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South Arlington CrossFit Communications Plan Mayra Gonzalez Georgetown University Advanced Strategic Digital Communications 2013



Executive Summary ........................................................................................................ 3 Situation Analysis ............................................................................................................. 4 Background ..................................................................................................................... 5 CFSA Goal & Objectives .............................................................................................. 10 Key Publics ..................................................................................................................... 10 Strategies & Tactics ...................................................................................................... 12 Appendices: References ............................................................................................. 16


Executive Summary ______________________________________________________________________

Trends in   the   fitness   industry   come   and   go.   Since   its   inception   in   2000,   CrossFit   has   attracted   many   ardent  enthusiasts  across  the  United  States  -­‐  as  well  as  its  share  of  critics.  CrossFit  South  Arlington   (CFSA)  is  a  CrossFit  affiliate  gym  founded  in  December  2009  by  our  client,  Siddharth  Sawkar.  CFSA  is   committed  to  the  methods  of  the  Crossfit  program,  but  its  owner  and  staff  are  also  committed  to   making  a  significant  impact  in  their  customer’s  lives  through  a  school-­‐based  approach  that  involves   goal-­‐setting  and  nutrition  education.     Through   online   research,   on-­‐site   interviews   and   member   surveys,   we   learned   about   what   attracted   the   members   to   CFSA,  what  is  keeping  them  at  CFSA  and  areas  of  opportunity   for   improvement.   The   results   suggest   that   CFSA   is   on   the   right  track  and  can  generate  even  more  success  with  the  new   school   based   approach   if   communications   by   the   gym   staff,   especially  the  owner,  to  the  community  are  consistent,  clear   and  repeated  across  multiple  channels.     This   plan   offers   suggestions   and   tools   that   will   support   the   client   and   his   staff   as   they   work   to   communicate   with   members  more  clearly,  regularly  and  efficiently.    



Situation Analysis ______________________________________________________________________ Mr.  Sawkar  purchased  and  renovated  an  abandoned  warehouse  to  house  the  gym,  or  “box”  in   the  lingo  of  CrossFit  (see  Appendix  H),  in  a  developing  neighborhood  in  Crystal  City  in  Arlington   County,  VA.  Arlington  County  is  home  to  multiple  CrossFit  gyms  (see  Appendix  C).  The  parent   company   does   not   prohibit   competing   boxes   from   opening   in   close   proximity   based   on   the   assumption   that   successful   locations   will   survive   if   not   thrive   from   having   to   compete   for   members  based  on  the  quality  of  the  offering.     In  the  fall  of  2012  and  in  the  competitive  spirit  of  the  parent  company’s  philosophy,  the  client   realized   the   need   to   differentiate   his   box   from   other   area   boxes   and   other   popular   gyms.     CFSA   began   to   adopt   increasingly   personal   and   customized   coaching   methods   with   a   focus   on   personal   goal   setting   and   community-­‐building.   In   fact,   the   overwhelming   and   positive   theme   in   member   survey  responses  was  the  sense  of  community  that  Mr.  Sawkar  was  able  to  create  (Appendix  D).   In  

January 2013,   Mr.   Sawkar   announced   the   gym   would   focus   on   a   new   school-­‐based   fitness   approach  to  guide  its  members  to  take  responsibility  for  their  own  lives  and  start  to  live  their   lives  according  to  their  aspirations  and  dreams.       The  new  school-­‐based  approach  implemented  in  April  2013  requires  members  to  follow  specific   training   and   education   in   order   to   reach   their   goals.   CFSA   coaches   help   each   member   define   their  goals  and  target  their  perceived  constraints  or  weaknesses,  reinforcing  and  building  their   strengths  in  order  to  realize  a  more  abundant  and  enjoyable  life.  In  late  March  of  2013,  CFSA’s   head   coach,   who   had   been   working   closely   with   the   client   to   initiate   the   school-­‐based   programming   changes,   unexpectedly   resigned.   Hoping   to   help   members   and   staff   make   the   transition   with   out   the   head   coach,   the   client   hired   a   new   communications   lead.   This   was   in   order   to   improve   communication   between   staff   and   the   members   of   the   gym   as   the   owner   suspected   that   a   lack   of   sufficient   communication   contributed   to   the   former   head   coach’s   decision  to  leave.      

The CrossFit  Service     CrossFit   members   complete   daily   strength   and   conditioning   workouts   to   improve   overall   fitness.   CrossFit   is   known   for   its   Internet   and   virtual   community   model.   The   CrossFit   parent   company   allows   independent   gyms   to   license   the   “CrossFit”   name   to   affiliates   who   pay   an   annual   fee   and   has   certified   trainers.   Affiliated   gyms   are   allowed   to   have   individual   specified   adaptations  and  develop  their  own  programming,  pricing,  and  instructional  methods.  CrossFit   workouts   are   typically   20   minutes   or   less   and   include   high-­‐intensity   interval   training   and   all   out   physical  exertion.  Workouts  include  combinations  of  various  exercises  and  equipment.  Longer,   hour-­‐long  workouts  are  typically  performed  at  affiliated  gyms  and  include  warm  ups,  work  outs   of   the   day,   skill   development   segment,   and   stretching.   Workouts   are   recorded   and   scored   to   track  progress  and  promote  competition.        


Background ______________________________________________________________________ Fitness  Industry  Overview  

According to   IBSWorld   Analysts,   the   fitness   sector   is   likely   to   continue   growing   despite   economic  uncertainty  (IBISWorld).      

IBISWorld  Analysts,  2012  

This  bodes  well  for  CFSA,  though  the  gym  may  want  to  follow  any  consumer  impacts  in  the  area   caused   by   the   recent   sequester-­‐related   furloughs   and   consider   these   trends   when   setting   or   changing  pricing.     Brand  Analysis:  Sentiment  and  Tone  of  Online  Authorities     The   highly   educated   demographic   of   the   gym’s   membership   and   prospective   members   are   likely   to   research   gyms   and   exercise   programs   before   dedicating   time   and   money.   Therefore,   it’s  important  to  find  out  what  opportunities  exist  for  communicating  value  by  analyzing  trusted   reference  websites  and  online  peer  reviews.       While   there   is   significant   positive   sentiment   online   about   CrossFit,   there   are   many   warnings   about   the   training   of   the   coaches   and   the   program’s   grounding   in   science.   For   example,   the   WebMD  review  of  CrossFit  cautions  users  to  “…  be  aware  that  the  CrossFit  coach  may  not  have   an   appropriate   educational   background   in   sports   conditioning.   Strength   and   conditioning   specialists  spend  years  learning  proper  technique  of  explosive  exercises  and  some  have  degrees   in  exercise  science,  biomechanics,  or  kinesiology”  (Esco).  The  WebMd  entry  also  questions  the   degree  to  which  CrossFit’s  methods  are  backed  by  scientific  evidence:  “A  review  of  the  current   scientific   literature,   however,   shows   no   published   studies   about   CrossFit   in   top-­‐rated   peer-­‐


