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AIESEC Prasmul has passed its tremendous journey. Now it’s time to be developed more. Are you with us to take the charge? •••

October 18th 2013 became a very tense yet important day because FINALLY we were becoming a LOCAL COMMITTEE. And it is not just a title.

meet Clarabelle!

It’s sacral. Some people say that success is not only about attaining your goals, but also maintaining the success itself. So that’s why... Being a higher lever means we take a higher stair of growing, and also, another long yet fun journey awaits us. The question is, do we need to change everything? Yes and no. Yes, we need, but not just changing. We need to improve. One of the things is by taking a role in AIESEC Prasmul growth. The massive job of leadership has been showed by our beautiful 1st LCP, Clarabelle Tanurahardja. And now she opens a chance to sharpen yours. “It’s a very challenging, unique leadership experience that you’ll never find somewhere else,” she said, in our online interview. “I learn how to develop an organization, create the culture, witness the member

change by means they push themselves to be better, take a chance & make the change, either it’s a self development or make impact to society.” It’s not surprising to know that AIESEC Prasmul has developed this far, by looking the overall performance and new members adding. To the members, AIESEC suits their need to develop their leadership skills through the experience. “From here I join tons of conferences, living in international environment with global perspective,” she continued. One thing that may pick on our thought is, ‘I want to be the leader, but can I do it well?’

sail the ship.” All right. Probably you’re now confident enough to sail the ship. But perhaps you need extra tips to sail it right? We asked her too. You’re welcome. “Know your members, be out of your comfort zone, because success doesn’t come easy/just being in a safety zone. Have fun & enjoy the experience, because if you do it only for work, without passion, it’s pointless. Be passionate & go inspire people :)” So, are you ready to get the real leadership experience? Go apply yourself to be the next AIESEC Prasmul LC President!

“Go as far as you can

To answer this question, Clarabelle stated this perfectly.

see; when you get

“As an LCP, I believe that impossible is nothing. It depends on how you

see farther” - J.P.

there, you’ll be able to

LC President: Take It or Not Take It?  
LC President: Take It or Not Take It?