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MAYFIELD SENIOR SCHOOL of the Holy Child Jesus


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Statement of Philosophy Mayfield Senior School of the Holy Child Jesus is a Catholic,

Table of Contents Message from the Head of School


sponsored by the Society of the Holy Child Jesus. The school

Letter from the Chair of the Board of Trustees


is committed to academic excellence within the context of

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Christian values. Mayfield’s philosophy is rooted in the belief

Annual Report on Philanthropy 2015-16

independent, college preparatory school for young women

that knowledge is best gained in an atmosphere of disciplined

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and physical gifts, thereby enabling each to make a meaningful

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contribution to society. Mayfield also challenges each student

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thought, personal concern and religious awareness. Mayfield fosters each student’s intellectual, spiritual, artistic, emotional,

to reach beyond herself and render service to others.

Connections Connectivity is an inextricable part of how we communicate,

The faith connections students forge at Mayfield inspire

work and live. Our cell phones are within hand’s reach. We

service-driven lives. In the classroom, teachers connect with

reflexively respond to the chime of a text message. A world

students in powerful ways, imparting lessons that frame

of information is a few keystrokes away.

their thinking and empower achievement. Our cherished

In this edition of Postscripts, we celebrate a different kind

traditions connect generations of Mayfield alumnae.

of connectivity—our personal connections to this joy-filled

The following pages will show you what connectivity means

school. Mayfield Senior School is unified by our mission to

at Mayfield, where joyful connections come not from the

provide an excellent all-girls, Catholic education, grounded

internet but from our vibrant community.

in the philosophy and spirituality of Cornelia Connelly, foundress of the Society of the Holy Child Jesus.

ABOUT THE COVER Our Mayfield students have a big reason to smile. Toi Webster Treister ’82 is their new Assistant Head of School for Academics. Toi attended Mayfield Junior School and Mayfield Senior School. She has been a role model to scores of students during her 13 years as a Mayfield social studies teacher. Her commitment to Mayfield’s exemplary education and her wise counsel to students is a gift to all. Toi, who holds a juris doctor degree, has also served in numerous leadership positions in Pasadena organizations. She is among those gems at Mayfield whose connections to Holy Child values makes us stronger.





Meage fom the Head of School

“ Sustain a br igh and joyf ul spir it. ” — CORNELIA CONNELLY

Dear Friends, As I complete my second year at Mayfield, my life has been touched by the unique and wonderfully blessed connections I have made with our students. I see the joy in their faces when I greet them during morning drop-off, their smiles brightening up my day. I have had the privilege of visiting their classrooms and witnessing how their excellent teachers connect with them in engaging lessons: the English class where students acted out a scene from Othello while exploring the villainous nature of Iago; the AP Statistics class where students used candy kisses to explore the concept of “confidence intervals.” I see them connecting with their faith in such beautiful ways during our schoolwide Masses. I’ll never forget when they tied a colorful “Happy Birthday” balloon to Cornelia Connelly’s portrait, as if they were celebrating a friend. I have cheered with them in the gym bleachers, shouting “Go Cubs!” Here at Mayfield I truly feel like a member of a family, connecting with parents, grandparents and alumnae as we share our cherished traditions. By the time I give students their graduation hug goodbye, our Mayfield connection is so strong I feel as if I’m sending forth a daughter into this world. Making joyful connections is at the heart of Cornelia Connelly’s educational philosophy. Like Cornelia, I believe that students learn, teachers teach and we all grow best in a joy-filled and connected community. Students, especially girls, crave this connectedness. One of my favorite educators, Parker Palmer, writes about the beautiful web of connectedness that great teachers create, empowering their students to “weave a world for themselves.” The famed researcher on girls’ education, JoAnn Deak, has shown that girls learn and thrive in an atmosphere of connectedness, one in which they know for sure that their teachers care passionately about them and the work they are doing together. At Mayfield each student has these opportunities, overlaid with the warm embrace of a trusting, faith-based school, making joyful connections that last a lifetime.

ADMINISTRATION 2016-17 Head of School Kate Morin Assistant Head of School for Academics Toi Treister ’82 Director of Admissions Clemmie Phillips Director of Communications Stephanie Chavez Director of Development Angela Howell ’76 Director of Facilities Connie Peters Director of Finance Cynthia Riegsecker Dean of Students Steven Bergen Director of Athletics Lynda Gilbert Director of Campus Ministry Teri Gonzales Director of College Counseling Abigail Shaw Director of the Conservatory for the Arts Christin Hablewitz

With Love and Gratitude,

Kate Morin



Marla Alders congratulates her daughter, Kate Alders ’13, on her Mayfield graduation in June 2013.

“A strong leadership team begins with the relationship between the Head of School and Board of Trustees Chair. As Marla completes her remarkable term, I could not have asked for a steadier hand or a more loving and visionary leader to guide my transition to Mayfield. I have felt a real sense of connection and trust with her. Like so many of the relationships we forge at Mayfield, my connection to Marla will be a friendship for life.” — KATE MORIN



Meage fom the Board of Trustees Chair Dear Friends, We moved into our home on Bellefontaine, across the street from Mayfield, three days before our daughter Kate was born. Starting as a toddler and each year after, she would gaze out her bedroom window and admire the girls in their beautiful white gowns entering the gates of the school on graduation day. Then came the day 14 years later when Kate passed through those same Bellefontaine gates as a student. In 2013 she made the walk across the street in her own beautiful white graduation gown. Second only to the day of her birth, the most special moment I have shared with my daughter was when I presented her with her Mayfield diploma. I have been so blessed by my connections with Mayfield as a neighbor, a parent, a trustee and a Board Chair. I was again blessed three years ago to lead the school in the important process of finding a new Head of School. The community gathered with such enthusiasm through the selection months, fully participating in the discernment that led to the hiring of Kate Morin after a nationwide search. Once Kate walked through those Bellefontaine gates as our new Head of School in July 2015, her wisdom and loving embrace of our Catholic, Holy Child philosophy immediately forged a beautiful new connection with all of us. During my seven years as a trustee, I have had the pleasure to serve under two wonderful Board Chairs, Dan Banis and Ed Roohan. As a team, we accomplished much. We brought the Faith in Our Future capital campaign to fruition, created and implemented the Strategic Vision 2020 and oversaw a successful transition in leadership. I am thankful for the guidance of the leaders who came before me and for their support. As I near the end of my tenure as Board Chair, I reflect upon all of these connections and what we have accomplished together. Under Kate’s leadership, a talented and caring faculty and staff has been gathered and nurtured, facilities have been improved and we are at full enrollment. And, most importantly, our precious students are flourishing. I’d like to take this opportunity to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the talented women and men of the Board of Trustees with whom it has been my pleasure to serve. I am thankful to all of you, past and present, for your friendship and your confidence in me. I have learned from you, shared new experiences and formed bonds that will stand the test of time. For these connections I am eternally grateful.

BOARD OF TRUSTEES 2016-17 Chair Marla Alders Vice Chair Joe Eisele Treasurer Robert Neithart Secretary Jessica Korzenecki Representative for the Society of the Holy Child Jesus Sr. Sheila McNiff ’56, SHCJ Geoffrey Bland Adriann Grieco Cocker ’93 Julie Condon Mark Dymek Elizabeth Ernster ’95 Anneke Osterkamp Greco ’99 Heidi McNiff Johnson ’84 Mark Ladd William Lewis May Low Michael Maddigan Britt McConnell Linda Mennis Rev. Wayne R. Negrete, SJ Kevin T. Slattery John Snider Ex Officio Member of the Board of Trustees Head of School Kate Morin

After I present the final diploma on June 4, I will walk back across the street with confidence, knowing that Mayfield Senior School is thriving and the future is bright.

Many blessings,



Geoff Bland As a Loyola High School student in the late 1970s, Geoff Bland remembers attending Mayfield dances to the tunes of Van Halen, Led Zeppelin and Kiss. Today, his family remains strongly connected to the school and to Holy Child values. His wife, Andrea Zaninovich ’84, is a Mayfield alumna from “the great class of 1984,” as Geoff likes to say. His two daughters, Marie ’19 and Audrey ’20, are current students and previously attended Mayfield Junior School. He joins the Board of Trustees as the Vice Chair of the Finance Committee, where his long career in private equity and involvement in business education is a great gift to Mayfield. Geoff is currently the Co-Head and Managing

William F. Lewis

Bill’s family connections to the enduring excellence of a Holy Child education run deep. His wife, Alyson Burkitt ’87, attended Mayfield, as did his cousin’s daughters. Other family members in Anaheim were students at our sister school, Cornelia Connelly School. Not only does Bill’s daughter, Maureen ’18, attend Mayfield, but they also live within walking distance of our beautiful campus! Bill brings valuable experience in facilities management and real estate development to his board position at Mayfield, where maintaining our historic buildings and grounds requires attention and planning. He began his volunteer service to the school as a member of the Building and Grounds Committee in 2015.



“When our daughters were young, we had hoped that they would be able to attend Mayfield, and now that dream is being realized. How lucky are we! We are so fortunate to be a part of this Holy Child school and community, and we will strive to do our part to invest in Mayfield to ensure that it is sustainable, accessible and affordable for future generations.” Director of Wedbush Capital Partners, a private equity firm that specializes in buying and investing in family-owned companies. In addition to serving on various corporate boards, he is a member of the Stanford Athletic Board and a member of the Advisory Council for USC’s Marshall School of Business Entrepreneurial Studies Program. Previously, Geoff was the Chair of the Board of Trustees of Mayfield Junior School. He received a bachelor’s degree from Stanford and an MBA from the J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University.

“Among the most memorable moments for me at Mayfield has been watching Maureen’s passion for learning grow. Mayfield is such a wonderful place that allows girls to focus on academics, but also nurtures other areas for their growth, including sports and arts—truly educating the entire person.” Bill is currently a director with CBRE, the world’s largest commercial real estate services and investment firm, and is responsible for the management of Pacific Corporate Towers in El Segundo, a 1.6 million-square-foot campus with three high-rise buildings. Prior to this, he oversaw a 20 millionsquare-foot industrial portfolio for AMB Realty and a 3 million-square-foot industrial portfolio for Washington Mutual Bank. Bill has in-depth knowledge of property management, operations and capital expenditure budgeting, security and landscaping services—keen professional experience that he shares with Mayfield. He has a bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of Arizona and a master’s in real estate development from the University of Southern California.

New Trustees John Snider    John Snider forged his service to Mayfield when his daughter, Sara, was a freshman in 2007. Like so many parent volunteers, John picked up the telephone during the Annual Giving phonathon to help raise funds for Mayfield. He and his wife, Mary, who is a past Parents Board leader, have never stopped giving to the Mayfield community. John rejoins the Board of Trustees for a second term. As a Group Managing Director at Los Angeles-based TCW, a leading global asset-management firm, John is responsible for co-managing the firm’s Focused Equities strategy. Prior to joining TCW in 2000, John was a Vice President and Portfolio Manager at Provident Investment Counsel. He has worked as a Portfolio Manager at ARCO Investment Management Company, where he was also Director of Investor Relations and managed a Corporate Finance and Profit Planning unit.

“I just can’t express strongly enough the gratitude I feel as a parent for the education our daughter received. Mayfield was the right school at the right time for Sara. For that, I will always, always be grateful to the school.” From 2008-2015, John shared his career expertise with Mayfield as Chair of the Investment Committee. Over the years, he has served on the board’s Executive Committee, the Committee on Trustees, and as past Vice Chair from 2011-2015. He also participated in the search committee that helped select Kate Morin as our new Head of School in 2015. John is currently working with the Finance Committee. He has a bachelor’s degree in quantitative economics from Claremont McKenna College and an MBA from the University of Southern California. His daughter, Sara Snider ’11, graduated from Gonzaga University in 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in history. Sara is also giving back to Mayfield as a member of the Alumnae Council. Professionally, she holds the position of Development Coordinator for the San Marino School District’s Education Foundation.

May Low May Low learned firsthand about the meaning of our Mayfield motto “Actions Not Words” from her daughter, Kerri ’17. As Kerri completes her senior year, May sees a young woman who believes in giving 100% to achieve her goals and serve others—a young woman who has found her voice at Mayfield. May, whose younger daughter, Katie ’19, also attends Mayfield, brings more than 20 years of experience to the board as a business leader with expertise in global shipping, accounting, and risk management analysis. She is president and founder of M&L Plastics, Inc., which specializes in supplying recycled materials for China’s plastic commerce. May has been involved in the life of Mayfield throughout her daughters’ high school years, serving as a room parent and making those important phone calls to parents during

our Annual Giving campaign. May also serves as a valued liaison to our Chinese community, helping with translations and other communication. She has a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Memphis University and, prior to founding M&L Plastics, she worked as a senior accountant at Republic Indemnity. She and her husband, Y.K. Low, a senior partner at Saiful Bouquet Structural Engineers, have come to strongly believe in Mayfield’s Holy Child philosophy, which has nurtured their daughters’ gifts. They are grateful to their daughters’ teachers, who are always available for extra help and to provide confidence-building encouragement.

“My daughter Kerri has inspired me in so many ways. She never gives up, and always tries her best. She believes in ‘Actions Not Words.’ She has made me believe in Mayfield.”



n o C n e m c o t o i o r n s s s a l C



There are plenty of meaningful catchphrases used these days to describe excellence in education. We empower confident, 21st-century leaders. We engage in project- and inquiry-based learning. We promote critical thinking, hands-on learning and digital literacy. Our girls are college-ready, globallyaware citizens equipped to solve real-world problems. But what does all this mean at Mayfield? How do our teachers use the best practices in education to connect with their students? Step inside a few Mayfield classrooms and see these words in action.


| Witness the pure joy of an “Aha!” moment

Clusters of freshmen are huddled around metric rulers, beakers, boiling water, food coloring and an assortment of objects including chocolate chips and heat lamps. It’s lab day in Conceptual Physics, and they are learning about heat transfer.

“They are seeing that physics is about discovery and not just about plugging numbers into equations,” said teacher Tanya Melby, adding that some girls begin the class thinking that “they can’t do physics” because it’s too weighty a subject for a freshman.

In a key move to strengthen Mayfield’s science curriculum, all freshmen began taking a lab-driven physics class in fall 2016 to lay the groundwork for in-depth and upper level biology, chemistry and physics courses. Students also receive a full-year, UCaccredited laboratory science credit.

The labs teach students to trust the data they collect and to realize it’s okay if their results are not perfect. Girls typically want to get the right answer right away, teachers said. But in this class, students learn that scientific inquiries can be slow and that enlightenment comes by understanding error and unexpected data.

The class focuses on teaching students the rules of nature that govern the physical world by making theory come alive through lab work. With 16-student classrooms, teachers have plenty of time for interaction with the girls as they measure with precision, record findings, collect data and recognize trends.

“This is a real-life experience with a problem,” said Steffi Zavaleta ’20, as she measured, entered data in her iPad and realized that the numbers were adding up. “It’s like a word problem coming to life before my eyes.” That is what we like to call an “Aha!” moment.

Along the way they learn an enduring lesson that is one hallmark of an all-girls high school education— Mayfield students become confident and curious young scientists.



Clas sroom Connections


| Why “confidence levels” are more than a mathematical calculation

The students in Room 111 were discussing “z-star critical values,” “p-hat” and “confidence intervals.” Is this:

interval” that would estimate the true proportion of the Earth’s surface that is covered in water at a 95% “confidence level.”

“Now take out your calculator,” Mrs. Quinn said. “I’m going to show you how your calculator can do all this for you. Amazing, huh?”

a) An astronomy lesson b) Intro to Psychology c) AP Statistics

We can state with 100% certainty that the answer is c) AP Statistics. Teacher Jessica Quinn, Mayfield’s Math Department chair, is lighting up the Smartboard, educating the next generation of businesswomen, engineers, computer scientists, sociologists, marketing executives— or any of the scores of careers that rely heavily on statistical analysis. The course is part of Mayfield’s continuing efforts to drive academic achievement through expanded AP offerings in math and science. Most of the class was a careful, step-by-step examination of how to construct a “confidence interval,” which is a way to estimate something about a population based on a sample from it. Through a series of intricate calculations, the students developed a “confidence



After some groans and laughter, Mrs. Quinn told her nine students that she wanted them to learn how to do calculations by hand because “you first must understand what it all means. You have to know where these numbers come from... so when you use your calculator you are not blindly using buttons.” Sara Lydon ’19 said that AP Statistics has definitely taught her about “confidence levels,” but on a more personal level. “I feel like I can better understand all the information that is thrown at everyone and understand how they got this information,” she said. “Sometimes I’m more doubtful about the stuff I hear now because I am more aware of how it can be interpreted... And I have so much more confidence thinking about my future career.”


| How Mayfield artists connect art and science

Mayfield’s Advanced Placement Art students were surprised when teacher Theresia Kleeman told them they were about to participate in “Hour of Code,” a worldwide campaign to engage women and underrepresented minorities in computer science. Wait. This is an art class, they thought. We paint, we draw, we sketch. But in this lesson, students were introduced to the colorful intersection of art and science. In what can best be described as a sophisticated “paint by numbers” exercise involving photon intensity measurements and calculations, students linked color intensity to computer code from NASA’s Chandra satellite to create images of a supernova. The class exemplifies how Mayfield strives to integrate learning about coding and technology across disciplines to prepare students


to be innovators in whatever field they enter. Holy Child foundress Cornelia Connelly would likely have called this “meeting the wants of the age.” “I didn’t realize the correlation between coding and art until now,” said Sofie Raptis ’17. “Now I can see that there can be such a strong bond between the fields.” Ms. Kleeman told her students that the work of an artist in this important field “is to make visible what would otherwise be invisible.” These art students will never look into the night sky again and see darkness. “Color is everywhere,” said Christine Geng ’17. So, too, is code.

| The Gospel according to Paul in 140 characters and a few hashtags How do you make Church men from about 52 A.D. relevant to a classroom of teenage girls in 2017? Theology teacher April Garcez’s lesson, called “Twitter Wars,” took off like a viral internet post. Mrs. Garcez’s sophomore class was studying the early Church and Pauline theology. They learned how Paul preached that there is only one God, the Father of our Lord Jesus. He explained to the factions of people that Christians are one body, the Church, of which Jesus is the head. Paul preached that the death and resurrection of Jesus are the heart of the Gospel.