reviewed strength   and   conditioning   or   exercise   physiology   research   journals“   (Esco).   Both   of   these  criticisms  are  important  to  note  as  CFSA  should  be  sure  to  frequently  communicate  the   qualifications   of   its   staff   as   well   as   evidence,   to   the   extent   available,   to   support   the   CrossFit   method.       The  popular  community-­‐run  site  Wikipedia  does  offer  praise  for  the  CrossFit  method  but  also   points   to   an   alarming   and   possible   liability   issue   relating   to   CrossFit   gyms.    According   to   the   entry,  in  2005,  a  lawsuit  against  a  Virginia  gym  that  taught  CrossFit  won  $300,000  in  damages,   claiming   that   “CrossFit   poses   an   elevated   risk   of   rhabdomyolysis”.   According   to   Dr.   Stuart   McGill,  a  professor  of  spine  biomechanics  at  the  University  of  Waterloo,  “The  risk  of  injury  from   some  CrossFit  exercises  outweighs  their  benefits  when  they  are  performed  with  poor  form  in   timed   workouts.   He   added   there   are   similar   risks   in   other   exercise   programs   but   noted   that   CrossFit's  online  community  enables  athletes  to  follow  the  program  without  proper  guidance,   increasing  the  risk”  (Wikipedia).       This   does   not   appear   to   be   an   issue   for   CFSA.   The   new   academic   approach   encourages   mastery   of   basics   before   moving   to   the   following   level.   By   being   proactive   and   honest   in   its   communications   about   the   importance   avoiding   injury   by   recognizing   the   signs   of   rhabdomyolysis,   for   example,   CFSA   is   likely   to   keep   its   members   healthy   (and   therefore   working-­‐out)   while   simultaneously   helping   to   protect   the   gym.     Another  potential  challenge  for  CrossFit  gyms  is  the  perception  that  the  system  or  program  is  a   trend  rather  than  an  established  and  legitimate  program.  As  a  writer  for  the  popular  monthly   Men’s  Health  magazine  explained,  “There's  something  about  CrossFit  that  makes  some  people   want  to  post  videos  of  them  doing  pull-­‐ups—while  that  ‘something’  drives  others  like  me  away.   But   if   nothing   else,   the   earnest   zeal   I   saw   in   my   3   months   of   WODs   gave   me   hope.   Maybe   someday   I'll   find   a   fitness   regimen   that   hooks   me   the   way   CrossFit   hooked   them.   What   have   you   heard   about   Zumba?”(Stoddard).   This   quotation   hits   on   a   key   issue   for   CrossFit   –   that   it   could  very  well  be  a  fitness  craze  or  fad.    By  communicating  the  value  of  the  fitness  program   and  the  gym  community  as  a  whole,  CFSA  will  establish  itself  as  a  legitimate  business  with  deep   roots.       The  Competition     The  following  snapshot  scorecard  for  CFSA  was  created  to  measure  the  top  five  gyms  according   to  Yelp  results  for  the  search  “Best  Gyms”  in  Arlington,  VA  (Yelp).          


The scorecard   provides   a   quick   reference   for   how   CFSA   compares   to   other   gyms   in   terms   of   online   sentiment   and   influence   and   identifies   areas   of   strength   and   opportunity.   The   scorecard   is   based   upon   the   digital   key   performance   indicators   described   in   Appendix   C,   Competitive   Landscape:     • For  Facebook,  the  indicators  include  likes  and  number  of  people  talking  about  the  page;     •

For Twitter,  it’s  followers  and  number  of  tweets;  

For traffic,  it’s  rank  and  site  links.    

Compared to   the   “Yelp   Top   5”   (Appendix   C),   CFSA   is   easily   outperforming   its   competitors   on   Facebook.    CFSA  does  not  enjoy  a  significant  presence  on  Twitter  compared  to  the  competition,   particularly   Potomac   CrossFit.    Website   traffic   results   were   calculated   using,   a   free   online   traffic   tool.    The   Alexa   Traffic   Rank   is,   "A   rough   estimate   of   popularity.   The   rank   is   calculated  using  a  combination  of  average  daily  visitors  and  page  views  over  the  past  3  months.   The  site  with  the  highest  combination  of  visitors  and  page  views  is  ranked  #1”  (Li).      CFSA  has   good  amounts  of  traffic,  but  there  are  fewer  links  to  its  existing  site  from  other  online  sources   than  the  other  gym’s  sites.       CFSA’s  competitors  can  be  categorized  as  follows:       • Globo  Gyms   •

Boutique Gyms    


Other CFSA  gyms    

Globo Gyms   CrossFit  members  and  coaches  reference  “globo  gyms”  with  at  least  a  tinge  of  disdain  or  in  a   vaguely   dismissive   manner.   For   example,   one   member   explained   that   gym   closer   to   her   apartment  than  CFSA  offered  CrossFit  classes  but  was  actually  a  ‘globo’  gym,  and  therefore  she   didn’t   trust   it.   So   what’s   a   “globo   gym”?   According   to   the   winning   definition   in   Urban   Dictionary,   a   website   that   crowd   sources   definitions   of   slang   and   new   colloquialisms,   a   globo   gym  is  “A  typical  big-­‐box  fitness  franchise,  where  people  more  often  than  not  don't  get  in  shape   worth   a   damn.   ”You   doing   CrossFit?"   "Naw,   I'm   stuck   at   a   Globo   Gym   with   the   rest   of   the   pansies”  (Blinky,  26).  Interestingly,  the  term  seems  to  be  closely  associated  with  CrossFit  itself.   The  highly-­‐rated  franchise  gyms  in  the  area  include  Planet  Fitness,  Gold’s  Gym  and  Fitness  First.   These   gyms   offer   multiple   locations   for   a   low   cost,   month-­‐to-­‐   month   membership   and   also   often  offer  childcare  and  locker  rooms  as  well.       Boutique  Gyms   Boutique  gyms,  on  the  other  hand,  are  likely  to  have  one  or  few  locations  but  offer  a  spa-­‐like   atmosphere  in  the  locker  rooms.  Many  of  the  highest  rated  gyms  in  Arlington  are  boutique  or   ‘on  trend’  gyms.    Like  CFSA,  these  gyms  are  expensive  and  can  feature  relatively  new  exercise   styles   or   programs   such   as   ballet,   martial-­‐arts   or   dance-­‐based   exercise   programs.    Some   examples   include   The   Energy   Club,   Verve   Health   and   Fitness   and   Revolve.   Enchantment,   explains  Guy  Kawasaki’s  book  by  the  same  name,  is  required  when  “Aspiring  to  lofty,  idealistic   results”;   “Making   difficult   infrequent   decisions”   –   including   cost;   “Overcoming   entrenched   habits”;   “Defying   a   crowd”;   “Proceeding   despite   delayed   or   nonexistent   feedback   (Kawasaki,   2011).     Other  CrossFit  Gyms   Since   CrossFit   does   not   prevent   one   gym   from   opening   next   to   another   or   within   a   certain   radius,   these   gyms   must   compete   and   appeal   to   customers   by   developing   a   personality   or   specific   offering.   Potomac   CrossFit,   the   fifth   gym   based   on   the   Yelp   search   results   is   another   CrossFit   gym   located   in   close   proximity   to   CFSA.   Currently,   the   gym   is   closed   but   poised   to   reopen  soon  (Pyzyk,  2013).  Potomac  CrossFit  has  maintained  its  Twitter  feed  and  high  reviews   on  Yelp,  both  impressive  given  that  the  gym  is  closed.    Other  CrossFit  gyms  in  the  area  include   Ballston  CrossFit,  Patriot  CrossFit  and  Rosslyn  CrossFit,  each  of  which  enjoys  good  ratings.    The   best   way   for   CFSA   to   demonstrate   that   its   offering   is   the   best   among   these   competitors   is   to   effectively   communicate   its   unique   value   offering   across   multiple   online   platforms   and   in   enchanting,  community-­‐orientated  ways.       Core  Opportunity:  Communicating  Value     One  key  insight  from  the  client  and  owner  of  CFSA  is  that  the  level  of  devotion  and  adoption  of   members  is  more  important  to  him  than  the  number  of  members  gained  and  lost.  That  is,  to   Mr.   Sawkar,   increasing   or   maintaining   revenue   is   not   his   first   priority.   At   the   same   time,   it   is   essential  to  recognize  that  CFSA  is  a  business  that  needs  to  achieve  a  return  on  investment.  As    


