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Kasson Clinic Design Charrette

On February 1, 2012 the Kasson Clinic held a design workshop with community members to re-imagine the way health care is delivered in Dodge County. The group brainstormed attributes and themes around what a new community health space might look and feel like.


Rethinking the way healthcare is delivered in Dodge county What attributes are important for a new community health site?


Rethinking the way healthcare is delivered in Dodge county What are potential themes for a new community health site?

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Kasson Clinic Design Charrette Feb 1, 2012


Rethinking the way healthcare is delivered in Dodge county What are your favorite and least favorite things about going to the doctor?

least favorite • • • • • • • • • •

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Personal interaction and familiarity Not rushed, taking time with me Listening without judgement Expertise with clear answers Not a lot of waiting A break from work Convenient to get to

Medical smells Parking hassles Crossing the road Cramped spaces Being near people who might be contagious Uncomfortable waiting Waiting, not knowing when dr will arrive Filling out paperwork Navigating through the building Lack of coziness

Kasson Clinic Design Charrette Feb 1, 2012

Floor Plan Exercise

Rethinking what a health space could look like in Dodge county

Arranging spaces aro und accessibilt y and natural lig ht.

THEMES FOR ARRANGING THE SPACE • A building organized around light • The shortest distance from door to visit for patients with limited mobility • Easy access to pharmacy and physical therapy services • From most public to most private spaces (have natural light, but privacy) • From quick wait to long wait, from triage / trauma to waiting room • Community spaces, pharmacy, and physical therapy as a hub • It could be single building or a “campus” arrangement • Because in Minnesota... all under one roof, preferrably not flat • Separate entrance for trauma / triage, 2 entrances - main vs. emergency • Exam rooms that are multi-use and distributed Entrances • Exam rooms surrounding the team workspace for differe nt functions (trauma, ity FEATURES OF THE COMMUNITY SPACES visit, Commun at off-hours). • Community meeting spaces spaces th le, are flexib • Community space grouped along the side and scalable, • Community spaces used to create bigger waiting rooms . accessible • Shared, cross-generation spaces and activities • Supports wellness activities • Exam rooms adjacent to community spaces for patient education • Spaces comfortable for large groups - an auditorium • Comfortable, inviting, and spacious - enough that you’d even want to have your wedding there! • Create clinic areas that can be closed off, so other, public spaces can still be used off-hours for community activities

Kasson Clinic Design Charrette Feb 1, 2012

Floor Plan Exercise

Rethinking what a health space could look like in Dodge county

Bring nat ural settings in to the clinic expereienc e

THEMES OF NATURE AND LIGHT • Courtyards to bring in light, nature, and air • Windows for exam rooms (provide natural light and privacy) • Create ways to interface with the outdoors throughout the clinic experience • Welcome people with green spaces, allow people to wait in green spaces • Combine reception with community and outdoor spaces • Plenty of windows and natural light SPACES TO CREATE IDEAL PATIENT EXPERIENCES • Spaces that are better at conveying the feeling of a healthy, healing space than the current spaces and decor • Circular spaces, warmer feeling • Exam rooms with fun themes to help differentiate • Friendly, non-intimidating, spacious Friendly, fun • An area for kids healing, • No skinny hallways warm-fee ling, • Natural light healthy spaces • Views for everyone ght Natural li s and view one y for ever

Kasson Clinic Design Charrette Feb 1, 2012

Model Exercise

Rethinking how a health space might be built in Dodge county How might the patient experience be enhanced by the arrangement of spaces?

• North, South, East, West arrangement to optimize natural light • More spacious waiting areas, different types of arrangments for waiting • Atrium waiting, incorporating green / outdoor spaces


A flexible, light-filled, future bring in the ready outdoors building Healthy lunch and walking areas

• Transformable indoor / outdoor spaces

Suppor ts person to person interactio ns

Suppor ts health delivered beyond the building

• Conversations spaces for you and your doctor • Spaces that support easily connecting the staff team with patients • Open stairs connecting spaces to promote health and wellnes • A second story walking track • For exercise and meditation, the community has gyms and churches • A healthy cafe, a place to get a healthy lunch • A way to keep community spaces available even if clinic is closed • Flexible, functional spaces arranged to simplify the patient experience • A future-ready building, modular enough to change with the times • Supports deploying health resources out into the community when and where people need them

Kasson Clinic Design Charrette Feb 1, 2012

Next Steps

Continuing the conversation These meetings are just the beginning of the conversation about how we can support health in Dodge county through new space and services. We will continue to share and plan around what we learn from the community and we encourage you to join in the discussion!

A few ways you can share your thoughts, questions, and ideas with us... Look for us at the Dodge County Expo at Triton High School on March 31st.

How would YOU like to see health supported in your community?

Add to the discussion under “forums� on the Mayo Clinic facebook page. Or contact our project team by emailing the Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation

Kasson Clinic Design Charrette Feb 1, 2012

Kasson Clinic Design Charrette  
Kasson Clinic Design Charrette  

The Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation is collaborating with Kasson Clinic to co-create new health care spaces and services with the surround...