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Epica wanted to pay tribute to the brands that have consistently won awards since our founding in 1987.  hen it comes to creative awards, there is very little debate W about whether they are useful to agencies: they are a proof of creativity and a source of motivation for talented people who work hard under pressure. But why should brand owners love creative awards? For many reasons. First of all, such awards recognise the collaborative effort that goes into the construction of a brand identity. They increase the longevity of campaigns and in some cases a llow them to cross international borders. Epica, with its jury of marketing and communications journalists, provides winning brands with press coverage around the world. Perhaps most importantly, awards celebrate effective creativity. There have been many studies into the correlation between award-winning work and business success. The results were unanimous: great creative work is associated with successful brands. It builds strong identities and solves genuine business problems. Given the diverse nature of international juries, creative work that wins awards must be clear, compelling, distinctive and resonant, touching a human truth. Creativity works. The proof is in these pages.

Mark Tungate. Editorial Director Jury Coordinator

BRANDTRIBUTE Natanael Sijanta, Director Marketing Communications Mercedes-Benz Passenger Cars

Mercedes: The Star Never Stops Shining This is our second brand tribute to Mercedes, which proves that creatively speaking, the legendary automobile brand has continued to steer a steady path. Indeed, in the following pages you’ll see that it has even put its foot on the accelerator. Once again, for this new edition, Natanael Sijanta, Director Marketing Communications Mercedes-Benz Cars, agreed to answer our questions about Mercedes and creativity.

How important is creative advertising to Mercedes-Benz? (As opposed to more tactical, sales-driven advertising) Creativity is not only important for advertising, but for all communication assets. It doesn’t matter if it is a product or a brand campaign or any other communication tool. And even in tactical, sales-driven campaigns, creativity matters. It has to go hand in hand with an unusual approach and a very clear channel strategy. Only if all pieces come together can fabulous ideas start to travel around the world. What do you look for in an advertising agency or a creative partner? We find ourselves in an increasingly digital world where we are seeing a radical change in the media landscape. More and more media are vying for people’s attention. More and more people and customers are producing their own content on their mobiles and tablets. In this environment, communication from Mercedes-Benz has to be more professionally, dynamically and individually tailored to the customer’s journey. So the orchestration of every message in every channel becomes increasingly important. In Europe Mercedes-Benz opted to collaborate with a “customised agency” last year. This means we have the full attention and creativity of the agency at our disposal. What are your views on awards as a motivator for agencies and their clients? We regard awards as “creative research and development”. In our eyes, agencies that take part in competitions demonstrate openness and courage. But it’s always the agencies’ decision to do so or not. We have never pushed our agencies to send in their work for awards. If an agency wins a lot of awards, particularly international awards, it is a clear indicator of their creative competence. But it is not the only indicator … Are there any specific ingredients that creative partners need to bear in mind when advertising automobiles, in your view? Four points are very important to me when working with an agency – regardless whether it’s about advertising or any other marketing tool: quality, speed (not only timing), cost, and effectiveness (not only efficiency).

Storms swirling, waves crashing, mountains of ice falling into the sea. What looks to be a trailer for a blockbuster movie is actually a teaser for the unveiling of a new kind of vehicle. Challenge the elements. Master all kinds of terrains with unparalleled elegance. Introducing the Mercedes-Benz X-Class - the world’s first premium class pick-up truck.

Mercedes Benz Vans “X-Class - First Of A New Kind - Teaser” EPICA AWARDS 2017 Category : Post Production & Visual Effects Lukas Lindemann Rosinski, Hamburg

People can fall in love with the Smart at first sight. But what about the little car’s owners? This romantic music video depicts a young man whose morning coffee routine takes on a new significance when a pretty woman in a Smart pulls up outside his café and smiles at him every day. Later it turns out that she hasn’t even seen him - she was just admiring her car’s reflection in the café window. Luckily, love works in mysterious ways, and their cars eventually bring them together.

