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Annual Report 2016 - 2017 Vol. 5 Issue 1

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The UNT Frank W. and Sue Mayborn School of Journalism was reaccredited in 2016 by the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications (ACEJMC). Did you know that the Frank W. Mayborn Graduate Institute of Journalism is the only professionally accredited master’s program in a 4-state




This is the amount of real-world experience that the full-time faculty of the Mayborn School of journalism brings to the classroom to give students relevant insights and experience that, coupled with a top-tier journalism education, will help deliver career success in a variety of fields. Mayborn adjunct instructors – many of whom continue to work full-time in industry – bring many hundreds of additional years of experience. Collectively, the Mayborn team has in-depth experience in virtually every type of working journalism.


UNT journalism alumni

have been honored either with the Pulitzer Prize or as a Pulitzer Finalist. The Mayborn School welcomed 10 of them back to campus in the fall 2016 for a special event, “A Century of Excellence: The Pulitzer Prizes and Journalism’s Impact at UNT,” which also celebrated a century of student media at the university.

Sycamore Hall, the new home of the Mayborn School, was built in 1937 to house the university library. Various collections of UNT’s vast library holdings are still housed in the building’s first floor.


More than

Mayborn students received more than $200,000 in scholarships during the 2017 Celebrate Mayborn festivities held on April 27, 2017 at the University Union. Many alumni and friends of the Mayborn also were recognized at the event, which was themed “Mayborn Momentum.” Mayborn students recorded another banner year for awards, earning a total of 16 TIPA awards, 6 SPJ awards and 7 honors from AEJMC.

Undergraduate Enrollment Fall 2017 AD
















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Managing Editor Jo Ann Livingston Contributing Editors Jim Dale and James Mueller Layout & Design Jacob Straka Content Editors/Copywriters David Barnett, Reagan Elam, Jesika Fisher, Emily Goldstein and Hailey Sutton Photography Junebug Clark, Hatch Visuals and friends of the Mayborn Research Assistants Stephanie Garza, Brandee Hartley and Cathy Turner

On the Cover Summer of 2017 saw the Frank W. and Sue Mayborn School of Journalism move from the General Academic Building to newly renovated Sycamore Hall. On the cover, students from SWOOP and Hatch Visuals, the Mayborn's student-managed advertising, public relations and photography agencies conduct a photo shoot on the steps of Sycamore's western facade. Clockwise, from left, Jonathan Joyner, Amber Perez, Hannah Vilches, Melva Yanes, Reagan Elam, and Matthew Sheldon. Hatch Visuals photo by Zachary Peterson, assisted by Riley Stephens, and Joe Valdez.

Annual Report 2016-17 | The Mayborn


From the Dean We strengthened community and alumni engagement by hosting signature events such as Celebrate Mayborn and the 13th annual Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference. As part of the 100th anniversary celebration for the Pulitzer Prize and student media at UNT, our team brought 10 alumni who were Pulitzer winners or finalists to campus in the fall 2016 as well as hosted a “First Amendment: Under Siege?” program in the spring of 2017. Highlights from the Pulitzer and First Amendment programs are available at and journalism.unt. edu/mayborn1a. Dear Readers,


