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UNDERSTANDING HEALTH IN DODGE COUNTY + Welcome from Terri Pawlina Executive Director, Comfort Home Health Care + Ruth Herman, Operations Manager, Kasson Clinic:

What happens in a clinic is a only a small part of our health. Health and wellness involve your diet, your support centers, your friends, family and daily activities. The Kasson clinic aims to better serve the needs of their patients by truly understanding what the members of the community need to be and stay healthy.

January 18, 2012 Prairie Meadows senior living + Summit Report +

+ Peggy Espey, M.S.N. and Mary Krebs from Public Health: The responsibilities of Public Health include assuring infrastructure of public health, promoting healthy communities, emergency planning and natural disaster preparation, assuring access to health services, performing county health ranking assessments, and performing surveys The major health concerns of residents of Dodge county are lack of exercise, obesity, unhealthy eating habits, obesity in kids and tobacco use.

+ Liz Olive, facilitator.

Discussed the social determinants of health (social and behavioral factors) that, with the proper support, can be controlled, changed or managed.

+ Discussion questions: just the start of an ongoing conversation... -What can the Kasson clinic do to promote and contribute to a healthy community? ~ More service collaborations between Kasson Clinic and Mayo Clinic, Rochester ~ Decrease need for to other ~ Bringing health professionals and services brought to individual such as prairie meadows. ~ Focus on accessibility

- What would you be

surprised to

in your clinic?

~Urgent care to Kasson clinic: 24/7, mini ER ~Classes for health issues (diabetes, ~ Becoming instead of

- What new wellness services should the Kasson clinic add? ~ ~ More mental health support

- What are the biggest obstacles to health in Dodge county? ~Accessibility, lack of places for senior exercise

- What can the clinic do to overcome these obstacles? ~ Focus on accessibility ~ Senior friendly exercise equipment

- With whom should the Kasson clinic work to encourage health and well-being? ~ Business community, churches, city hall,

local farms, civic groups

Special thanks to the Prairie Meadows Senior Living Center staff and residents for their warm hospitality and insightful discussion!

Facilitated by Ms. Liz Olive, the purpose of this summit was to engage the residents in conversation around their health needs in Dodge County. Organized by the Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation with Kasson Clinic and Dodge County Public Health. Let’s continue the conversation! (507)266-6524

Prairie Meadows Senior Living Community Meeting  
Prairie Meadows Senior Living Community Meeting  

Engaging residents in conversation around health needs in Dodge County. The outputs of this summit and others will be used to inform new hea...