CFSA continues  to  make  changes  in  the  business  model  and  adjust   prices  to  fit  those  changes,  CFSA  has  the  opportunity  to  motivate   current  members  to  stay  with  the  gym  during  these  changes  and   spark   the   interests   of   prospects   to   join   CFSA   by   communicating   the   gym’s   value.   Considering   the   “value   equation   test”   prior   to   conducting   communication   efforts   will   prove   beneficial   for   the   gym.       In   this   value   equation,   “v”   represents   the   word   value,   “q”   represents   the   word   quality,   and   “p“   represents   the   word   price.   This  equation  is  used  to  measure  the  worth  of  a  product  or  service  in  the  eyes  of  the  customer.   It   is   considered   the   return   of   investment   according   to   customers.   For   CFSA,   this   equation   helps   measure   the   worth   of   the   gym’s   service   in   the   eyes   of   its   members.   To   members,   this   equation   explains  that  CFSA  is  valuable  (V)  to  them  if  what  they  get  (Q)  matches  what  they  pay  (P).   Price  (P)  simply  refers  to  anything  the  customer  or  member  must  spend  in  order  to  be  at  the   CFSA  location.  These  factors  include  the  following: • Price • Time • Resources • Lost  opportunity Quality  (Q)  is  defined  as  both  features  and  benefits.  It  refers  to  what  the  service  does  and  what   the  members  get  out  of  it.  This  is  what  customers  are  buying  in  order  to  be  members  of  CFSA   and  people  buy  benefits.  After  looking  at  CFSA  members’  surveys  and  interviews,  it  was  evident   that  current  members  consider  the  following  as  qualities  of  CFSA: • Convenience • Effects  of  the  workout  on  their  body  and  their  personal  lives • The  structure  and  emphasis  on  goals • Efficiency • Community  and  Family  feel • Hands-­‐on  coaches;  personal  trainer  aspect • Interaction  with  the  owner   The   essence   of   the   value   equation   test   is   asking   “What’s   it   worth?”   to   the   member   or   prospective  member.  The  answer  is  what  you  need  to  drive  home  in  the  communication.  For   example,   if   Mr.   Sawkar   were   to   email   a   newsletter   announcing   a   new   workout   schedule,   he   would   need   to   ask   himself   “What   is   it   worth   to   my   members?   Does   it   mean   that   CFSA   has   answered   pleas   to   add   a   later   class   for   members   who   work   late?   Or   is   the   gym   short-­‐staffed   that  month  so  it  may  mean  that  some  members  are  inconvenienced  for  a  few  weeks,  but  that   the  gym  will  return  to  normal  soon?”    


CFSA Goals and Objectives ______________________________________________________________________ The client  requested  assistance  with  the  following:       a)  Effectively  promoting  the  new,  school-­‐based  approach  to  enchant  prospective  (new)   members  and     b)  Convincing  existing  members  to  embrace  and  adopt  the  new  program     Based   upon   these   two   goals   as   well   as   the   known   parameters,   the   objectives   of   this   communication  strategy  are  as  follows:     • Define   communication   roles   and   establish   processes   to   increase   clarity,   efficiency   and   efficacy  of  gym  communications  including  updates   •

Provide the   owner   with   accessible,   convenient   tools   to   communicate   his   vision   as   an   authentic  individual  and  leader  to  members  and  prospects  

Key Publics ______________________________________________________________________ In order  to  achieve  overarching  goals  and  objectives,  it  is  recommended  that  CFSA  target  the   following  key  publics.     •

Current CFSA  Members

Prospective CFSA  Members

Owner of  CFSA

Current CFSA  Members   Sirens,   LLC   surveyed   approximately   50   CFSA   members   using   the   online   survey   software   SurveyMonkey.   The   survey   contained   ten   questions   designed   to   obtain   demographic,   psychographic,  behavior  graphic  information.  (See  Appendix  D  for  survey  results.)       Some  key  highlights  include  the  following:  

There are   an   equal   number   of   male   and   female   members   at   CFSA,   majority   under   50   years  of  age  and  without  children.  

All members   are   employed   and   do   not   have   major   financial   responsibilities   allowing   more  expendable  income,  however,  they  are  conscious  of  their  finances  and  expenses.  


The member   considers   their   health   and   fitness   a   high   priority.   There   are   roughly   an   equal  number  of  veteran  members  to  new  members.  Specifically,  39%  have  been  CFSA   members  for  more  than  a  year  while  29%  have  been  members  for  up  to  3  months.  

Current members  use  their  social  networks  to  interact  with  other  members,  chat  with   coaches,  discuss  lifestyle  changes  and  receive  updates  on  CFSA  news  regularly.  

They appreciate   the   community   environment   of   CFSA;   90%   of   members   are   engaged   with   the   CFSA   community   both   in   the   gym   and   on   the   Internet.   They   participate   in   various  CFSA  programs  and  participate  in  community  offerings.  They  are  well  informed   of  new  updates  and  changes  at  CFSA.

Prospective CFSA  Members   Member   surveys   revealed   that   majority   of   current   CFSA   members   reside   in   Arlington,   VA   because  of  the  proximity  to  the  gym.  CFSA  is  part  of  a  “hyper  local”  community  and  participates   in   Arlington’s   community   events.   The   prospective   member   will   share   most   of   the   same   characteristics  of  current  CFSA  members,  including  residing  in  Arlington,  VA.  Because  Arlington   residents  are  actively  involved  in  their  community,  it  is  critical  to  understand  what  drives  them.   •

CNN Money   has   ranked   the   Arlington,   VA   population   on   several   lists.   As   of   February   2013,  the  Washington-­‐Arlington-­‐Alexandria  area  had  the  third  highest  concentration  of   the   wealthy   people   in   the   United   States   (Hargreaves,   2013).   In   2011,   Arlington   was   ranked  seventh  in  the  nation  for  the  best  cities  for  the  rich  and  single  ("Best  places  for,"   2011).  