Students also discussed how the churches Paul established—the Thessalonians, Corinthians, Galatians and Philippians—were having a hard time believing it all. “So with these themes in mind, I want you all to think about what Paul would tweet out to his peeps,” Mrs. Garcez told her class. “And how would his churches respond?” This class of digital natives quickly began translating theology via Twitter, hashtags and tagging:

Thessalonians @luvbug825791 Chill fam we don’t need you. We have missionaries #noneed #stayinurlane @hi_im_paul Philippians @joy_to_the_world Bruh, we’re chill @hi_im_paul At least we don’t drink at church @lit.not.liturgy @hi_im_paul Thx bro @joy_to_the_world youz coming in clutch #blessed @joy_to_the_world I gotcha fam! We’re all in this together #HSM @hi_im_paul For non-Twitter users wondering why this lesson worked, Mrs. Garcez explained that before they could tweet out the discussion, students had to understand the core of Paul’s teaching, summarize it and interpret it—in 140 characters or fewer. The students did not send out their tweets. Instead, they wrote on paper using colorful pens, because interactive note taking promotes better learning, Mrs. Garcez said. “I think this helps us understand and to modernize what was happening back then with the early Church,” said Hannah Lenz ’19. Sydney Reisch ’19 added, “It’s easier to connect with the message of Paul when we can do it in a fun and understandable way.”

Paul @hi_im_paul Hey fam! Why you h8ing?? All I do is preach! #whereisthelove @joy_to_the_world @yoloswagmoney @lit.not.liturgy @luvbug825791 SPRING 2017 POSTSCRIPTS


n n o e C c t i h o t n i s a F Calm settles over the gym when students gather for Mass. They quietly stop their busy day, take a breath and catch up with their lives in prayer and song. The many who are Catholic seem to innately know that this hour of Holy Eucharist is the “source and summit of the Christian life,” as Vatican II said. For students of other faith traditions, the Mass reverently unifies the spirit of Mayfield students, offering a time of respectful reflection for all. We see students connect faith to life when they form school clubs and plan activities centered on service. We see it when a student’s hours of service far exceed requirements; when dropping off food for a shelter becomes serving a meal to those in need; when tutoring a special needs child grows into a caring friendship. At Mayfield, students are learning that teenagers can serve as disciples of Christ in profoundly meaningful ways.



How the Campus Ministry team makes school Masses their own The colorful Mylar balloon tied with a red ribbon to the portrait of a young, gently smiling Cornelia Connelly said so much more than “Happy Birthday.” It said that teenage girls were honoring the foundress of their Holy Child education like teenage girls do—with a cute balloon. The joyful touch also spoke to how the Mayfield Campus Ministry team has dedicated themselves to finding ways to make monthly school Masses a deeply felt time of worship for their classmates. Along the way, they have learned rewarding lessons about their faith and the important role of women leaders in the Church. “We really want to make the Masses something that students look forward to and enjoy,” said Mary Rose Hawkins ’17, one of

four senior Campus Ministry leaders, along with Lindsay Bowen ’17, Annabella Gaspar ’17 and Kaitlyn Maddigan ’17. They care so much about creating a meaningful Mass experience that they surveyed students to identify favorite hymns to encourage more singing. The Mayfield top hymn hits? “On Eagles Wings,” “Pan de Vida” and “Trading My Sorrows (Yes Lord).” In theology classes, students often practice the Mass songs at least once. “Song is an important part of worship,” Mary Rose said. “It’s another form of prayer and some of the most beautiful hymns, like ‘Amazing Grace,’ are just as powerful as prayer.” Annabella said that preparing for school Masses is the team’s most important service.

“There is meaning to everything we do at the Masses,” Annabella said. “We just don’t do this because we are a Catholic school, we do it because we are spiritually attuned with our faith.” Campus Ministers taught students who had never participated in Mass how to serve as ushers. When they wanted to create a detailed Mass program with artwork, they quickly discovered that they needed to find a student artist to contribute the art. Students serve as Eucharistic Ministers, ushers, lectors and cantors. The know how to arrange the altar and to assist with sound system controls. “When you go to church on Sundays, sometimes you don’t really think about it. continues >>



<< continued

It becomes routine,” said Kaitlyn. “But when you are involved in planning and seeing all the aspects that go into it, it becomes more meaningful. “I think that the whole school has grown a lot in spirituality,” she said. “And I think we have more fun being involved in Mass.” Campus prayer services, on the other hand, pose more challenging issues. Campus Ministry leaders must keep students’ interest for 30 minutes. “Does anyone have any ideas for visuals? We need visuals,” said Annabella, as they worked on the Holy Thursday prayer service. “The girls like visuals, it makes it more interesting.” With a theme of “Change Our Hearts,” the team decided that they would write 330 personal messages of encouragement and friendship on heart-shaped Post-it notes and stick them on the programs. They also decided to create posters and intersperse prayers with video reflections.

The work of Campus Ministry is at the heart of Mayfield’s Holy Child mission “to help others to believe that God lives and acts in them and in our world, and to rejoice in the divine presence.” The students, under the guidance of Campus Minister, Teri Gonzalez, are also involved in planning retreats, the annual Cornelia Connelly Day of Service and other Christian service efforts. Annabella said she believes her Campus Ministry work, which began her freshman year, is helping “to shape the values and beliefs that we hold… At Mayfield we care about service, we are informed about the needs of our community.” During a recent meeting, Mary Rose offered advice to new Campus Ministry leaders. “It’s really about making everyone realize that they are loved by God,” she said. “That’s the whole goal of Campus Ministry.”

Teri Gonzales, Mayfield’s Director of Campus Ministry

About Teri Gonzales Director of Campus Ministry Teri Gonzales has been formed by her many experiences with people living in the margins of society. She has worked with street kids, rural and urban poor, and victims of domestic violence and human trafficking in the Philippines. In the U.S., she ministered to at-risk youths and struggling single mothers. To all these roles she brought a joyful spirit of service informed by her deep faith. This is the lens through which Teri grounds her work in Campus Ministry and how she teaches theology classes. Teri has been involved in Campus Ministry since her own college days in the 1980s. She served as a Campus Minister at several girls’ schools in the Philippines and at Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart in Bethesda, MD, before coming to Mayfield in 2016. Teri graduated with a bachelor’s degree in electronics and communications engineering, and also holds a master’s degree in pastoral studies and a certificate in spirituality from the Washington Theological Union in Washington, D.C. She finds hope and inspiration in guiding students to be confident, faith-filled women.



Faith Connectio ns Campus Minister Teri Gonzales helps students connect faith to life What has been your primary goal during your first year as Mayfieldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Campus Minister?

This first year it has been important for me to observe, learn and be imbued with the Holy Child spirit, charism and mission. I have been so warmly welcomed by the Mayfield community, and my work with students is filled with joy. My main goal this year has been to facilitate the Campus Ministry studentsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; leadership role as we continue to nurture the faith life experiences of the community. How have you seen the students grow in faith through their Campus Ministry activities?

I have been so inspired to see the Campus Ministry team take ownership of the group and grow into leaders among their peers and the school community. The more they

become involved and put more time and energy into their Campus Ministry work, the more I see their enthusiasm grow for making their faith and service relevant, and their personal prayer and worship meaningful. I also have seen that they want to pause, to be more reflective, and they are actually enjoying meditation. How cool is that? What are your plans as Campus Minister moving forward?

I would like to develop a training program for the Campus Ministry Council members so they can develop their skills and become more effective leaders in ministry. I think strengthening student leadership is so important because it leads to the growth of student initiatives in all areas: worship, service and retreats. We will always continue

to deepen understanding of how we can live out our Holy Child goals in our daily lives and make connections to faith and life. Ultimately, Campus Ministry prepares our students to be servant leaders in and outside of the school community and into adulthood. What has been your most joyful moment at Mayfield?

When I suddenly could not make it to the Ash Wednesday liturgy, my Campus Ministry students assured me that I must not worry because they were fully prepared to take care of the planning without my prompting. And then to hear from faculty and staff how empowered the girls were in leading the liturgy, and that the Mass was a beautiful reflection of their faithâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;it just filled me with peace and joy.



Connec ting Pa st Cub spirit connects with a cheer to the past Last summer, a few Student Council members were meeting with Dean of Students Steve Bergen in the gym and noticed a brown and white banner on the wallâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;one that looks nothing like all the red and white CIF championship banners. None of them knew what it was. Some quick research revealed the legend of Spirit Weeks past and the hugely popular Brown and White Day team competitions. In an instant, a memory-making tradition was reborn after 39 years.



This new generation of student leaders liked the look of red vs. white for their team colors. Students were randomly assigned a color, and incoming freshmen will belong to their Big Sisterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s team. With history on their side, students seized on the tradition with raucous cheering and heated competition. Retro games like wheelbarrow races, the balloon stomp and tug of war are back. Postscripts will reveal the new banner and winner in our next edition!

and P r es ent





Cher i she

s n o i t c e n d Con

From the first time a student passes through the Bellefontaine gates to the day she graduates, our Mayfield traditions create memories for a lifetime. What connects us through the generations is our shared sense of family, faith, joy, inclusiveness and fun. We gather in community for our Cornelia Connelly Day of Service; we are warmed by the beauty of Christmas at Mayfield. Ring Night is the sacred embrace of our junior students as they prepare for senior leadership roles. Students love sharing their Mayfield experience with their extended families on Grandparents and Special Friends Day.

Father-Daughter Night has become the â&#x20AC;&#x153;coolestâ&#x20AC;? event of the year with a costume theme, bounce houses and a photo booth. A lovely Mother-Daughter Mass and buffet brunch celebrate the bond between girls and their moms. Spring dresses and afternoon tea signal the Senior Tea, which begins the countdown toward graduation. Finally, a sign of promise is embodied by the long white dresses our young women elegantly wear on graduation day. Our traditions bind us, our shared memories unite us. They are the Mayfield moments that we never forget.



n m a M E e T u i S n l A

Alum scientist: If we don’t blaze the trail, who will? Exploration, challenge and confidence launch Mayfield alums into STEM professions Years back, when Katie Brugman ’08 was about to begin her freshman year at Mayfield, she asked for the opportunity to take a sophomore-level biology course, a reflection of her fledgling love for science. Lisa Larson, the Science Department Chair at the time, and biology teacher Theresa Peters took a close look at her admissions file and saw that this 14-year-old’s unusually high math scores made her a good match for the class. A scientist was born. Katie majored in molecular cell biology at UC Berkeley and is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in biochemistry and molecular biophysics at Caltech. She credits that first Mayfield biology class, followed by AP Biology, for helping to seal her passion for science.

What does STEM stand for? Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

“Before I came to Mayfield, I thought I wasn’t good at math or science—even though I was taking honors math courses in middle school and had never gotten less than an A in any science course—simply because of the preconception that girls weren’t good at either,” Katie said. “What Mayfield does really well for aspiring women scientists is give them the opportunity to explore their options without preconceptions about their abilities.” Katie is among a number of impressive alumnae who Mayfield helped launch into STEM fields. In-depth interviews with numerous alumnae, conducted by retired Academic Dean and longtime English



teacher Joan Sinclair, describe a high school that not only inspires young women to take on STEM professions with determination, but also instills the confidence and knowhow to succeed in what is still maledominated work. The qualitative study of alumnae in STEM fields found that the Mayfield culture educates future scientists, engineers and doctors in three key ways: meeting the individual needs of advanced and motivated students, communicating high expectations in math and science classes and encouraging the pursuit of internship opportunities during high school. What also connects our STEM alumnae is the universal admiration and gratitude they hold for their teachers—who worked with them until midnight on a project, who were always available for tutoring, and who instilled a sense of mission to use their gifts to pursue math and science careers. Courtney Kelly ’14, who is studying engineering at the University of Notre Dame, recalled that almost every day, AP Calculus BC teacher Melissa Tighe reminded her class they had the ability to become engineers and scientists. Students believed that “if we didn’t blaze the trail to close the STEM gender gap, who would?” Others spoke of bringing their calculus and biology notes to college because those pages were treasure troves of information— especially valuable when they tutored struggling classmates.

“I clearly was one of the better prepared students in math,” said Jasmin Rizko ’14, who is majoring in mathematical and computational biology at Harvey Mudd College.

with excellence and are hungry for advanced science and math studies.

Challenge builds confidence

“Mayfield trusted that I would use the time to sit outside at the picnic table with my enormous textbook and mail in my line and surface integration homework,” said Betsy, who went on to complete a bachelor’s degree with a dual major in math and economics from the University of Redlands, and a doctoral degree at Caltech in the Division of Social Sciences. She is currently a member of the Math and Political Science departments at Washington University.

Alumnae are clear about what helped pave the way to college success: rigorous studies and the conviction of their teachers that they could master difficult subjects. “Ms. Peters made AP Biology as close as she could to a real college course,” said Dr. Laura Sinclair ’00. “She taught us how to be good science students—how to keep a lab book, take notes, prepare for exams. When I arrived at Caltech my study skills were significantly better than a lot of my peers.” Mayfield faculty—then and now—are attuned to the needs of all students and work to continually challenge those who charge through normal course offerings

Dr. Betsy Sinclair ’98 took an advanced independent study math course through UC Berkeley extension during her senior year.

Two recent graduates, Madeleine Waller ’13 and her sister, Sabrina Waller ’15, worked with faculty to supplement their academic program with courses through the Stanford University Online High School. Madeleine

took multivariable calculus and both took AP Physics C. But it was their classroom work that prepared them for higher level studies. “Mrs. Tighe made math something you could do,” said Sabrina. “She employed multiple explanations to help you understand a difficult concept, and provided a good support system so you could succeed at calculus.”

Teachers believe, students achieve Inside Mayfield classrooms, math and science teachers model excellence and high expectations, instilling the tenacity young women need to pursue STEM majors and future careers, alumnae said. When she first toured Mayfield, Dr. Sylvana Hidalgo ’05 told her mother, who had fled the civil war in El Salvador, that she worried about whether she could succeed academically. continues >>



Alumnae in ST E M << continued

Her teachers and college counselor—Dr. Anne Hartfield ’77, Mrs. Tighe and Lori Holtrust—“kept reinforcing the message that ‘yes, you can do this,’ ” she said. “I thought I would never get into Yale, but I did. So when it came to applying to medical school, I just thought, ‘Yes, I can do this.’ ” “I came out of Mayfield convinced that I could do whatever I set my mind to,” said Sylvana, a pediatric resident at the Columbia University Medical Center in New York, who will soon be a pediatric cardiology fellow at UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital. She said she was particularly impressed by Mayfield math teacher Dr. Jack Blumenthal, a retired chemical engineer from TRW, whose commitment to encouraging women in science made a powerful impact on her. “You knew he was incredibly smart and didn’t have to be teaching high school,” she said. “He did it because he loved it.”

Internships spark passion As students advance in their STEM studies, Dr. Blumenthal and other faculty members encourage them to pursue science-related summer internships to get hands-on research experience at top-notch institutions in Los Angeles and beyond. Alumnae said these experiences hooked them on science and

“Teachers across the curriculum really taught us to think… They loved having conversations with us.” — SABRINA WALLER ’15



research and helped them discover what it means to be part of a larger scientific community.

continue these efforts. The fact that they will likely be in the minority as women in the programs should not deter them.

Madeleine Waller spent three of her high school summers working with the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) at Caltech. She said this experience piqued her interest in STEM research. At MIT, where she is completing a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and computer science, she landed a position with the Kavli Institute for Astrophysics and Space Research and assisted with the design and testing of a survey satellite to be launched by NASA. Her determination and focus are in part rooted in her Mayfield education, she said.

Anne said she was the only woman among 60 graduate students working in her building and the only woman group leader in a department-wide undergraduate project to build an airplane.

A Notre Dame summer engineering program that Anne Legault Tufts ’06 took confirmed her commitment to acquire both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in aerospace engineering at Notre Dame, where she is currently a Ph.D. candidate specializing in aero-acoustics and computational fluid dynamics. Mayfield students continue to pursue internships at Caltech, City of Hope Hospital and USC, as well as summer STEM programs at Stanford and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, among others. The alumnae encouraged Mayfield students to

“I think I’m more confident for having attended an all-girls high school, where I was pushed to do my best.” She and others said that while they developed a love for science and math in high school, the totality of their Catholic, Holy Child education set them apart. Several cited the importance of the writing skills they acquired at Mayfield as a big plus for scientists. Also, the emphasis on morality and accepting responsibility for their own actions is always imbued in their work. “If you design an airplane, you have to keep in mind that there are going to be people on that plane,” Anne said. Whether or not a student ultimately ends up pursuing a STEM field, the math and science education all students receive at Mayfield imparts key skills. “The study of science teaches critical thinking, no matter what our future field,” Katie said. “You learn not to be swayed by emotion or authority. You learn to be objective, to find the truth.”


At Mayfield she discovered she really liked ‘mucking around’ labs. By the time Dr. Laura Sinclair ’00 graduated from Mayfield at the dawn of the new millennium, she had blazed through every math class, interned at Caltech and had taken a college-level independent study course in thermodynamics. “Mayfield gives you opportunities at an early age to become independent and resilient,” said Laura, a pioneering research scientist. “The confidence instilled enables you to pursue those professions when you move into the larger world.” To this day she is grateful for the nurturing mentorship during her high school years from Dr. Jack Blumenthal, a retired chemical engineer who is still teaching at Mayfield after a long career at TRW. She majored in physics at Caltech, then pursued her doctoral degree with Eric Cornell, a physics Nobel Prize laureate, at the University of Colorado in Boulder. Laura currently works as a physicist in the Applied Physics Division at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Boulder.

“I haven’t gotten tired of mucking around in a lab yet,” she said. Her modesty belies her powerhouse research. This year she was recognized as “Woman Physicist of the Month,” a prestigious award from the American Physical Society, an international organization with more than 50,000 members. The society applauded her internationally acclaimed work: “[Dr. Sinclair] is recognized for pioneering new robust optical tools based on fiber frequency combs that operate outside well-controlled laboratory environments.” Laura finds herself a member of the women’s minority group in her field. At scientific conferences only about 10% of the attendees are women. It’s not unusual for new employees or visitors to her lab to assume that she is a secretary and ask her how to work the coffee machine. These encounters, however, remind her why she relishes her high school years. “At Mayfield,” she said, “no one made any comments that women don’t belong in physics.”


This USC student rockets to the top of her game Three years ago, Lindsay Ladd ’14 was sitting in a Mayfield classroom taking Mrs. Tighe’s AP Calculus BC class. Last year she helped build a rocket with a team of USC engineers that set a world record for achieving the highest altitude ever for a vehicle entirely designed and manufactured by students. That feat made headlines and literally propelled Lindsay and her classmates to the top of a highly competitive group of university-level rocket-building teams.

“We were all cheering and crying when we found out,” she said. “We put so many hours, so much work into this. It was a big deal for us.” She said the student engineers on the team are highly sought-after upon graduation, especially by the nation’s premier aerospace firms. But first, Lindsay and the team are working on their next project: sending a rocket to space.

