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BRANDTRIBUTE Advancement through creativity

Giovanni Perosino, Vice President Marketing Communication

Think of Audi and you may recall the famous four ring logo, the audio beat at the beginning of its ads, or the phrase “Vorsprung durch Technik”. One thing’s for sure: it’s a creative powerhouse. Giovanni Perosino, Vice President Marketing Communication, explains why.

How important is creative advertising to Audi (as opposed to more tactical, sales-driven advertising)? Creative is Number One. Why? For several reasons. In today’s cluttered marketplace, with millions of messages trying to reach consumers, advertising needs to be impactful. Great creative ideas, based on human truths, help to cut through that clutter. Also, a good story, creatively told, tends to be more memorable when it comes to making a decision about a brand. Finally, good creative has a higher likelihood of being shared, thus multiplying our media investment and reaching more people via a trusted and credible avenue: their friends. Finally, creative brand advertising, when done right, creates brand desire which in turn translates into sales. So the old comparison of brand versus tactical is a false opposite. Each has its role in the sales funnel, and each can contribute to the bottom line.

What assets do you look for in an advertising agency or a creative partner? It all starts with understanding – of our brand, but also of the target group. For a deep dive into what Audi stands for we need to educate our creative partners, since all messages need to be true to the brand. But maybe more importantly, great advertising is always based on a consumer insight: their lives, dreams and desires. That’s the starting point for making our message relevant for them. Next, the agency has to have talent: a proven track record of translating insights into original, surprising and memorable ideas. Finally, the idea needs to be executed in a way that both expresses our brand values and is engaging for the people we like to reach. It’s a high standard.

What are your views on awards as a motivator for agencies and their clients? Awards are creative currency: if our agencies win awards for Audi work, it will be easier for them to attract top talent. Also, the best creatives will want to work on our briefs; not just because they love our brand but also because we give them a chance to become famous. We’re a big believer in awards and actively encourage our agencies to participate.

How is the rapidly shifting technology within the automobile industry, particularly from fuel to electric, impacting your approach to advertising? Complex technology can be a challenge in communication because it tends to make the message more layered and complicated. Here it’s up to us to write a brief that easily explains and simplifies the communication content, often prioritizing our messages. Then it’s the agency’s task to translate our technology into a clear, tangible customer benefit. How does a new technology like electric mobility make them feel, how can it impact their lives? In a way, changing technologies can be a good thing because they give us new, exciting stories to tell.

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Our Jury More than 200 senior editors and reporters worldwide. More than 200 journalists independent from agencies and networks, immune to bias and politics. More than 200 experts who’ve spent years analyzing and writing about creativity. More than 200 influencers who are specialists in their chosen fields.

Brand tribute Audi  
Brand tribute Audi