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Excel Website

Excel Website The Excel website provides you with everything that you need to know about the Excel Structured Cabling System. The site is updated on a regular basis and we are continually adding to the content with educational information as well as details on Excel. Launched in October 2016, the new, mobile-friendly responsive website makes it easier to locate specific information. The Excel site is currently available in English, French, Spanish, Dutch, German, Polish and Turkish. The main features of the site include:

Product Catalogue


The online catalogue contains an overview of each of the products within the Excel range – you can search for a particular part code or product keyword, which is the quickest way to find a product or alternatively navigate through the categories to narrow your search. Each product is accompanied with an image so you can see exactly what it looks like. Where available there are also specification sheets, third part verification certificates and DOPs which can be downloaded.

Reference Sites


Excel has been installed into numerous sites across EMEA – you can see a snapshot of some of those installations by clicking on the ‘Reference Sites’ tab. Here you can view the wins by vertical market. The list is updated on a monthly basis and includes projects across EMEA.



We have a number of videos in our ‘How to’ series that show you the best way to install and terminate Excel products - these are perfect for the use by engineers who are installing Excel. We are regularly adding to our video library and more products will be featured in the future. Our full portfolio of videos is also available on the Excel Youtube channel.



The Excel multi-lingual blog provides customers with an additional source of useful information on relevant topics and updates on the Excel solution. The Excel blog provides an informal platform to share with customers, consultants and end users Excel’s thoughts and advice on product updates, standards, installation tips plus anything else industry related that is felt to be relevant. As is usual with blogs, readers can engage in conversation and debate by posting their comments and opinions. This is a further extension to Excel’s social media activities which include LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. You can scan this QR code with your smartphone to view the full portfolio of Excel blog posts.

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We offer an extensive range of literature and collateral to help sell and support the Excel solution. Under the Resources menu you can find: • White Papers • Specification Sheets • Change Notifications • Third Party Certificates • Encyclopaedia • Installation Guidelines • Technical Notes We also provide a range of catalogues and brochures covering various sections of the Excel product range: Excel Corporate Brochure | Product Catalogue | Environ Catalogue | Environ Digital Locking Solution Brochure | Residential Brochure | Data Centre Brochure | Understanding CPR Guide | Excel Pre-Terminated Solutions | Configured Rack and On-Site Assembly Brochure | Engraved Labelling Solutions Brochure. Excel Partners can personalise a large amount of Excel literature with their own logo and address details – see the Partner Area for further details.

View our recent case studies

Case Studies


A range of Excel case studies based on previous projects is available on the Excel website. Drawn from a variety of projects across EMEA in a plethora of markets and industries, the case studies show just how flexible and scalable a solution Excel can be. The full portfolio of case studies is available online by scanning this QR code with your smartphone.



Read the latest press releases and Excel Express newsletters to keep up to date on all the latest developments on Excel.



Excel Website

Excel Partner Area Accredited Excel Partners can gain access to the Partner Area where they can utilise the following tools and information:



Excel Partners can register an Excel Installation for a warranty and the application if successful will be processed within 5 working days and a warranty certificate will be issued. See Section 16 for step by step instructions on how to use this facility.

Branded Literature


A selection of Excel literature including product specification sheets and brochures and end user targeted mailing pieces can be personalised with the Excel Partners logo and address details. The Excel Partner simply needs to upload their company logo and address details and every PDF will automatically be personalised with their details. Technical Note


Technical Note



Manager Author: Paul Cave – Technical May 2016 Date:


Class E / Category 6 ExtendInstallation Guideline edulaDistan s Update – Reg ces tions, 17 th BS7671

Code Standard Change to Excel Multi-Fibre Colour

Title: TN02a_Cat6_Over_leng th Author: Simon Robinson Date:

December 2010

Edition, Am


Title: TN21 Author: Paul Cave


Electrical 3 - 2015

February 2015

cables. Tight-Buffered and Loose-Tube to all standard Excel multi-fibre This techn This technical note offers The standard to TIA-598. ical note DINrespect guidance currentwith changed from the to installed will besystems. 6 cabling channels overcove practices rsand the links cable fibre colour coding 100m chanover moving forwa ges 90m using to the Excel Tight-Buffered and Loose-Tube Excel Class E / Category beginning June 2016. Elect rd. rical Regu over the following 12-monthsThe Excel warranty is standards based to lations that change will be implemented ensure that all of the protocols within the International must be and applications will run Standards cabling channelsChapter followed 52 – Sele over the coming months. on an installed system. have a maximum to comply standard cables will be depleted Included ction length In the case of Class E / Category as one of the and with instal Existing stocks of DIN colour parameters to ensure compliance. cable jacket Erec onInthe 6 partic thethe printing Channel maximum tion of Wirin lation ular this changes except therefore length no other is 100m. There arefails the test, sectio Where this will result in the exclusion g Syst n of the the fibre colour coding only. the installation from the warranty for that regulation exceeds this parameter,ems NOTE that this change affects and 521.1 However, Excel accepts specific s has. seen 1 Wiring Syste Link/Channel that on a the signif will now include ‘TIA-598’. carried out testing to determine specific Link/Channel basis there ms in where icant addit are occasions escape these the maximum length that lengths ion of the route are exceeded. s can Excel has be achieved for a given following Our configuration testing are unaffected. application. Regulation has shown that correctly 521.11.201 Wirin NOTE that the 12-fibre cables : g syste installed lengths: DIN is below. from to premproduct ms the above and in TIA will both escap of pass ature collap above criteria to the following ethe the colour sequence route se in the s shall (1)① A cross reference list showing apply (2)②, event of fire. be supported irrespective The such of requireme the class Application that they nts of the ification of will not be Permanent Link Length Regulation the cond — Note Channel Link Length (consisting 10BASE-T itions for 1: Non-Meta 422.2.1 shall liable of 5+5m evacu Patch 170m to Cord) llic cable also ation in an either direc trunking 180m 100BASE-TX emergenc or other non-m t flame or y. 120m acros hot produ etallic mean s access cts of 130m or egress s of supp combustio ort can fail routes such n. This may 1000BASE-TX is only supported when subje as that they lead to wiring — Note with a fully compliant ct 2: This hinder evacu installation, systems precludes including To determine whether a length hanging ation and a 100m channel maximum. theofuse mean of specific Link will support firefighting of non-m support. the desiredsapplication Application Specific Test activities. For recommend Excel using the Fluke DTX-1800 example, that theetallic means of test is cable Cable carriedclips, where non-m carried out with the specific Analyzer. supp out with cable As these theties or ort/relinks are configuration required. over tentio length etallic a cable further n Channel This will give the best indication must be cable the desired application trundling testtrunk should provided working. 1. ②In stand ingbe as the sole for the specific channel to preve of thentlikelyhood of is used, a suitab ards and These distances are offered cables from le fire-resistan regulation in good faith and subject falling out s terminolog t to continuing development the specific links, and therefore 2. in the even y SHALL and channels, that are over ②422.2 – Cond t of fire. meansexcludes itions for improvement. The Excel Warranty length (90m and 100m MUS respectively). T or Mand evacuatio atory. n in an emer gency (from the exist The follow This Technical Note ing Regu has been ing regul lations and ations refer produced by Simon Robinson, Product Manager, on behalf not amen of Excel to conditions ded) BD2: Low : density occu pation, difficu lt conditions BD3: High density occu for evacu ation pation, easy conditions BD4: High for evacu density occu ation pation, difficu lt conditions Note: Autho for evacu rities such ation. as those may spec responsible ify which BD cond for building ition is appli constructi cable. on, publi c gathering, fire preve ntion, hosp itals etc. – Infrastructure, on behalf of Excel by Paul Cave, Technical Manager

This technical note covers changes

Technical Notes


Excel Partners can download a copy of the Excel Installation Guides as well as a series of technical notes that cover subjects such as cable segregation distances, extended distance protocol support guidelines, liquid contamination etc. These notes are updated on a regular basis and provide invaluable information and advice with regards to installing the Excel structured cabling system. For access to the latest technical notes, you can scan this QR code with your smartphone.

This Technical Note has been


Excel is a world-class premium This Technic performing end-to-end al Note has manufactured, supported Excel is infrastructure been produc and delivered - without a world-class solution - designed, ed by Paul compromise. manu Cave, Technic factured, suppopremium performing infrastructure solution - designed, al Manager performing end-to-end www.exce end-to-end rted and delive – Infrastructure, Excel is a world-class premium infrastructur red - withou delivered - without compromise. on behalf e solution manufactured, supported and of Excel t compromise www.excel-n - designed, . etw MF975_05/16




Sales Support


In here Partners can download a copy of the latest Excel Corporate Presentation in various formats, together with the Site Installation Template and the word version of the Tender Response Document. Make sure you add the to your favourites and if you need any information on the products then please visit the site.



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