“We made everything ourselves,” Lindsay told students crowded into the Student Commons for another of Mayfield’s popular Brown Bag Lunch talks with accomplished alumnae. “A lot of what I learned in Mrs. Tighe’s and Dr. B’s class did carry over. It all helped.” A mechanical engineering major at the prestigious USC Viterbi School of Engineering, Lindsay said a classmate approached her one day and “asked if I liked rockets,” inviting her to join the group. She decided to give it a try, and now spends 10 to 20 hours a week in the lab. Lindsay and her teammates caravaned with their rocket to New Mexico’s Spaceport launch site for preparations, testing and, finally, the countdown and take-off of “Fathom II.” “It was ridiculous; we went four times the speed of sound,” she said. Students recovered the rocket about six miles from launch and data showed that it had reached an altitude of 144,000 feet, breaking previous records. Lindsay Ladd ’14 explains the concept of “specific impulse” to Mayfield students during a lunchtime talk.



o c n a n r e c a t b e d r t o o t h e r a s B . Sr “To you lay men and women, there is a clarion call for the future. The call asks your hearts, spirits and hands to continue this Holy Child vision and bring it to fulfillment in the ages to come.” — Mayfield Benefit, March 2012



Year she professed her vows




School events she missed Number of Master’s degrees she held

Our beloved Sister Barbara Mullen, SHCJ, who passed away last June, had an extraordinary way of connecting with students and others through her wisdom, wit and, above all, her devotion to our Lord. She was always asking “What’s your story?” as a way of understanding the hearts of students and friends. She was fond of “keeping it real” to break down barriers in her relationships. Those she touched were grateful that she met them wherever they were on their faith journey and that she offered her trademark insights with honesty and love. For 25 years she shared her devotion to the values of a Holy Child education with the Mayfield Senior School community. At our annual Mass of the Holy Spirit in September, the Mayfield student body dedicated the 2016-17 school year to Sr. Barbara. We were privileged to welcome Fr. Rob Scholla, SJ, her spiritual advisor, to celebrate Mass. His message of God’s presence in our daily lives and the need for strong women leaders in society reflected Sr. Barbara’s legacy.

“Young women of Mayfield should be women who are charged with purpose and meaning and deep joy,” Fr. Rob said. “Sr. Barbara would tell us that the way you foster this deep purpose in life is to foster a deep and genuine confidence in your own dignity and value as a person.” Not a day goes by on campus when we don’t feel the power of her spirituality, which is beautifully alive in our mission as a Holy Child school—and in our knowledge that God lives and acts in us and in our world.

with wisdom, good humor and faith

278 Prayer group meetings

she led for Advent and Lent


Beloved “tricksters”

(you know who you are!)


Age she began her 25-year Mayfield career “...That I dedicated my life to helping people understand how much they are loved by God.” — Sr. Barbara’s answer when asked how she wanted to be remembered, June 2016



An evening to celebrate

Mayfield’s giving spiri Mayfield’s annual Donor Appreciation Dinner celebrated a history-making achievement, thanks to the giving spirit of so many members of our community. Our 2015-16 Annual Giving campaign reached 100% participation, a reflection of the overwhelming support of our current Mayfield families. In addition, a special “Heroes” giving day in June ensured our year-end fundraising success, and our “Cool the Cave” campaign brought direly needed air conditioning to the gym. On this warm fall evening, our nationally acclaimed, award-winning Women’s Ensemble serenaded guests and our talented instrumentalists kept the evening flowing with beautiful music. “Bless you, all of you, for helping to make Mayfield history,” Head of School Kate Morin said as she outlined new school initiatives, including a revamped science curriculum, the addition of a full-time counselor and a Campus Minister. These efforts, she said, are “all in the name of Cornelia Connelly’s great vision to create an empowering, engaging and excellent educational experience for our precious girls.”







Repor t on P hilanthro Mayfield Senior School is grateful to the many individuals,

foundations and corporations for their Annual Giving, Capital Projects

and Scholarship contributions during the July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016 fiscal year.

We recognize the generous donors listed below and thank them for making Catholic

education for young women their philanthropic priority. We are grateful to the Sisters


of the Holy Child Jesus for their financial contribution as well as their support and continued sponsorship of Mayfield Senior School of the Holy Child Jesus.

Founders Circle $20,000+ Anonymous (2) The Ahmanson Foundation The Capital Group Companies Francis H. Clougherty Charitable Trust Mr. & Mrs. Anthony P. Clougherty Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Clougherty Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Clougherty Mrs. Kathleen Clougherty Regan ’64 Mrs. Laura Coats & Mr. Thomas Schulz Condon Family Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Condon Dan Murphy Foundation Carrie Estelle Doheny Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Joseph S. Eisele William R. & Virginia Hayden Foundation Mr. & Mrs. John F. Hotchkis Mr. & Mrs. Peter D. Kaufman Mr. & Mrs. Yeng Keong Low Mr. & Mrs. Emmett P. Lynch George H. Mayr Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Thomas V. McKernan Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Neithart The Suzanne Nora Johnson & David G. Johnson Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Edward C. Roohan The Rose Hills Foundation Edmund & Mary Shea Family Foundation Mrs. Mary Shea Mr. & Mrs. Jerry F. Dietrick (Ellen Shea ’89) Mr. & Mrs. Britton J. McConnell (Mary Shea ’81) Mr. Kimbang Vu & Mrs. Ferari Domingo-Vu Head of School’s Circle $10,000+ Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Alders Mr. Michael Alvarez & Dr. Sarah Hamm-Alvarez Mr. & Mrs. Daniel T. Bane Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Clark Mr. Joseph Gorman Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Eric A. Gronroos

Ms. Barbara Hopp ’55 Mrs. Donald Nores (Joyce O’Hagan Nores ’49) Mr. & Mrs. Jay Oh Mr. & Mrs. Alex Pilmer Mr. Shadi & Dr. Jennifer Sanbar Mr. & Mrs. David Smith Louise Laraway Teal Foundation Mr. & Mrs. James Vagim Mr. & Mrs. Horace P. Wood III Connelly Circle $5,000+ Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Annick (Nancy McAniff ’81) Mr. & Mrs. Boris Beljak Mr. & Mrs. Geoffrey Bland (Andrea Zaninovich ’84) Mr. & Mrs. Lew E. Coppersmith (Julianne Fogliani ’84) Mr. & Mrs. Dennis G. De Pietro Frank De Pietro & Sons Mr. & Mrs. Richard T. Doney Mrs. Brian Henderson Mr. & Mrs. Paul C. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Paul T. Johnson Mr. David Jones Mr. & Mrs. Thomas S. Jones (Virginia Schlueter ’64) Mr. & Mrs. Bart L. Kessel Mr. & Mrs. Strohe LaCroix Mr. & Mrs. Qiang Li Mr. & Mrs. Patrick A. Lovejoy (Georgann Richter ’57) Mr. & Mrs. Michael Maddigan Mr. & Mrs. Steven Marcussen Mr. & Mrs. James Mason Mr. & Mrs. Michael T. McCullough Mrs. Eugenia Riordan Mulé Mr. & Mrs. Edward Nowak Mr. & Mrs. Patrick O’Reilly Mr. & Mrs. George Raptis Mr. & Mrs. Timothy P. Reames Mrs. Kathleen Clougherty Regan ’64 Mr. & Mrs. James P. Sarni Mr. & Mrs. Peter Smith

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Mr. & Mrs. Ronald P. Badie Mr. & Mrs. Bradley E. Barnes Ms. Carolyn A. Barnes Mr. & Mrs. William J. Bedford (Patricia Sweeney ’53) Boeing Company Hon. & Mrs. Robert C. Bonner Mrs. Annette Carhartt Brandin ’66 Mr. & Mrs. Allen J. Brune Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Brydle Mr. Jesús Martinez & Mrs. Ruby Bugarin ’89 California Community Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Garcia (Rebecca Cervantes ’94) Mr. & Mrs. James F. Childs Jr. Christ Child Society of Pasadena Mr. & Ms. Joshua Coffey (Mary Kaufman ’02) Mr. & Mrs. Lew Coppersmith Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Courtney Mr. Gerard DeZern & Ms. Laurie Yockey Dr. & Mrs. Richard C. Diehl Drs. Luis & Lauren Dimen Don & Sally Clark Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Michael Dooling (Kathleen Kelley ’63) Mr. & Mrs. Mark Dymek Edison International Mr. & Mrs. Craig Ellis



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Mr. & Mrs. Greg Van Dyke Dr. & Mrs. John J. Van Dyke Mr. & Mrs. Ramiro Vasquez Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Von Der Ahe Mr. & Mrs. Kurt Weissmuller Mr. & Mrs. Arthur W. White (Constance Howell ’71) Mr. & Mrs. Hal Wholey Mr. Timothy Hawkinson & Ms. Patricia Wickman ’77 Mr. & Mrs. Radoslav Wojcik Mr. & Mrs. Sean Wong Friends to $499 Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Abbott Dr. & Mrs. Frank Acosta Ms. Jeanette Acosta ’04 Mr. Raul Acosta & Mrs. Corine Walworth Ms. Roshanne Aghevli Mrs. William Aicher Mr. & Mrs. Edward Ajamian (Adriana Blanco ’86) Ms. Katherine Alders ’13 Ms. Anna Aldrete Ms. Rhonda Allan Mr. Michael Allen & Mrs. Stella Franco-Allen Ms. Miranda Marie Allen ’15 Ms. Monique Almaguer Mr. Andrew Alvarez Mr. & Mrs. Luis Alvarez Mr. & Mrs. Michael Amado Ms. Adriana Anderson ’10 Ms. Alicia M. Anderson ’72 Ms. Charlotte Anderson ’12 Mr. & Mrs. Paul C. Anderson (Elizabeth Murphy ’83) Mr. & Mrs. John Angelo (Michelle Pheasant ’64) Mr. & Mrs. John M. Anglin (Barbara Nanninga ’66) Mr. & Mrs. Enrique Anorve Mr. & Mrs. Rene Arguelles Mr. & Mrs. Brian V. Arial

Mr. Timothy Lee Arnold Ms. Vanessa Arredondo ’02 Ms. Melissa Arroyo Mr. & Mrs. Ron Aschieris Ms. Sophia Aschieris ’15 Dr. Kimlin Ashing Ms. Alexandra Badie ’14 Ms. Jacqueline Baggott ’17 Ms. Lorna Baggott ’07 Ms. Mary Baggott ’14 Ms. Sarah Baggott ’11 Mr. & Mrs. Jack Baker (Ayne Gage ’66) Mr. & Mrs. Joel F. Baker (Sheila Gormican ’82) Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Bakey Mr. & Ms. Hideo T. Bando Ms. Brittany Banis ’08 Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Bannatyne Ms. Annabelle Bardenheier ’15 Dr. Raed Bargout & Mrs. Souzan Basmaji Ms. Joann A. Barle Mr. & Mrs. Franklin Barnes Mr. Mark Baratta Mr. & Mrs. James Bates Mrs. Jeanne Beadle Ms. Sabrina Beason ’03 Ms. Jennifer Bedford Dr. Anjali Bedi Mr. & Mrs. H. Wilhelm Behrens (Sondra Rogers ’59) Ms. Carina Benzinger ’12 Mr. & Mrs. Carl-Eric Benzinger Mr. Christopher Berg Ms. Katherine Bitonti ’00 Ms. Barbara Blake Mrs. Jacqueline Auldridge Botz ’51 Mrs. Michael Boucher Mr. & Mrs. David R. Bouvet Ms. Katherine Bowman ’03 Ms. Lauren Boyle ’15 Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. Boyle Mrs. Teresa A. Boyle Ms. Kristen Adishian Bozzo ’02 Mrs. Susan Case Brady ’66



Mr. & Mrs. William Brahos (Brigid Fitzpatrick ’82) Mrs. Cheryl Branum Mr. & Mrs. Stephen G. Brown (Barbara Beven ’66) Mr. & Mrs. John R. Brugman (Patricia Wilson ’74) Mrs. John K. Bryce (Karen Faul ’66) Mrs. John Bucklin Ms. Sally Bucklin ’70 Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Burkard Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Steven Bussard Ms. Erin Byer ’02 Ms. Jacqueline Calderon ’03 Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Calderon Mrs. Craig Caldwell Mrs. Shandy Carlson Ms. Abeni Carr ’02 Mr. & Mrs. Tomas Carranza Mr. & Mrs. William Carroll Mr. & Mrs. John Casillas Mr. Victor Cass Mr. Ron Castelo Ms. Amanda Castillo ’08 Mr. Jason Castillo & Mrs. Diana Landi Mr. & Mrs. Cesar Castro Dr. Honora Howell Chapman ’80 Mr. & Mrs. Rene Chargois (Gail Darkin ’79) Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Chavez Ms. Lindsay Chenelia ’09 Mrs. Catherine “Tink” Cheney Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Chong Ms. Hwalin Chou Mr. Anton Chovit Ms. Courtney Chung ’02 Mr. & Mrs. Victor A. Ciulla (Dianne Diannitto ’83) Ms. Gabriella Ciulla ’15 Mrs. Janet Clancy Ms. Katherine Clancy ’11 Ms. Megan Clancy ’17 Ms. Jane Clark ’09 Mr. William Clayton Clifford Swan Investment Counsel Mr. & Mrs. William M. Cloherty (Margaret Bland ’69)



Mr. & Mrs. Michael Cobarrubias Mr. & Mrs. Chris Cole (Mary Stathatos ’02) Mrs. Michele Zappen Colliau Mrs. Sheila Sullivan Conant ’54 Sr. Pegeen Connolly, SCRH Ms. Colette Connor ’09 Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Contreras Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Conway (V. Leann Green ’66) Dr. Patrick Conyers & Ms. Angela Morales Ms. Mary Alice Cords ’61 Mr. & Mrs. Armando A. Corral Ms. Patricia Corrales Ms. Maria C. Corsini-Reden Ms. Nicole Cosand Ms. Kathleen Costello Ms. Carolyn Cota ’06 Mr. & Mrs. Mike Crane (Jennifer Girardi ’89) Mr. & Mrs. Steven H. Csombor Mr. & Mrs. William E. Cunningham (Julie Bitonti ’89) Ms. Courtney Currin ’10 Ms. Sandra Curtis Mr. & Mrs. Albert Daher Ms. Isabella Daher ’14 Ambassador Peter Dailey Mr. & Mrs. Michael Dakan Mr. & Mrs. Jose Dalisay Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Daniel (Joanne Lomenzo ’73) Mrs. Julie Daniels Ms. Therese Davitt Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Dawley Mr. & Mrs. Phillip De Anda Mr. & Mrs. Carter De Haven (Jane Streeter ’82) Mr. & Mrs. Roderick De La Cruz Ms. Tina De La Torre Mr. & Mrs. William De Luca (Anne Marie Gough ’71) Mr. & Mrs. Juan De Mesa (Kathleen Shanahan ’77) Mrs. Tylene De Vine Ms. Katherine Dean ’08

Ms. Michelle Hansen DeBoever ’07 Mrs. Jane Decastro Ms. Julie Decastro Ms. Allison Dehoney ’04 Mr. & Mrs. Rolando Delacruz Mr. & Mrs. Porfirio Delgado Ms. Kris Karl DeLorme ’64 Mrs. Emily Chute Dempster ’68 Ms. Angela Diaz Mr. & Mrs. Paul Diver Mr. Michael Divic Ms. Kristin Dockery ’92 Mrs. Peter Dolan Mr. & Mrs. Dodie Dolendo Mr. & Mrs. Fidencio Domingo Mrs. James Donahue (Hilary Walshe ’56) Mrs. Alyce Doney Mr. & Mrs. Charles O. Doud (Anne Van Lahr ’56) Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Dow Ms. Isabelle Fakas Drake ’71 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Clark-Dreibus (Lisa Clark ’71) Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Dupas Mr. Daniel Dupill & Ms. Christine Bocek Dr. Jacqueline Dupont Ms. Dahlia Dy Mrs. David Dykstra Ms. Ryanne Dymek ’13 Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Easton (Alyce Hamilton ’88) Mrs. Jordan Eboreime ’05 Ms. Consuelo Navarro Egan ’91 Ms. Alexandra Eisele ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Shaker Eissa Mr. & Mrs. John D. Elder Mr. & Mrs. Ed Elguea Ms. Anna Bell Elliott ’86 Ms. Christa Ellis ’15 Mr. & Mrs. Raymond V. Elshout Ms. Laura Emmons ’14 Ms. Soledad Endara ’80 Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Engen Mr. & Mrs. Brett Engstrom (Kimberly Osollo ’88) Dr. Mark Erickson Ms. Elizabeth Ernster ’95 Mrs. Susan Ernster Ms. Marcela Escobar ’86 Ms. Olivia Estrada Mr. & Mrs. Catalino G. Evangelista Ms. Michelle Evangelista ’03 Ms. Catherine Evans ’15 Ms. Linda Evans Mrs. Nicole Dungao Fahey ’02 Mrs. Dolores Farquhar Ms. Francesca Ferri ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Frank Ferri Ms. Allison Ficht ’08 Ms. Jackie Ficht Ms. Anna Figel ’03 Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Figel Mr. Kenneth Fisher Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Fitzpatrick Mr. David Van Pelt & Ms. Mary Fitzpatrick ’72 Mr. & Mrs. Patrick C. Fitzpatrick Mr. & Mrs. Steve Fleisher (Kathleen Demeter ’66) Ms. Sandra Flores & Mr. Louie Christopoulos Mr. & Mrs. Gary L. Floyd Mr. & Mrs. Miller Fong Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Forrest

