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Beware the Asian Hornet

It's a Dog's Life!


© J. Delattre

ow is the time to trap the queens! The consultant beekeepers in your area are getting organised: we want to protect people and nature! For three years, the asian hornet has been appearing in great numbers in the Lot. In 2009, more than 36 nests of about 80 cm diameter, have been found at Souillac and in the surrounding area ! The queens pass the winter in hibernation, re-emerging in midFebruary. They build new nests, either in tree-tops or even at ground level. These insects are dangerous : children, playing nearby, can be badly stung, as can adults, especially if they are allergic to wasp stings. At 5 metres from a nest a colony can attack collectively and aggressively. The venom from each individual in " bee " equivalents is 137 times more powerful (ref. the journal l'Abeille de France). Moreover, these insects are a serious threat to our bees which they devour, waiting at the hive entrances to feed their young ! It's a real massacre ! Without bees, what will become of us ? How to recognize an asian hornet : the abdomen is black, the ends of the legs are yellow and the last but one ring on the body is bright orange. Prevention: the number of nests must be reduced, because by the end of the season, about 15 new queens (per nest) will hibernate, ready for next spring 2011 ! What can we do ? Traps must be set from 15 February 2010 ! How ? Set completely transparent wasp traps with an entrance underneath. Put them close to old nests or sources of potential food (dustbins) at about 1.5 m height. Fill them with liquid so that the hornets drown and attract others. What bait should be used ? Sweetened dark beer, "panaché", shellfish meat (mussels, prawns) can be used all through the warmer months (until November, if it remains mild) Where can I get the traps ? They are sold in garden centres, hardware shops and specialised shops. Those in Souillac and neighbouring communes, have been forewarned of our action campaign. Note : the more handy among you can make traps with clear plastic bottles cut in half with the top half turned upside-down inside the bottom half. An old CD can make a roof so that the rain can't get in! F o r t r a p s c o n s t r u c t i o n , s e e a l s o : If you find a nest, let the Mairie of your commune know and they will send a "consultant beekeeper" to advise you how to proceed. Don't ever try to destroy the nest yourself. Specialist companies will see to it with all applicable safety measures. Look up in the Yellow Pages for “Désinsectisation”. The price will vary according to the emergency, transport and the localisation of the nest. Everyone can be part of this fight, thank you for : your help in fighting this new plague !

Choosing a Kennel


e hate leaving our dogs behind but sometimes it has to be done and that's when you need to be able to find a good kennel. So what do you need to look for and how do you find them? Personal recommendation is the best bet but alternatively there are some kennels (pensions pour chiens) listed in the phone book. However, there are many more who advertise in local publications or on the web. Ideally you should visit the kennel before

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he British are notoriously sentimental about animals in general & dogs in particular, so when you first move to France, it can be a bit of a shock to find that the French routinely leave their dogs permanently outside the house, even in the depths of our very chilly winters. Also, dogs here are often allowed to roam freely, so take care when driving and beware if you have female dogs who have not been neutered, as you could have dozens of unwanted suitors on your doorstep! On the plus side, dogs are much more widely tolerated than in the UK and are welcome in French bars, hotels and even restaurants. I have also been to a French doctor who always had his dog under his desk! Can you imagine that happening in the health & safety-obsessed UK? If you plan to bring a dog to France make sure you have all the correct papers. This includes having a 'pet passport' for them that confirms they have been microchipped and that their vaccinations are up to date. You must also continue to have them vaccinated regularly in France to avoid any quarantine issues if you return to the UK. Dogs that are resident in France also need annual vaccinations including rabies. Tics are a major problem in our area so it is recommended that you regularly treat your dogs with a preventative (eg Frontline) and inspect your dogs regularly to remove any tics with a special tool you can buy at the vets for a few euros. Tics can be lethal and if your dog is ever off-colour the first test the vet will usually do is a blood test for Lymes disease. If you travel to the UK with a dog you have bought in France you must have them microchipped (tattoos are not recognised by the UK) and you must be able to show they are up-to-date with all their vaccinations including a blood test that proves they have the anti-rabies vaccine in their blood stream. The blood test needs to be done (& successful) at least 6 months before travel. Also, you must take any dog to the vets between 24 & 48 hours before the journey to have anti-parasite treatment and this must be documented by the vet. Also, did you know that, if you buy a pedigree puppy in France its official name must start with the letter designated for that particular year. For example, in 2006 the designated letter was 'B' so, although we wanted to call our dogs Zara & Zoe, their official names had to be B'Zara & B'Zoe! If you can't think of a name for your dog there is a helpful chart displayed in the vets each year with suggestions but, as this included names like Baguette, I'm glad we stuck with our original choices! Shirley

making a booking to ensure they are clean and well run. The best kennels will have spacious internal and external accommodation for individual dogs and they will provide regular exercise. If you are using the kennels during the winter months and your dogs are used to sleeping indoors, make sure they have some form of heating too. It's also important to plan ahead and book early, especially during school holiday periods, to make sure your first choice of kennel is available. Remember to take your pet's medical details

and any medication when you take them to the kennels and, if you wish, their basket too. Then, as you bid them a tearful farewell, you will know you've chosen the right place when they bound off without a backward glance, eager to play with all their new friends! Shirley

LE FORTY-SIX 15 février - 15 avril 2010

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Special communiqué from the association of the beekeepers from Souillac area 09 62 62 58 5805 0541 41 09


The survivors farm

EDITORIAL One main difference between the French and the British is often said to be that the French don't pay much attention to animals and don't show the same interest as the Brits. After many discussions, I found out that the feeling was maybe the same but the approach different : French people tend to like and cherish their pet ALMOST like their child whereas the Brits consider them LIKE their child. This tiny difference actually makes THE difference. In this issue, I wanted to show that a lot is done for animals in France… We don't just eat them ! You will find tips to travel with your pet, a warning about the Asian hornet, discover a great association to rescue injured animals, and funny stories about animals... Bonne lecture ! Sophie