Arlington residents   are   highly   educated   and   more   likely   to   research   their   purchase   options.   They   look   to   online   influencers   and   peer-­‐review   websites   when   considering   purchases.  

Most prospects   will   work   a   full   time   job   within   the   Washington   DC   metropolitan   area   and  also  maintain  their  personal  fitness.  They  may  belong  to  another  gym  or  have  tried   other   fitness   alternatives,   but   they   are   seeking   structure   and   the   community-­‐feel   in   their  regiment.

Owner of  CFSA   Sirens,   LLC   surveyed   CFSA’s   owner,   Mr.   Sawkar   asking   him   various   psychographic   questions.   (See  Appendix  D  for  survey  results.)  Key  findings  include:   •

Mr. Sawkar   is   a   thought   leader   in   the   CrossFit   industry   and   an   influence   within   the   Washington,  DC  area  fitness  community.  


He drives   the   ideas,   philosophy,   and   community   culture   of   the   CFSA   gym.    He   has   a   strong   presence   amongst   current   members   of   the   gym   and   is   one   of   the   top   reasons   members  joining  CFSA  and  stay.  

He is   often   available   to   members   and   coaches,   frequently   communicating   face-­‐to-­‐face   and   via   Facebook   and   emailed   newsletters   establishing   a   very   trusting   environment.

Additional Key  Public 3  Sirens,  LLC  also  examined  CFSA  coaches  as  a  key  public.  CFSA  coaches  play  a  critical  role  in  the   CFSA   community.   They   have   the   most   interaction   with   members,   prospective   members,   and   the   owner.   They   help   drive   the   owner’s   mission   and   members   trust   their   expertise.   They   are   vital  to  the  success  of  CFSA  as  well  (see  Appendix  E  for  more  details).  

Strategies ______________________________________________________________________ Every movement  needs  a  leader  and  based  on  the  sharp  spike  in  the  club’s  success  when  Mr.   Sawkar   was   most   engaged,   Mr.   Sawkar   should   definitely   be   a   regular   presence   across   the   chosen  platforms.  Remote,  online  participation  through  social  media  management  tools  aligns   with  his  need  to  work  from  home  in  order  to  support  other  businesses  and  spend  time  with  his   family.   Our   research   provided   key   insights   into   the   opportunities   for   improving   existing   communication  as  well  as  the  member’s  need  for  improved  clarity.       Therefore,   the   strategy   will   focus   on   communicating   the   vision   behind   the   new   school-­‐based   program   across   multiple   social   media   platforms   in   order   to   continue   building   online   communities   that   could   grow   into   a   “mini-­‐movement”   as   members   tap   into   Mr.   Sawkar’s   energy,  their  own  energy  and  the  energy  of  their  fellow  members.  The  mini-­‐movement  will  live   across  a  limited  number  of  intuitive  and  accessible  platforms  that  host  their  respective  portion   of  the  CrossFit  South  Arlington  community.     More  specifically,  the  communication  strategy  will  focus  on  features  and  benefits  and  will  help   CFSA   to   achieve   its   goals   and   communication   objectives   during   this   period   of   transition   and   growth.    CFSA’s  price  will  inevitably  fluctuate.  As  this  occurs,  the  features  and  benefits  (or  the   perception  of  existing  features  and  benefits)  must  increase  in  order  to  prevent  the  value  (or  the   perception   of   value)   from   falling,   which   could   result   in   a   decrease   of   commitment   from   new   and   existing   members   to   the   school-­‐based   program.    In   order   to   effectively   communicate   features  and  benefits,  we  recommend  the  following:       Phase   1:   Establish   and   define   communication   roles,   responsibilities   and   policies   to   more   evenly  distribute  routine  communication  tasks  across  staff  and  allow  the  owner  to  focus  on   communicating  the  CFSA  vision  and  lifestyle.    


Phase 2:  Implement  and  constantly  evaluate  a  comprehensive  digital  strategy  to  streamline   communications  efforts  in  an  environment  that  encourages  organic  communication.  

Tactics ______________________________________________________________________ 1. DIGITAL  RECOMMENDATIONS:  

We   compared   the   current   CFSA   website   to   the   new,   unpublished   website   and   identified   key   improvements   as   well   as   a   few   recommendations   for   featuring   social   media   more   prominently.   The  most  immediately  noticeable  improvement  are  the  site’s  design  and  overall  aesthetics.  The   graphics   and   layout   are   more   engaging   and   organized   in   a   way   that   leads   the   user   into   the   site,   making  it  easier  to  navigate.  The  new  sight  has  several  interactive  features  -­‐  such  as  motivating   clips   from   action   movies   –   that   will   lead   to   more   page   views   and   may   also   improve   Search   Engine  Optimization..  The  new  copy  and  content  represent  the  new  school-­‐based  approach  and   values.   The   new   taglines   about   community   and   asking   the   end   user   if   they   are   ready   for   a   change   in   their   lives   really   establishes   the   heart   of   CFSA.   In   short,   the   new   website   has   everything  required  to  appeal  to  the  gym’s  key  demographics.       Our  first  recommendation  involves  Facebook,  a  platform  on  which  CFSA  is  extremely  successful   as  evidenced  by  the  high-­‐level  of  engagement.  Since  many  of  CFSA’s  important  communications   occur  by  the  hour  on  Facebook,  we  recommend  that  the  Facebook  icon  as  well  as  other  social   media   icons,   such   as   Twitter   and   Tumblr   icons,   be   moved   to   the   top   of   the   CFSA   homepage   for  