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Fortner Mr. & Mrs. Bill Fortner Mr. & Ms. Arthur Franco Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Franco Mr. & Mrs. Bruce W. Fraser Ms. Grace Fraser ’15 Ms. Teresa Ann Fuller Mr. & Mrs. Francisco Fustér de la Riva (Victoria Howell ’69) Ms. Allison Burns Gadberry ’06 Gamble Jones Investment Counsel Mr. & Mrs. Mark Gangi Mr. & Mrs. Armando Gaona Ms. Jocelyn Gaona ’15 Mr. & Mrs. Eduardo A. Garcia Ms. Elizabeth Garcia Mr. Juan Garcia & Mrs. Ana Labrin-Garcia Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Garretson Mr. & Mrs. John Garrett Mr. & Mrs. Jose Gaspar Drs. Paul & Bonnie Gately Ms. Judy Genovese ’66 Ms. Sophia Gentile ’15 Mr. & Mrs. Tom Gentile Mr. & Mrs. George V. Genzmer (Candida Crowe ’66) Ms. Michelle Gergen Mrs. Jennifer Hinckley Gersch ’97 Dr. & Mrs. Melvin L. Gerstner Ms. Arlene Gia Verdi Ms. Leticia Gia Verdi Ms. Veronica Gia Verdi Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Gibbs (Claire Dillon ’52) Mrs. Nancy Gibbs Mr. David Mier & Ms. Carmen Giedt ’67 Mr. & Mrs. Richard Gilbert Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Gill Mr. & Ms. David Goddard II (Rebecca Lima ’86) Mr. James Goepel & Mrs. Gilien Silsby Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Goethals (Patricia Overend ’71) Mr. & Mrs. Antonio Gomez Ms. Kimberly Gomez Ms. Alexis Gonzales Dr. & Mrs. Andres Gonzalez Mrs. Dorothy Gonzalez Mr. & Mrs. Mike Gonzalez (Rosemarie Rasic ’84) Ms. Monica Gonzales-Diaz Ms. Emily Baratta Goodell ’99 Ms. Adia Gooden ’03 Ms. Mary Ellen Gormican ’66 Mr. & Mrs. Edward Gould (Cornelia Reynolds ’66) Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Graham (Chris Giles ’66) Mr. Anthony Grande & Ms. Miki Springsteen Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Grant Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Graves (Ann Lobdell ’54) Mr. & Mrs. Louis A. Greco Mr. Daniel Greenleaf Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Grieco Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Grimes (Marie Gibbs ’76) Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Grimm Mrs. Toni Bannan Gross ’61 Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Guardia Mr. & Mrs. Jorge M. Guzman Ms. Stephanie Guzman ’15 Ms. Christin Hablewitz Ms. Kelly Halford ’03

Mr. Andrew Bikichky & Ms. Caroline Halili ’86 Mr. Harris Hall & Dr. Stephanie Hall Mr. & Mrs. Francis Hallinan Mrs. Edward Halpin Ms. Anne-Marie Ficht Hames ’98 Mr. & Mrs. R.M. Hanisee Mrs. Marlowe Boyes Hanlon ’50 Mr. & Mrs. Eric Hansen (Renee Mauvezin ’74) Mr. Robert Harker Mr. & Mrs. Dennis M. Harley Ms. Jennifer Harris ’03 Mr. & Mrs. Scott Hart (Schnell Hall ’86) Mr. Sean McDermott & Dr. Anne Hartfield ’77 Ms. Katherine Hatton ’15 Mr. & Ms. Steven Hawkins Mr. & Mrs. Tony Haynes (Carey Ingle ’76) Mrs. William R. Hees III Ms. Chelsea Momoko Heller ’15 Ms. Lilly Helmuth-Malone ’15 Mrs. William E. Henke (Anne McNiff ’51) Mrs. Lili Hermeline Mr. & Mrs. Fernando Hernandez Mr. & Mrs. Joe Hernandez Ms. Sofia Hernandez ’15 Ms. Klarissa Herrera ’15 Mr. & Mrs. Oscar I. Herrera Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey E. Hilland Ms. Christina Hilo ’03 Mr. & Mrs. Bruce C. Hinckley

Mr. & Mrs. William Hines Mrs. Rachel Cota Hochstetler ’04 Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Hodgson Mr. & Mrs. T. Randolph Hoffman Mr. Nelson Holdo & Mrs. Meshell Sohl-Holdo Ms. Gabrielle Hollingsworth ’05 Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Vincent Holly (Marylou Lacuesta ’94) Ms. Sarah Buckle Holman ’03 Ms. Lori Holtrust Holy Family Church Ms. Eliza Hooper ’03 Ms. Jean Hooper Mrs. Donna Huckaby Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Hueser (Cary Harder ’97) Mr. & Mrs. Dick Humphries (Fonia Marshall ’66) Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hunt Dr. & Mrs. John Hyland Ms. Elisa Ibarra Mr. & Mrs. David K. Irie Mr. & Mrs. Ivan Ivankovich Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Jackson Mr. & Mrs. Karl Jahina Dr. Michael Jakowec & Dr. Giselle Petzinger Ms. Cristina Johansing ’64 Ms. Natalie Johnson ’14 Ms. Molly Johnston ’66 Mr. & Mrs. Terry Jones (Linda Buccola ’61) Ms. Jacqueline Joseph ’07 Ms. Lauren Joseph ’13

Ms. Madeline Joseph ’17 Ms. Yvette Juarez Ms. Elizabeth Ann Karl ’15 Mr. & Mrs. Frank A. Karl Ms. Katherine Karl ’12 Dr. Marilynn Kaufhold ’59 Ms. Courtney Kelly ’14 Ms. Christina Kennally ’04 Mr. Sean Kennally Mr. & Mrs. Robert Keppel (Christine Van Rooy ’86) Mr. Thomas F. Kibler Dr. Chad Groves & Dr. Karin Kim ’86 Mr. & Mrs. Francis Kinderman (Maritess Lacuesta ’93) Mr. & Mrs. Peter Kingston, Jr. Mr. Michael Miser & Mrs. Margaret Klecker-Miser ’54 Ms. Theresia Kleeman Mr. & Mrs. Stefan Knauss Mr. & Mrs. George Knop (Jeanie Getty ’63) Mr. & Dr. Jonathan Knowles (Ann Morrow ’82) Ms. Tosha Townsend Kopplin Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Kovach (Ellen McNiff ’66) Ms. Adel Kovacs Ms. Michelle Kuczma Ms. Nevada Lacroix ’15 Ms. Lindsay Ladd ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey L. Lamonica Ms. Katherine Lapsys ’05 Ms. Christina Lara ’14 Ms. Lisa Larson

Ms. Chelsea Larsuel ’14 Ms. Shannon Larsuel ’17 Ms. Allyson Laurance ’04 Ms. Anne Emerson Leak ’04 Mr. & Mrs. Henry Lebo (Melissa Holmes ’66) Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Coles (Colette LeBon ’03) Mrs. Louise Leddie Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Lee Drs. John & Peggy Legault (Margaret Eyler ’74) Dr. & Mrs. Timothy Leifer Ms. Denise Leitner Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Lenz Mr. & Mrs. Steve Lesse Mr. & Mrs. James R. Levy Mr. Zhendong Liang & Mrs. Min Xu Mr. & Mrs. Andy Lin Ms. Erika Lin ’14 Ms. Kimberly Linares ’06 Ms. Carolyn Lo Coco ’18 Ms. Jordan Lo Coco ’13 Ms. Lauren Lo Coco ’17 Mr. & Mrs. Frederick J. Locke Mr. & Mrs. David Look (Monica Smith ’86) Mr. & Mrs. John Lopez Ms. Judith Lopez Mrs. Sherylyn Lovell-Gonzalez Mr. & Mrs. Robert Lydon Dr. & Mrs. John J. Lytle Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Macabuhay (Jacqueline Katigbak ’82) Ms. Monica Maceo ’15



Ms. Shelley Machock Mr. William Machock Mr. & Mrs. James Madden Ms. Elizabeth Madrigal Ms. Veronica Madrigal Ms. Nisha Malhotra ’15 Mr. & Mrs. Rajan Malhotra (Seema Shahani ’85) Ms. Elizabeth Malloy ’16 Mr. & Mrs. Charles Marcelline Mr. & Mrs. Richard Marthe Mr. & Mrs. J.C. Mauricia (Dayna Cobarrubias ’98) Ms. Jane McAniff ’83 Mr. & Mrs. Robert McAusland (Margaret Collins ’87) Ms. Maureen McCarthy ’09 Ms. Maureen McConnell ’15 Ms. Joanna Wyatt McCormick ’04 Mr. & Mrs. Patrick McCullough Mr. & Mrs. David Tom McCune (Sheila Gillespie ’61) Ms. Kaitlyn McGloin ’15 Ms. Sally Jeanne McKenna ’67 Ms. Ariane McKiernan Mr. & Mrs. Brian McMahon (Lin Karl ’66) Ms. Lora McManus ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Keith McWilliams Mr. & Mrs. Jose G. Mendoza Ms. Jessica Mennis ’08 Mrs. Rebecca Chute Metrano ’66 Mrs. Barbara Harder Michaels



Mijares Mexican Restaurant Ms. Devin Mikulka ’05 Mr. Mark Mitchell & Mrs. Cecily Brogdon Ms. Tara Mitchell ’03 Ms. Caroline Moe ’15 Mr. & Mrs. James Moffatt Mr. & Mrs. Edmond Momartin Ms. Emily Monroe ’14 Monsanto Fund Mr. & Mrs. Donald A. Monteleone Ms. Angela R. Morales Mr. Gilbert A. Morales & Mrs. Julia Duarte Dr. & Mrs. Louis F. Moret Mr. & Mrs. Robert Morin Ms. Katherine Moritz ’15 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Moritz Mrs. Paola Olaiz Mork ’98 Ms. Louise M. Morris ’69 Mr. & Mrs. Jim E. Morrow Mr. & Mrs. Don K. Mukai Sr. Barbara Mullen, SHCJ † Mrs. Eugenia Riordan Mulé Mr. & Mrs. Sean T. Murphy (Ann Gormican ’70) Mr. & Ms. Ryan Murphy (Emily Osterkamp ’06) Mr. Millard E. Murphy Ms. Kristina Musni ’95 Ms. Alexa Myles ’15 Mr. Lee Myles & Ms. Ruth Coyne Ms. Catherine Nally ’08 Mr. & Mrs. Pablo S. Narvaez

Mr. & Mrs. William H. Neel (Carolyn Cannell ’58) Rev. Wayne Negrete, SJ Dr. Jill Nemiro Ms. Danielle New ’16 Ms. Caitlin Newhouse ’06 Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Nguyen Ms. Karen Stahlheber Nikolakakis ’03 Ms. Kathryn Nishibayashi ’01 Mrs. Donald Noreillie Mr. & Mrs. James Nores (Mary Hennessy ’80) Mr. & Mrs. Charles Norman Ms. Jennifer Norton ’03 Ms. Ashley O’Bryant ’04 Mr. & Mrs. Donald A. O’Connor Ms. Meghan O’Connor ’15 Ms. Kendall Odermatt ’15 Mrs. William O’Fallon (Patricia Moffat ’54) Mr. & Ms. Paul D. Onufer Dr. & Mrs. Preedar O’Reggio Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Ortiz Mr. & Mrs. Laurence Osborn Ms. Veronica Paglia Mr. Bernardo Palomino & Ms. Yvette Juarez Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Parisi (Patricia Michelena ’84) Mrs. Connie Park Mr. & Mrs. Paige Parrish Mr. & Mrs. David B. Parshall (Jane Low ’62)

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Pascale (Patricia Bannan ’86) Mr. & Mrs. Van Richard Pascual Mr. & Mrs. Girish Patel Ms. Moryah Patron ’92 Ms. Anna Patterson ’11 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Patterson (Irene Izquierdo ’83) Mr. & Mrs. Robert Patton (Jennifer Gorman ’89) Mrs. Joe Peacock (Tamer Delap ’66) Mrs. Joan Pearson Mr. & Ms. Brad Pegram (Erica Possemato ’96) Mr. & Mrs. Dale Pelch PepsiCo Foundation Ms. Jessica Perea ’02 Mr. & Mrs. Javier Perez Mr. & Mrs. Michael Perez Ms. Patricia Perez ’94 Mrs. Claudia Perez-Duran Mr. Thomas Perrier & Mrs. Barbara Emmons Perrier Ms. Indira Persad ’03 Mrs. Connie Peters Mr. & Mrs. Scott Peters (Jeannine Gury ’85) Ms. Theresa M. Peters Ms. Michele Peutet ’81 Mr. Douglass Philbin & Mrs. Gwen Kochanski Mr. C. Anthony Phillips Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Phillips

Mr. & Mrs. Dave Phillis (Cathy Christiansen ’66) Mr. & Mrs. Brian Philo Ms. Catherine Philo ’12 Mr. Christopher Meeks & Ms. Ann Pibel Dr. & Mrs. Marcel Pidoux Ms. Mary Pings ’84 Mr. & Mrs. Richard Pizante Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Pizzinat (Ann Colborn ’84) Mr. & Mrs. Gustavo Plascencia Mr. & Mrs. Jack Plescia Mr. & Mrs. David A. Plumley Mrs. Eleanor Powell Ms. Allison Pratt ’14 Ms. Rachel Pringle ’04 Mr. Richard Procter & Ms. Carolyn Leach Ms. Brittney Dennis Pruitt ’03 Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Psomas (Lisa Haigh ’01) Ms. Michaela Puccinelli ’15 Mrs. Jessica Quinn Mr. Aaron Calderon & Ms. Merilisa Ramirez Drs. Virgil & Marianita Raymundo Ms. Megan Reed Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Reeser (Brittany Barnes ’05) Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Reeves Mrs. Patricia Reisch Mrs. Gloria Renwick Ms. Vivian Rescalvo Ms. Phedellee Reyes ’02 Mrs. Sara Jane Martin Reynolds ’66 Mr. & Mrs. Joel Reigsecker Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Riggs (Liz Richards ’56) Ms. Cynthia Riggs ’77 Rivas Sports Inc. Ms. Jasmin Rizko ’14 Ms. Ivy Robertson ’06 Mr. Sam Robinson Mr. Manuel Robles Mr. & Mrs. Steven A. Robles Mr. & Mrs. James Rodeghero (Sara Chute ’79) Mr. & Mrs. Charles Rodgers (Karri Traggio ’82) Mr. & Mrs. Efrain Romo Ms. Lauren Maria Romo ’15 Mr. Seth Rosenson & Ms. Elisabeth Frank Rosenson ’94 Mr. Rodolfo Ruiz & Dr. Connie Casillas Mr. Craig Rundbaken & Dr. Laura L’Heureux Rundbaken ’79 Ms. Danielle Rutledge ’14 Dr. James Sadd & Dr. Roberta Pollock Ms. Marie Sadd ’15 Mr. David Saenz & Ms. Tanya Jurado Ms. Golddy Saldana ’15 Mr. & Mrs. Jorge Saldana Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Sanchez Dr. David Sanchez & Dr. Denna Sanchez Ms. Elizabeth Sanchez ’11 Mr. & Mrs. Fernando Sanchez Ms. Julie Sanchez ’11 Dr. & Mrs. Michael R. Sanchez Ms. Sharon Santa Ana Mrs. Dorothy Sanyal Ms. Jessica Sarni ’15 Ms. Claudia Satori ’72 Ms. Wilma Agno Sayas Ms. Lesley Scheller ’66 Ms. Katherine Schiller ’15

Mr. & Mrs. Edmund Schnieders (Martha Sweeney ’58) Ms. Lucy Schouweiler ’15 Mr. & Mrs. Bruce K. Seidel Mr. Thomas Seigner Mr. & Mrs. Mihaly Serki Ms. Bertha Sevilla Mr. & Mrs. Danny Shain Ms. Kate Shaughnessy ’03 Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Shaw Mrs. Harold Sheridan (Mary Stoebe ’66) Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Shurtleff (Cynthia Garretson ’75) Ms. Gomelia Sia Mr. & Mrs. Steven Silberman (Tina Jussen ’73) Ms. Caitlyn Silhan ’03 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Silva Dr. & Mrs. J. Stephen Sinclair Sisters of Charity of Rolling Hills Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Salma (Emily White ’91) Mr. Chris Erickson & Ms. Jillian Slattery ’00 Mr. & Mrs. Norman Slaught Mr. & Mrs. James Slocum Ms. Andrea Smith Ms. Carrie Smith Ms. Sharick Smyser Ms. Sara Snider ’11 Mr. Michael Sohl Southern California Edison Company Mr. & Mrs. Gregg Spensiero Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Stahlheber Ms. Christine Stancill ’80 Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Stanley Mr. Steven M. Stark Ms. Louisa May Stein ’15 Ms. Liv Amend Steingart ’04 Ms. Carmen Stellar ’06 Ms. Jade Stewart ’09 Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Stonnington Mr. & Mrs. John Strain (Francine Masotti ’57) Mr. Kumar Swaminathan & Dr. Prema Kothandaraman Ms. Maureen Sweeney ’05 Ms. Karen Swenson ’64 Mr. & Mrs. John P. Symes III Mrs. James Tartaglione Mr. & Mrs. Rod Taylor Mr. & Mrs. Tony Taylor (Linda Malley ’78) Mr. & Mrs. Jervey Tervalon The Educated Painters Mr. & Mrs. Daniel C. Thomas (Joan Reberry ’79) Ms. Pilar Thomas ’79 Mrs. Charles Tighe Mr. & Mrs. Robert Tirapelle Tournament of Roses Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Traglio Ms. Remy Traglio ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Trim (Sally Specht ’76) Mr. & Mrs. Colin Tripletts (Elizabeth Stanislawski ’04) Ms. Nicole Trombatore ’15 Mr. & Mrs. Matt Trotta (Heather Hinckley ’99) Ms. Julie True Ms. Sophie True ’18 Ms. Anne Legault Tufts ’06 Ms. Alexandra Tulleners ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Antonius Tulleners

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Tupy Mr. Paul Tzanetopoulos & Mrs. Linda Waddell Ms. Erika Uriarte ’15 Mr. & Mrs. Paul Uriarte Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Valdes Ms. Raegen Valdes ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Valdez Mr. & Mrs. Damon Valentino Dr. Evelyn Valenton Dr. Roberto Valenton Mr. & Mrs. Jose Valle Ms. Lourdes M. Valle Ms. Megan Vallone ’10 Mr. † & Mrs. John K. Van De Kamp Ms. Mary Van Dyke ’14 Mr. & Mrs. Mike Van Hoof (Jennifer Reames ’93) Mr. & Mrs. William C. Van Rooy Ms. Elizabeth Vega Mr. Phillip Velasco Mr. & Mrs. Jose G. Venegas Ms. Leticia Verde Ms. Jessica Vergel De Dios ’06 Ms. Sarah Vielma Ms. Gianna Marguerite Villaluna Mr. & Mrs. Ruel Villaluna Mr. & Mrs. Joe Villar Ms. Megan Amanda Villar ’16 Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Vinci Ms. Belen Viramontes Ms. Kristen Virdone ’03 Mr. & Mrs. Edward Vittoria (Cristina Thais ’89) Ms. Anna Vossler ’07 Mr. & Mrs. James Vossler Mr. & Mrs. William Wade Mr. David Wagner & Ms. Margaret Cribbs Mr. Alan Walker Ms. Kristen Danielle Wall ’15 Mr. & Mrs. Eric Waller Ms. Sabrina Waller ’15 Mr. Parry Wang & Mrs. Zhen Li Mr. & Mrs. Michael Ward (Jennifer Skenderian ’86) Mr. & Mrs. Jim Warren

Mr. John Watkins Mr. & Mrs. Corey Watson Mr. & Mrs. Steve Weckerle (Diane Herrera ’86) Mr. & Mrs. William A. Wegge (Cheryll Knudson ’63) Mr. & Mrs. Richard Weidman Ms. Emma Weithas ’15 Mr. & Mrs. John C. Weithas Mr. & Mrs. Albert H. West Jr. Ms. Anica West ’16 Ms. Marion White Mrs. Rosemary Saal Whitney ’53 Mr. & Mrs. Francois Heuclin (Elizabeth Whitt ’92) Ms. Carie Wickers Ms. Rachel Wiggins ’15 Mr. & Mrs. Randell R. Wiggins Dr. & Mrs. Christopher Wilhelm Ms. Darcy Burns Williams ’66 Mr. & Mrs. Christopher L. Willis Ms. Whitney Willis ’04 Mr. & Mrs. Steve Wills (Margaret Lima ’66) Ms. Barbara E. Wilson Ms. Alexandra Winschel ’16 Mr. & Mrs. Eric K. Winschel Ms. Katharine Winschel ’18 Mr. & Ms. David Wolfe (Thora Walshe ’61) Ms. Claire Woo ’87 Ms. Michele Woo ’93 Ms. Christina Wood ’11 Ms. Sarah Wood ’12 Ms. Jessica Wright ’05 Ms. Christina Yamasaki ’03 Ms. Susan Yang Mr. Wilson Ye & Dr. Janice Ye Ms. Alana Yokoyama ’09 Ms. Kayla Yokoyama ’07 Ms. Charmaine Yue ’15 Ms. Tina Zapata Mr. & Mrs. Robert Zettlemoyer Ms. Juliana Zovak ’12 Mr. & Mrs. Peter Zovak † Deceased



o o C

e h t l

Cave With the flick of a switch, just hours before athletes arrived for pre-season tryouts in August 2016, Athletic Director Lynda Gilbert turned on the gym’s new air conditioning system. Despite sizzling, 100-degree temperatures outside, the Sr. Mary Wilfrid Gymnasium was a comfortable 74 degrees inside. This was the cool culmination of a major capital improvement project that replaced a 20-year-old air circulation system with state-ofthe-art, energy-efficient air conditioning. This is a dream come true not only for our athletes, but also for the entire Mayfield community, which gathers in the gym for Masses, assemblies, dances and other events. We are especially grateful to the Mayfield Booster Club, whose members have earmarked much of their fundraising efforts in recent years to the project, resulting in a $88,000 gift toward our “Cool the Cave” initiative. Thank you to everyone who contributed during the 2016 calendar year to a cooler home for our Cubs!

