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This portfolio displays samples of some of my work I have designed during my undergraduate degree in Landscape Architecture with a minor in Urban Planning at Texas A&M University. I am currently a third year student in the four-year program with hopes of obtaining my Bachelors Degree in Landscape Architecture in May of 2019. These projects and construction drawings were chosen to represent my work that show my skills and how I have developed over the years. They do vary from my first year up to my third year as a landscape architecture student. Some paintings and photographs that I enjoy taking and doing are also included in this portfolio.


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El Campo




Construction Drawings 7 Lufkin


Paintings/Photography 11 Handgraphics

12 2

SPRING 2017 El Campo Downtown Revitilazation was a group project based on the community’s needs. As a group our goal was to enhance the downtown area by creating a friendly-safe space with connections throughout downtown, increasing the day and night life, while also including more art and aesthetically pleasing views. Master plan rendered by Emory Ellegood and myself



In order to start with the process of design we broke the important areas into three

phases. The 1st phase is improvement of

the alleys, 2nd phase is the Bar District, and 3rd phase is Evans Park

These perspectives show the enhancement the design has brought by incorporating food trucks, lots of sitting, more lighting, and vegetation to give the night life a more safe and comfortable feeling within the community.


FALL 2017 SUNNYSIDE - HOUSTON, TX G.R.O.W. Stands for Generating a healthier community, Restoring ecosystems, Obtaining green spaces, and Withhold from flooding. Problem statement: Current Urbanization patterns are decreasing animal territories, disconnecting habitat areas, and reducing the amount of green space resulting in a massive decrease in species richness. New development has also had an impact on the community through increased flooding.


As a team we received the “Merit Award� for the 2017 Design for Environmental Justice from the Institute of Sustainable Communities.

Rendered by Jorge Rodriguez.

Suitability maps showed the places were species richness could be most efficiently located. All done by Raul Peraza, Thu Bui, and myself.

Community Parks Single-family Housing

Existing single-family Housing Inner Courtyards

Commercial Space Pixelated Parking

Trails Wildflower Prairie

Multi-family Housing

Pixelated Parking are proposed small scale green spaces in commercial areas Inner Courtyards are bigger scale green spaces located within multi-family housthat incorporate LID that include bioswales in between parking lot.

ing areas which include LID facilities for better water flow.






SPRING 2017 The community of Lufkin gave us the opportunity to revitalize a part of their community. I worked on Jones Park, located adjacent to Jones Lake. It is important for the people to feel safe and comfortable as well as aquiring benefits from the community center.


-Provide safe and comfortable areas for children such as; a playground, pool, and splashpad -Include sitting and shade -Incorporate a community garden for the benefit of the people -Provide a boardwalk with an island deck to give the park a connection throughout the rest of the lake



Boardwalk with island deck along Jones Lake

Community Garden next to the community center


PAINTINGS/PHOTOGRAPHS Photography has become a new hobby of mine and I have been editing in Photoshop as well as on Adobe Lightroom.

Landscapes are one of the many different themes I enjoy painting on my free time.



FALL 2015



Landscape Architecture Portfolio 2018  
Landscape Architecture Portfolio 2018