easy access.  This  tactic  will  draw  new  or  repeat  website  visitors  into  CFSA’s  online  communities,   making   it   easier   for   members   and   prospects   can   join   in   on   the   conversation   and   begin   to   feel   a   enchanted  by  CFSA  from  the  first  interaction  with  the  website.     Facebook  is  currently  the  key  online  community  space  for  CFSA,  and  the  gym  maintains  both  a   private  and  the  public  page.  The  private  page  has  far  more  activity  than  the  public  page  and  this   is  likely  because  the  community  feel  of  CFSA  is  hidden  from  prospects  who  visit  the  public  page.   We   recommend   indicating   on   the   public   Facebook   page   that,   by   attending   a   free   CFSA   class,   they  can  become  a  part  of  the  more  exclusive  private  Facebook  community.       Because   Twitter   is   the   fastest-­‐growing   social   media  platform  in  the  world,  businesses  cannot   afford   to   dismiss   this   platform;   our   research   shows  that  CFSA’s  competition  is  not  only  very   active   on   Facebook,   but   using   it   effectively   to   provide   updates   and   engage   members.   We   recommend   posting   to   CFSA’s   twitter   handle   more   often,   especially   to   quickly   and   easily   share   with   your   member   new   updates   at   a   moment’s  notice.       Now   more   than   ever,   with   the   fast   paced   lives   of   individuals,   people   are   looking   to   consume   their  news  in  the  fastest  and  shortest  ways  possible.  CFSA  can  increase  the  number  of  followers   and   level   of   engagement   of   its   members   on   Twitter   by   starting   conversations   relating   to   CrossFit,   healthy   tips   to   keep   their   members   in   check   of   sticking   to   their   goals   and   engaging   with  members  of  the  community.  CFSA  has  the  potential  to  be  the  platform  for  fitness  within   the  Arlington,  Virginia  area.  With  new  tools  like  Hootsuite  and  Tweetdeck,  it  is  now  easier  to   monitor,  join  the  fitness  conversation  and  update  your  member  in  a  quick  and  easy  way.     2. SEO  and  Content  Recommendations:   While   the   owner   of   CFSA   is   the   “lead   enchanter”   of   members   and   prospective   members,  he  is  not  able  to  be  at  the  gym   full-­‐time.   In   order   to   communicate   his   lifestyle  vision  and  personality  even  when   physically  away  from  his  audience,  a  blog   -­‐   titled   “The   Siduation”   and   linked   to   the   domain  name    -­‐  is   the  ideal  vehicle.    With  a  simple  click  of  a   button,   a   short   but   meaningful   blog   update  by  Sid  can  be  posted  to  and  across   multiple  social  media  platforms.          


By creating  and  maintaining  a  lifestyle  blog,  the  owner  will  be  able  to  simultaneously  keep  his   members  connected  on  a  personal  level  even  and  drive  new  members  to  the  gym’s  website  as   the  blog  entries  will  be  tagged  for  search  optimization  with  a  wider  range  of  keywords  than  the   gym’s   own   website.   The   blog   entry   content   should   be   driven   by   the   client’s   own   day-­‐to-­‐day   experiences,   from   healthy   meals   he   cooks   with   local   ingredients   to   reviews   of   tech   gadgets   like   the  Nike  Fuel  band.  Examples  of  individuals  who  use  their  blog  to  successfully  promote  a  brand   in   an   authentic   way   include   Dr.   Weil’s   and   a   Virginia-­‐based   dietician’s  blog,    In  order  to  increase  the  number  of  links  into   the  CFSA  website,  which  improves  SEO,  the  client  should  follow  related  or  relevant  blogs  like   these  and  comment  on  their  posts.  By  “seeding”  his  own  blog  entries  in  meaningful,  authentic   comments  to  the  posts  of  other  thought-­‐leaders  in  the  lifestyle  space,  Mr.  Sawkar  will  expose   more  and  new  potential  members  to  his  blog  and  ultimately  to  the  CSFSA  website  and,  finally,   the  brick-­‐and-­‐mortar  gym.   These   recommendations   for   digital   strategy   updates,   in   combination   with   the   social   media   manual  -­‐  will  allow  the  client  to  communicate  his  vision  as  an  authentic  individual  and  leader  to   his   staff,   members   and   prospects.   In   combination   with   the   survey   results,   the   Siduation   blog   and  value  equation  test,  3  Sirens,  LLC.  is  confident  that  CFSA  can  transition  to  the  new  school-­‐ based  model  successfully.   3. Community  Management  Recommendations:   Increasing   the   amount   of   unique   content   and   messaging   will   drive   home   the   value   of   CFSA   for   current   members   and   prospects.   Through   the   new   communications   lead,   CFSA   can   integrate   content   management   and   digital   strategy   tasks  into  the  daily  operations  of  the  gym.   The  “Community  Management  for  CrossFit   South   Arlington”   manual   will   serve   as   a   standard   and   reference   for   CFSA   staff   as   well   as   the   client   as   they   produce   more   content   and   push   it   out   over   more   platforms  more  frequently.  (see  Appendix   E).  Current  conversation  is  organic,  but  as   business   expands,   CFSA   will   need   to   streamline   and   simplify   communication   efforts.   Use   of   this   manual   will   add   structure   and   organization   to   CFSA’s   already   successful   digital   communications   efforts.    


Appendices ______________________________________________________________________ APPENDIX A.  WORKS  CITED    

WORKS CITED     Best  places  for  the  rich  and  single.  (2011,  August  17).  Retrieved  from .moneymag/7.html     Blinky,  J.  (26,  3  08).  Retrieved  from  http://   Gym         Esco,  M.  (n.d.).  Retrieved  from­‐exercise/features/crossfit-­‐ review     Hargreaves,  S.  (2013,  February  12).  Where  the  rich  people  live.  Retrieved  from­‐rich-­‐live/index.html     IBISWorld  Analysts.  (2012,  June)  Fitness  Industries  Pump  Up  Revenue.  Retrieved  from A& 520Sector%2520Trends.pdf&ei=sTKMUbCLO7Sz4AOep4GYCA&usg=AFQjCNF5_56VFEyU iBV-­‐ZQ9jQZa1jSi2xA&sig2=-­‐y4MKiI3y5OxG-­‐D-­‐PyjChw&bvm=bv.46340616,d.dmg     Kawasaki,  G.  (2011).  Enchantment:  The  art  of  changing  hearts,  minds,  and  actions.  (1st  ed  ed.).       Li,  R.  (n.d.).  Retrieved  from  New  York  City:  Penguin.     Pyzyk,  Katie.  (26,  4  13).  Retrieved  from­‐crossfit-­‐ to-­‐reopen/     Robbin  Phillips,  Greg  Cordell,  Geno  Church,  Spike  Jones,  Brains  on  Fire:  Igniting  Powerful,   Sustainable,  Word  of  Mouth  Movements  (Wiley,  2010)     Stoddard,  G.  (n.d.).  Retrieved  from­‐crossfit       Wikipedia.  (n.d.).  Retrieved  from       Yelp  (n.d.).  Retrieved  from        


APPENDIX B.  SWOT:     Strengths     • As  an  affiliate  gym  of  the  Crossfit   program,  CFSA  maintains  a  solid  brand   identity     • Members  of  the  gym  feel  like  they   belong  to  a  team  or  community   • The  owner,  Siddharth  Sawker,  is   flexible,  available,  and  trusting   amongst  members’  perceptions   Opportunities     • Stand  out  in  the  CrossFit  and  health   marketplace  in  the  area     • Offers  members  an  exclusive   experience   • CFSA  members  are  already  active   online;  the  gym  can  leverage  social   media  engagement  to  communicate  &   highlight  the  new  business  model   • The  entertainment  industry  continues   to  influence  the  growing  trend  and   popularity  of  CrossFit  (Biggest  Loser,   Hunger  Games)  

Weaknesses   • Ineffective  communication  efforts  lead   to  confusion  amongst  members  and   coaches   • The  potential  of  price  inflation  could   cause  members  to  leave  CFSA  

Threats   • CFSA  is  located  in  close  proximity  of   competitor  gyms   • CrossFit  interests  only  a  small  number   of  fitness  enthusiasts   • CrossFit  is  considered  a  “trendy”   fitness  program  and  could  potentially   “fall  off”  at  some  point  