Champions $25,000+

Spirit Team $2,500+

Francis H. Clougherty Charitable Trust Anthony & Terry Clougherty Bernard & Dianna Clougherty Joseph & Dorothy Clougherty Kathleen Clougherty Regan ’64 Mayfield Booster Club John & Dorothy Shea

Joseph & Diana Eisele Steven & Catherine Marcussen

Varsity Team $10,000+ Geoffrey & Andrea Zaninovich Bland ’84 Kimbang Vu & Ferari Domingo Edmund & Mary Shea Family Foundation Paul & Katherine Johnson Robert & Charmean Neithart Edward & Colleen Roohan Junior Varsity Team $5,000+ Bud & Julianne Fogliani Coppersmith ’84 In Memory of John Jones & Kelley Jones ’97 David Jones Yeng Keong & May Low Patrick & Marcela O’Reilly



Cubs Team $1,000+ Christopher & Marla Alders John Arcia & Leann Kruse-Arcia Christopher & Natalie Augustine Robert & Susan Baggott Pierre & Bridget Biscaichipy Jack & Susan Blumenthal Allen & Sandi Brune The Condon Family Foundation Gerard Dezern & Laurie Yockey Mike & Kelly Joyce Dunn ’81 The Hayden Eaves Family Jasen & Jennifer Grohs John & Courtney Hotchkis Angela M. Howell ’76 Michael & Deborah Maddigan Scott & Luz Nunez McBride ’90 Kate & Skip Morin George & Ana Raptis Eric & Rebecca Pottmeyer Reed ’89 Alan & Audrey Remedios

The Sarni Family Foundation Pete & Christine Smith Tim & Kristin Smith John & Mary Snider Stephen & Karen Sweeney Bill & Mary Urquhart Cubs Fan $1-$999 Les Allan Lydia Arguelles Ernest Arboles & Stephanie Chavez Christian & Adriann Grieco Cocker ’93 Kevin & Kathleen Cordano David & Karen Enzminger Susan Ernster Barney & Courtney Evans Ronald & Diane Garretson Richard & Lynda Gilbert Joseph & Sarah Gill Dave & Connie Harding Stephen & Anne Hawkins Paul & Sandy Holguin George & Bernadette Hartfield Hotaling ’83 Peggy Mills Ireland ’82 Ronald & Heidi McNiff Johnson ’84 Thomas & Jessica Korzenecki

John & Tracy Lewis William & Alyson Lewis Alex & Naomi Magat Jesús Martinez & Ruby Bugarin Leo & Romola Mascarenhas Robert & Christine McClain James & Kimberlee Muenzer Charles & Maire Mullaly John & Ruth Pasqualetto James & Lori Pearson Aaron Calderon & Merilisa Ramirez Sean Regan Thomas & Yvonne Riley Daisy Rivas Mark Saigh & Mara Suchy Steven & Suzanne Sanchez Hannah Schraer ’11 Michael & Elizabeth Serhan David & Cheryl Smith Society of the Holy Child Jesus Gregory & Randalyn Stanislawski Thomas & Melissa Tighe Harley & Stephanie Urbach James & Chelisa Vagim Ramiro & Felicia Vasquez Phillip Velasco Peter & Allison Viehl

Her itage Families

Mayfield Senior School has been blessed by the generosity of individuals and

foundations who have made transformative gifts to the school. Listed below are donors

& Fo unda

whose cumulative lifetime giving to Mayfield has reached milestone levels. We thank each for

their ongoing commitment to providing the finest Catholic education for young women and their belief in our mission as a Holy Child school. We appreciate the long history of friendship which distinguishes these special benefactors.

$1 Million+

$250,000 - $499,999

The Ahmanson Foundation Anonymous Francis H. Clougherty Charitable Trust Laura Coats & Thom Schulz Condon Family Foundation William R. & Virginia Hayden Foundation Carol Sweeney Spieker ’62 & Ned Spieker

Sandra & Daniel Bane Kevin G. Clifford Megan & Rick Hernandez Barbara Hopp ’55 Suzanne Nora Johnson & David G. Johnson W. M. Keck Foundation Jackie & Patrick Koo Donald T. Leahy Charitable Lead Trust Fran & Rob Lynch The Riordan Foundation Colleen & Ed Roohan The Rose Hills Foundation Mary & John Snider Greg Stubblefield Family $100,000 - $249,999

$500,000 - $999,999 Anonymous Jan, Katie ’02, Michael & Brian Clifford Carrie Estelle Doheny Foundation George H. Mayr Foundation Margaret & John Haigh†† William R. & Virginia Hayden Foundation Peter & Mary Grace Kaufman Joyce O’Hagan Nores ’49 & Donald Nores† Edmund & Mary Shea Family Foundation John & Dorothy Shea Foundation

Betsy Goethals Ackerman ’74 & Andy Ackerman The James G. Boswell Foundation The Capital Group Companies Betty & Brack Duker Frank De Pietro & Sons Kathy & Mike Dooling Maude & Richard Ferry Molly† & Joseph Gorman

t io n s

Marjorie & David C. Haber† William H. Hannon Foundation Thomas & Dorothy Leavey Foundation Gertrude & Raymond Marshall†† Tori & Mike McCullough Anna Ortiz Morfit ’93 & Mason Morfit Mozilo Family Foundation Phyllis & Angelo Mozilo Genie Riordan Mulé Mary & Patrick Nally Teresa Bannan Nally ’50 & Joseph Nally† Charmean & Robert Neithart Maria-Antonia Brackenridge Niven† Caroline & Charles Norman Pacific-Western Foundation Katherine & Thomas P. Pike†† Kathleen Clougherty Regan ’64 Ann & Joseph Sanders Rebecca & Jim Sarni Carol Pickle & Kevin Slattery Society of the Holy Child Jesus Karen & Stephen Sweeney Gary Thompson Mary & William Urquhart Weingart Foundation Athena & Phelps Wood † Deceased



Benefit 2016 Cattle Baron's Bash

Yeehaw, y’all! The “Cattle Baron's Bash” was a rip-roarin’ success! After posing for photos in the Wells Fargo stagecoach, guests mingled amidst a sea of cowboy hats during cocktail hour before moseying down to the Sr. Mary Wilfrid Gymnasium for dinner, dancing, a spirited live auction and a “paddle raise” fundraising finale. The Western-themed event was a nod to the property's original owner, E.J. Marshall—a man The New York Times called “the last of the great cattle barons”—who commissioned noted architect Frederick Roehrig to design his Pasadena mansion on Bellefontaine Street in 1915. We are grateful to our sponsors, donors, guests and supporters for helping us to raise more than $200,000. We also tip our hats to Benefit Chair Chelisa Vagim—our very own “Cattle Baroness”—and her team of event “wranglers” for their dedication to creating a fun, memorable and highly successful event! Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Abdalla Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Alders Mr. R. Michael Alvarez & Dr. Sarah Hamm-Alvarez Mr. Ernest Arboles & Mrs. Stephanie Chavez Dr. John Arcia & Dr. Leann Kruse-Arcia Mr. & Mrs. Michael Astalis Mr. & Mrs. Chris Augustine Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Baggott Ms. Brittany Banis ’08 Mr. R. Daniel Banis & Dr. Heather Banis Mrs. Jeanne Beadle Mr. & Mrs. Pierre Biscaichipy Mr. & Mrs. Geoffrey Bland (Andrea Zaninovich ’84) Bob Smith Toyota Mr. William J. Borges Mr. William Brody & Mrs. Judy Johnson Mrs. Catherine “Tink” Cheney Citizens Business Bank



Clifford Swan Investment Counsel Mrs. Laura Coats & Mr. Thomas Schulz Mr. & Mrs. Christian Cocker (Adriann Grieco ’93) Mrs. Michele Zappen Colliau Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Condon Monsignor Clement J. Connolly Mr. & Mrs. Lew Coppersmith (Julianne Fogliani ’84) Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Cordano Ms. Nicole Cosand Courtney Construction, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Courtney Crown City Tire Mr. & Mrs. Mel Cruz Ms. Sandra Curtis Cynthia Brooks Distinctive Catering Ambassador Peter Dailey Ms. Therese Davitt Mr. Gerard DeZern & Ms. Laurie Yockey

Dr. & Mrs. Richard C. Diehl Mr. & Mrs. Fidencio Domingo Darrell Done/Coldwell Banker Mr. & Mrs. Mark Dymek Mr. & Mrs. Christopher J. Easton (Alyce Hamilton ’88) Edmund & Mary Shea Family Foundation The Educated Painters Mr. & Mrs. Joseph S. Eisele Mr. David & Dr. Karen Enzminger Mr. & Mrs. Berne H. Evans IV Mrs. Martha Chute Fitzpatrick ’60 Mr. & Mrs. Theodore J. Fogliani Mr. & Mrs. Miller Fong Mr. & Mrs. Bill Fortner Mr. David Fortner Mrs. Stacey A. Fortner Gamble Jones Investment Counsel Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Garretson

Gerlach’s Liquor Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Gill Mr. & Mrs. Antonio Gomez Mr. Harris Hall & Dr. Stephanie Hall Mr. & Mrs. David M. Harding Mr. & Mrs. Dennis M. Harley Mrs. Brian Henderson Dr. Howard W. Higholt Mr. & Mrs. Paul A. Holguin Mr. & Mrs. Louis Holtz Holy Family Church Mr. & Mrs. George Hotaling Mr. & Mrs. John F. Hotchkis Ms. Angela M. Howell ’76 Mrs. Donna Huckaby Ms. Peggy Mills Ireland ’82 Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Johnson (Heidi McNiff ’84) Mr. & Mrs. Paul C. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Virg Kasputis (Daina Petronis ’80) Mr. & Mrs. Bart L. Kessel Mr. & Mrs. Josef Kiechler Mr. & Mrs. Peter Kingston, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Korzenecki Mr. & Mrs. Danny Leon Mr. & Mrs. John Lewis Mr. & Mrs. William Lewis Mr. Donald Liddy & Dr. Jena Liddy Mr. & Mrs. Edward W. Loftus Mr. & Mrs. Carlo Lopez Mr. & Mrs. Yeng Keong Low Mr. & Mrs. Robert Lydon Mr. & Mrs. Michael Maddigan The Malloy Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Steven Marcussen

Mr. & Mrs. William Marsh (Catherine Hayden ’86) Mr. & Mrs. Richard Marthe Drs. Leo & Romola Mascarenhas Mayfield Junior School Mr. & Mrs. Scott McBride Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. McClain Mr. & Mrs. Britton J. McConnell (Mary Shea ’81) Mr. & Mrs. Brendan McCracken Ms. Teresa Mestas Mimi et Cie Mijares Mexican Restaurant Mission Tile West Mr. & Mrs. Edmond Momartin Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Mullaly Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Neithart Ms. Patricia New Mr. & Mrs. Michael Osborn Mr. & Mrs. Tony Paine Mr. Eric Panajotovic Mr. & Mrs. Van Richard Pascual Mr. & Mrs. John G. Pasqualetto, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. James Pearson Pie ’N Burger Mr. & Mrs. George Raptis Mr. & Mrs. Eric Reed Mrs. Kathleen Clougherty Regan ’64 Mr. Sean Regan Mrs. Patricia Reisch Dr. & Mrs. Robert Reisch Mr. & Mrs. Alan G. Remedios Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Riley Ms. Daisy Rivas Rivas Sports Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Edward C. Roohan

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Ryan Mr. Shadi & Dr. Jennifer Sanbar Mr. & Mrs. Steven Sanchez Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Sanders Mr. & Mrs. Kevork Sarkisian Mr. & Mrs. James P. Sarni Mr. & Mrs. Michael Serhan Mrs. Edmund Shea Mr. Kevin Slattery & Ms. Carol Pickle Mr. & Mrs. David Smith Mr. & Mrs. Peter Smith Mr. & Mrs. John Snider Society of the Holy Child Jesus Mr. & Mrs. William Soong Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Stanislawski Mrs. Phyllis Tighe Mr. & Mrs. Angel Toriz Mr. Jorge Trujillo & Mrs. Elsie Valdes-Trujillo Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Tupy Mr. & Mrs. Harley Urbach Mr. & Mrs. James Vagim Mr. & Mrs. Ramiro Vasquez Mr. & Mrs. Peter Viehl Mr. Kimbang Vu & Mrs. Ferari Domingo-Vu Mr. John Watkins Mr. & Mrs. Stephen H. Watkins Mr. & Mrs. Kurt Weissmuller Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign Mr. & Mrs. Hal Wholey Mr. & Mrs. Peter Wilkniss Mr. & Mrs. Eric K. Winschel Mr. & Mrs. Horace P. Wood III



Alumnae Giving Holy Child Scholarship Fund The alumnae listed below by class made contributions to Mayfield Senior School during 2015-16. Mayfield alumnae underwrite the entire Holy Child Scholarship program as their primary philanthropic focus. This program supports outstanding students from elementary schools who embody the spirit of the Holy Child philosophy. In 2015-16, 52 young women benefited from the Holy Child Scholarship Fund. Alumnae who contribute $500 or more to the fund can “Adopt a Scholar” and follow the student’s progress during her time at Mayfield Senior School (denoted by *). A class may also work together to adopt a scholar by contributing $3,500 or more (denoted by **).

1949 Joyce O’Hagan Nores* 1950 Marlowe Boyes Hanlon Teresa Bannan Nally* 1951 Jacqueline Auldridge Botz Anne McNiff Henke 1952 Claire Dillon Gibbs 1953 Patricia Sweeney Bedford Rosemary Saal Whitney 1954 Sheila Sullivan Conant Ann Lobdell Graves Margaret Volken Klecker-Miser Patricia O’Fallon 1955 Barbara Hopp* Carol Treadwell Magoffin Ninteman 1956 Anonymous Hilary Walshe Donahue Anne Van Lahr Doud Sr. Sheila McNiff, SHCJ Liz Richards Riggs



1957 Mary Karig D’Urso* Georgann Richter Lovejoy* Francine Masotti Strain

Virginia Schlueter Jones* Kathleen Clougherty Regan* Karen Swenson Debbie Langan Valentine*

1967 Carmen M. Giedt Patty Phillips Guzowski Sally Jeanne McKenna

1958 Carolyn Cannell Neel Martha Sweeney Schnieders

1965 Sandra Sweetser Kindermann*

1968 Barbara Doherty Andrews* Emily Chute Dempster Chrisi Smith Fleming* Hon. Margaret M. Morrow*

1959 Sondra Rogers Behrens Marilynn Kaufhold 1960 Martha Chute Fitzpatrick* Sally Johansing Held* RoseMary Lynch Mitchell* 1961 Mary Alice Cords Toni Bannan Gross Linda Buccola Jones Sheila Gillespie McCune Thora Walshe Wolfe 1962 Jane Low Parshall* 1963 Kathleen Kelley Dooling* Jeanie Getty Knop Cheryll Knudson Wegge 1964 Michelle Pheasant Angelo Kris DeLorme Marianna Johansen Fisher* Cristina Johansing

1966** Barbara Nanninga Anglin Ayne Gage Baker Susan Case Brady* Annette Carhartt Brandin* Barbara Beven Brown Karen Faul Bryce V. Leann Green Conway Kathleen Demeter Fleisher Elizabeth Herberle Garcia Judy Genovese Candida Crowe Genzmer Mary Ellen Gormican Cornelia Reynolds Gould Chris Giles Graham Fonia Marshall Humphries Molly Johnston Anne P. Kortlander* Ellen McNiff Kovach Melissa Holmes Lebo Lin Karl McMahon Rebecca Chute Metrano Tamer Delap Peacock Cathy Christiansen Phillis Sara Jane Martin Reynolds Lesley M. Scheller* Mary Stoebe Sheridan Margaret Mary Neil Villarreal* Darcy Burns Williams Margaret Lima Wills Jane Baumer Woodman*

1969 Margaret Bland Cloherty Victoria Howell Fuster De La Riva Louise M. Morris 1970 Sally C. Bucklin Ann Gormican Murphy Kathleen O’Kane 1971 Anne Marie Gough De Luca Isabelle Fakas Drake Lisa Clark-Dreibus Patricia Overend Goethals Marxianna M. Moe-Cook* Constance Howell White* 1972 Alicia M. Anderson Mary K. Fitzpatrick Claudia Satori Peggy A. Smith* Christi Rocovich Sulzbach*

