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8th Kildare, Maynooth Group Newsletter April 2009 Group Leaders Message I would like to welcome our 2 new leaders into the 8th Kildare Maynooth Scout Group. Joanne Barry has joined as a leader in the Cub Scout section – Joanne has experience in guides and has been taking an active part in the meetings over the last couple of months. Mark Callery has recently joined our Beaver section. Mark is a very welcome male leader into this section and again Mark has previous experience in scouting himself as a youth member. Both Joanne and Mark were recently invested into the group as leaders in Donadea as part of the joint activity day held on mother’s day. National Council: This is the held annually and this is the forum for major decision making for Scouting Ireland. Every group in the organisation is invited to attend and can send a minimum of 3 delegates – the Group leader and 2 other Scouters. This year’s council was held in Newcastle, Co Down and there were some very important motions up for debate. One of the most important ones for the organisation was a decision on the age ranges for each section. Indeed there was a lot of debate throughout the year in relation to this topic. Basically a decision had to be made to keep the 4 sections (Beavers, Cubs, Scouts & Ventures) or change to 5 sections (Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Ventures and Rovers). There were several age range options put forward for each scenario. As a group we invited all leaders to attend a special group council in NUIM Maynooth one Sunday afternoon in mid March. We also invited 2 Ventures and our Patrol leaders from scouts to attend to discuss the views of the group in relation to these important issues. All in attendance decided that our delegates would be mandated on each vote as per the decision of the group council meeting. We had a very open discussion in relation to the age ranges where each of the youth members present gave their view and then we had a vote to make the decision. This was a Proportional Representative vote. As a group we opted for 5 sections Beavers – 7 to 9 Cubs – 10 to 12 Scouts –13 to 15

Venturers – 15 to 17 Rovers – 18 to 20 +364 days This was also the decision taken at National Council and it means that in the future we will become a 5 section group. There were also many other decisions taken at national council. To work out the details for our group we are having a group council meeting on 25th April for the afternoon and items on the agenda will be the fallout from decisions taken at National council and how and when we can make the changes. We are also looking at the each section to ensure that we have a good distribution of skilled leaders for the new format. We will be ensuring that all new leaders are trained up in the coming year. Again behind every good child there are great parents and I would like to thank some of the parents who have played a big role in supporting the group since September. Our parents group with John Flynn, Julie O Dea, Mary Heaslip, Silvia Robledo, Frank Ryan, Cathy and Andy Kileen and with help form Urusla Byrne and Kerry Hartnett. This group planned the quiz night in the Newtown Inn. They have also agreed dates for bag packs in Boots Liffey Valley (23rd May, 6th June, 25th July, 12th September, 14th November) and in Dunnes Maynooth (weekends of 17th July & 11th December). A special note of thanks to Frank Ryan who was of great support for the St Patrick’s day parade –he sourced and drove the tractor & trailer and helped to build the float. He was also the quiz master on the night. A big scouting BRAVO to all of our supporters. Sincerely Peter Garrad Group Leader

Scouts Update Quick update on the Scout Section. The Scout section is going strong with 25 members at present, with 5 moving up from the Cubs. The Patrol Leaders and Assistant Patrol Leaders have been working hard learning the ropes at PL training learning different scouting skills and bring it back to the different patrols to learn.

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As a section we have been busy since the Scouting Year began back in September. First we went to the County Day in Celbridge Abby in September. The Next Event was swimming in The National Aquatic Centre in Blanchardstown. After this the Scouts got training on how to survive in the Wilderness with the bare essentials and how to build shelters. This was then put to use with an overnight in Donadea but unfortunately this was called short due the extreme bad weather in late November. The Scouts will be finishing their Bivy Experience once the weather picks up.

The 2 orienteering teams – Donadea 16/11/2008 21st Nov – Overnight in DunLoaighre Scout Den.

The Scout Section then closed from the Second week in December until the second last week of January. Once Back the Scouts started running the meetings themselves with the scout leaders only there as guidance and support. The First Activity of the New Year was The Group Hostel in Mount Mellary where everyone had a Great time some activities including bridge Building, Crossing the River Commando style and Aerial Runway. The Scouts Annual Camp this year will be held in Peterbourg Co Galway which they themselves choose over some overseas choices.

Maynooth CUBs in DunLaoghaire 22/11/2008

Yours in Scouting Stephen Burnell Scout Section Leader

18th Jan – CUB county Quiz and Challenge – we entered two teams this year and we came joint 2nd and lost the tie breaker question to finish 3rd. We are very proud of our CUBs to come so close to representing the county out of 48 teams.

Cubs Update

20th – 22nd Feb Group Hostelling weekend away in Mount Mellery.

The CUB section currently has 32 members. CUB programme this year started off in September doing scale and some map drawing. In November we covered some basic first aid the CUBS made fake cuts on their hands with strawberry sauce as blood. In December the CUBs were busy preparing for the county quiz and challenge and had a Christmas play. In January we did some camp site layouts and rules. In February we did track and trail. March the CUBs did some knot work and model pioneering. For the rest of the year we are going to concentrate on pitching tents, cooking out doors and preparing for this years camp the Jamoige in Navan for the end of May. CUB events -> 28th Sept County Fun Day out in Celbridge 12th Oct Investiture and Fun Day in Donadea 14th Nov National Science Day – The CUBs did Science experiments in NUI Maynooth Science labs. 16th Nov National Event – County CUB LONE event day – the Maynooth CUBS joined all the other County CUBs for an orienteering day in Donadea

Maynooth CUBs Hostelling weekend Mount Mellery 21/02/2009 8th Mar – Ri and Aire day out in Dublin – the CUBs split into 2 teams team 1 set the trail around the city for team 2 to follow and team 2 set the trail after lunch using the track and trail symbols.