APPENDIX  C.  COMPETITIVE  LANDSCAPE     Key  Performance  Indicators    



YELP Top  5:  Best  Gyms,  Arlington,  VA    



CrossFit Gyms,  Arlington,  VA  –  Yelp  Search  Results      



APPENDIX D.    SURVEY  RESULTS       Member  Survey  Summary  Analytics:      








Staff Survey  Summary  Analytics:          



Guru Survey  Summary  Analytics:  







APPENDIX E.  Additional  Key  Public     CFSA   Coaches:  This  key  demographic  was  important  to  take  into  account  during  our  research   phases.   The   ideal   instructor   of   CFSA   based   on   our   research,   is   an   instructor   that   takes   time   before   and   after   class   to   speak   with   the   members   of   the   gym.   Whether   it   is   to   discuss   their   goals   or   to   build   rapport   with   the   members,   this   time   is   essential.   The   ideal   instructor   is   motivating  and  encouraging  when  it  comes  to  being  actively  involved  in  helping  the  members   achieve   their   goals.   Within   the   internal   communications   with   the   gym,   instructors   have   a   clear-­‐ cut  system  with  management  to  ensure  that  everyone  is  kept  in  the  loop.    




APPENDIX F.  Community  Management  Manual    

The Big Picture


The best  way  to  describe  the  relationship  of  each  social  media  platform  is  compare  it  to  the   human  body.     Website   is   the   BODY:  Your  website  is  your  home  base.  Everything  posted  online  should   route   itself   back   to   your   website.   Your   website   is   the   one   place   online   where   you   have   optimum  control  of  the  content.       Facebook   is   the   HEART   –   This   platform   is   best   used   for   personal,   emotion-­‐driven,   heartfelt  information.     Twitter   is   the   BRAIN   –   All   information   posted   here   is   quick   and   news   oriented   information.  People  have  short  attention  spans,  hence  140  characters.     Blog  is  the  MUSCLE   –   Your   blog   is   the   meat   and   potatoes   of   your   content.   When   you   want   to  detail  a  story,  it’s  best  to  do  so  here.    

Facebook Quick Guide


**These are  recommendations  for  the  public  facing  Facebook  page  only.    

Identify  your  target  audience     Target  audiences  should  be  top-­‐of-­‐mind  when  writing  posts  on  the  CFSA  public  Facebook   page.   Aim   to   connect   with   your   audiences   in   every   post   by   considering   what   type   of   messaging  will  engage  them.     It  is  always  important  to  know  exactly  to  whom  you  are  speaking.  The  public  facing  CFSA   Facebook   page   is   an   opportunity   to   make   an   impression   with   target   audiences.   Possible   audiences  to  consider  include:   • Prospective  CFSA  members   • Potential  Partners  and  Sponsors     List  desired  audiences:   1.                  ____________________   2.                  ____________________   3.                  ____________________     Example  of  Targeted  Message  for  Prospective  Member:   “At   CFSA,   we   believe   those   who   go   hard   in   the   gym   go   hard   in   life!   If   you’re   ready   to   join   a   gym   that  will  not  only  change  your  body,  but  also  change  your  life,  visit  CrossFit  South  Arlington.”     Content  and  Engagement     Type  of  Content  to  Post   • Member  testimonials  -­‐  Both  text  and  video  formats  are  acceptable   • Photos  &  Videos  -­‐  Include  a  quick  caption  and  link  if  applicable   • Events  -­‐  Post  before  to  attract  members  and/or  post  after  to  show  results   • Blog  posts  -­‐  Write  a  teaser  and  then  share  the  link  to  a  coach  blog  or  the  “Siduation”   • Surveys  &  Quizzes  -­‐  Find   out   what   visitors   want   to   know  about  to  generate  ideas  for   additional  posts     Additional  Content  Ideas     • Motivational  Quotes  &  Pictures   • Member  story  ex.  “Testimonial  Tuesday”  or  #TransformationTuesday   • Photos/Videos  of  the  WOD   • ‘Fun  Fact  Friday’   • ‘Behind  the  scenes  at  CFSA’     Research  shows  that  the  most  engaging  content  is:   • Short,  roughly  2-­‐3  sentences   • Targeted  with  a  specific  audience  in  mind    


• Includes links  from  the  website,  blogs,  or  upcoming  events.     Directions  for  Conducting  Surveys     The     Facebook/Survey   Monkey   integration   is   a   quick   and   free   way   to   find   out   what   your   fans  know,  like,  dislike  and  think  about  a  particular  topic.   1. Create  your  survey  with  Survey  Monkey  (The  application  is  free  up  to  10  questions   and  100  responses/per  survey)   2. Choose  the  Facebook  collector  option  to  send  out  your  survey.   3. Embed  your  survey  on  your  fan  page  or  post  a  link  to  your  wall.     Key  Content  Takeaways     1. Be  personable   5. Add  videos   2. Get  to  the  point   6. Links  to  other  sources   3. Use  bullets  and  subheads   7. Ask  questions   4. Include  photos   8. Invite  comments     Sharing  CFSA  on  Facebook     An  overlooked  feature  on  Facebook  is  the  sharing  option.  Companies  like  CFSA  should  take   advantage   of   this   feature   because   you   have   a   large   network   of   members   and   coaches   willing  to  share  and  promote  your  vision.     Steps  for  Sharing  Posts     1. Hit  the  share  button  as  it  appears  under  a  post  on  your  News  Feed,  next  to  the  "Like"   and  "Comment"  buttons.   2. Choose  who  you  want  to  share  with.  Is  this  post  public?  Friends  only?  Visible  only  to   members  of  certain  groups?   3. Type  an  additional  comment  if  you  wish.  Use  @replies  and  #hashtags  when  suitable.   4. Hit  "Post"  and  you're  done.     Sharing  the  CFSA  Page     Sharing   the   public   Facebook   page   will   help   increase   CFSA’s   reach   within   the   current   members’   networks   and   spread   the   word   about   CFSA.   When   you   promote   the   CFSA   page   via  someone  else's  page,  or  promote  someone  else’s  from  CFSA’s,  the  post  shows  up  higher   in   other   news   feeds   allowing   more   people   notice   it.   The   person   “sharing”   your   information   is  able  to  also  write  their  own  comment  about  the  post,  giving  you  more  credibility.      