1973 Joanne Lomenzo Daniel Elizabeth Lewis Gilfillan Teresa Bannan Moore Tina Jussen Silberman Margaret Agamenoni Williams* 1974 Patricia Wilson Brugman* Renee Mauvezin Hansen Margaret Simonds Jorgensen* Margaret Eyler Legault* 1975 Hilary T. Chute* Cynthia Garretson Shurtleff 1976 Marie Gibbs Grimes Carey Ingle Haynes Angela M. Howell* Christine Madden* Sally Specht Trim 1977 Kathleen Shanahan De Mesa Anne Hartfield Cynthia Riggs Patricia Wickman* 1978 Linda Malley Taylor 1979 Gail Chargois Sara Chute Rodeghero Laura L’Heureux Rundbaken Joan Reberry Thomas Pilar M. Thomas

1980 Honora Howell Chapman Soledad Endara Tracy Van Dyke Joseph Daina Petronis Kasputis Mary Hennessy Nores Christine E. Stancill

1987 Cheryl Daly Allen Raquel Marie Apodaca* Alison Shea Knoll* Alyson Burkitt Lewis Margaret Collins McAusland Claire Lai Pheng Woo

1981 Nancy McAniff Annick* Elizabeth Rusnak Arizmendi Sarah Wood Berg* Mary Shea McConnell* Michele Peutet* Anne Elizabeth Pings*

1988 Alyce Easton Kimberly Osollo Engstrom Grace Kibler Griffin*

1982 Sheila Gormican Baker Brigid Fitzpatrick Brahos Jane Streeter De Haven Peggy Mills Ireland Ann Morrow Knowles Jacqueline Katigbak Macabuhay Karri Traggio Rodgers Toi Webster Treister* 1983 Elizabeth Murphy Anderson Dianne Diannitto Ciulla Bernadette Hartfield Hotaling Jane Anne McAniff Mary McDonnell* Jean Childs Palmer* Irene Izquierdo Patterson Maria Collins Stolpe* Patricia Isla Sullivan* Donell Aure Thomas* 1984 Andrea Zaninovich Bland* Julianne Fogliani Coppersmith Rosemarie Rasic Gonzalez Heidi McNiff Johnson* Patricia Michelena Parisi Mary Cathleen Pings Ann Colborn Pizzinat 1985 Mary Workman Hatton* Seema Shahani Malhotra Jeannine Gury Peters 1986 Adriana Blanco Ajamian Marcela Escobar Rita Csejtey* Anna Louise Elliott Rebecca Goddard Caroline Mae Halili Schnell Hall Hart Christine Van Rooy Keppel Karin Kim Monica Smith Look Catherine Hayden Marsh* Patricia Bannan Pascale Marianne Marino Rorden* Jennifer Skenderian Ward Diane Herrera Weckerle

1989 Ruby Bugarin Jennifer Girardi Crane Julie Bitonti Cunningham* Ellen Shea Dietrick* Jennifer Gorman Patton Rebecca Pottmeyer Reed Cristina Thais Vittoria 1990 Carolina De La Torre Goldthwait* Gerianne Teresa Kim Kathleen Leroy Majcher* Luz Nunez McBride* 1991 Consuelo M. Egan Tanya Sofia Jurado Margaret Haber Knauft Emily White Slama 1992 Jennifer Wong Christensen* Kristin Dockery Elizabeth Engen Heuclin Moryah Patron 1993 Adriann Grieco Cocker* Maritess Lacuesta Kinderman Jennifer Reames Van Hoof Michele Woo 1994 Stephani Porras Bouvet* Rebecca Cervantes Garcia* Marylou Lacuesta Holly Patricia Anne Perez Elisabeth Frank Rosenson 1995 Elizabeth Ernster Kelly Serat Garrison* Kristina Musni 1996 Simone Lillian Johnston Kathleen Haber Kane Erica Possemato Pegram 1997 Jennifer Elizabeth Gersch Cary Harder Hueser 1998 Anne-Marie Ficht Hames Dayna A. Mauricia Paola Olaiz Mork

1999 Emily Baratta Goodell Anneke Osterkamp Greco* Heather Hinckley Trotta 2000 Katherine Bitonti Jillian Slattery* 2001 Lisa M. Haigh-Psomas Kathryn Honor Nishibayashi 2002 Vanessa Arredondo Kristen Adishian Bozzo Erin Byer Abeni Elizabeth Carr Courtney Chung Kathryn Clifford Mary Margaret Coffey* Mary Stathatos Cole Nicole Dungao Fahey Jessica Nicole Perea Phedellee Castro Reyes Kathryn Christina Wilson* 2003 Sabrina Lorenzia Beason Katherine Elizabeth Bowman Jacqueline Calderon Michelle Chua Evangelista Anna Lissa Figel Adia Shani Gooden Kelly Elizabeth Halford Jennifer Harris Christina Marie Sabio Hilo Sarah Elizabeth Holman Eliza Brooks Hooper Colette Lebon Tara Kathleen Mitchell Karen Stahlheber Nikolakakis Jennifer Norton Indira Liane Persad Brittney Dennis Pruitt Kate McCutcheon Shaughnessy Caitlyn Elizabeth Silhan Kristen Rose Virdone Christina Mariko Yamasaki 2004 Jeanette Acosta Allison Dehoney Rachel Cota Hochstetler Christina Marie Kennally Allyson Terese Laurance Anne Emerson Leak Joanna Wyatt McCormick Ashley Delane Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Bryant Rachel Alison Pringle Liv Noel Steingart Elizabeth Jean Triplett Whitney Lee Willis 2005 Jordan Eboreime Gabrielle Ana Hollingsworth Katherine Valverde Lapsys Devin Victoria Mikulka Brittany Barnes Reeser Maureen Hayes Sweeney Jessica Lindsay Wright

2006 Carolyn Cota Allison Gadberry Anne Legault Kimberly Linares Emily Osterkamp Murphy Caitlin Newhouse Ivy Robertson Carmen Stellar Jessica Vergel De Dios 2007 Lorna Baggott Michelle Hansen DeBoever Jacqueline Joseph Anna Vossler Kayla Yokoyama 2008 Brittany Banis Amanda Castillo Katherine Dean Allison Ficht Jessica Mennis Catherine Nally 2009 Lindsay Chenelia Jane Clark Colette Connor Hayley Hoffman Maureen Elizabeth McCarthy Jade Stewart Alana Yokoyama 2010 Adriana Anderson Courtney Currin Megan Vallone 2011 Sarah Baggott Katherine Clancy Anna Patterson Elizabeth Sanchez Julie Sanchez Sara Snider Christina Wood 2012 Charlotte Anderson Carina Benzinger Katherine Karl Catherine Philo Sarah Wood Juliana Zovak 2013 Katherine Alders Ryanne Dymek Lauren Joseph Jordan Lo Coco

Courtney Kelly Lindsay Ladd Christina Lara Chelsea Larsuel Erika Lin Lora McManus Emily Monroe Allison Pratt Jasmin Rizko Danielle Rutledge Remy Traglio Alexandra Tulleners Raegen Valdes Mary Van Dyke 2015 Miranda Allen Sophia Aschieris Annabelle Bardenheier Lauren Boyle Gabriella Ciulla Christa Ellis Catherine Evans Grace Fraser Jocelyn Gaona Sophia Gentile Stephanie Guzman Katherine Hatton Chelsea Heller Lilly Helmuth-Malone Sofia Hernandez Klarissa Herrera Elizabeth Ann Karl Nevada Lacroix Monica Maceo Nisha Malhotra Maureen McConnell Kaitlyn McGloin Caroline Moe Katherine Moritz Alexa Myles Danielle New Meghan Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Connor Kendall Odermatt Michaela Puccinelli Lauren Romo Marie Sadd Golddy Saldana Jessica Sarni Katherine Schiller Lucy Schouweiler Louisa May Stein Nicole Trombatore Erika Uriarte Gianna Villaluna Kristen Wall Sabrina Waller Emma Weithas Rachel Wiggins Charmaine Yue

2014 Alexandra Badie Mary Baggott Isabella Daher Alexandra Eisele Laura Emmons Francesca Ferri Natalie Johnson



George H. Mayr Foundation scholars with Pat Haden and Casey Olson. The Mayr Foundation has supported Mayfield scholars since 1989.

Carrie Estelle Doheny Foundation scholars with Rob Smith. The Doheny Foundation has supported Mayfield scholars since 1998.

Scholarships & Endowments

The following foundations and individuals supported Mayfield Senior School in 2015-16 through gifts to our current year and endowment scholarship programs. Over $1 million is awarded annually to deserving students, making the dream of a Mayfield education a reality. We thank the following donors for supporting the scholarship needs of our young women. To establish a named scholarship, please contact Angela Howell ’76, Director of Development, at (626) 204-1006 or email Ahmanson Scholarship The Ahmanson Foundation Bannan Family Scholarship Endowment Mrs. Joseph T. Nally (Teresa Bannan ’50) Mr. & Mrs. Patrick L. Nally Pacific-Western Foundation Betsy Bannan Gilmore ’76 Scholarship Mr. & Mrs. Peter Moore (Teresa Bannan ’73) Coats Family Scholarship Mrs. Laura Coats & Mr. Thomas Schulz Current Year Scholarship Anonymous (2) Christ Child Society Mr. William Clayton Mr. & Mrs. Michael Dooling (Kathleen Kelley ’63) Dr. Augustin Garcia Mr. & Mrs. Dennis S. Gertmenian

David C. Haber Scholarship Endowment Mrs. David C. Haber Mr. & Mrs. Chandler Kane (Kathleen Haber ’96) Mr. & Mrs. Sage Knauft (Margaret Haber ’91) Mr. & Mrs. Gregory R. Ryan Carrie Estelle Doheny Scholarship Carrie Estelle Doheny Foundation George H. Mayr Scholarship George H. Mayr Foundation Head of School Installation Luncheon Mr. & Mrs. Daniel T. Bane Maureen Mary Shea ’86 Scholarship Endowment Mr. & Mrs. Edward Ajamian (Adriana Blanco ’86) Mr. & Mrs. Britton McConnell (Mary Shea ’81) Mrs. Edmund Shea Edmund & Mary Shea Family Foundation The Shea Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Steve Weckerle (Diane Herrera ’86) Molly Gorman Memorial Arts Award Mr. Joseph Gorman Mr. & Mrs. Robert Patton (Jennifer Gorman ’89)



Pheasant Family Scholarship Mr. Merrill Butler & Mrs. Cheryl Anderson Butler Mrs. Patricia Moffat O’Fallon ’54 Professional Development Parents Board Rose Hills Scholarship The Rose Hills Foundation Valerie Norton Nora ’55 Scholarship The Suzanne Nora Johnson & David G. Johnson Foundation Restricted Other Mr. & Mrs. Peter D. Kaufman Mr. & Mrs. Frank Sanchez Science and Technology Mr. & Mrs. Stephen F. Beverburg Dr. & Mrs. Jack Blumenthal Boeing Company Sr. Helen Mary Weisbrod, SHCJ Scholarship Society of the Holy Child Jesus

Capital Campaign

We extend special thanks to the individuals and families listed below who contributed to the Faith in Our Future capital campaign in 2015-16. Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Alders Mr. Andrew Michael Alvarez Mr. Jeff Olson & Dr. Raquel Apodaca ’87 Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey A. Bernardin The Capital Group Companies Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Clark Condon Family Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Condon Mr. & Mrs. Joseph S. Eisele

Mr. Vincent Gallardo & Mrs. Stephanie May Mr. & Mrs. Graeme A. Gilfillan (Elizabeth Lewis ’73) Mr. Joseph Gorman Jr. Ms. Jennifer Harris ’03 Mr. & Mrs. John V. Hatton (Mary Workman ’85) William R. & Virginia Hayden Foundation Mrs. Brian Henderson Ms. Angela M. Howell ’76 Mr. & Mrs. Paul T. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Peter D. Kaufman Mr. & Mrs. Strohe Lacroix Ms. Anne Emerson Leak ’04 Mr. Martin Leitner & Ms. Christina Schweighofer Mr. & Mrs. Yeng Keong Low Mr. & Mrs. Emmett P. Lynch Mr. & Mrs. Thomas V. McKernan

Mr. & Mrs. Jim McManus Mr. & Mrs. Walter Mix Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Neithart Dr. Jill Nemiro Mr. & Ms. Paul D. Onufer Drs. John & Terre Osterkamp Mr. & Mrs. Alex Pilmer Mr. Aaron Calderon & Ms. Merilisa Ramirez Mr. & Mrs. Edward C. Roohan Mr. Kevin Slattery & Ms. Carol Pickle Mr. & Mrs. David Stolpe (Maria Collins ’83) Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Sullivan (Patricia Isla ’83) Ms. Elizabeth Vega Mr. & Mrs. Stephen H. Watkins Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign

Memorial & Honorary Gifts In Memory of Mary Pat Pheasant Anderson ’54 Mr. Merrill Butler & Mrs. Cheryl Anderson Butler Mr. & Mrs. John Angelo (Michelle Pheasant ’64) Mr. & Mrs. Franklin Barnes Mr. & Mrs. H. Wilhelm Behrens (Sondra Rogers ’59) Mrs. Sheila Sullivan Conant ’54 Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Graves (Ann Lobdell ’54) Mr. Michael Miser & Mrs. Margaret Klecker-Miser ’54

In Memory of Mary Catherine Gormican Ms. Mary Ellen Gormican ’66

In Memory of Myrtle Phillips Mr. & Mrs. Britton J. McConnell (Mary Shea ’81)

In Memory of Lois Harmsen Mr. & Mrs. Britton J. McConnell (Mary Shea ’81)

In Memory of Carol Riordan Mr. Jonathan Knowles & Dr. Ann Morrow Knowles ’82

In Memory of Teresa Hartfield Mr. & Mrs. Britton J. McConnell (Mary Shea ’81)

In Memory of Brian Baggott Mr. & Mrs. Britton J. McConnell (Mary Shea ’81)

In Memory of John & Kelley Jones Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Hodgson

In Memory of John Bucklin Mr. & Mrs. Britton J. McConnell (Mary Shea ’81) Mrs. Mary Shea

In Memory of Clayton Mills Ms. Barbara Blake Ms. Angela M. Howell ’76 Mrs. Clayton Mills Mr. C. Anthony Phillips Mr. Thomas Seigner Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Tighe Tournament of Roses

In Memory of Ray & Bette Rodeno Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Calderon Dr. Jacqueline Dupont Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Hotaling Ms. Angela M. Howell ’76 Mr. & Mrs. Britton J. McConnell (Mary Shea ’81) Mrs. Mary Shea Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Stanislawski

In Memory of Ken & Susan Inglis Colborn ’53 Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Pizzinat (Ann Colborn ’84) In Memory of Rita Curasi Mr. & Mrs. Britton J. McConnell (Mary Shea ’81)

In Memory of Maria Soghomonian Mr. & Mrs. Britton J. McConnell (Mary Shea ’81) In Memory of Corey Watson Mr. & Mrs. Britton J. McConnell (Mary Shea ’81)

In Memory of Art Dymek Mr. & Mrs. Britton J. McConnell (Mary Shea ’81)

In Memory of Eileen Morrissey Mr. & Mrs. Britton J. McConnell (Mary Shea ’81) Mrs. Mary Shea

In Memory of Sister Wilfrid Yore & Mother Mary Kenneth Mrs. James Donahue (Hilary Walshe ’56)

In Memory of Tobias English Mr. & Mrs. Britton McConnell (Mary Shea ’81) Ms. Angela M. Howell ’76

In Memory of Donald Nores Mr. & Mrs. R.M. Hanisee Mr. & Mrs. Britton J. McConnell (Mary Shea ’81)

In Memory of Mary Gorrell Wilkinson ’57 Mr. Bruce Wilkinson

In Memory of Peter Fitzpatrick Mr. & Mrs. Britton J. McConnell (Mary Shea ’81) Mrs. Mary Shea

In Memory of Ika & Jan Panajotovic Mr. Eric Panajotovic In Memory of Jan Panajotovic Mr. & Mrs. Britton J. McConnell (Mary Shea ’81)

In Memory of Elaine Wilson Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Pizzinat (Ann Colborn ’84) In Honor of Cathy Caton Mr. Joseph Gorman Jr.




Pat and Bill Eyler bequest: a legacy of love and scholarship

Ruby Bugarin ’89 thanks Mayfield through her living trust Ruby Bugarin ’89 is a busy mother of two and owner of two successful Mexican restaurants—Margaritas in Pasadena and Pepe’s in Montrose. When she and her husband recently took time to update their living trust and reflect on the enduring influences on their lives, Ruby decided to remember Mayfield with a bequest. “I’m so glad I attended Mayfield. It’s where I had a chance to blossom,” she said. As a member of the Dance Conservatory, Ruby said she “fell in love” with the arts programs at Mayfield. She wanted her living trust to be a vehicle of gratitude to Mayfield as one of the institutions “that had the most impact in my life.” Ruby’s fondness for Mayfield continues. Her daughter, Sofia Martinez ’19, runs cross country and track and is thriving as a Mayfield student. Ruby recalled attending our annual open house with Sofia and running into several of her former teachers, who recognized and welcomed her. “It made me think what a special place this is,” she said. “It’s where you belong and where thoughtful programs for girls educate the whole person.” Photo courtesy of Bronson Photography

The following donors are deceased members of the Bellefontaine Society who made generous bequests to Mayfield Senior School and are remembered on the Perpetual Prayer List in the Connelly Chapel at Mayfield Senior School. Leo Babich† Joseph and Julia Marlowe Boyes†† Ann Garland Brown† Pat and Bill Eyler†† John and Margaret Haigh††

Elizabeth Danner Knowlton ’51† Maria Antonia Brackenridge Niven† Mary Louise Petrie ’53† Thomas P. and Katherine Pike†† Thora Wells Walshe†

Nearly 40 alumnae, parents, past parents and grandparents have joined the Bellefontaine Society. If you wish to join by including Mayfield Senior School of the Holy Child Jesus in your estate plans, please contact Angela Howell, Director of Development, at (626) 204-1006 or



Pat Eyler served on the Parents Board, a behind-thescenes mom helping to make Mayfield the special place it was for her daughters. Her husband Bill cherished all the Mayfield traditions—Ring Night, father-daughter dinners, graduation. The devout Catholic couple put four girls through Mayfield—Suzie ’67, Libby ’70, Peggy ’74 and Terry ’80—a reflection of their strong belief in the formational importance of Catholic education. After their daughters graduated and had families of their own, Bill and Pat enjoyed round two! They were once again a presence at Mayfield, treasuring our traditions—including Grandparents Day this time around. Their family’s second generation included Libby's daughters, Katy Gorris ’94 and Missy Gorris ’97; Susie's daughter, Keriann Orertell ’99; and Peggy's daughters, Anne Legault Tufts ’06 and Emily Legault ’08. It was during these joyful years with their granddaughters that Pat and Bill made provisions to remember Mayfield Senior School in their will. The couple wanted to ensure that their legacy of providing Catholic education to young women will continue into the future through the Eyler Family Scholarship. The Eyler family’s Mayfield graduates attended Santa Clara University, the University of Notre Dame, UCLA and USC. They have gone on to successful careers in business, medicine, technology, marketing, data analysis, personal wellness, aerospace engineering and pediatrics. Predeceased by Bill, Pat passed away last year. Daughter Peggy Eyler Legault ’74 said she and her family hope that each Eyler Family Scholar “will treasure how Mayfield will support not just your education, but also your spiritual and family life.”

