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I think that myself and my producer, Jim, were just in that kind of mood and it was the first song that we wrote together. I think we were really happy to have found each other and found someone with a similar interest in music. So we were sort of on a bit of a childlike high. We just wanted to experiment and play around and I think the result of that was just this really happy, positive song. HOW MANY TIMES HAVE YOU THOUGHT ‘ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN’ IN LIFE?

Well especially over the last two years I can apply it to everything in my life. I wasn’t even sure that I was going call the song ‘Anything Could Happen’, it was just sort of a statement within the song but it just seemed like the most obvious thing. But yeah I couldn’t think of another title for it but it’s definitely been something that I’ve said a lot. I mean, so many weird things have happened and crazy, amazing things. LAST YEAR, THE ROYAL WEDDING!

Very, very unexpected to be asked. I suppose I didn’t think it was actually going to happen but, yeah, it did. I just got this phone call and that was that. It was a crazy time, I released ‘Your Song’ and I started to go over to the States and I was winding things down here because I’d promoted the record for a while and I’d released about six singles, so it was getting to the point where I was moving over the pond and that was really just a lovely thing. In fact I came back because I was on tour when I found out and I couldn’t tell anyone and it was quite difficult but that was a very mad time for me. AND DO YOU STAY IN TOUCH?

We did stay in touch but, I mean, they’re just really big fans and I’m sure they’ll come to a show and stuff and I’m sure we’ll see each other at some point.


I’d like to be. Touring is the most fun that I’ve ever had. So if I can continue making music and touring for the rest of my life I’ll be really, really happy. Obviously I’ll probably retire at some point to the countryside, but at the moment life’s pretty fun. DO YOU THINK ABOUT SETTLING DOWN, HAVING KIDS?

I do. I do think about that a bit. I definitely want to have kids one day. I think it’ll be fun – as well as a lot of hard work. Bu yeah, I think it’ll be really cool. But I definitely want to party quite a lot in the next year. HAVE YOU ALWAYS HAD SUCH A GENTLE VOICE? APART FROM WHEN YOU BLAST IT OUT...

Oh I can definitely belt it – I can shout very loud. My voice is quite unusual because it can go from being very quiet and soft to really big and loud. I’ve just kind of played around with it for the past few years and experimented since I was young and I’ve listened to different singers. I suppose it’s quite versatile in a way. But I wonder if, as I get older, whether it’ll change but at the moment it’s still sort of quite young. Someone said it sounded like Justin Bieber the other day. SO YOU’RE BIG IN THE STATES NOW AND YOU’ VE BEEN SPENDING A LOT OF TIME OVER THERE. DO YOU THINK YOU’LL MAKE THE MOVE PERMANENTLY?

Do you know, I don’t think I will because I sort of thought about it for a little bit but I would miss it here too much – and it’s a long way so I couldn’t make a habit of coming back and forth. I like it here too much, I think. I miss things, like I miss my flat. I just miss London things. But eventually I do actually want to live back out in the country where I grew up. I miss it.

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Mayhem! Magazine - Issue 12 (November 2012)  

The previous issue was our first birthday, but we didn’t want to change pace yet! We know it’s easy to do because the clocks have gone back...

Mayhem! Magazine - Issue 12 (November 2012)  

The previous issue was our first birthday, but we didn’t want to change pace yet! We know it’s easy to do because the clocks have gone back...