o, this is not a new TV programme… La Ferme des rescapés is an association based in Cassagnes, near Puy l'Evêque, that deserves greater public recognition. Mrs Fiegl and her daughter have been running a special farm for injured and abandoned animals for about 12 years. Sophie at Le Forty-Six interviewed them for you : 46 : How did you decide to create such a farm ? I have an unusual background: I am a sociologist and also a social worker with also a passion for animals and cannot stand to see them suffering. When moving to France, my husband and I decided to become organic producers of fruits and vegetables and, as a matter of fact, when seeing the poor condition of animals here, we felt that we needed to repeat what we had done in Germany where we also took care of animals. Recently, we found a goat that was badly injured with the two back legs broken. We managed to save her with a lot of patience and “savoir-faire”. We are in touch with the veterinaries in Prayssac and Villefranche du Périgord and the SPA (Société Protectrice des Animaux) in Cahors but we don't get the treatments for free… and this is what costs a lot. 46 : How many animals stay on your farm ? 450 animals: goats, dogs, cats, sheep, horses, donkeys, ducks, hens, birds, turtles, etc. All these animals have been found or entrusted to us for good care. We take care of the animals from 6am to 12am seven days a week. They stay on our 29 hectares and get to live all together. 46 : How do you manage to find enough funds to feed and care of all these animals ? Financially, the association lives on private donations and materials. We don't receive any grants from the state. In order to be able to take care of the animals, we are always looking for blankets, leads, baskets, medicine, dog and cat food, dry bread, etc. On the other hand, my husband deals with our production of organic fruits, vegetables and eggs. We are on the market in Puy l'Evêque (Tuesday morning) and Cahors (Wednesday and Saturday morning) but people can also order “panniers” that we deliver to their home (we cover the area from Fumel to Cahors) on a regular basis. The “panniers” consist of seasonal fruits and vegetables. We also offer to look after your pet while you are away to avoid them being abandoned. 46 : Is it possible to adopt one of the animals ? Of course ! We would like these animals to find a new family… We draw up a contract between us and the adoptor as we would not like to see the animals abandoned again… 46 : That's a great project… I am sure that many readers will be impressed by your actions. Would you like to say something to the readers of Le Forty-Six ? Yes, any donations, either money or materials are more than welcome. We are also looking for volunteers to help us, on a regular or part-time basis, to take care of the animals: to clean the stables, the cages, take the dogs for a walk, repair the wire nettings and any other thing that may be required… If you are a “bricoleur” and/or if you are fond of animals, you are welcome to join us! Let's hope that people will become reasonable and respectful towards animals… Association protection animale Le Fraysse 46700 CASSAGNES Tel : 05 65 36 64 85

LE FORTY-SIX 15 février - 15 avril 2010

Pest Control Without Poisons In the Garden


hether you are worried about the long-term effects on the environment or the cost, it is reassuring to know that there are many ways to discourage pests without relying on toxic chemical


The best approach to take is preventative. Keep your garden healthy by creating an environment, both above and below ground, that encourages plants to thrive while discouraging diseases and pests. The aim is not to wipe them out completely, but to keep them down to an acceptable level – in other words to restore and maintain a balance in nature so that no particular plant, pest or disease gets out of hand. For instance, a small pond can provide a home for frogs and toads, which eat slugs. Encourage birds, who clear up all sorts of pests, by feeding them in the winter and providing nesting sites. By planting native species of hedging plants, trees and shrubs, you will support a much wider range of creatures than imported varieties. You could also leave a weedy corner with some nettles to attract beautiful butterflies. By using organic manures and fertilisers to improve your soil, you will supply the micro-organisms needed for a healthy balance and encourage their activity. This means that, just as above the ground, no one single organism is going to dominate, so problems are rarer. Also, a well-fed soil will supply plants with a balanced diet, making them much more resistant to attack. A few cultural methods will help: - Check seed packets and labels for resistant varieties of vegetables and plants ·- Soil pH (acidity or alkalinity) can affect the severity of diseases. Potato scab is less severe in more acid soil. Add grass clippings before planting to lower pH. ·- Clubroot prefers acid soil, so liming the soil can reduce it considerably. ·- Use crop rotation, as growing the same crops on the same site year after year can encourage a build-up of diseases in the soil. ·- Try companion planting. Onions near carrots can protect them from carrot fly, marigolds discourage aphids and in general a mix of flowers, fruit and vegetables, as in a traditional potager, seems to benefit all the plants. ·- Remove and burn or bag up for the decheterie any infected plant material live or dead to break the cycle of re-infestation. Keeping plants healthy the organic way is not as complicated as it may sound, a lot of it is just good gardening sense. I find it is much more satisfying than reaching for the spray gun. You may also find that it makes your garden a more pleasant, healthier and safer place to be. Happy Gardening! Vickie

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Saturday 17th April Sunday 18th April 11am to 8pm

9am to 6pm

WINE & CHEESE FAIR More than 20 different regions

Le jardin de Cathy Garden centre and nursery Vegetables from former times Boulegan – 46340 Salviac - 05 65 41 18 51

Lunch & music on Sunday

Free entrance Organisation & information at the Tourist Office 05 65 22 88 88


ANTIQUE FAIR Monday 5th April

Publié par / Published by ID Com / Le Forty-Six Audhuy - 46700 DURAVEL - France Directrice de publication : Sophie Lascombes SIRET 494 190 333 00018 - Dépôt légal Imprimé par Grafika - Le Boulou (66) 2500 copies - Téléchargeable sur internet Prochaine/Next publication: 15 avril 2010 Date limite/Deadline: 24 mars 2010 à 17h Pour faire connaître votre entreprise ou un événement, contactez-nous : For display advertising or for a special event, call or email us: Sophie : 06 76 22 49 50 Office : 09 62 58 05 41

Organised by the Tourist Office Tel:05 65 22 88 88

tau res

! ng eni p e-o tr ran

Dine or stay on the River Dordogne at


Souillac sur Dordogne Robert Véril Restaurateur hôtelier La Vieille Auberge

Gourmet cuisine, seasonal & local dishes Open every evening from Monday to Saturday & Bank Holiday at lunch time. Open at lunch time on request for a minimum of 400€ spent Check our website to find out about our winter menus : "Menu Gastronomique La Vieille Auberge", "Menu Tradition", Menu Vegetarian, "Menu Dégustation" (to sample the full range of our cuisine), Junior Gourmet Menu. We offer a great selection of wines from Cahors, Bergerac and further afield !

Tel: +33 (0)5 65 32 79 43 e-mail:

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Restaurant & Bar Studios & restaurant Le Port, Souillac Tel : 05 65 32 22 11 1km centre-ville dir. Cahors

New menus 2010 : Regional dishes, Grill Menu, Pizzas Our signature dish : "Beef & Guinness Pie" Join our mailing list for news of offers & events ! -

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Exhibitions / Expos LACAVE Visit of the caves of Lacave by night in the dark... Discover the caves from another angle : listen, touch, watch and feel the warmth when it is so cold outside... 90 minutes visit. Booking only, limited number of participants. 05 65 33 22 00. Feb 17th to 24th, 9pm*** CAHORS Unusual visit followed by a wine tasting. Meeting point : rue de la Barre, at the entrance of the Délégation Militaire Départementale, near the fountain. March 25th, 12.15pm or 6.15pm

Fairs & Festival GOURDON Bodega night special '80's. Salle des Pargueminiers. March 6th, 9pm PARNAC Celebrate St Patrick. Salle des fêtes. March 12th, 8pm AGEN Printemps de la maison (organic material, solar energy, etc.). Parc des expositions. March 12th to 14th PRAYSSAC F ê t e d e s R a m e a u x . F a i r, C a r exhibition,country music, Choucroute dinner. March 26th & 27th CAHORS Second hand clothes fair (adults and children). Espace Valentré. March 27th PUY l'EVEQUE Art & Craft fair. Salle des fêtes. April 3rd & 4th TEYSSIEU Book fair. April 4th CAZALS Antique fair. April 5th CAHORS Les Rencontres Re'Percutantes (drum & percussion festival). Info at the tourist Office. April 2nd to 14th April 10th, 7pm - Les Docks - Indian, brasilian, Flameco music April 9th - 9pm Les Docks Figeacadabooms, Tingo Talango, Dj Siempre Salsa (batcha-merengue)

Vide-Greniers PUY l'EVEQUE : March 14th (salle des fêtes) LALBENQUE : March 28th CRESSENSAC : April 4th CAZALS : April 5th GOURDON : April 11th MONTCUQ : April 11th BIO : April 18th CAILLAC : April 18th VERS : April 18th