Mercedes-Benz España, S.a. “Electric Love” EPICA AWARDS 2017 Category : Music Videos Contrapunto BBDO

Mercedes-Benz España,S.A. “Chameleon” EPICA AWARDS 2017 Category : Vehicles, Automotive Services & Accessories Contrapunto BBDO, Madrid

“Safe Side - Rats” , “Safe Side - Foxes”, “Safe Side - Shepherd Dogs” EPICA AWARDS 2015 Category : Automobiles Impact BBDO Dubai, United Arab Emirates

“Feel Free” EPICA AWARDS 2015 Category : Automobiles Contrapunto BBDO, Madrid, Spain

“The Science of Stability - Morning Cuppa” & “The Science of Stability - Quick Touch-Up” EPICA AWARDS 2015 Category: Automobiles Impact BBDO, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

“Cafe Moscow” EPICA AWARDS 2014 Categories: Experiental & Shopper Marketing Ark Connect/Leto Agency, Moscow, Russia

“Take The Wheel” EPICA AWARDS 2014 Category : Online Campaigns - Automotive Razorfish, New York, USA

“Be Warned”, “Child on Bike”, “Woman Shopping” EPICA AWARDS 2014 Category: Automobiles Impact BBDO, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

“Dirty Driving” EPICA AWARDS 2014 Category: Automotive & Accessories Lukas Lindemann Rosinski, Hambourg, Germany

“Doors” EPICA AWARDS 2014 Category: Automobiles Contrapunto BBDO, Madrid, Spain

“Stickers (Park at the front door)” EPICA AWARDS 2014 Category: Automobiles Contrapunto BBDO, Madrid, Spain

“Side” EPICA AWARDS 2014 Category: Automobiles Contrapunto BBDO, Madrid, Spain

“Melon”, “Golfball” EPICA AWARDS 2013 Category: Automobiles Futatsu Industries, Oslo, Norway

“Shades” EPICA AWARDS 2013 Category: Automobiles Contrapunto BBDO, Madrid, Spain

“Key to Viano” EPICA AWARDS 2012 Category: Media Innovation - Alternative Media Lukas Lindemann Rosinski, Hamburg, Germany

“Child”, “Deer”, “Bike” EPICA AWARDS SILVER 2012 Category: Public Relations BBDO, Berlin, Germany

“Look Twice” EPICA AWARDS 2012 Category: Automotive & Accessories Jung von Matt, Hamburg, Germany

“Tree of Life” EPICA AWARDS 2012 Category: Automotive & Accessories Scholz & Friends, Berlin, Germany

“Volcano”, “Trap”, “Dinosaur” EPICA AWARDS 2012 Category: Automotive & Accessories BBDO Proximity, Berlin, Germany

“Kids”, “Deer”, “Grandma” EPICA AWARDS 2012 Category: Automotive & Accessories Scholz & Friends, Berlin, Germany

The ad reads “Far away, a beauty”, and we see a picture of Marilyn Monroe. But when we get closer, thanks to a bit of visual trickery, Marilyn’s features are obscured by those of Albert Einstein. “Up close, sheer intelligence,” the copy adds.

“Marilyn & Albert” EPICA AWARDS SILVER 2010 Category: Automotive & Accessories Zapping/M&C Saatchi, Madrid, Spain

Armoured vehicles are constantly at risk from attack or vandalism. To demonstrate the toughness of its armoured trucks, Mercedes sent potential purchasers this cobblestone – made of featherweight foam rubber. “Cobblestone attacks defused.” Just call Mercedes.

“Cobblestone” EPICA AWARDS 2010 Category: Business to Business Direct Jung von Matt/Limmat, Zurich, Switzerland

“Linesman” EPICA AWARDS 2010 Category: Automobiles Jung von Matt/Limmat, Zurich, Switzerland

“Backwards” EPICA AWARDS 2009 Category: Automobiles Jung von Matt/Limmat, Zurich, Switzerland

This world is not enough when Mercedes- Benz and Disney collaborate. Therefore the agency created a new and better world as an online communication platform for the Mercedes Viano and Disney’s movie “The Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian”. On a 3-D globe the user experiences fantastic adventures while travelling with the Viano. What ever he does, he is always in the best place for heroes – a world where adventures lurk behind every corner.

