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Musical Adventures

Grab A Camera And A Friend

Of late I have not been participating in as many musical activities as I have previously but that does not mean I am any less passionate about it. I have played the clarinet for the majority of my musical career but I have also had the pleasure of playing the tenor saxophone and trumpet.

If there is one thing you will regret in your near future is forgetting to bring a camera along for the ride. Unfortunately memories do not last forever so help it out. Cameras not necessarily required. Technology has advanced so grab your I-phone and have a blast! Then again if you are like me and don’t care to take pictures your memory really is your best friend.

The Fuel of College Students Have you ever taken the time to observe the people around you on campus?. Well I you haven’t taken the time between classes yet to admire your surroundings I would like to recognize the importance of caffeine for a student. Not only does the college facilitate a Tim Horton’s but also a Starbucks, for those students wealthy enough to spend five dollars on a coffee, as well as providing “coffee room” coffee from some of the smaller kiosks. If you do not have a cup of java in your hand you may or may not be functioning properly.

Back To School Every person has something that they love or hate about going back to school and mine just so happens to be back to school shopping. You might be thinking about clothes and shoes and what not but I am taking about PENS! It doesn’t matter how many time I tell myself not to buy more or that I have enough at home, every year I buy myself a new set of pens to start the year off right. 198649

Blast From The Past Need a reminder that history isn’t a complete snore then go and find an old television that makes you laugh. A personal favorite of mine is M*A*S*H starring Alan Alda.

HOLA Want to have some fun? Go out and learn a new language. It might sound intimidating at first but just imagine all the places it could take you.

Ms. Harder


Drama, Is It Good Or Bad?

To Text or Not to Text

Most people tend to associate the term drama with high school squabble and the life long favorite past time of gossiping but drama is more than that; drama is theatre. If there is one recommendation I would make to anyone is to go see a live performance of some sort. It could be a high school production or even a piece of Shakespeare but I can almost guaranty by the end you will not be disappointed.

My solution to the age old dilemma of should I text them or phone? If any rely you receive requires more space than a single text can provide consider placing an actual phone call. On the other hand if only a one word answer is required feel free to exercise your thumbs.

Catch The Travel Bug I have done very little travelling thus far in my life but have had the opportunity to experience a few different places. I have been to Memphis and have been to the home of The King, Elvis of coarse, and the final destination of another king, Martin Luther King Jr., to be exact. My favorite thus far would have to be Seattle.

Skyline of Seattle and Mount Rainer

Pets Are A Persons Best Friend

My cat Tia

If you don’t want a roommate the best suggestion I can make is get yourself a pet. I can almost assure you that they will not eat all your food in the fridge, they will not chat your ear off about problems in class, and they will hopefully love you unconditionally. Find yourself a cat or dog or even a bird, whatever makes you the happiest. And if you happen to live in a building that doesn’t allow actual pets I can assure you that Bob the Rock is always a good backup.

Fabulous Quote Fairy tales do not tell children the dragons exist. Children already know that dragons exist. Fairy tales tell children the dragons can be killed. G.K. Chesterton 198649

Ms. Harder