Summar y of Supp or t

SUMMARY of DONOR SUPPORT (July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2016) UNDESIGNATED GIFTS Annual Giving


Memorials and Honorary Gifts



2015-16 Total Operating Income | $9,873,964

Ahmanson Scholarship


Coats Family Scholarship


Current Year Scholarship


Carrie Estelle Doheny Scholarship

Contributions 13%


Betsy Bannan Gilmore ’76 Memorial Scholarship Holy Child Scholarship

Tuition & Fees 87%

1,076 112,104

George H. Mayr Scholarship


Valerie Norton Nora ’55 Scholarship


Rose Hills Foundation


Sr. Helen Weisbrod, SHCJ Scholarship



2015-16 Total Operating Expenses | $9,781,143

Bannan Family Scholarship


De Pietro Family Scholarship


Molly Gorman Arts Award


David C. Haber Scholarship


Maureen Mary Shea ’86 Scholarship


GIFTS FOR SPECIAL PURPOSES 75% Faculty, Administration, Staff and Instruction Other 1%





Beverburg Science Fund


Science and Technology Fund


Other Designated


Physical Plant 10% CAPITAL PURPOSES Gymnasium Air Conditioning Tuition Assistance 14%


Chapel Lighting


Chapel Windows


Faith in Our Future Campaign






Homecoming & Reunions 2016

On June 25, 2016, we welcomed more than 175 alumnae back to 500 Bellefontaine for our annual Homecoming and Reunions celebration. Graduates spanning classes from 1951 to 2011 celebrated years of Mayfield sisterhood at their 5th to 65th class reunions.


During the opening Mass in Pike Auditorium, we honored Mary Stoebe Sheridan ’66 as the 2016 Cornelian Award winner for her “Actions Not Words” as a social worker and volunteer with the Benedictine Sisters of Perpetual Adoration. Mary’s tight-knit, 40-member class also marked their 50th reunion with a giving milestone—their ninth consecutive class participation award for gifts to the Alumnae Holy Child Scholarship Fund. They shared memories of their decades-long friendship—including a grin-inducing reference to the “little brown hats” of the 1960s Mayfield uniform. “Now we’re back—walking a little slower, thinking a little slower—but still with that same Mayfield spirit,” said Mary. “I hope it never leaves us.”


Laughter filled Strub Hall as alumnae reminisced and took photos during their reunion dinners and revisited their favorite places on campus, including their old lockers. Mark your calendars for June 24, 2017, when classes ending in 2s and 7s will celebrate their reunions!





Homecoming & Reunions 2017 Saturday, June 24, 2017 Join us on campus as we honor Abeni Carr ’02 and Kate Standifer ’92 with the 2017 Cornelian Award. If your class year ends in 2 or 7, contact Nicole Cosand, Director of Annual Giving and Alumnae Relations, at or (626) 204-1012 for more information.








Perry Montgomery Hotchkis*§ 

University of California, Berkeley Sophia Raye Hunt§ 

Pitzer College Mayfield Academic Award for Instrumental Music Lauren Alexandra Allan

Nadene Shaker Eissa

University of Mississippi

Pasadena City College

Melanie Allison Altamirano

Akemi Rani Elguea*§ 

Loyola Marymount University

University of Southern California

Camille Therese Arboles*§ 

Madison Thea Forrest

Yale University

Muhlenberg College

Cornelia Connelly Award National Merit Commended Scholar National Hispanic Scholar Mayfield Award of Merit for Fine Arts Anne Brockmiller Arnold

DePaul University Jazzmyn May Bando

Gonzaga University Bree Brittany Barnes§ 

Amherst College Jade Milan Bryant

Purdue University Mira Morales Conyers*§ 

Oberlin College Mayfield Academic Award for Visual Arts Madeleine Nicole Coppersmith*§ 

Villanova University Claire Rose Courtney

University of California, Berkeley Nina Analise Csombor

University of California, Santa Cruz Mayfield Academic Award for Creative Writing Elizabeth Ashforth Dimen* 

Brown University National Merit Finalist The Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Pike Award Mayfield Award of Merit for Liberal Arts Hannah Marie Divic

Texas Christian University Faith McKenna Doney

University of Southern California Isabella Andrea Duran§ 

Pasadena City College

Sophia Elizabeth Fortner§ 

Wake Forest University Avery Ellen Fuller-Monk

Maggie Mills Ireland

Santa Clara University Mayfield Academic Award for Athletics Sarah Ann Johnson*§ 

Northwestern University Nina Gabriela Kasputis

The Catholic University of America Calli-Morgan LaMonica

University of Arizona

Southern Methodist University

Stella Leitner

Isabelle Maria Gallardo§ 

National Merit Commended Scholar

Westmont College

Georgetown University

Knights of Columbus Pro Deo Et Patria Award The Mayfield Award

Helen Bedford Lejeune

Lindsey Taylor Garretson

Kennadi Rose Liang

The New School

Lynn University

Loyola University Chicago

Mayfield Academic Award for Photography Teresa Jialing Liang*  Brianna GiaVerdi

Cornell University

Westmont College

Mayfield Academic Award for Mandarin

Elayna Silsby Goepel* 

Vanessa Kate Machock

University of Southern California

Pasadena City College

Mary Elena Harding§ 

Elizabeth Bayley Malloy

Santa Clara University

University of Colorado, Boulder

Clare Áine Henderson*§ 

Kristen Malini Mascarenhas*§ 

University of Rochester

University of Southern California

Mayfield Academic Award for Vocal Music Mayfield Academic Award for Theology

National Merit Commended Scholar Mayfield Academic Award for Science

Sarah Marie Holguin*§ 

Sophia Suzanne Masenga

University of Oregon

DePaul University

Mayfield Academic Award for Dance Mary Rose McClain

New York University Julia Lee McMullan

Santa Clara University Amanda Mendoza* 

Purdue University Jessica Nicole Miller

University of Southern California

Senior Class President Katherine Tighe ’16



Congratulatio n

Gabriella Nobuko Mazaira Mukai*§ 

s Clas s of 2016

University of California, Davis

Ashley Kate Agno Sayas

Megan Amanda Villar

Mayfield Academic Award for Mathematics

University of LaVerne

Seattle University

Mayfield Academic Award for Technical Theatre Mallory Christina Neithart§ 

Charlotte Grace Watkins

Westmont College

Emily Campbell Serhan

Mayfield Academic Award for Theatre

University of Michigan

University of Southern California

Mayfield Academic Award for Athletics

Katherine Isabella Weissmuller

Alison Barbara O’Neil*§ 

Tulane University

University of Notre Dame

Claire Sarah Stanley

National Merit Commended Scholar Mayfield Academic Award for English Mayfield Academic Award for French

University of California, Santa Barbara Mayfield Academic Award for Spanish

Northern Arizona University Archdiocesan Christian Service Award

Savannah Alexa Taylor

Victoria Palermo-Gutierrez

Hofstra University

DePaul University

Amanda Gabrielle Wilcox

University of California, Santa Barbara

Katherine Carey Tighe*§ 

Sabrina Elizabeth Park* 

Mayfield Academic Award for Dance Performance

Duke University

University of California, Berkeley

National Merit Commended Scholar Mayfield Award of Merit for Mathematics and Science Academic Athlete

Jayne Amanda Philbin

Loyola Marymount University Ellen Marie Tirapelle

Humboldt State University

Emily Lynn Pratt

Gonzaga University

Mayfield Academic Award for Film & Media Mayfield Academic Award for Social Science

Michaela Ann Wood

University of California, Santa Barbara

DePaul University

Marissa D Valenzuela

Marymount University

Samantha Rosa Rivas*§ 

University of Southern California

New York University

Leilani Katrina Domingo Tran Sophia Helena Remedios*§ 

Alexandra Jane Winschel*§ 

Kaitlyn Mary Wong

University of Washington

Caitlin Mae Ye

University of Portland

University of California, Irvine

Victoria Maria Valle*§ 

Mayfield Academic Award for Latin

Sabrina Marie Saenz

University of LaVerne

University of Puget Sound

Mayfield Academic Award for Vocal Music

Marisa Olivia Sanchez

Amy Keeney Viehl

Ingrid Colette Yue* 

Loyola Marymount University

University of Oregon

Santa Clara University * California Scholarship Federation Sealbearer

Anica Rose West

§ National Honor Society Member

Commencement speaker Heidi McNiff Johnson ’84

Cornelia Connelly Award winner Camille Arboles ’16



Class Notes 1950s “It has been a sunrise-sunset year. As many know, my husband Ross passed away peacefully in July 2016 after a difficult journey. My son and I were with him. A lovely ‘Celebration of his Life’ was held at Stepping Stones, where we volunteered for many years. Family and friends from near and far paid tribute to him and myself. His ashes were scattered at Coronado. A big thank you to all who have been so supportive. So, my life is forever changed. I continue to volunteer, walk or hike every day and join in with friends often. More TV and alone time. I have no travel plans at the moment. My middle granddaughter will be here for a couple days en route from the University of Arizona in Tucson to her family home in Chico. Youngest granddaughter is applying for colleges and my oldest is working in NYC having graduated from USC last Spring. My oldest son lives close by. My daughter moved to Virginia. Hope this finds you—my classmates—thriving and living the many blessings in our lives. Many years ago we launched a life full of hope and opportunity. It’s still there!” Alice Miller Henry-Taylor ’52

1960s After working for the Tournament of Roses for many years, Linda attended the 2017 Rose Parade as a spectator! Linda Besel Klausner ’62



Karen Swenson ’64’s


Class of 1969 Update from Erin Moore '69:

“Periodically the Class of ’69 gets together when Victoria Howell Fuster de la Riva ’69 returns to South Pasadena for the winter from Malbrea, Spain. We have started meeting twice a year. Kathy McCloskey Leber ’69 enjoys her house in Cabo San Lucas and she has two grown sons who sail out of the Balboa Yacht Club, where we dined in November 2016. Erin Moore ’69 continues to teach anthropology at the University of Southern California and, in her new classes, takes students to walk 200 miles of the Camino de Santiago in northern Spain. Karen Schumacher Poindexter ’69 is in baby heaven with her new granddaughter. She has two grown daughters, one of whom recently graduated from medical school. Shauneen Gough Bell ’69 continues to teach arts to fourth graders. She has a daughter and son-in-law who live in Japan and another son in Santa Barbara. Toni Quigley Tramontin ’69 just returned from a 35th wedding anniversary trip to Europe with her husband. She has lots of grandkids who live close by and she is the cheerleader on the sidelines for lots of sports games.

recently met the floor and broke her wrist; she has what looks like a Swiss army knife embedded in her left wrist to keep all the pieces together. Good thing she has a daughter who is about to finish nursing school and another in real estate. Victoria Howell Fuster de la Riva ’69 is a global citizen in her bi-continental existence. Her grown son is happily living in Spain, working in banking. Sally Bucklin ’70 always joins our class as an honorary member. She is an avid walker around South Pasadena. Cathy Carmack Jones ’69 works for NBC and her post-college daughter works in human resources with a fancy firm. Gaby Esteva-Genovese ’69 almost joined us but she had a wedding to attend. She has happily returned from Mexico to live in Los Angeles. Vickie Besel Baccaglio ’69 can never attend because she has eight grandchildren and there are lots of birthdays around this time of year.” Sharman Beven Dye ’69

“I am ever grateful for my Mayfield education and seem to use it every day as an independent college counselor for local students who want extra guidance on college admissions. In addition, our family went to Scotland last summer on our third golfing adventure. So nice to have our daughter, Katie Brugman ’08, with us on the trip. Katie works very hard as a Ph.D. candidate at Caltech and is ever grateful to Ms. Peters for inspiring her! Patti Wilson Brugman ’74

“My husband John and I have been married for 20 years. John works as a loan officer in the small business department of East West Bank and I am a representative for the Hawthorne Neighborhood Association. We work with the Mayor and City Council on different projects and revitalization of the city, the renovation of the Hawthorne Mall and beautification of the city.” Kathy De Mesa ’77

1980s “I help run the largest college at Fresno State, which was just named in the top 25 nationally by Washington Monthly, along with Stanford and the Ivies. Fresno State delivers a very high quality education to a relatively impoverished community, while its students collectively serve more than 1 million community service hours per year. Fresno State was also named #1 in the country by U.S. News and World Report for our success in increasing graduation rates as a university; the major boost for this came from our College of Arts and Humanities, which has increased rates the most and has met the 2025 goal for underrepresented minorities.” Honora Howell Chapman ’80

The Class of 1976 celebrated their 40th reunion last fall. Carey Ingle Haynes ’76 said of her class: “So much love, true love for who we have become. From little girls laughing in the halls to strong, independent women who love each other, with all our flaws, it’s nice to know we have each other’s backs. I know I could call on every one of you when I need you. I am thankful for you.” Another classmate said: “Great night of fun and friendship with the amazing and spirited women of the Class of ’76! It is an honor to share life’s journey with this exceptional group.” But Mary Singer Brickner ’76 said it best, “Mayfield 40th Reunion… some things never change!!!”

is still enjoying teaching at two home school tutorials for high school students. She has never appreciated the efforts of her Mayfield teachers as much as she does now! Nancy, who lives in Millersville, MD, is still pursuing her travel-writing career: in 2016 she traveled to France, Texas and Alaska for work, as well as to California to see family and Mayfield friends. Nancy and her daughter also enjoyed an unexpected meet-up with Karen Halpin Dolan ’80 and her son in Pennsylvania. Nancy Hertel Parode ’80

Kathy McCloskey Leber ’69, Erin Moore ’69, Karen Schumacher Poindexter ’69, Shauneen Gough Bell ’69, Toni Quigley Tramontin ’69 and Sharman Beven Dye ’69.

1970s “I am currently the Patient Care Manager at the Obstetrics Clinic at Stanford Children’s Health. We see over 1,000 women a month in our clinic for prenatal care. The medical students and residents at Stanford Medical School obtain some of their obstetric training in our clinic. Our patients are women with low-risk pregnancies, high-risk pregnancies and those who have diabetes and are pregnant. I also am a Certified Diabetes Educator specializing in diabetes in pregnancy.” Pictured are Mary’s children Matthew, James, Hillary and Brian at Hillary’s wedding in April 2016. Mary is also the grandmother of River (6) and Saylor (2). Mary Badel ’74

“My husband Rich and I were very honored to be the recipients of the Santa Clara University’s Los Angeles Chapter Alumni Association’s “Santa Clarans of the Year” award in March 2017. We are both alumni, as is our daughter, Catherine Rose Grimes ’11, who graduated Santa Clara University in 2015. Our next daughter, Carolyn Mary Grimes ’15, is currently a sophomore at Santa Clara University. Go Broncos! We have two other daughters, Christine and Clare, who are twins in their junior year at FSHA.” Marie Gibbs Grimes ’76

Mary Kay Redmond ’80 was

honored in November 2016 by the Association of Fundraising Professionals (Silicon Valley Chapter) as a Distinguished Volunteer Fundraiser. She was nominated by JW House, a healthcare hospitality house in Santa Clara. Mary Kay is a longtime member of the organization. As chair of the committee charged with implementing a new fundraising model, Mary Kay partnered with JW House SPRING 2017 POSTSCRIPTS


staff and other volunteers to nearly double the original goal for the first event. Mary Kay and her husband John have two adult children in college. Their son is a senior at Seattle University and their daughter is a sophomore at Boston College.

celebrated her birthday in Maui with her husband, Greg Garcia, and daughter Rory (1). Rebecca Cervantes ’94

1990s “As an Arts Associate in the Community Arts Division in the Department of Cultural Affairs, City of Los Angeles, I recently worked in support of an arts education program at Lincoln Heights Youth Arts Center (LHYAC), a city-run community arts center targeted to serve youth and supported by Proposition K, the LA for Kids ballot initiative passed by voters in November 1996. The center provides very low-cost or subsidized, high-quality, year-round, hands-on music instruction to youth aged 3-21. At LHYAC, my son, Emilio (6), is a year into his study of Son Jarocho, the traditional music of Veracruz, Mexico, which incorporates the jarana (a close cousin to the four-stringed ukulele), canto (singing), zapateado (percussive footwork) and lots of improvisation. For more information, visit” Brandy Maya Healy ’90

married Michael Troxel in May 2016 at Holy Angels Church in Arcadia and had a beautiful reception at the Langham in Pasadena. Megan’s Maid of Honor was her sister and fellow Mayfield alum, Shannon McKernan Inouye ’99, and her bridesmaid was best friend and classmate Alyssa Para ’97. Megan currently works as the Manager of Automotive Engineering for the Auto Club of Southern California. Megan McKernan ’97

Tess Lacuesta Kinderman ’93

2000s is currently the Editor in Chief of Livingly Media, which publishes leading lifestyle websites Zimbio, Lonny, StyleBistro and Livingly. She currently lives in San Carlos, CA, with her husband, Chris, son Cal (3), and son Everett, who joined the family in July 2016. Jill Slattery ’00

Gian Sardar Schwehr ’92

has written her debut novel, You Were Here, published this spring by Putnam. The suspense and romance story is available at all book retailers.

