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Have you run out of things to do with your family? Why not put the "fun" back in "family fun" with a Qwirkle board game. You will surely have lots of fun once you roll out this game and start playing with your family. Now that is family entertainment at its best. Winning a game of Qwirkle is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is match six tiles according to either its color or the shape within. The more tiles you line up, the higher score you get. You will find 108 different tiles which come in six different shapes and colors to match up. This provides you plenty of opportunities to score. This makes the Qwirkle board game one of the easiest games to play with family and friends. Matching up tiles is fairly easy but to score the most points you need to match a lot of tiles at once. As you can imagine, this requires a lot of strategy on your part. Up to four players can enjoy playing this game at once. It is recommended for kids aged six years and up. This does not mean however, that adults cannot join on the fun. This makes it the ideal board game for the whole family on an afternoon in the weekend. In a sense, Qwirkle does not require much effort to learn but it does require a lot of thinking to win. This makes it possible for just about anyone to get into the game right away. The rules are so simple and easy to understand that even a child can start playing in an instant. The Qwirkle board game is not just for fun but for learning as well. Like the classic Scrabble, it develops your way of thinking and coming up with strategies. Perhaps you could argue that it is a real-life version of the hit video game Tetris. A game typically lasts under an hour which allows for multiple restarts at a time. With a simple set of rules and game play combined with challenging strategies, Qwirkle is one of the most interesting games you can play today. It comes as no surprise that it received the Gold Award from the Parent's Choice Foundation and won the Mensa Select competition. You can get your own Qwirkle board game from your local toy store or try your hand at online resellers and auctions.

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