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The Lies are so thick All sides seem to be liberal or conservative, way-out or all to restricted to the point of being dry and empty of worthwhile information, denying most anything beyond the simple, obvious and mundane. One will report mostly one side of a matter, and leave out or ridicule the other view, while another does the opposite but the same. Our experts and leaders keep much from us, and what they do say is often a half-truth, an evasive answer, or a lie altogether. Some scream of great conspiracies that are far too broad and deep, and only possible by supermen who make no mistakes. Others refute with scoffing and tell us that nothing at all is going on, that everything is perfectly O.K., and not to be concerned, while they take the very precautions which they, themselves say are so unnecessary. Non-disclosure, misinformation, disinformation and feigned ignorance. I cannot believe all that the right says, I cannot believe most of what the left says, I cannot believe all that the preacher says, I cannot believe all that the scientist says. On one hand, we are expected to think for ourselves… On the other, we are expected to trust the experts that have the education the first-hand information, and the years of experience. So who or what are we supposed to rely on for the concrete answers, especially when the experts dispute each other in different disciplines and even in the same discipline? -When the scientist and preacher debate the existence of God, or when two scientists debate each other over the nature or beginning of the universe? Phd will disagree with Phd, preacher agianst preacher; They cannot all be right at the same time, then they must all be at least unreliable. I used to trust completely in my own discernment, but in some things I am still, or have become uncertain. I feel that I should trust some whom I am supposed to be suspicious of; I suspect some whom I am supposed to be able to trust. Despite modern knowledge, there is so much ignorance and unknown, even among the ‘experts’ and the lies are so thick, how could anyone see through to surely know? Therefore, the rule must be to hear everything out to some extent, but to doubt and suspect everything and everyone to some extent. -Uncertainty in it’s most refined state, I guess…

The lies are so thick  

About how we are surrounded by lies from every side and point-of-view.