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Verde Valle News Students in trouble!

Science and technology week A few days ago, the teenagers were supposed to be nervous because of the presentations. Some of them walk smiling with no care, many others were already nervous weeks before, and some others who were not even nervous, at the time of presenting could not even speak, like the baby in the figure 1. Apparently all the students in some way took the situation in their own manner and all did it very well.But some presentations stood out from de rest as always.

Figure 1. Less interesting topics? What many could notice, this year we had fewer viewers, and we aren’t talking about the students, we are referring to the parents. Maybe it was because they think our topics were less interesting this time. But all of us do it the best we can.

Some presentations With the few presentations I saw, I’m convinced that all students strove on them. I like very much the one of the third graders, was by Fernanda Diaz and other girl. It was about “the dreams”. They could unwrap perfectly; no nerves were noticeable and seemed they dominate the subject. The topic also was very interesting and I learned many things. Aylin Lamas and Renee Aceves also do it well, they choose and interesting topic and control their nerves well

Something that was on the lips of many was that Veronica, we all know her as very scholar student, becomes more than just nervous when it comes to speaking in front of an audience, but despite that and although she denies it did very well.

My opinion Me and my partner didn’t do it so badly. The truth is I'm happy for our work, because we strive. In the time of presenting you could notice that we dominated the issue and learned how to control our nerves.

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