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It is a 1 night sleepover with various activities taking place to keep everyone entertained. The Beavers will have their own special Sub Camp and Activity Zones. The cost is €30 per Beaver and deposits are now required, to guarantee a place.

Group Hostel

Ri and Aire Day out in Dublin 08/03/2009 17th March – St Patrick’s Day parade – and we won best float this year. 22nd March – Investiture & Box oven cooking with Track and Trail in Donadea. The Ri and Arie’s brought their Clan’s out around the woods setting trails for the other Clan’s to follow them. Then the CUBs cooked some chicken in Box Ovens. 9 CUBs were invested.

Maynooth Scout Group arrived back from Mellary Hostel on Sunday the 22nd after a fun filled weekend including Boldering ,Zip-line,Commando Bridge, and Hiking to name just a few activities . I would also like to congraulate all those who got invested at the campfire on Saturday night. Pictures for this event will be posted shortly.

Donadea day fun

Upcoming activities – 9th/10th May Overnight Camp in Larch Hill. – 29th May – 1st June CUB camp Dalgan Park Navan

Beaver Update Since we came back from the Christmas break, the Beavers have earned their Water Safety badge. To do so we learned about being safe when near water such as Canals, Rivers and the Sea. We also learned about water pollution and different times of Sea Life. We finished off the badge work with a trip to Sea Life in Bray and a walk along the Beach. In February 5 Beavers completed the link up to Cubs, and 9 new Beavers have joined the Colony. March saw the start of a new badge the Backwoods Badge. This badge will teach us about food safety, how to behave around fire and how to make a simple shelter from plastic sheeting. As part of the Backwoods Badge we headed to Donadea on the 22nd for a day of Backwoods fun, followed by an Investiture for all our new Beavers. The Beavers prepared Hobo Stew which they enjoyed except for the burnt bits!! The most recent event was the National Beaver Animal Awareness Day in Dublin Zoo. There was over 900 Beavers in the Zoo on the day, all very well behaved. A great day was had by all.

The visitors to Donadea forest Park looked on in amazement at the activities of the Beavers and Cubs that were taking part in a backwoods activity day on Sunday last. They may have been wondering the meaning of the cryptic symbols made from sticks and stones left by teams of cubs and how easily the chasing teams deciphered and followed them during the track and trail activities or the purpose of the sleeping shelters constructed by the Beavers. But there was no confusion on the part of the Maynooth Beavers and Cubs, as they went about proving their knowledge of outdoor survival skills. Both groups cooked their lunch outdoors, the beavers making hobo stew and baked potatoes over an open fire using only tinfoil, and the Cubs cooking chicken in specially constructed cardboard-box ovens. There was no doubt that these scouts knew their stuff! The day ended with a joint investiture ceremony, where the new Beavers, Cubs and Leaders officially became members of the association and were presented with their green and sky-blue Maynooth neckerchiefs. All to the delight of the parents and families that came to watch. A great day was had by all.

For the first time ever Beavers of all ages will be permitted to camp at JamOige. This year the first ever National Beaver Scout Sleep Over is being combined with the National Beaver Day and will take place from Sunday 31st May until Monday 1st June 2009 in Dalgan Park, Navan, Co. Meath.

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Table Quiz a great Success - Thanks! The table quiz held in Newtown Inn on friday last was a huge success, raising over 1,200 Euro for the Den fund. Extra tables had to be sourced from other parts of the bar as over 20 teams arrived to try to claim the 100 Euro prize Money. There was great craic had as people scrambled to complete challenges to win spot prizes, you wouldn't believe what people were willing to do to win an Easter egg! Our thanks to all who came to support the night, and to those that put in all the work in organising and promoting the event. This brings us one step closer to realising our goal of establishing a permanent home for scouting in Maynooth.

St. Patrick's Day Winners The unusually fine weather encouraged a record number of people to come out to enjoy the spectacle of the annual Maynooth St. Patrick's day parade. They weren't dissappointed with a wonderfully entertaining selection of floats and costumes on display. Once again the Maynooth Scouts took part and to their delight their depiction of the adventurous activities they partake in on any given weekend took the prize for the best community float. Our thanks to everyone that took part! Photos from the day will be added to our photo library (see link on the right) in the coming days.

Please let us know if there are any changes to the details you have given us on the Activities Consent Form, during the year such as address, contact number or medical details, either by contacting the Section Leader or emailing the Secretary at

Outstanding Fees All Fees for the Scout Year 2008/2009 are due for payment. If you would like to discuss an alternative payment plan please contact Karl, Group Treasurer on 0876107199 or Peter, Group Leader on 0872241387 in confidence.

Waiting Lists Please note that do to the large number of children on the Beaver Waiting List, it is now Closed.

Rewards Cards Over the next week or so, each family from Beavers & Cubs, and each Scout and Venture will be given a Rewards Card from the Scout Shout/Outdoor Adventure Store. The Reward Card, works like any other when you shop in the store, but the rewards come to the Scout Group in the form of Reward Vouchers. If you would like additional cards please ask any leader

JamOige Final Payments for JamOige are now due. Total Cub Cost â‚Ź95, total Beaver Cost â‚Ź30.

Change of Details

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