Twitter Tips and Tricks Identify  your  Twitter  audiences:  “Followers”  &  “Following”     Twitter   accounts   are   identified   by   twitter   handles.   A   twitter   handle   will   always   include   the   (@)  symbol  followed  by  the  name  chosen  as  the  twitter  identify.     On  Twitter  your  followers  are  those  who  choose  to  subscribe  to  your  tweets.  Those  who   you  are  following  will  have  their  posted  tweets  appear  in  your  twitter  feed.     Although   your   Twitter   account   is   publically   accessible   for   anyone   to   view   and   click   “follow”,   you   still   need   to   be   conscious   of   who   you   are   trying   to   reach   with   your   twitter   messages.  In  order  to  engage  your  audience,  you  need  to  know  who  they  are.   When  you  specify  your  target  audience,  you  can  connect  and  engage  with  them.  This  allows   you   to   create   an   online   following   of   “brand   ambassadors”   who   will   take   action   online   for   you  and  improve  your  overall  influence.     Here  are  some  tips  for  getting  followers  after  you’ve  determined  your  target  audience:   • Invite   others   to   follow   you   on   Twitter   in   every   communication   channel   (website,   Facebook,  blog,  newsletters,  business  cards,  websites,  brochures,  etc.)   • Follow   people   who   are   already   in   your   conversation   (CrossFit,   Arlington   gyms,   nutrition,  bloggers,  farmers  markets)   • Follow  those  who  follow  your  competition.   **Note:    It  will  take  time  to  build  your  audience  so  don’t  get  discouraged.     List  desired  audiences:   1.                  ____________________   2.                  ____________________   3.                  ____________________     Creating  Content     Keep   in   mind   that   your   Twitter   account   is   the   “brain”   of   your   online   engagement.   The   content  you  post  on  Twitter  will  be  short,  concise,  news  oriented,  with  many  links.  You  only   have  140  characters  per  tweet  to  say  what  you  want  to  say!   What  type  of  information  can  you  tweet:   • Organizational  updates  –  What’s  going  on  with  CFSA?   • CFSA  events  –  Post  photos  with  brief  captions.   • Press  Releases  –  Share  the  links  from  your  website  on  your  twitter   • Blog   Posts   –   If   the   people   mentioned   in   the   blog   post   have   twitter   handles,   use   them!   • Photos,  videos,  visuals  –  This  type  of  content  gets  the  most  RTs  on  twitter.        


Keep a  few  tips  in  mind     1. Post  Facebook  info  to  Twitter   2. Use   short   link   aggregators   (  or   3. Tweet   links   to   articles   written   by   you  AND  about  you  

4. Acknowledge and   reply   to   @replies  ASAP   5. Ask  people  to  engage  or  talk  to  you   using   retweets   (RT),   @replies   or   #hashtags.  Get  bossy!   6.  Include  photos.  

#Hashtags     Hashtags,  identified  by  the  (#)  symbol  paired  with  a  word,  are  very  useful  when  searching   specific   topics   and   categorizing   your   own   tweets   by   a   subject.    They   are   used   to   collect   tweets  on  specific  topics,  news  events,  &  interest  groups.  They  are  searchable  and  help  you   share  your  brand.     Suggested  hashtags  to  use                                                                                              Suggested  hashtags  to  monitor   #ArlingtonVA                                                                                  #fitspo   #Siduation                                                                                                                            #CrossFit   #CrossFit                                                                                                                                         #TransformationTuesday   #WOD     Tips  for  Hashtags     1. Use  hashtags  to  find  business  specific  conversations  like  news,  advice,  resources   2. Keep   hashtags   simple   and   consistent;   don’t   make   them   overcomplicated   and   unsearchable   3. Create  your  own  hashtags  for  smaller  campaigns   4. Monitor   conversations   using   hashtags   and   social   dashboards   (Tweetdeck,   HooteSuite)   5. Use  #FollowFriday  or  #FF  in  order  to  suggest  followers  and  be  suggested     Promote  Yourself     Make   sure   your   twitter   handle   (@CFitSA)   is   posted   on   all   of   your   branded   materials   including   those   online   and   offline.   In   order   to   spread   your   Twitter   reach   and   online   influence,  make  sure  you  tell  people  to  engage  with  you.  Ask  them  to:   • • • •

Click “Follow”   Retweet  your  post  to  their  followers   Reply  to  CrossFit  South  Arlington  using  the  handle  (@CFitSA)   Post  using  one  or  more  of  your  hashtags  e.g.    #farmersmarket  

Twitter Resources        (@support)              


Blogging Basics Quick Guide   Benefits  of  Blogging     1. It’s  an  affordable  platform  to  tell   2. It’s  also  a  great  opportunity  to  build  your  online  presence,  gain  more  supporters  and   stay  connected  with  current  supporters.   3. Designed  to  be  interactive  –  comments,  multimedia,  share  links     Identify  your  target  audience     Before   kick-­‐starting   your   blog,   the   most   critical   questions   to   ask   yourself   is   who   are   you   trying  to  reach  and  why?    Identifying  your  target  audience  will  help  keep  your  blog  content   focused   and   guide   the   rest   of   your   engagement   strategy.   Tailoring   your   blog   to   your   specified   audience   will   also   increase   the   likelihood   that   readers   will   return   and/or   share   your  blog’s  content.     List  desired  audiences:   1.                  Current  Members   2.                  ____________________   3.                  ____________________     Brainstorm  Content     Remember,   your   blog   is   the   muscle-­‐   the   meat   and   potatoes   of   social   media   and   content   creation.   Step   outside   the   box   and   be   creative.   But,   if   you   find   yourself   short   on   ideas   or   resources,  here  are  a  few  suggestions  for  blog  posts.   • Organizational  updates  –  What’s  going  on  with  CFSA?   • CFSA  events  –  Post  photos  with  brief  captions.   • Local   and   national   news   –   Is   there   any   current   events   related   to   CrossFit   and   nutrition?  Share  CFSA’s  viewpoint.   • Interviews  –  Conduct  an  interview  with  a  coach,  member,  nutritionist,  etc.  Write  a   summary  or  post  the  transcript.   • Testimonials  –  Highlight  the  difference  CFSA  has  made  for  its  members.   • Other   Coaches   and   Members   –   Feature   your   coaches   and   current   members’   personal  blogs  by  first  posting  an  introductory  teaser  and  then  a  link     Keep  a  few  tips  in  mind     1. Be  personable  -­‐  write  as  if  you’re  talking  to  your  friend  and  use  a  casual  tone   2. Get   to   the   point   -­‐   identify   what   your   topic   is   about   in   the   first   paragraph.   Most   individuals   will   read   the   first   paragraph   or   two,   before   deciding   to   continue   reading–   so   catch   their   attention   early.   Be   as   creative   as   you   like   –   blogs   are   free   flowing  platform.   3. 250-­‐800  words  -­‐  in  many  cases  short  posts  are  often  read  more  than  longer  posts.    