“The Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian” EPICA AWARDS 2008 Category: Websites (Durables) Syzygy, Bad Homburg, Germany

“Lungs” EPICA AWARDS 2009 Category: Automobiles Jung von Matt, Zurich, Switzerland

“Pebbles” EPICA AWARDS 2008 Category: Media Innovation - Traditional Media Jung von Matt, Hamburg, Germany

Four suited men stand in the road. Each of them poses a different part of the same question “What… is…the… benefit…of… a… superior… all-wheeldrive… system?” As they carry on with their explanation, we realise that the little quartet is perfectly in synch. “It reacts before you have to react.” Immediately after one man says “Gesundheit”, another one sneezes. “Each wheel knows what the other is doing,” they explain, as they walk in perfectly coordinated movements. For safer driving in any weather conditions, try the 4Matics all-wheel drive system. From Mercedes, of course.

“4Matics” EPICA AWARDS 2008 Category: Automotive & Accessories Jung von Matt, Berlin Germany

“Lyon/Sainte Marguerite des Loges” EPICA AWARDS 2008 Category: Automotive & Accessories CLM BBDO, Paris, France

“Ball”, “Dog”, “Child” EPICA AWARDS SILVER 2008 Category: Automobiles BBDO Proximity, Düsseldorf, Germany

A small book highlighting infamous business mistakes was sent to prospective buyers to make the point that they too would be making a big mistake not to consider the Viano. Several Post-it notes point the reader to particular pages and suggest that others had already read and learned from the book, giving it an important, businesslike feel.

“Post-it notes” EPICA AWARDS 2010 Category: Consumer Direct From Stockholm With Love, Sweden

Using some extraordinary ideas rather than relying on text, these viral emails promoting the Mercedes Benz Off-Road website hooked the recipients. Once they’d entered the site, users saw a Mercedes Benz in rugged terrain. Byclicking various points on the screen, they could read about off-road tours andsee short videos of impressive off-road action.

“Off-Road” EPICA AWARDS 2007 Category: Online Ads Elephant Seven, Hamburg, Germany

Sitting in his office, a man spots a traffic warden who’s about to ticket a parked Mercedes. He leaves his desk and walks up to her. She is blonde and quite attractive. At first she ignores him, but then she notices him smiling at her. He has an imploring look on his face. We see her beginning to thaw, a smile forming on her own lips. Just then, another man appears and drives off in the Mercedes. Confused, the traffic warden then notices the logo on the man’s sweater: he works for Mercedes Service and has just helped out a customer.

“Traffic Warden” EPICA AWARDS BRONZE 2007 Category: Automotive & Accessories BBDO Stuttgart, Germany

“E-Class” EPICA AWARDS 2006 Category: Advertising Photography Saatchi & Saatchi, Amsterdam, Netherlands

A split screen shows us, on the left, a poised and beautiful woman talking, and on the right, a speeding Mercedes E-Class. The fi lm of the woman keeps freezing, always capturing an unfl attering expression, her face distorted into a grimace. At these moments, the woman suddenly seems a great deal less sophisticated. The Mercedes, however, remains implacably impeccable. TheMercedes E-Class is elegant, all the time.

“Freeze Frame” EPICA AWARDS 2006 Category: Automobiles CLM BBDO, Paris, France

“Splatter” EPICA AWARDS 2006 Category: Online Ads Elephant Seven, Hamburg, Germany

Potential customers were given the opportunity to metaphorically test-drive the new Mercedes M-Class by interacting with this direct marketing pack. By scratching off different sections, they learned about the various features of the new vehicle. By the end of the exercise, they had discovered enough to be excited by the prospect of a real test drive.

“Test-drive� EPICA AWARDS 2005 Category: Direct Marketing Claydon Heeley, London, UK

THE ONLY GLOBAL CREATIVE AWARDS JUDGED BY JOURNALISTS Epica is the only international advertising competition that allows the press to celebrate creativity. Why are we different? The Epica jury is made up of journalists. But not just any journalists. Our jury combines advertising, marketing and design journalists with specialists in fields such as production, virtual reality and luxury branding. From the pre-selection to the physical jury, we give more than 200 experts the chance to watch and assess the entries.

Our Jury More than 200 senior editors and reporters worldwide. More than 200 journalists independent from agencies and networks, immune to bias and politics. More than 200 experts who’ve spent years analyzing and writing about creativity. More than 200 influencers who are specialists in their chosen fields.

Mercedes brand tribute  
Mercedes brand tribute