Show CAHORS Corps à Cordes by Le Quatuor (humour musical). Théâtre. March 22nd, 8.30pm LHERM Concerts and shows all year at Le Bar à Trucs. Get the full programme at

Concerts CAHORS Gregg Weiss. Cahors Folk Club. Feb 26th, 8.30pm CAHORS Renaud Garcia-Fons Trio (Jazz). Auditorium. March 5th, 9pm SOUILLAC Paul Ley Trio (jazz). Palais des Congrès. March 5th, 8.30pm ST CERE Paul Ley Trio (jazz). Théâtre de l'usine. March 6th, 8.30pm CAHORS Batterie Solo (Jazz) with Bertrand Renaudin, drummer and percussionist. Le Goût des Arts. March 12th, 9pm, March 13th at 6pm & 9pm, March 14th 6pm. March 26th, 9pm, March 27th at 6pm & 9pm, 28th at 6pm CAHORS Quatrième édition des nuits composites : main theme is Morocco (poems, music, gastronomy). Espace Valentré. March 13th, 8.30pm CAHORS San Severino (French Gypsy music). Espace Valentré. March 16th, 8.30pm



LALBENQUE Samedi Gourmand autour dela truffe. Get to know eveything about truffles. Salle des fêtes. Feb 21st from 10am

Cancer Support CSF - New ! 24 hour helpline number ! 06 35 90 03 41 w w w. c a n c e r s u p p o r t f r a n c e . i n f o Confidential support by English speakers for English speakers.

SOUILLAC Fish & Chips night February 19th, March 19th, April 16th Quiz & Curry March 4th, April 8th TRENTELS (47) Greek night. 7pm reading of famous authors. 9pm concert of Greek music. Greek specialities served all night. Salle des fêtes. March 13th, 7pm or 9pm AGEN (47) Journées chocolat et gourmandises. Chocolate fair. March 26th to 28th CAZALS Cheese and wine fair. April 17th & 18th LIMOGNE Truffle market every Friday at 10.30am until the beginning of March LALBENQUE Truffle market every Tuesday at 2pm from December to end of February


CAHORS Alexandre Bodak (piano). Auditorium. March 20th, 8.30pm

CAHORS Gala de danse (rock & tango). Espace Valentré. March 20th, 8.30pm

MONTAYRAL Blues night. Dinner at 8pm & concert at 9.30pm. Booking recommended for dinner 06 88 02 67 16. Salle Mortefond. March 20th, 8pm

LUEZCH Country music night. Salle des fêtes. March 20th, 9.30pm

CAHORS Diam's (rap) Les Docks. March 25th, 9pm CAHORS Eole "Artaud, Corpus-Fragments". Auditorium. March 26th, 8.30pm CAHORS Michel Herbelin (Harminica Virtuoso). Cahors Folk Club. March 26th, 8.30pm LACAPELLE MARIVAL Fiesta des Mondes (Music festival) featuring among other bands : Massilia Sound System March 26th, 8.30pm MAP & La caravane passe. March 27th, 8.30pm


CAHORS La danse de l'esprit (Cie James Carles). African dance. Théâtre. March 27th, 8.30pm CAHORS Argentinian dinner and tango ball. Espace Valentré. April 26th, 8.30pm SOULOMES Traditional dances. 1st, 3rd & 5th Monday of the month. Grange du Causse, 8.30pm


SARLAT / CALVIAC EN PERIGORD "Gay Gordon, Eightsome Reel, Duke of Perth... You miss the Scottish Dances, Connemara Reel Set, Polka Set, Mellergy Lancers of Waterford or the Irish ones ? You'd like to take part in a Fest Noz like in Britanny ? Learn something new as well as improve your French in a fun way! Come and join our Celtic Dances Class Group "The Gordon's Group", member of the Royal Scottish Country Dances Each Monday 6.30pm-9 pm in Sarlat and for those coming from further away every second Saturday 10am-5pm in Calviac en Périgord (with shared lunches) E-mail : Patrick 05 53 29 82 81 / 06 80 02 77 14 or Anne-Catherine 05 53 59 36 61

CAHORS Pedestrial race La Cadurcienne du Printemps. March 21st

Let us know about the events which take place in your village before March 23rd !

PUY l'EVEQUE Concert Union Musicale with 70 musicians. Salle des fêtes. March 27th, 8.30pm LABASTIDE MURAT L'Harmonie de Puy l'Evêque. Espace Murat. April 11th, 3pm

MONTCUQ Horse race. April 10th & 11th PUY l'EVEQUE Horse race. April 10th & 11th

LE FORTY-SIX 15 février - 15 avril 2010

Church Services The English-Speaking Church at Cahors (Terre Rouge). Services every Sunday. For more information

Workshop SENIERGUES Learn how to rebuild a stone wall. Bring your gloves to carry the stones ! (when in the zone d'activité économique, follow the signs). All day or half day workshop. Info 05 65 24 20 50. Feb 27th, March 13th, 10am to 4pm CAZALS Workshop on holistic astrology by Zen en Bouriane at Comptoir Etic March 20th : 2pm to 5pm : initiation to astrology "connaissance de soi" Get to know yourself depending on you astrological theme 35€. March 21st : 10-12.30pm: relationships depending on your astrological theme (35€) Sunday pm 2.30pm-5.30pm "La croix de la destinée" (40€). Workshop run by Sylviane Attard holistic astrologist. Booking 05 65 24 54 07. MONTCUQ Club européen de Montcuq Created in 2005, it has seen the number of members rise steadily (about 30 members). English, French, Dutc, Belgians, etc. The club meets on Monday mornings around a cup of tea or coffee. Activities are many and varied: studying texts, newspaper and magazine articles, topical discussion, games, crosswords, guest speakers, etc. A beginners group allows those who wish to improve their French/English to do so. For further information contact the new president, Liliane Haussy on 05 65 24 96 51. Mairie. Every Monday, 10am F CAHORS Café Philo : talk and share ideas about philosophical concepts. Pub Le Bureau, every second Thursday of the month, 6pm to 8pm GRAMAT Rencontre franco-anglaise. FrancoEnglish meetings in Gramat. A great opportunity for French & English to meet and share their culture. French and English people are invited. Hôtel du Quercy. 1st & 3rd Wednesday of the month, 7.30pm to 9.30pm CAHORS Conversation Française. Interested in improving your French ? Like to join an informal conversation group ? No cost. No bookwork. Times to suit you. People from all backgrounds and standards welcome. Based in Cahors. Tel:05 65 22 55 48

Bingo / Loto -F- Free / * between 1 & 5 € / ** between 5 & 10€ / *** between 10 & 15€ / **** 15€ and more Whenever possible we do our best to give you an indication of the prices of events featured. Please note however, if nothing is quoted, it means we don’t have the relevant information.

Enjoy the Loto (= bingo) in your village and around ! A great opportunity to share a moment with friends. Check the posters here and there...