4. Use bullets   and   sub   headers   -­‐   a   great   way   to   break   up   block   after   block   of   text.   If   titled  well  it  allows  the  reader  to  skim  the  copy  until  they  find  exactly  what  it  is  they   are  looking  for.   5. Include  photos  and  videos  -­‐  photos  are  share  2x  more  than  posts  without  them   6. Links   to   other   sources   -­‐   I   know   you   have   several   caregivers   who   run   their   own   blogs.  You  can  write  a  few  intro  sentences  on  your  blog  about  one  of  the  posts  and   link  to  it.  That  simple.  Bloggers  love  when  other  blogs  link  to  their  posts  because  it   helps   boost   their   traffic.   Ultimately   linking   to   your   caregivers’   blog   –   will   further   demonstrate   the   CFSA   and   its   relationships   with   the   families   of   injured   service   members.   7. Ask  questions  and  invite  comments  -­‐  be  sure  to  respond;  the  goal  is  to  engage.     Organize  your  blog’s  content     Categories  and  tags’  sole  purpose  is  to  sort  your  content  to  improve  the  usability  of  your   site.   • Categories   are   meant   for   broad   grouping   of   your   posts.   Think   of   these   as   general   topics   or   the   table   of   contents   for   your   site.   Categories   are   there   to   help   identify   what  your  blog  is  really  about.  It  is  to  assist  readers  finding  the  right  type  of  content   on  your  site.   • Tags   are   meant   to   describe   specific   details   of   your   posts.   Think   of   these   as   your   site’s   index   words.   They   are   the   micro-­‐data   that   you   can   use   to   micro-­‐categorize   your  content.   Source:     Widgets     Widgets  are  tools  that  are  most  frequently  used  to  customize  your  blog’s  sidebar.  There  are   many  to  choose  from.  The  great  thing  about  Wordpress  is  all  you  have  to  do  is  select  from  a   list  of  widgets  and  drag  them  onto  your  dashboard  to  activate.   To  add  widgets,  go  to  your  blog’s  dashboard  on  WordPress.  Then,  go  to  appearances,  and   select  add  widgets.   The   Follow   Blog   Widget   enables   your   readers   sign   up   to   receive   your   posts   via   email.   Anytime  a  new  post  is  published  they’ll  receive  an  alert.   The   My   Community   Widget   allows   you   to   show   users   who   have   interacted   with   your  site.       The  Twitter  Widget  allows  you  to  display  a  Twitter  feed  in  your  blog’s  sidebar.     The   Links   Widget   displays   a   list   of   links   (also   known   as   a   blog   roll)   in   your   sidebar.   It   allows  you  to  share  your  favorite  blogs  or  websites  with  your  readers.  This  may  be  a  good   place  to  include  links  to  your  coaches’  blogs.    


The Categories   Widget  organizes  your  posts  by  category  in  your  blog’s  sidebar.  This  can   be  handy  for  readers  who  want  to  find  more  of  your  posts  about  certain  topics.   There   are   tons   of   widgets   out   there...   The   great   thing   about   Wordpress   widgets   –   all   you   have  to  do  is  select  from  a  list  of  widgets  and  drag  them  unto  your  dashboard  to  activate   them    (as  opposed  to  configuring  a  widget  html  code  into  your  program).  Once  you  activate   the   blog,   to   add   widgets,   go   to   appearances   on   your   dashboard   and   add   widgets…   Wordpress  also  has  some  really  helpful  links  on  their  site  about  adding  widgets  and  other   blog  management  tools.     Promote  your  Blog     • Add  social  media  share  buttons  to  blog  posts   • Share  blog  links  on  Facebook  and  Twitter   • Add  blog  link  to  your  website  and  print  marketing   • Word-­‐of  mouth;  tell  your  staffers  and  other  supporters     *Note:    When  you’re  ready  to  take  your  first  step  in  developing  your  blog  –  start  small  -­‐-­‐  maybe   commit   to   two   posts   per   week.   Once   you   become   more   comfortable   with   your   strategy  –  you  may  want  to  increase  the  frequency  of  your  posts.     Blogger  Resources        


Social Media Management Monitoring  Online  Conversation     So  in  order  to  post  relevant  content  and  find  the  right  followers,  you  will  need  to  LISTEN   and  monitor  online  conversations.  You  want  to  be  aware  of  what  other  people  are  saying   about  your  topic  of  interest  and  then  interject  yourself  into  conversation  when  appropriate.   Don’t  be  afraid  to  introduce  CFSA.  Tell  people  how  their  content  connects  with  your  vision.     Time  Commitment     Several  Times  throughout  Week  (20-­‐30  minutes  each)   • Respond   to   followers   who   have   directly   mentioned   you   in   a   tweet   or   post,   and/or   commented  with  a  question.   •

Monitor Tweetdeck  

Review Twitter   Lists   for   organizations   and   thought   leaders   who   have   shared   valuable  content  that  can  be  retweeted  to  your  audience.  

Check and  compare  your  analytics  page  for  trends  and  measurement.  

Once  per  week  OR  Several  times  (total  of  2  hours)   • Follow   RSS   feeds   of   relevant   articles   from   your   selected   blogs,   organizations   and   websites.   •

Update the  “Siduation”  blog  

Scan Twitter   lists,   coaches’   blogs,   and   Facebook   comments   to   identify   and   share   valuable  content.  

Schedule messages  for  publishing  (using  Hootsuite  scheduler  feature.  

Suggested  Tools     The   suggested   sites   below   allow   you   to   listen   to   online   conversations   and   publish   social   media  simultaneously  from  one  website.     TweetDeck   (Twitter   only)   –   This   free   application   allows   you   to   manage   what   you   say,   monitor   what   people   say   to/about   you   and   monitor   conversations   via   #hashtags.   (     HooteSuite   (Facebook,   Twitter,   LinkedIn,   and   more)   -­‐   This   dashboard   allows   users   to   manage  multiple  social  platforms  all  in  one  location.  Hootesuite  offers  a  free  version  as  well   as   paid   versions   depending   on   your   needs.   (     Two   benefits   of   Hootesuite   include   the   analytical   reports   that   track   your   social   media   traffic   and   the   ability   to  schedule  posts  daily,  weekly,  bi-­‐weekly  or  monthly.        


APPENDIX G.   Other   Recommendations:   The   following   platforms   are   suggested   now   but   may   change   based   upon   research   results   and   the   client’s   preferences;   the   staff   should   also   be   heavily  engaged  and  involved  in  the  construction  of  the  platforms  and  communication  across   these  platforms  as  their  ability  to  engage  members  will  be  critical  to  the  program’s  success: • Wordpress  can  be  used  to  create  a  free,  closed  blog  that  serves  as  a  forum  and  a  way  to   get  words  of  insight  from  each  other,  coaches  and  Mr.  Sawkar. • Pinterest  is  great  for  curating  motivational  and  inspirational  content;  Sid  describes  the   gym  as  unusually  ‘female-­‐centric’  so  this  platform  is  one  to  seriously  consider. • Twitter   can   be   used   to   advertise   the   CFSA   school   program   through   promoted   tweets   and   among   existing   members   or   enthusiasts   and   to   target   audiences.   A   hashtag   could   be,  for  example,    #applytoyourlife  @CFSA. • YouTube  –  This  is  a  great  way  to  post  demos  and  also  highlight  the  ways  in  which  CFSA  is   different  from  other  CrossFits  by  showcasing  the  goal-­‐setting/levels/nutrition/etc.               APPENDIX  H.    CrossFit  Language   CrossFit  “Lingo”   Box  

Affiliated CrossFit  gyms  

WOD “Workout  of  the  Day”;   Globo   Gyms  affiliated  with  a  franchise  or  part  of  a  brand    


Writing Sample CFSA Communications Plan  
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