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IMagine Background IMAGINE art encounter was a youth arts event bringing young people together to explore and express their ideas about a better future for themselves, their communities and their world. These are the questions that were explored What kind of future can you imagine for yourself, your community and your world? What problems do we need to challenge to create this future? What values are important in shaping the future you imagine?

In our “Imagine- Exploring the Theme” pamphlet you can see how the young people started to engage with the questions and issues around this theme. Following on from exploratory introduction workshops, the young people divided into groups to use a wide range of art forms to explore the theme further and express their ideas and visions. The young people worked with dance, theatre, visual arts, music animation and creative writing. This pamphlet is a case study showing the process with the visual arts project which was facilitated by Danny O’Riordan and Claire Coughlan Find our more about event at following the link for Globalfest 2012

The next stage was to look at examples of characters from a range of magazines/ comics and to start sketching and developing our own characters using pencil and paper

The characters were then scaled up onto the corriboard using pencil for the initial sketching then blocking in the colours in with acrylic paint.

The outcomes

truth privacy




positivity peace

The process Materials needed Paper, pencil coloured pencils corriboard, acrylic paint and a range of brushes in different sizes. The process started with warm up exercises like drawing to music and exercises to loosen up and get prepared for drawing characters

The idea of the Super Hero project was to consider what sort of people we need to be and what sort of values do we need to hold to be future a an interconnected and rapidly changing world. We spend some time debating and exploring what vlaues are important and what it means to be a global citizen. The young people used this template to develop ideas about their character.

The Super Heroes in Cork City Centre

Imagine Visual Arts  

Resource Visual Art Workshops - Imagine Globalfest 2012

Imagine Visual Arts  

Resource Visual Art Workshops - Imagine Globalfest 2012