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Furniture Restorer & Maker


Carroll Property Services The last word in property maintenance & management

- Traditional made to measure furniture & fitted kitchens - Antique restoration - Specialist in french polishing




Niall & Karri Carroll Port : +33 (0)6 15 44 47 24

Tel: 05 65 22 16 55 Espace Piscines 46, Giratoire de la Beyne, 46000 CAHORS

Based in Lacave Tel: 05 65 41 65 08

Chimney Sweeping Services


E-mail : Web :

Bouriane Ramonage Friendly Clean Service, Brush & Vacuum Sweep Wood Burners, Open Fire, Chimney Liners, Inglenook, Smoke Testing

Design & Construction Landscape & Building Services 1 Hour Radius of Gourdon, Covering Lot & Dordogne Insurance Certificates Issued French registered

tel: 05 65 53 03 32 mob: 06 63 43 31 79 46250 Montcléra

Eddie MATTHEWS - Beauregard - 46310 Concores Tel : 05 65 23 03 44 - Mob : 06 74 41 71 96

giles stonor

Tim&Henry Nott

Visit our showroom and discover the benefits of having your own spa

Joinery and Cabinet Making

interior and exterior decoration including all specialist paint effects and furniture french registered

mob : 06 85 55 74 58 tel : 05 65 41 91 83 moulin de la treille, cales 46350

Tel: 05 65 34 65 95 PL FRE AN E NIN G!

66 route de Toulouse 46000 CAHORS 05 65 53 04 46

GROUNDFORCE 46 Everything you need for great outdoor living











Traditional Swimming Pools & ü Hardlandscaping ü Stonework ü Patios ü Pool Surrounds & Terracing ü Sandblasting & jointing ü Driveways ü BBQ

Kevin Ware - 05 65 35 69 98 or 06 72 69 46 40





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LE FORTY-SIX 15 février - 15 avril 2010

The Property Market In and Around the Lot


MARTIN SMULDERS THE ESTATE AGENT WHO MAKES THE DIFFERENCE Together, we can develop a strategy to sell your house We are active on the English, Dutch & Belgian markets Lalande, 46250 Marminiac Tel : 09 60 07 45 56 Mob : 06 07 77 89 17 E-mail : Website :

You really can have ADSL wherever you live in the Lot


o make cheap international calls and surf the Internet, you need an ADSL service (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) in your home. ADSL is a system where two wires set at different frequencies to voice lines are run concurrently with the telephone. When you subscribe to a terrestrial service, the telephone company quotes the maximum speed that can be achieved if your line is in perfect condition and you are located close to the DSLAM (Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer), where the ADSL lines come together within the telephone exchange. The further away you are and the older or poorer condition your line, the slower your service will be. If you are over 8kms from the exchange, ADSL is not available. The solution is satellite ADSL. With satellite ADSL, the cost of installation is a little higher than a terrestrial ADLS service but the monthly charge is about the same. You soon make the extra back through savings in telephone costs, plus, a number of communes where ADSL is not fully available will refund up to 120 euros of the installation cost. Satellite systems offer various performance levels. Most users manage perfectly well at the 512 kbs level, but for a higher subscription, you can go up to 2048 kbs. Upload speeds are about one quarter as fast. Satellite signals are affected by atmospherics from time to time, but distance does not decrease the speed. Thus, your satellite-based service will be at least as good as a terrestrial service.

LE FORTY-SIX 15 février - 15 avril 2010

t's crisis time, that's no news. And it has affected the house market over here. Still it's the British purchasers that form the vast majority amongst all other foreign buyers in France; shown by these statistics from august 2009. It seems our love for French property shows little sign of waning as British investment in France remains greater than any other nation. Foreign property buyers in France are dominated by the Brits with close to 6 acquisitions out of 10. There is a tendency for the British to buy houses rather than apartments. So where are purchases being made? According to Sextant Properties the most popular area for British buyers is Brittany followed by the South West of France. “One of the main reasons for Brittany's continued popularity with British buyers is its proximity to the UK and easy access by plane and ferry” says the French property firm. In recent years departments such as Creuse have seen the Brits accountable for over 25% of all foreign property investment. The British house choice in France* Highest percentage per department: 25.33% in Creuse 18.13% in Charente 17.71% in Dordogne 15.02% in Haute Vienne 13.48% in Lot 12.88% in the Gers In the next edition of the 46 you'll find information on the present market situation and the prospects for the coming spring.

SES-Astra and Eutelsat operate satellites for many television services, including French and English TV. They also run ADSL internet services. These require special modems and LNBs (Low Noise Blocks) with an additional transmitting connection. You need a larger, 80cm dish, but to avoid having too many dishes, we can provide a "Wizard Arm" to combine internet with either English or French TV. Although installation is theoretically a job that could be carried out by an amateur installer, it is difficult and you may need several tries to get a good position unless you have a professional meter. As an experienced installer, Matt Piper can help you get the service you require and advise you on the various low cost or free methods of telephoning the UK, USA, etc.


Satellite & Aerials

Service & installation of all UK and French satellite systems HD - French TV - Sky+

Call for a free estimate 06 88 88 28 62 Page 7

PETITES ANNONCES CLASSIFIED SMALL ADS 09 62 58 05 41 Your ad for free in the For Sale*, Wanted sections ! (*this excludes real estate & vehicles) - Free ads for private individuals Votre petite annonce gratuite dans les sections à vendre*, demande. (*hors annonces immobilières et véhicules) - Annonces gratuites réservées aux particuliers

3 € ttc/line for real estate, vehicles & services 3 € ttc/ligne pour l'immobilier, véhicules & services Pour 5 petites annonces publiées, la 6ème est gratuite ! Buy 5 small ads, get 1 free ! Do you want to place a small ad ? Download the grid at


JOB OPPORTUNITY Wanted full time chef starting February 2010 for restaurant in the Lot-etGaronne, South West France. Must have experience in French cooking. Must be flexible, able to work in a busy kitchen while maintaining high standards of food and hygiene. E-mail : tel : 05 53 71 23 52

White bathroom suite, very good condition, toilet, 140cm bath with shower screen, large ceramic wash hand basin. No sensible offer refused. Tel : 05 65 53 11 84 32-07-F Pair of antique pine single beds and mattresses. Nearly new. €120 for the pair. Please contact Ailsa or Hugh on 05 53 70 90 77 32-02-F


LE Forty-Six is looking for a bilingual (French/English) salesperson to develop the advertising section. You enjoy working independently, building good business relationships, have good knowledge of the département, sales experience and commitment, and working knowledge of the internet. Commission based pay. Send your CV to

WANTED Recherche poele à bois Godin cylindrique en fonte. Merci de faire offre au 01 45 49 13 87 32-03-F Second-hand kitchen units and freezer sought for house restoration project. Tel Janine on 05 65 33 49 20 30-07-F Wanted : Aspiring Journalists, Budding Authors. We need volunteers to write regular articles, reviews, stories, etc. in English in Le Forty-Six. If you have good writing skills, knowledge of the region, sense of humour, commitment, please write to


