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"We must become the change we want to see in the world". (Mahatma Gandhi) It was time for a good film. A real good one I mean. You know, good sense and significances mixed with genius directing. This time "The brothers", (Wachowski) overtakes themselves; they are the best film's writers ever, I think... revolution action! I love it! Everybody has to see it especially in time like ours, where 1984 is still going on, if you follow me, I hope so. This film is so actually and prophetic at the same time, full of means that goes longer our ages. You can feel it across the speeches, whoever speaks. Words can kill, but also could brings poems. The main character have no self-expression, the mask that he wears talks in its stead. The mask brings inside a legendary semblance of Guy Fawkes, I let you discover who this character is. When the basements of the society are shaked from the inside, the reality that everyone sees change, when mainstream information lead to nowhere and the power of few men drags the people's imaginary into a sort of cage, something have to move on. What have to mutate? You know what. You have to reach the bottom to fill it, to start again, to reborn, or simply to understand. Now, waiting in our homes, watching TV, talking about nothing, losing time, we are losing control. Let someone take the decisions cause we are not able to do it. This situation leads the society toward a dictatorship, a media's brainwash. Do you feel something? Are you still follow me? Sure you do. The movie is set in Great Britain in the near future but the themes are awfully current. The revolution is inside everybody, waiting to be awake like the slavery is around us chasing us, we have to wake up soon. "V" this is the name of our hero (Hugo Weaving), a very theatrical character, but also a fighter, pushed by his personal revenge against his jailer, only to personify the rape of all the world, "V" is a metaphor, the naughty characters are also metaphors, "V" is the ordinary people, exploited, caged, misled while the establishment is symbolized by the totalitarian government, in the person of Chancellor Adam Sutler (John Hurt). "Strength Through Unity. Unity Through Faith!!" Terrorism is only an excuse to take off all the civil liberty, when people is scared of something, really scared, few men can take advantage from the situation. Something remind me to our time. Can you see?

Follow me! Where freedom seems terrorism and our free will is stolen, we must riot! In the middle of tons of useless films sometimes genius appears. I hope this is only the beginning. Watch it! Better do it! Wake up my friends, time is come.

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V For Vendetta  

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