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Barquisimeto, July 2013

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Adobe Illustrator CC


We started with this editorial effort, we want to be the ďŹ rst and best design magazine Venezuela. It's a day-to-day work, which aims to provide topics and items of interest to our readers. But better grow together of you, which is why I want to share this space, I invite you to send your letters with suggestions, complaints, general comments about the contents of upcoming issues, to tell us just what and how much we need to achieve the goal of being the best magazine diseĂąo.Estamos waiting your comments, knowing that only with your participation we can be better every time, it is CREATIVE MIND and for you. W r i t e t o o u r we thank you that you work with this dream. Mayerlyn Carrero

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Adobe Illustrator CC




Adobe Illustrator CC

excellent illustration tool One of the first news we see in this version of Adobe Illustrator DC, is the ability to synchronize the "settings" or Illustrator settings on multiple computers, or where we have installed our software Adobe Creative Cloud account. Thus, if we have the "shorcuts" or keyboard shortcuts configured in a very specific way in the office, we get home and have the same configuration without the need to be changing these shortcuts one by one. The same is for workspaces or Workspaces, Swatches, Brushes, Symbols, and Graphic Styles. Touch Type Tool: Adobe put a lot of

emphasis on improving typography tool and among the most notable changes that to some extent all appreciate is the tool designers Touch Type Tool With this new option you can choose and manipulate a single letter in a word or paragraph and select it as a single object to

scale, rotate, or change the source, all without the need to convert to curves our element and especially keeping it as editable text. You will notice that when using this tool will automatically adjust the kering Illustrator so that the user does not have to do this manually. Free Transform Tool: With improvements in


Free Transform tool, this option is now very similar to what we have in Photoshop, can transform objects more intuitively and immediately. Any graphic element or we can manipulate it by rotating, scaling it and manipulate it in perspective to change the angle and adapt to the way we need.

just have to choose our paths and click on our brush we just created. One of the great advantages is that even if we applied the brush to our path we can keep editing and changing the shape of this and our brush will automatically adjust to our line. We see that the procedure is not different from what we were already doing with Illustrator in past versions, with the small difference that can include images in them. No doubt this will represent a saving in time and workows for Bitmaps in brushes: Now we can use images when we need this kind of options, very well on our brushes (or brushes). Only a matter here by Adobe. of importing the images Generate CSS from in our ďŹ les and drag Illustrator: If you design them into the Brushes your site in Illustrator panel, select Pattern now have the option to Brush and make some generate the necessary adjustments to the CSS code. Only a options panel which matter of naming each gives us Illustrator. of your elements (logo, background, header Having given click Ok


etc) and select the CSS Properties panel, we see that automatically generates the CSS code, either for each of your items or even the entire site. Here we will review this tool to detail and test it to see how good effects even if it is able to generate code that can be validated at 100%. Adobe Illustrator CC has dozens of new tools, here just named some of the most remarkable and certainly will be in almost daily workow of designers, but we will publish more closely and reviewing each of the new options that Illustrator has and evaluating which are so necessary in our daily work.


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