60 m² of new sea grass carpet, it is in three pieces; 4m x 6m, 4m x 5m, 4m x 4m: 450€ ono. New gas (mains and LPG) wall mounted central heating boiler, 550€, both items surplus to requirements. Contact Mike Minter 05 53 28 91 41 or 31-06-F Miscellaneous : Velux 50€ /40€ - Radiators 20€ - Sink 20€ - French window 120€ Windows 30€ / 15€ - Sideboard 50€ - Farm table 700€ - Dressing table 200€ - Bedside table 80€ - Chairs 15€ - Table (just the top) 200€ Tel : 05 65 31 14 14 31-04-F Roller blind manual, new white cotton, silvered stencil designs.W.4'[122cm] L.4'10"[147cm] English instructions. 15€ Tel. 05-65 21 14 38 31-01-F

IKEA platform bed. Timber unpainted exc condition 210x110x195 high. 90€. Tel: 05 65 21 53 65 30-09-F Pine kitchen dresser with 3 doors, extending round table, 3 chairs. Good order. 500€. Tel: 05 65 30 87 17 30-15-F Wood stove made by JOTUL, the R.R. of wood burners. Super efficient. Black enamelled. Maximum output 10 Kw. Will heat up to 200 cubic metres. New price 1600€ now going for only 420€. Tel: 05 65 36 02 32 30-05-F

CONCORES (46) Renovated semi det. Stone house in centre offering lounge, kitchen, bathroom, WC, two bedrooms, cave, small terrace. 97500€. Tel : 09 66 4 4 8 5 2 2 E - m a i l : 32-34-10-P MONTCUQ - Medieval house in the heart of Montcuq. 3 levels, shop, courtyard. 140 000€ Tel 05 65 22 98 69 / 05 65 22 98 67 Lunch or diner time. 30-18-F LAVERCANTIERE - (46) Building Plot with water and electricty nearby. 7500m² Price : 22 000€ Tel : 06 80 24 80 87 or 0 5 5 3 7 1 4 6 4 6 31-33-03-P D U R AV E L Q u e r c y s t y l e h o u s e completely renovated with barn and swimming-pool, 1.3 hectares, in the countryside. Shops and facilities 2.5km. 300 000€. Tel : 05 65 30 87 17 or 06 79 46 44 22

FOR SALE VEHICLES Mercedes C200 CDI - Coupé sport 2004 - 100 000km. Exc cond. 14 000€. Tel : 06 31 43 41 75 31-31-08-P Knaus Camping Car 630 Traveller, reg 1992, LHD with long CT, low Km, in excellent condition, recently serviced. Price 13,000 euros (ono). To view in Fontanes du Causse. Tel:09 74 76 39 45 or 32-33-14-P Manitou Triplex elevator with pouring tub. 7m50 high, very good condition. 8 0 0 0 € Te l : 0 5 6 5 2 4 6 0 5 7 o r

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2 seater sofa bed + matching armchairs (green) 75€ - Single divan & mattress with bedding 40€ - Single beds & mattress with bedding 80€ - Ladies suncross (5 gears) bicycle, as new 45e - Child's bike Nakamura Skippy as sold by Sport 2000 suitable 612yrs 35€ - Travel cot 15€ - Numerous jigsaws 4€ each - Large items can be delivered. Tel:05 65 21 44 27 30-17-F Retired builder sells building materials: scaffolding, support props, concrete mixer and masonry tools. Tel: 05 65 24 60 57 30-15-F Large corner stone, Bouriane style (40cm x 50cm x 20 cm thick). Tel : 05 65 24 60 57 Genuine old flat tiles. Good solid condition. 0,70€. Each buyer to collect. Tel : 05 65 31 04 36 30-01-F MUSIC Guitar lessons for beginners (not classical). All ages. Near Montcuq. Tel: 05 65 35 18 92 31-32-04-P Topaz music live(ly) duo play music of 195090's and self written material. Tel: 05 65 32 28 31 27-32-04-P MISCELLANEOUS English book exchange at the bibliotheque de Gourdon 9-10am 1st Tuesday of each month from 2nd February. Contributions welcome 05 81 58 00 28 32-05-F Ladies fur coat. Dark brown squirrel. Medium size. Knee Length. Very good condition. 250€ or good offer. E-mail 32-04-F

Sheepskin coat chocolate brown calf length, Size 44 Immaculate. 65€ - Hip flask Sheffield Pewter engraved male golfers, nice trophy 45€ - Cigarette case white metal 30's style engraving 25€ Golfball monogrammer 7€ - Titleist HP Tour balls x12 25€. Tel : 05-65 21 14 38 in Cazals 32-06-F English Sky television - Brand new Sky digiboxes and complete systems for sale. Installation can be arranged. Tel 06 08 43 85 15 32-01-F Brother KH 830 Knitting Machine (needs new sponge bar) with Table . 2 Ribbing Machines plus 2 Transfer Carriages and Punch Tools with Punch Cards, patterns and hundreds of needles, plus tools, books and accessories. Hague Linker Machine (for sewing up knitted garments). Bargain 55€. Offers. Buyer collects. North of Cahors. Tel 05 65 31 20 10 or e mail 30-03-F

SERVICES Courses in pastel and oil painting in Catus with artist Penelope Milner. For more information refer to website or telephone: 05 65 23 31 02 32-33-02-P For all your Artwork Paul Parry, illustrator, cartoonist, caricaturist, painter; portraits etc. in oils or watercolour, (as seen in Le FORTY-SIX). Now living in the L o t . P l e a s e c o n t a c t : or 06 80 76 44 08 28-04-F Accounts, tax returns and general advice. Call an English-speaking chatered accountant. 05 65 22 14 10 or write Architectural services : all planning applications and red tape undertaken. Feasibility studies & project management - Renovation specialist. George Murray : 05 65 32 21 96 or visit 32-32-06-P

Kitchens / bathrooms / interior work. Installation/renovation/quotes. Competitive service. Tel: 05 65 22 55 48 32-33-13-P Stephen Duke English Painter and Decorator, fully qualified, free quotations given. All types of work undertaken. Phone: 05 65 22 96 44 or mobile: 00 44 76 24 43 14 08 32-37-01-P Painting and decorating - Colin Bell. All interior and exterior work, wall papering and paint effects. 30 yrs experience. Honest, reliable and efficient service. Working within 40km radius of Gourdon. Ref available. Free estimate. Tel : 05 65 22 91 04 or 06 19 39 99 39 e-mail: 31-36-01-P Chimney Sweep Services Clean professional service, insurance certificates issued, 1 hour radius of Gourdon. Tel Eddie Matthews on 05 65 23 03 44 28-33-08-P

Construction & Renovation - John Purser, General builder based near Gourdon. All types of works undertaken, small or large scale projects. Tel 06 08 99 35 18. Siret 44864425200026 28-33-09-P Plumber / electrician based in Fumel. Also renovation works/kitchen fitting etc. Tel Michael Channing 09 63 54 53 45 32-32-11-P

Electrical work: big or small, new or renovation, registered English artisan 05 65 30 76 35 31-36-07-P Ironwood motif garden creation and plantation. Maintenance contracts available. Drought and cold resistant plants and bee friendly plants in stock. Lindsay Nixon Tel : 05 65 30 53 99 32-32-05-P Cleaning, Maintenance or a “Blitz”? Houses, Pools and Gardens in 46/47/82. Contact Ailsa & Hugh on 05 53 70 90 77 32-32-07-P

