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Spring / Summer ‘13 by Mayra Vera Lázaro


Some of us have physical illness, soul or heart or just have not been able to find our life. In this living and magical desert, end of the world, the Blue Deer will reveal to find our life, He will teach us, he will be our medicine. A maximization of the spirit will lead us to the point of temporary transformation transition to spiritual exaltation, to find balance forces.�



ayra Vera graduated from a degree in textile design at the Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla launches its first collection: Animal Instinct Spring-Summer 013, aims to offer swimwear that can not go unnoticed, to stop seeing women designs bold, sophisticated, transcendental , female and sure of themselves. Animal Instinct comes to explore the wildlife, the duality of energy and art of the Huichol people, meaning through vibrant hues that color the day and night with intensity, splashy prints and applications that revive a fascinating world and spiritual.

Wirikuta is an area located in the state of San Luis Potosi, Mexico and is one of the most important ceremonial sites for indigenous people Wixárika (Huichol).

The challenge that proposes Animal Instinct is to introduce you in different dimensions of shapes, colors, textures, meanings and indigenous art tradition alive, becoming a timeless and unique experience. Creating relationships, emotions, values, messages and attitudes with each piece in the collection that were adjusted and will shape your figure perfectly.

The true value of the México´s history is in the sacred diverse cultures of our beautiful country, thanks to those cultures México is the country with more traditions and customs around the world and it is our duty as Mexicans to ensure it’s careful to not destroy it.

Reporting on the prevention of the destruction of Wirikuta and cultural significance of the Huichol people, spreading and highlighting the essence and the care of the planet in a product that reflects your dreams and skills.

In 2012 the company First Magestic Silver (Canadian mining company) delivered about 45,000 hectares concessions that allow it to operate landmarks of the indigenous Huichol, granted between 1983 and 2009 by the Mexican government. But there are still 70% of the area that is being exploited.

Putting into practice the skills and knowledge acquired during the study of the degree in textile design Mayre Clothing joins this movement with its first collection Animal Instinct Spring / Summer 013 to spread the importance and natural wealth of my country.

Thanks to Models: Mafer Nava and Paola Dartigues Photographers: Georgina Sángines & Leonardo Fernández Make up: Hanna Honey Locations: Hotel Spa el Sueño & Villas Arqueológicas Cholula

Instinto Animal 013 by Mayre Clothing NYC  
Instinto Animal 013 by Mayre Clothing NYC