 3 times: • Alexis Bennett (SA) • Ali Vines Lettered 2 times: • Katie Delong • Kelsee Holdren • Paige Crane • Marisa Evancho (SA) • *Brook Ray (SA) Lettered once: • Ali Snack • Cassie Chumney • Sasha Fitz (SA) • Sedrah Rivera JV Scholar Athletes (Cheerleading): • Ireland Connors (SA) • Colt Ray • Leigh Denny (SA) Athletic Trainers Lettered 4 times: • Electa Thompson (SA) Lettered 2 times: • Taylor Pettit (SA) • Tabitha Trader Lettered once: • Jayna Morrison (SA) • Cassie Harper • Haley Petit • Olivia Thompson (SA)


NOVEMBER 27, 2012 •

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Breaking News: Clarke Named Coach of the Year Victoria Himmelspach, 12th grade First year head coach Craig Clarke was awarded Head Coach of the Year. Before head coaching at Maysville, he was an assistant coach at Coshocton. He and the team made it to playoffs for the first time in Maysville’s history. He assisted the team in winning against Sheridan for the first time in 28 years. He also improved the team's score form 5-5 last year to a 9-1 season this year. Maysville Panther’s high school players were also awarded all district honors for district 3. The honorees for offense players went to Junior Running back Jordan Hayes and senior Lineman Joe Kelly. The honorees for defense players went to senior Lineman Brandon Bush and senior Linebacker Dylan Evans.


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NOVEMBER 27, 2012

Bullying and Self-Esteem Chelsy Leach, 10th grade Public speaker Jerry Sage came in on November, 13th 2012, and gave a presentation on bullying to the entire high school, stating that there are two groups of people who cause bullying to happen: bullies themselves, and bystanders. Most bystanders won’t do anything for the people who are being bullied because they don’t want to be next. Bullies usually bully other people because they are not happy with themselves or they are not happy with their home lives. Something in their minds tells them that if they hurt other people, they'll feel better about themselves because they are not only thinking about their own pain, but also someone else's. There are several things young men and women need to know to get through life, according to Sage, such as "saying you hate drama only makes people think you actually love it." Sage says, "'Follow your heart' is the worst

Editorial Staff

Editor-in-Chief: Nathan Cole Managing/Layout Editor: Mack Folger Production Manager: Sam Grubbs Poetry Editor: Markie Dunn Fashion Editor: Ashley Ferrell Fashion Editor: Chelsy Leach Head Reporter: Amy Smith Food Editor: Ashley Reed Book Editor: Haven Labaki Supervisor: Myra Warne

Sports Dept.

Tori Himmelspach Kirstynn Kirk


advice you could ever give or receive." Acting out in dangerous ways for attention will only make people think you're not cool. You're beautiful just the way you are and anyone who tries to change you is hurtful; only you have the power to change yourself. Sage's second set of advice says that our opinions of ourselves are often wildly wrong: you are not, in fact, the coolest person in the world. Family should come first, if you're on good terms with them, because they can help you out a lot. Don't take flirting as a surefire sign that someone is into you-- they might just be trying to be nice. Sage's last piece of advice tells us to never act less than the great people we are, and to always be the bigger person.

Politics Dept. Alexis Herda Sam Grubbs

Photography Dept.

Photo Editor: Chyene Triplett Photographer: Mikaela Hamilton Photographer: Mack Folger


Codi Trout Alis Compton Kyauna Bailey Erin Hastings Natalie Paugh


MHS Panther Press November 2012  

This is the November issue of the MHS Panther Press.

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