Selling your house ? Home Staging your property will help it sell faster and for a better price! Home Staging always costs LESS than a price reduction and tends to have better and faster results, so contact us BEFORE you put your house on the market or decide to drop your a s k i n g p r i c e . V i s i t or call Sophia on 05 65 31 62 90. Do you need reliable people for the maintenance of your gite or second home ? Marina & Serge deal with cleaning, check-in/out, renovation, gardening all year round. Figeac area. Tel 06 59 76 29 09 We accept chèque emploi service 29-29-03-P-

New ! Between Sauzet and Montcuq. Enjoy a real Finnish sauna or a hammam, excellent for relieving tiredness and stress. 10€ per session. Complimentary mint tea to readers of Le Forty-Six. 05 65 24 91 18 at M-Anne Joulia at “Les Bories” 32-32-08-P

HOME & GARDEN Ironwood motif custom hand forged ironwork for home and garden, gates, railings, pergolas, staircases. Full range. David low tel: 05 65 30 53 99 32-32-04-P Experienced roof worker, all ladders; Can fix, maintain, clean roofs & gutters, etc. Call 06 88 88 28 62 for quote Building works - ex NHBC reg. - from small repairs to larger jobs, reliable - Free estimates. Tel : 05 65 36 78 25 or 06 80 27 81 75 29-34-01-P

Landscaping, garden and pool maintenance, looking after your property when you’re away - Paul Krinke - 46300 Léobard (Gourdon) - Tel : 05 65 41 12 45 28-33-06-P LESSONS/TRANSLATION/IT French classes by a native qualified teacher. Intensive sessions in Prayssac Feb 22nd to 26th or April 19th to 22nd. M o r e i n f o r m a t i o n a t or call 06 76 22 49 50 French tuitions for all levels. Small groups. Classes in Montcuq or at your home if you can get together four or five friends. Call Michel Joulia 05 63 94 43 48 email: 31-33-02-F

Total immersion French courses in central Gourdon in the Lot. Make a leap forward in your French ! One week courses in April, May and June with accommodation if required. Go to or call Giles Murray on +33 (0)5 65 32 21 96 for more details.32-32-03-P TRANSLATION (French / English / German). Also help with French paperwork, letter writing, etc. Tel : 06 32 33 84 94 32-32-12-P Frustrated with not speaking the lingo? French lessons, all levels, conversation - Progress guaranteed Tr a s l a t i o n : m e d i c a l , a d m i n accompaniment in house buying, etc. Te l : 0 5 6 5 3 5 1 4 6 8 o r

LE FORTY-SIX 15 février - 15 avril 2010 09 62 58 05 41


CAHORS BLUES FESTIVAL 2010 (10th-17th July)


he highly respected Cahors Blues Festival enters its 29th year in July with a dynamic new team, exciting headline acts, a nationwide talent competition for young blues musicians and this year will run for 8 days including two Saturday evenings. Themes will include 'Blues Guitar Legends' 'Blues Fusion', and 'Hommage aux Femmes', 'Blues en Ville', etc. For the first time, tickets are available as artists are confirmed ( and already Brooklyn-based Popa Chubby (Sat 10th) and multiple Grammy and WC Handy Award winner Joe Louis Walker and his band (Sat 17th) are to be found under the banner 'Blues Guitar Legends'. Further announcements will be made on our website and in local media (including Le Forty-Six!) as news become available. Blackcat

Devastation in Haïti


e cannot ignore the Haïti disaster: the terrible earthquake destroyed so many places and killed so many people that we need to help. Pierre and Sylvie Mériguet adopted a little girl in September 2009 from Haïti. They had been waiting for a long time and the arrival of Schnaïda brought real bliss for them. This little girl, who is now 24 months, came from a crèche called Notre Dame de la Nativité based in Port-au-Prince which welcomes about 100 children. During the earthquake, the building was destroyed and about half of the children died. Éveline Louis Jacques, the director of the crèche is asking for help, not through items to be sent (it is very complicated to send anything at the moment) but through donations of money, collected in order to buy food and the materials to get the children back to a semblance of decent life, possibly by renting a house in the vicinity so that the children have somewhere comfortable to live while the orphanage is being rebuilt. People tend to forget too quickly about such catastrophes, mainly due to the media 'turn-round' of news stories Pierre Mériguet requested to be the local representative of the association in the Lot who runs the crèche in order to provide some help from France. Not just for now, but also in the long term. Le Forty-Six and Le Cercle de Gindou support this action. You can't fail to be moved by the situation and if you are able to help, please send a cheque to : Pierre Mériguet / Asso Port aux Petits Princes La Croix de Rigal 46140 ST VINCENT RIVE D'OLT Address the cheque to Association Port aux Petits Princes. If you need any information about the crèche, you can check the website. Special Loto (Bingo) in Flaujac Poujols, March 6th at 8.30pm. All the benefits will go to the association.

LE FORTY-SIX 15 février - 15 avril 2010


films in English (VO)

