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Jonathan Mayhall




Studio Projects

cultural furnace railroad park pavilion downtown cullman west anniston big dig living summer option opelika public library michelle’s house

Professional Work

williams-blackstock architects fuqua & partners, architects

Other Work

summer sketches travel abroad sketches travel photography sculpture a book home


a center for community, sustainability, art, and action

Cultural Furnace

birmingham, al

This project is a re-imagining of a historic coal power plant and adjacent parking lot to accomodate a contemporary art annex, the Auburn University Center for Architecture and Urban Studies, student housing, and retail. The reuse of the power plant building begs the question: could the site be transformed to produce clean power while still meeting its new program and reconnecting with its urban context. To accomplish this, the building relies on efficient building techniques to reduce energy consumption along with both natural and community resources for energy generation. These resources are harnessed through a photovoltaic array as well as an organic biomass furnace. The spirit of community interaction is vital to the success of the project with waste donations serving as the primary fuel for the biomass furnace. This spirit of community interaction is fostered by connecting to the adjacent park with an outdoor performance space and ascending green roofs which engage the community with almost all aspects of the site. This cultural furnace seeks to become a catalyst for community interaction and sustainability for Birmingham in the 21st century.

spring 2009

site context

site plan


gallery atrium gallery



2nd floor plan

biomass furnace



parking below grade


1st floor plan

spring 2009

pv array museum offices faculty housing

student housing 5th floor plan 4th floor plan

au offices


3rd floor plan


18th st. elevation

1st ave. elevation

spring 2009

cross section


view from the corner of 19th st. & 1st ave.

contempory art gallery 1

spring 2009

view from the corner of 18th st. and 1st ave.


railroad park west gate

Urban Studio

birmingham, al

fall 2008

concept diagram

One week study to create an entrance/meeting point for the proposed Railroad Park in downtown Birmingham. The project uses playful kite-like forms to bring the diverse parts of the city into the new park and create a landmark anchor for the west entrance. Main features include the solar panel roof and bicycle racks with changing facilities.

concept model

site plan


large context

small town design initiative

Urban Studio

cullman, al

regional context

fall 2008

analysis diagram


fall 2008

Arts Center and Depot Park Proposal to adaptively reuse an abandoned warehouse complex adjacent to the existing historic downtown. The new uses would include galleries, classrooms, event/conference spaces, and a new theater. The complex, along with a redesigned park/festival ground would invigorate and complement the historic downtown.


small town design initiative

Urban Studio

west anniston neighborhood

fall 2008


15th St. Retail District

south elevation

north elevation

plan proposal for 15th ST.

fall 2008


mixed-use housing

Big Dig Living

boston, ma

Creating community through architecture. The design is an exploration of making a building that can respond to and encourage the mixing of cummunity and personal life that characterizes living in the city. To accomplish this the building’s residential units are positioned around the borders of the site to take advantage of the views and lighting while much of the middle of the site is carved out into a public/commmunity space. The project takes advantage of its unique siting by responding to both the characted of Boston’s Historic North End and the new urban corridor of the Big Dig. The residential units are clad in an elemental brick facade with punched openings, an aesthetic that is both undeniably modern but still connects with the character of the North End. The public space, however, seeks iconic status with its collapsing glass atrium anouncing itself to the Big Dig and Boston skyline beyond. This atrium serves as a space to see and be seen while enjoying views of new parks and the skyline year round. It is the atrium where the greatest interplay of community occurs with space for the general public, the building community, and even personal space.

private public

semi public

fall 2007


site plan

concept sketch


midterm model

midterm plan

fall 2007

entry study sketches


3rd floor plan

2nd floor plan

1st floor plan

fall 2007

front elevation

side elevation


cross section

transverse section

fall 2007



masonry wall

summer option

A Tower, A Wall, A Cabin auburn, al

cabin for blueberry farm

summer 2005

birding tower


a public library

Concrete Competition opelika, al

The approach to this project involved evaluating the role of the Public Library in the 21st Century, especially in the particular context of a small downtown. This library strives to be a catalyst, helping to reactivate and revitalize downtown Opelika. The library is seen as a place to bring people together to utilize technology, exchange ideas, and for encouraging literacy and a love of reading in future generations. This project seeks to accomplish these things by both respecting its context while striving to stand out as a building of its time, providing communal reading and discussion spaces, active and exciting children’s spaces, and engaging with the street in a transparent, pedestrian friendly way. The building accomplishes this while trying to reduce its enviromental impact by utilizing natural lighting and some solar power, and also providing outdoor reading spaces. The 21st Century Library is not merely a repository for books, but rather a focal point for the community, dynamic with ideas, interaction, and communication

spring 2007


site plan


second floor plan

first floor plan

spring 2007

street elevation

section b


spring 2007



2nd floor circulation

computer room

spring 2007


original site

a home for a family of 5

Michelle’s House

greensboro, al

concept model



fall 2005

pouring concrete girders

cantilever made of flitch beams

platform completed


wall framing

end of fall semester

fall semester team with the family

fall 2005

finished front

interior and exterior views of finished family space

finished entry


madison park student housing: auburn, al

williams-blackstock architects

Professional Work

birmingham, al

madison park site plan

winter 2008

new dining facility university of south alabama

new dining faclity plan


pensacola public library

aliceville fire and police station

winter 2008

fuqua & partners, architects

Professional Work

huntsville, al summer 2007


st. ivo axonometric

pre-trip drawing class

Studio Roma

auburn, al

St. Ivo plan and section

il gesu elevation

spring 2008

piranesi expansion


st. peter’s


Travel Photography roma

classic roman ways

as roma v. ac milan

spring 2008

a novel approach

happy birthday


the spirit of the forcole

Sculpture/Woodcarving auburn, al

spring 2006


box + display case

Home for a Book

exhibited in the julie colins smith museum of art fine arts week 2007

spring 2007

Jonathan Mayhall Graduate Portfolio  

My work during my time at Auburn University both academic and professional.