“My husband Matt and I welcomed our third child, Harlan Matthew Bellamy, on November 21, 2016. Harlan joins siblings Sheaden (3) and Adelyn (2). I’m still working as an Executive Producer and just wrapped For Peete’s Sake, which aired on OWN in February 2017.” Becca Gullion Bellamy ’99

married Andrew Ibanez in July 2016. Her sisters, Phedellee Reyes ’02 and Phoebedel Reyes ’10, were her co-Maids of Honor. Pheleah Reyes ’98

and her sister,

Marylou Lacuesta Holly ’94, celebrated

Christmas in the UK with their families. Romina I. Samplina ’01 “After working for a law

Class of 1999 — 20 Years Celebrating Christmas For

the past 20 years Katie Bitonti ’00 (honorary member), Amy Danni ’99, Kelley Driscoll Terrazas ’99, Katie Ziemann Martel ’99, Adriene Plescia Lynch ’99, Becca Gullion Bellamy ’99, Joy Moss Majich ’99, Julie Moore ’99, Megan Leitzinger Filipowski ’99 and Pictured L-R at Windsor Castle are Evelyn Kinderman (6), Francis Kinderman, Tess, Camille Kinderman (4), Marylou and Kevin Holly.



friend Lauren have gotten together over the holidays to catch up and celebrate Christmas.

firm for six years, I decided to pursue a Ph.D. in history (Latin American and Gender/ Sexuality) at the University of California, Irvine. I am currently in my second year. I spent last summer researching in the Princeton archives on the topic of Female Insurgents in Sendero Luminoso in Peru.” is an Executive Producer at Rubik, an experiential marketing agency based in New York City. The company works with clients nationally and internationally. “When brands want Katie Bowman ’03

to create experience-based marketing campaigns for fans, we come up with ideas and then execute the programs. I’m the head of production for a small agency so I wear many hats: strategist, account director, creative lead and project manager.”

big 3-0! Pictured L-R: Ann “Mama” Longyear, Bill Taverner, Lindsey Evan Holliday ’04, Leslie Taverner Holliday ’72, Angela

industry. “Our clientele includes top music tours, productions and the biggest names in film, television and music.”

and Lisa Sparks Stathatos ’72. Mayfield was well represented that night!

Kaitlin Hagen Reece ’04

Howell ’76

Christine Karina Hameline ’03 married Eric

William Kellogg Liebert on November 12, 2016, in an intimate outdoor ceremony at Triunfo Creek Vineyards near Malibu. Mayfield Senior School alums in attendance included sister Alexandria Hameline ’07, Kimberly Bautista ’03 and Michelle Hansen DeBoever ’07. “We exchanged our own and traditional vows under a California Oak tree and celebrated with dinner and dancing in the vineyard under the stars and the super moon. We had a second celebration at the Outrigger Canoe Club on Waikiki Beach, Oahu.”

is the Founder/Owner of BusyGirl, a lifestyle management company that provides part-time personal assistance to busy working women and families in the San Francisco Bay Area. “We have a small team of dedicated, organized, and bright ‘BusyGirls’ who help keep the home organized and operating smoothly so busy women and families can spend more time doing the things they love and less time sorting mail, paying bills, grocery shopping, event planning, etc.” Visit for more information. Joanna Wyatt McCormick ’04

Tricia Mok ’04 “After working at the W

Melissa Patruno ’03

“I launched my own business, Melissa Patruno – Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching! Last year I graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I learned innovative coaching methods, practical lifestyle management techniques and more than 100 dietary theories. I have extensive, cutting-edge knowledge in holistic nutrition, health coaching and prevention, and working with clients to help them make lifestyle changes and choose health-promoting ways that produce real and lasting results. You can find me online by visiting” returned from Amsterdam and France to celebrate her Lindsey Evan Holliday ’04

Hollywood as a Meetings and Events Manager for a little over a year, I recently accepted a position to be the Catering Sales Manager at the Pasadena Convention Center. Working close to home has been amazing! Other big news — I got engaged on a vacation to Napa in August 2016! Wedding is planned for September 2017 and we look forward to spending the rest of our lives together with our kitty, Wally.”

works in public policy for Voices for Children in Nebraska, which is a data-driven nonprofit whose mission is to ensure Nebraska is the best place to be a kid. “As Policy Coordinator for Economic Stability and Health, I am the registered lobbyist for our organization in the areas of public assistance, education, and healthcare and advocate on behalf of children, mostly at the state level.” Kaitlin, her husband Jarrod, and their one-year-old daughter, Camille, make their home in Omaha, Nebraska.

“In May 2016, I graduated from the University of Southern California with my Ph.D. in Molecular Biology. In September 2016, I married the most amazing man in the world, Stephen Williams. We recently moved to San Diego, where I started my new position as a Principal Scientist for a small company!” Jordan Eboreime ’05

Sylvana Hidalgo ’05 married David Wheelock

in April 2016 in La Jolla surrounded by family and friends. There was a strong Mayfield Senior School presence, with Veronica Hidalgo ’09, Shaeda Ahmadi ’05, Meghann Giardino Taheri ’05, Erika Schultz ’05, Heather

is now an Executive Assistant at Bruvion Travel in West Hollywood. Bruvion is a specialty travel firm that focuses on the entertainment

Ashley O’Bryant ’04

Underwood ’05, Maureen Sweeney ’05, Jessica Harris ’05 and Devon Belter ’09 in attendance.

“We are also thrilled to announce we will be moving back to Los Angeles in June SPRING 2017 POSTSCRIPTS


As the keynote speaker at Mayfield’s 2017 Alumnae Career Day, New York-based entrepreneur Allison McGuire ’05 talked to students about creating her app, called Walc. The walking-specific navigation app provides more appropriate landmarks and visual cues for walkers than driving maps and directions. Learn more at

they were married at City Hall in October 2015. A year later, they celebrated their second wedding in Nettuno, Italy in the same church as Raffaele’s parents.

Erika Schultz ’05, Meghann Giardino Taheri ’05, Heather Underwood ’05, Shaeda Ahmadi ’05, Veronica Hidalgo ’09, Sylvana Hidalgo ’09

2017 from New York City so that I can pursue pediatric cardiology at UCLA. I will be finishing up my pediatrics residency at Columbia this spring.”

Leah Weidman ’11 “I was lucky enough to be a

& Melissa Macedo ’06 just starred in a film opposite James Franco called Blood Heist. They are also excited to be part of the TV show GIRLBOSS, which premiered in April 2017 on Netflix. They also released an album in April 2017. Melissa also got engaged recently to someone she met during her days at Mayfield. Michelle Macedo ’06

“Ava Elizabeth Cummiskey was born on December 23, 2016 — our Christmas blessing! She is beautiful, always hungry and finds every little thing magical. Dave and I are enjoying every minute of this new adventure.” Angela Laurance Cummiskey ’05

Madison Hagen Patrizi ’09 married Italian native

Raffaelle Patrizi—twice! Madison met Raffaele while studying in Rome and, after a long-distance trans-Atlantic relationship,

Young Alumnae Mixer

There’s nothing like coming home to Mayfield for Christmas! A huge thank you to Kimi Linares ’06, Janie Clark ’09 and the other members of the Alumnae Council’s Events Commission for bringing young alums together on Carol Night for our annual Young Alumnae Mixer. Alums from the Classes of 2007-2016 reunited in Gracemere House for some “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” fun, and also reconnected with Mayfield faculty and staff before joining in the Carol Night festivities in Strub Hall.



Walt Disney World Cast Member for about eight months as part of the Disney College Program. I worked for an amazing company with people from around the world and made magical experiences. I came home in May 2016 after the program ended to earn my master’s degree in film and television.”

“There is nothing like landing in a new place… You can always count on learning about others, the world and yourself more than you ever could standing still.”

Changing the world is not just a slogan for Katie McClain ’06 “After five years of healthcare consulting—and about 500,000 airline miles and 200 bags of savory snack mix—I decided to switch my flight route to LAX-LHR to pursue a dual graduate degree in Health Policy, Planning and Financing at the London School of Economics and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. “There is nothing like landing in a new place—it is exciting, it is challenging and immensely rewarding. You can always count on learning about others, the world and yourself more than you ever could standing still. I found myself surrounded by inspirational people from all over the globe who were passionate about solving the world’s health system challenges. “One of my most intense tasks was researching my dissertation, which focused on evaluating how healthcare providers define high quality maternal care in United Nations Relief and Works Agency Palestinian refugee camps. Despite the language barriers, I was welcomed into understaffed clinics around Jordan that treat over 1.1 million Palestinian refugees with very limited supplies. I interviewed providers and patients and then analyzed their responses to recommend quality improvement policies to the organization. “In my current position as a Public Policy Consultant at the London School of Economics Health Department, I review health policies and make best practice recommendations to several of the school’s international clients.”

For her dissertation, KatieMcClain ’06 evaluated maternal care in Palestinian refugee camps across Jordan.

Class of ’06 grads connect for global “Actions Not Words” Katie, who holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Health Policy and Administration from Penn State University, also serves as Director of Community Outreach for Delivering Hope, a nonprofit founded by Mayfield classmate Carmen Stellar ’06. Delivering Hope works to reduce maternal mortality and morbidity by shipping medical supplies from the United States to clinics and hospitals in need around the world. Carmen, who is a resident physician at Ventura County Family Medicine Residency Program, attended Stanford University and Weill Cornell Medical College.




a i r m o m e nM

Don Nores at the 2012 Donor Appreciation Reception

Donald Nores

On June 9, 2016, Mayfield Senior School lost a beloved benefactor and friend, Donald Nores. Don was the loving husband of Honorary Trustee Joyce O’Hagan Nores ’49. Together they founded Digital Printing Systems, which became a global printing business. He generously shared his entrepreneurial spirit and vision to help educational and cultural institutions seek and pursue growth opportunities. Witnessing the fruits of a Holy Child education in his wife and family, Don was a firm believer in the importance of Catholic education and an enthusiastic supporter of Mayfield Senior School. Together, he and Joyce attended many school Benefits as well as board and benefactor events, and were supportive of the growth and development of our campus and school. At Mayfield, the Nores Circle is dedicated in their name as a lasting tribute to the family. In addition to Joyce, family members Mary Hennessy Nores ’80 and Mariah Snowden ’09 also attended the school. Music was a very special passion of Don's—he was a founding and longtime member of the Board of Directors of the Los Angeles Master Chorale—and he was especially touched by the beautiful performances of our Mayfield Women’s Ensemble. Don truly believed in the Catholic education of young women in our Holy Child tradition. He, too, enjoyed the gift of a Catholic education and, in return, he supported his alma maters, Loyola High School and Loyola Marymount University. Don will be remembered as a man of faith and integrity, a true “Man for Others.” Eternal rest give to him, O Lord; and let perpetual light shine upon him.

Melinda Winston

Mayfield Senior School bids farewell to a dear friend, Melinda Winston. Melinda served on the Mayfield Board from 1985-1994, was named an Honorary Trustee in 1995, and was the very proud mother and grandmother of two Mayfield graduates, Melissa Winston Alfieri ’83 and Alexis Alfieri ’10. Thanks to Melinda’s vision and effort, the nearly 40-year tradition of an annual Mayfield Benefit was born, raising millions of dollars for the school since its inception. Throughout Melinda’s years at Mayfield Senior School, she graced our community with her vibrant personality as she organized memorable benefits, receptions and parties. Her hospitality and generosity—not to mention her Southern charm—were legendary. In 1995, at the “Mississippi Madness” benefit that honored Melinda, she shared: “Mayfield is such a special place and so dear to my heart.... There is a comradeship among the Mayfield family that has always seemed to me one of the finest of human relationships. This is Mayfield's heritage and tradition. “Every room here holds cherished memories, but most of all I will remember the people—the families, the conversations and the celebrations. “My highest praise goes to all the dedicated people who keep Mayfield the vital place it remains today: the Sisters of the Holy Child, the Board of Trustees, the Head, the faculty, and staff, and all the parents—mothers and fathers alike. They seem to love to serve and take pride in adding joy to others’ lives.” We are truly grateful for the joy Melinda added to our community. 58


Theodore Abbott, grandfather of Chloe Abbott ’20

Brendan Leon, son of Patricia Escalante Leon ’85

Renie Nevins Bell ’64, mother-in-law of Marissa Osterkamp Bell ’03

Celeste Lydon, grandmother of Sara Lydon ’19

Rebecca Bevan ’38 (graduate of Holy Child in Suffern, NY who also attended Oak Knoll School in Summit, New Jersey) mother of Scottie Brown ’66 and Sharman Dye ’69 Bob Bologna, brother of former staff member Mary Bologna James Branum, grandfather of Chelsea Larsuel ’14 and Shannon Larsuel ’17 Ida Brunasso, mother of staff member Catherine Cota, grandmother of Rachel Hochstetler ’04 and Carolyn Cota ’06 Mary Butler, grandmother of staff member Jade Stewart ’09 Michael Callaghan, brother of Molly Callaghan Fehrenbacher ’65 Emelyn Carels, grandmother of Sophia Remedios ’16 Gaston Castellanos, grandfather of Kathryn McGee ’09 and Kristen McGee ’13 Cyrus Chan, former teacher Yew-Choy Chong, grandfather of Zoe Cerrillo ’19 Carmen Covarrubias, mother of Erica Covarrubias ’96 Rita Curasi, mother of former Head of School Rita C. McBride Jacqueline Dailey, wife of former trustee Ambassador Peter Dailey, mother of Michael Ewing ’72, Elizabeth “Biz” Dailey ’78, Sydney Dailey ’73 and Patricia Hayes ’80 Joanne Lomenzo Daniel ’73, sister of Monica Lomenzo ’81 Holly Davis, mother of Jessica Davis Himebaugh ’90 William Dillhoefer, father of staff member Ann Bussard Harry Eliopoulas, grandfather of Avra Juliani ’15 Patricia Eyler, mother of Elizabeth Gorris ’70, Margaret Legault ’74, Therese Criminski ’80 and the late Suzanne Oertell ’67 and grandmother of Katherine Gorris ’94, Melissa Gorris ’97, Keriann Oertell ’99, Anne Legault ’06 and Emily Legault ’08

Betty Martin, mother of Sally Reynolds ’66 and Lisa Furgeson ’70 Mary McCord, mother of Marian Van Alyea ’64 and Marcia McCord ’67 Patrick McDonnell, father of Mary McDonnell ’83 Paula Jan Moe, mother of Caroline Moe ’15, sister-in-law of Missey Moe-Cook ’71 Sr. Barbara Mullen, SHCJ, beloved religious, teacher and friend Robert Mullin, grandfather of Sophie Mullin ’19 Donald Nores, husband of Honorary Trustee, Joyce O’Hagan Nores ’49, father-in-law of Mary Hennessy Nores ’80 and grandfather of Mariah Snowden ’09 Sylvester Anthony Pascale, father-in-law of Patricia Bannan Pascale ’86 Victoria Geis Pauley ’44 Alexander Pesqueira, husband of Kathleen Ziemann Pesqueira ’64 Jean Phipps, mother of Skip Morin and mother-in-law of Head of School Kate Morin John “Jack” Pike, son of the late Thomas P. and Katherine Pike for whom Pike Auditorium is dedicated, brother of Mikaela Barnes ’55, Mary Katherine Coquillard ’57, father of Sharon McKenzie ’77, Michaela Ueland ’82 and Liesl Moldow ’83, uncle of Catherine Coquillard ’75 and Katherine Coquillard O’Leary ’82 Walter Rasic, father of Rosemarie Gonzales ’84 and Theresa Gonzales ’85 Margaret Rice, mother of Colleen Nelson ’88 Charles Robinson, grandfather of staff member Sam Robinson Sarah Robinson, stepmother of staff member Sam Robinson Paul Rodriquez, grandfather of Marissa Perez ’18 Carl Sachs, husband of Marilyn Regan Sachs ’48

Al Green, father of LeAnn Green Conway ’66

Ines Sarni, mother of former trustee Jim Sarni, grandmother of Jessica Sarni ’15 and Angela Sarni ’19

Vicki Williamson Greene ’61

Robert Schmitt, husband of Molly Haidy Schmitt ’63

Amy Griffin, grandmother of Nicole Mozilo ’12 and Julia Mozilo ’17

Anastasia Dimitriu Shupp ’80

Bette Feeney, grandmother of Kennedy Dinius ’14

Rodolfo Halili, father of Caroline Halili ’86 Nancy Johansing Hall ’62, sister of Diane Litchfield ’58, Sally Held ’60, Beth Cote ’67, Karen Meyer ’74 and the late Patricia Valerian ’63 Eleanor Hatton, mother-in-law of Mary Workman Hatton ’85 and grandmother of Katherine Hatton ’15 Teresa Hartfield, mother of Anne Hartfield ’77 and Bernadette Hotaling ’83 and grandmother of Megan Tan ’98, Elizabeth McDermott ’08, Madeleine Hotaling ’18 and Haley Hartfield ’19

Maria Soghomonian, mother of Mia Barnett ’74 and Michelle Branham ’75, aunt of Mimi Collins Stolpe ’83 and Caroline Collins Mansour ’85 Tania Sokolow Cuneo ’80 Miguel Talleda, grandfather of Natalia Talleda ’19 Ross W. Taylor, husband of Alice Miller Henry-Taylor ’52 William Thomas, brother of Ann Hernandez ’64 and father of Elizabeth Thomas ’97 Irene Torres, grandmother of Sasha Torres ’19 John Van De Kamp, father of Diana Van De Kamp ’97

Anica Ivankovich, grandmother of Caroline Ivankovich ’19

Suzie Van Dyke ’81, sister of Tracy Joseph ’80 and Kelly Gordo ’83, aunt of Jacqueline Joseph ’07, Lauren Joseph ’13 and Madeleine Joseph ’17

Reyes Jimenez, grandfather of Erin Csombor ’19

Frank Vinci, grandfather of Isabella Vinci ’19

Claudia Kazlauskas, grandmother of Caroline Hall ’18

James Wade, father-in-law of staff member Helen Wade, grandfather of Laura Wade ’09

Andres Holdo, grandfather of Samantha Sohl ’15

Jim Kenealy, grandfather of Anna Vossler ’07 Cynthia Moore Kersenboom ’78 Sandra Lenz, grandmother of Hannah Lenz ’19 and Haley Lenz ’20

John Wickman, brother of Kathy Setina ’67, Mary Crook ’69 and Patricia Wickman ’77

Norman Williamson, grandfather of Claire Williamson ’20 Melinda Winston, Honorary Trustee, mother of Melissa Alfieri ’83 and grandmother of Alexis Alfieri ’10 Maria Zaninovich, sister of Andrea Bland ’84 and aunt of Audrey Bland ’19 and Marie Bland ’20 Josephine Zuckerman, grandmother of Sophia Augustine ’17 John Ziemman, brother of Kathleen Pesqueira ’64, uncle of Katie Martel ’99 Peter Ziemann, brother of Kathleen Pesqueira ’64, uncle of Katie Martel ’99

Elaine Wilson, mother of Gina Calderon ’84 and Kathryn Wilson ’02



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A Mayfield Senior School graduate is a woman of...

faith, who is grounded in Godâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s love reverence, who celebrates the uniqueness and dignity of each person, and of creation

justice, who participates compassionately and responsibly in her local and global communities

intellect, who shares her gifts to create solutions integrity, who leads with confidence balance, who cultivates spiritual, intellectual, emotional, artistic and physical well-being

joy, who embraces life in its entirety

Postscripts — Spring 2017  
Postscripts — Spring 2017