INVICTUS Directed by Clint Eastwood, 2010 Starring Morgan Freeman, Matt Damon, Scott Eastwood After the fall of apartheid, South Africa was host to the 1995 Rugby World Cup. Mandela was in his first term as South African president, and he used the event as a way to end decades of mistrust and hatred between whites and blacks. > Cinéma Louis Malle - PRAYSSAC - Feb 19th, 8.30pm / Feb 21st, 9pm > Cinéma Le Paris - SOUILLAC - March BRIGHT STAR Directed by Jane Campion, 2009 Starring Abbie Cornish, Ben Whishaw, Paul Schneider When John Keats - a young, struggling poet - moves to Hampstead with his friend Charles Brown he falls under the spell of his landlady's beautiful, spirited daughter Fanny Brawne. As the sensitive though sickly Keats falls in love with the forthright and flirtatious girl the two become aware that they could never hope to marry on his meagre income and so, when he becomes gravely ill and is sent to spend the winter in the restorative climate of Rome she has no choice but to stay behind in England. > Cinéma Louis Malle - PRAYSSAC - Feb 26th, 8.30pm / Feb 28th, 5.15pm > Cinéma Le Paris - SOUILLAC - March > Cinéma Liberty - MONSEMPRON LIBOS - March 3rd to 9th THE EMERALD FOREST Directed by John Boorman, 1985 Starring Powers Boothe, Meg Foster, Charley Boorman When constructing a huge dam, an architecht loses his son in the middle of the Amazon rain forest. After ten years of searching for him, he finds out that there is a young white boy living amongst an Indian tribe called the "Invisibles". He sets out to find him... > Cinéma Le Paris - SOUILLAC - Feb 17th to 23rd WHATEVER WORKS Directed by Woody Allen, 2009 Starring Larry David, Evan Rachel Wood, Ed Begley Jr Boris Yelnikoff is a grouchy former physics proffessor who has given up his upscale Upper East Side existence to live as a downtown bum, chess-teacher and sidewalk nihilist. When he gives refuge to a naive young runaway from the Deep South (Melody) and she is not alienated by his ranting at the ugliness of the world he finds his life unexpectedly touched by romance, but all is thrown into disarray following the arrival of Melody's conservative mother. > Cinéma - SAULIAC - Feb 28th, 8.30pm JOHNNY GUITAR Directed by Nicholas Ray, 1953 Starring Joan Crawford, Sterling Hayden, Ward Bond Strong-willed saloon-casino owner Vienna squares off against her nemesis, the shrieking Emma Small, who wrongly blames Vienna for her brother's death. > Cinéma Liberty - MONSEMPRON LIBOS - Feb 23rd, 8.30pm A SERIOUS MAN Directed by Joel Coen, Ethan Coen, 2009 Starring Michael Stuhlbarg, Sari Lennick, Richard Kind ? When physics professor Larry Gopnik's well-organised life begins to unfold around him he takes refuge in a local motel and seeks advice from a series of rabbis, but none of them - it seems - has the wisdom to help him solve the problems of a socially inept brother who won't move out, his wife and her lover's demands for a divorce, or the student who's trying to bribe him for a pass at a time when he risks losing all hope of getting tenure. > Cinéma Liberty - MONSEMPRON LIBOS - Feb 25th, 8.30pm / Feb 26th, 8.30pm / Feb 27th, 9pm / Feb 28th, 5pm / March 1st, 8.30pm MR NOBODY Directed by Jaco van Dormael, 2010 Starring Jared Leto, Sarah Polley, Linh Dan Pham February 2092, Nemo Nobody is 120 years old. He is the oldest and last remaining mortal in a happy world peopled by immortals. He relives in flashback all the years he spent with his wife Anna... or perhaps it was Elise... or Jeanne. His fate was decided on a railway station platform, when he was eight years old and faced with an impossible choice: go and live in America with his mother or stay in England with his father. Real or imagined adventures, the butterfly effect of a drop of water and an eggshell have changed the course of his life. > Cinéma Louis Malle - PRAYSSAC - Feb 25th, 8.30pm / Feb 28th, 9pm UP IN THE AIR Directed by Jason Reitman, 2010 Starring George Clooney, Anna Kendrick, Jason Bateman Ryan Bingham is a corporate downsizing expert whose cherished life on the road is threatened just as he is on the cusp of reaching ten million frequent flyer miles and just after he's met the frequent-travelling girl of his dreams. > Cinéma Liberty - MONSEMPRON LIBOS - March 17th to 23rd GOOD MORNING ENGLAND / THE BOAT THAT ROCKED Directed by Richard Curtis Starring Philip Seymour Hoffman, Rhys Ifans, Bill Nighy The year is 1966, pop music is at its zenith, but the BBC is only playing two hours of rock and roll each week. Out on the high seas, a pirate radio station broadcoasts 24 hours a day to 25 million people. This ensemble comedy is based around the music, the people who were spinning it, and the government trying to put a stop to their fun and romance out on the pirate-ship. > Cinéma Liberty - MONSEMPRON LIBOS - March 4th, 8.30pm

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Salon de Coiffure

I suppose you think that's bunny.

Hairdresser Hand & Foot Care

t's fascinating how we have adopted certain animals to depict our seasons, festivals and even human character traits and this is never more obvious than at Easter where all things 'bunny' related are thrown at us from all directions. Can you imagine Easter without cute chocolate or fluffy bunny reproductions prising our hard earned money from us in yet another seasonal orgy of spending. I suppose it is to be expected when you consider that Easter is in the Spring and rabbits are very active at this time of year (if you get my meaning?). This probably explains why, when someone - usually a man- is excessively active in the pursuit of the opposite sex, I often hear them called a ' chaud lapin' ( a hot rabbit ), this does conjure up a deceptively cute image for a rather questionable pastime. Conversely, if you 'poser un lapin quelqu'un' (lay a rabbit on someone )you don't turn up for a date. How a rabbit substitute ever got introduced as a replacement for the object of one's desires I'll never know. Another French idiom involving our furry friends is 'courir deux lapins la fois' ( to run after two rabbits at the same time ) and this basically means to have one's finger in more than one pie, if you'll excuse the idiom. This is different to the Oriental interpretation where ' man who chase two rabbits eats no dinner', you may want to re-read that last phrase using the appropriate accent in order to gain the full dramatic effect. The suggestion with this version is that it is best to focus on one pursuit at a time. Well that's enough talk about rabbits, I have a stew to prepare, no prizes for guessing the main ingredient. Roly

Appointments: Tuesday to Saturday 2pm to 7pm & Saturday mornings Tel : +33 (0)5 65 53 13 72 english spoken Le Bourg 46800 St Matré

L'OR DU TEMPS PARFUMERIE Make-up and skincare advice

Carven, Vivienne Westwood, Guerlain, Lancôme, Annick Goutal, Creed, Ungaro, Bulgari, Sonia Rykiel, Montana, Cacharel, Armani, - Perfume -

43 Boulevard de la Paix - 46220 Prayssac Tél. 05 65 35 52 29

Roland Richardson Mobile Hairdresser Coiffeur à domicile


Sweet Soul Blues – Malted Milk


Votre annonce ici à partir de 17€/mois

alted Milk, who will open this year's Cahors Blues Festival on Saturday 10th July supporting Popa Chobby, have just released their third album. They hail from Nantes, are led by Arnaud Fradin and Manu Frangeul, and have veered their style towards a nice mixture of soul, funk and blues, reminding this listener at times of soul blues outfits like the Average White Band. Opening track « Brand New Thing » kicks off proceedings in great style featuring an excellent brass section, followed by « Hang in on », a slow sensual number, with some soulful guitar. Other standout tracks - « I hear the love chimes », « Them fair weather friends » and « Don't burn down the bridge » make for an album that I personally have been listening to for the last few weeks. Nice, and definitely worth catching this summer in Cahors !! MG

Your ad here from 17€ per month

Listen to Britdock, first radio programme in English in Le Lot Thursday 4pm to 6pm / Sunday 8.15pm to 10.15pm on Antenne d'Oc radio. New presenter DJ Deso !

Tel : 06 72 56 73 77 Le Bourg 46310 Peyrilles

Moment pour soi

Beauty institute for men & women

Face and body care Waxing Pedicure & foot care Dyeing and bleaching Make-up and semi-permanent make-up Nail care (tips + gel or gel on natural nail) Maria Galland (face, body, make-up and sun products) & make-up Carlo di Roma

5, ave Maréchal Bessière - Prayssac Tel: 05 65 36 48 38

AND THE WINNER IS... Thank you for your participation in the game to win a set of Egyptian cotton towels by Descamps with LNC, Luxury Linen for the Home, and Le Forty-Six. Issue 31, the question was : Where is LNC situated ? a) in Gourdon b) in Figeac c) in Cahors The answer was c) In Cahors The winner is Mark Fanning. Bravo !

Maigrir 2000, Nutrition Coaching

Latest English releases & best-sellers available at :

Stop frustrating diets ! Lose weight once and for all

Maison de la presse - Prayssac 05 65 22 41 52 Maison de la presse - Cahors 05 65 35 03 93 Maison de la presse - Lauzerte 05 63 94 66 51 Arts Mêlés - Montaigu de Quercy 05 63 04 73 42 Bookdepot Lion d'Or - Montcuq 05 65 23 57 99

ü Reach your optimum weight and keep it in long term, without counting calories or weighing food. ü Learn how to resist impulsive eating behaviour, and regain the pleasure of eating. ü Get the necessary knowledge to control your diet and feed yourself properly. For a free 1st appointment, contact:

For more info: 06 30 66 64 93

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MAIGRIR 2000 fundamentals :

Patricia PERRIN, Food Technologist & Nutrition Adviser Tel: 06-22-47-68-67 (English spoken) Office: 9 ch. Pech Rigal, Lacapelle, 46000 CAHORS E-mail :

LE FORTY-SIX 15 février - 15 avril 2010


L Plates Required

Vive la mariée !


s the Lot slowly begins to emerge from its winter hibernation, many are thinking ahead to all the events, celebrations and ceremonies that await them in what will be the first summer of this new decade. If you are attending a wedding here in the Lot, be it an English or French ceremony, you will now notice that it is not just a photographic camera that is being pointed at the bride and groom, it is becoming increasingly popular now to film a wedding. Whilst photographs can be beautiful, only film truly captures the magic of the day, allowing the happy couple to relive their wedding well into the future. It also enables people who were unable to attend the marriage to watch everything afterwards.

t's a tricky thing for any man to admit an affinity for sheep. But they're here again, and I can't help loving them. I often hear the dull clank of the sheep's bells when they are grazing in our neighbour's field, but one morning they were louder than usual, and later I noticed our grass studded with little brown balls and looking like a giant green chocolate chip cookie. A few days later I heard the sound again, and on investigation I found nine or ten sheep in our field. This is no problem for us, but sheep aren't the brightest of animals, and I worried that they might wander too far from home. Visions of white fluffy road kill convinced me that I needed to do something. Our neighbour didn't answer her phone. If those sheep were going to get home, I was going to have to take them. So I pulled on my boots, grabbed a walking stick (shepherds always have sticks), and set out to shoo them home. Of course, growing up in suburban LA didn't expose me to a whole lot of livestock and law school, sadly, teaches much about fleecing but little about sheep. Yet they were almost as wary of me as I was of them, so by simply walking behind them I managed to coax them down the narrow country lane that leads from our house to the neighbouring farm. Being a shepherd was pretty easy. Until we got to the farmhouse. All I needed to do was to coax then through the gate and close it behind them. After a few false starts I managed to get around behind my little flock and drive them toward the gate… and right past it. Again, I got behind them and closed in, and again they ignored the gate, this time making for a narrow open barn, where they settled into a corner and wouldn't budge. I tried luring them out with apples and was met with a stony silence. I tried pushing one of them from behind, but that resulted only in a comic visual that made me glad to have no witnesses. In the end, I gave up and walked home, humble and very dirty. Our neighbour told me later that I don't need to worry about the sheep as long as I'm not worried about them eating the grass. That weekend her children arrived with new rolls of fencing and bundles of solid chestnut stakes, testament to her determination to keep her flock, both two- and four- legged, close to home. But this morning I heard the bells again and I knew my friends were back. This time they can stay as long as they like. Greg


If you are tempted to try and film a wedding yourself, here are a few tips from the professionals at Oryan Films, Cahors newest video specialists. - Number one on the list is make sure you have plenty of spare tapes and keep an eye on the timer, you don't want the tape to run out in the middle of 'I do'! - Secondly be sure to use a good microphone, the built in mic on consumer cameras will sound terrible, however many allow you to plug a better mic into the side. This is especially important when you get to the speeches. - Thirdly, try to use a tripod; there is nothing worse than a video that is so wobbly it makes the viewer feel sea sick! Smooth camera-work will really make your film as good as the pros. Oh and don't drink too much Malbec wine; this will dramatically affect the quality of your filming. - Lastly, and most importantly, edit! Using a home PC you can edit your film to get rid of all the boring bits (and any of that wobbly camera-work). At Oryan Films the editing process normally takes three to five days. Good luck and most of all try and have fun. For some examples of our work, and to see what else we do, including property sales videos, go to

MARCHES / MARKETS Morning MONDAY Assier (1st & 3rd Monday) Labastide-Murat (2nd & 4th Monday) TUESDAY Bretenoux - Catus - Floirac - Gourdon Gramat - Leyme - Puy l’Evêque - Salviac WEDNESDAY Bagnac-sur-Célé - Cahors - Latronquière - Les Quatre-Routes - Lissac-et-Mouret Luzech THURSDAY Libos (47) - Mercuès - Sauzet - Vayrac FRIDAY Floirac - Gramat - Latronquière - Les Quatre-Routes - Limogne-en-Quercy Prayssac - Salviac - Souillac - St Germain-du-Bel-Air SATURDAY Bretenoux - Cajarc (pm) - Cahors Duravel - Figeac - Gourdon - Lalbenque - Martel - Puy l’Evêque - Saint Céré Vayrac SUNDAY Arcambal - Cardaillac - CastelnauMontratier - Cazals - Concots - Douelle Espère - Les Quatre-Routes - Limogneen-Quercy - Montcuq - Puybrun - Saint Céré - Saint Géry - Saint Sozy

MONTHLY BROCANTE (Antique) All day Gourdon : 1st Saturday of the month Gramat : 2nd Saturday of the month Mercuès : 3rd Sunday of the month Sarlat (24) : Last Sunday of the month Souillac : 3rd Saturday of the month

FOIRES / FAIRS All-day monthly fairs TUESDAY Catus Last Tuesday Gourdon 1st & 3rd Tuesday Prayssac 3rd Tuesday WEDNESDAY Cajarc 2nd & 4th Wednesday St Céré 1st & 3rd Wednesday Sousceyrac 2nd Wednesday THURSDAY Vayrac 1st & 3rd Thursday Gramat 2nd & 4th Thursday FRIDAY Souillac 1st & 3rd Friday SATURDAY

Cahors 1st & 3rd Saturday Figeac 2nd & 4th Saturday

Extract from Gregory Mose's blog

Janny van LIEMPD Sophrologue - Psychothérapeute Relaxation therapy - Psychotherapist Stress, insomnie, déprime, angoisses, etc. Stress, insomnia, depression, anxiety, etc.

French, Dutch, English spoken

CAZALS (Centre Médical) - Tel: 06 17 48 80 06 - CENAC (Albas)

LE FORTY-SIX 15 février - 15 avril 2010

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Signs - Light boxes Banners - Windows - Vehicles Large Format Digital Printing



OAKWOOD IMPORT Spécialiste des bois d'aménagement OAK FLOORING

Available from 3 sites: St Denis Catus Crayssac Cahors

& DOORS Pre-finished & unfinished Wide boards up to 215mm Skirting & architraves Ledged oak cottage doors

We Deliver! Tel: 06 80 33 93 57 / 05 65 32 19 30


INSURANCE POLICIES AXA pledges to be at your side! Automobile, Motorcycle & Home Insurance Health & Pension Schemes Savings, Retirement & Investment Plans Banking & Loans


15% Reduction with this ad!

Contact the Agent nearest to you!

Christophe BERTRAND CAHORS 05 65 35 29 31

Mehdi MOUMEN PRAYSSAC 05 65 30 36 60

Renaud LAJUGIE ST CERE 05 65 38 04 70

Michel JOFFARD MARTEL 05 65 37 39 18

André BAUSSAC MONTCUQ / LAUZERTE 05 65 22 91 41 / 05 63 94 64 10

Francois ANDRIEU GRAMAT 05 65 38 80 74

Dominique NAVILLE SOUILLAC 05 65 37 86 97


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