ust as change is the one constant in journalism and the media businesses, so it is with higher education. In the pages that follow you will read and see that 2016-17 was marked by lots of progress here, and I expect that to accelerate even more in the coming year. One of the biggest changes in the Frank W. and Sue Mayborn School of Journalism and the Frank W. Mayborn Graduate Institute of Journalism in the last year has been the move for most of our faculty, staff and students to Sycamore Hall. Our new home has helped improve our team’s communication and collaboration. It’s wonderful to wander through the halls and observe the positive buzz from classes as well as student organizations ranging from Hatch Visuals to the North Texas Daily student newspaper. We also have secured $140,000 in grant funding over the last four years to upgrade our equipment for the Denton public access TV channel and our broadcast/ digital students who continue to produce NT Daily TV from the basement of the General Academic Building. Key performance indicators show the MSOJ’s semester credit hours and student enrollment have outpaced university-wide growth every year between the 2013-14 and 2016-17 academic years. Total credit hours for all students have grown 47 percent over the four-year period vs. UNT overall at 7 percent for the same window. Total MSOJ student enrollment has grown 20 percent over the same four-year window vs. UNT overall at 5 percent. In an effort to meet evolving industry needs for more digital communication analysts who can extract, report, model and analyze communication data to get ahead in public relations, advertising, marketing and non-profit worlds, our team worked with colleagues in UNT’s Toulouse Graduate School, the College of Business and the College of Information to develop our first new master’s program in decades. We launched a 100 percent online M.S. in Digital Communication Analytics degree in the fall 2017.


The Mayborn | Annual Report 2016-17

While SWOOPers are helping UNT brand the Quality Enhancement Plan’s “Career Connect” initiative, our students continue to land amazing internships ranging from CBS News in New York to FC Dallas. Thanks to our dedicated faculty and graduate students, our national research profile continues to grow. Under Associate Professor Thorne Anderson’s leadership, the multimedia Heart of Mexico project in English and Spanish has earned more than 20 regional, national and international awards with the most recent being the 2017 Senator Paul Simon Spotlight Award from NAFSA. Read more about faculty and graduate student research on pages 21 and 42. Increasing research productivity remains a high priority, and we salute the Colegrove family for making a $100,000 gift to establish the Barbara Colegrove Research Fund. In closing, our goals are aligned with UNT’s four major goals. Our focus is to: • Prepare our students to be competitive in the evolving marketplace, including the requirement of digital portfolios by graduation. • Grow enrollment plus faculty, staff and resources as needed. • Elevate UNT and the Mayborn’s national prominence plus increase research expenditures. • Increase revenue, including alumni engagement and support. • Expand online offerings to address market demand. Author, minister and former professor Halford E. Luccock once said, “No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.” Yes, we need your help. If you would like to become a donor or mentor a student, please contact me at Dorothy.bland@ or call 940-565-4917. You have an open invitation to visit, too. Onward and upward,

Dorothy M. Bland Dean, Frank W. and Sue Mayborn School of Journalism Director, Frank W. Mayborn Graduate Institute

Honors Day 2017

Congratulations to all our talented Mayborn winners:

Alexis Reese, 2017 News21 Project honoree, and family.

Frank W. and Sue Mayborn Graduate Institute of Journalism Outstanding Academic Student

Tyler Hicks

Frank W. and Sue Mayborn School of Journalism Outstanding Academic Student in Advertising

Crystal Mazuera

Frank W. and Sue Mayborn School of Journalism Outstanding Academic Student in Journalism

Linda Kessler

Brandon Bolin, Ricco Ethics Award winner, with family.

Frank W. and Sue Mayborn School of Journalism Outstanding Academic Student in Public Relations

Mary Murphy

Nicholas & Anna Ricco Ethics Award for Mayborn School of Journalism

Brandon Bolin

First Dallas Cowboys Intern

Alex Lilley

2017 News21 Project

Alexis Reese

Outstanding Advertising Student Crystal Mazuera and Outstanding Graduate Student Tyler Hicks.

Annual Report 2016-17 | The Mayborn


Celebrating Alumni: Pulitzer Prize Winners and Finalists

From left: Kenneth Chip Somodevilla, Ray Moseley, Gayle Reaves, Kalani Gordon, Melissa Boughton, Leona Allen, Eric Gay, David Klement, Kerry Gunnels and Dan Malone.


o celebrate the 100th year of student media at the University of North Texas and the 100th anniversary of the Pulitzer Prizes, 10 alumni Pulitzer Prize winners or finalists returned to share their stories with alumni, students and members of the Denton community Sept. 29, 2016, at the University Union Lyceum. The special event was titled: “A Century of Excellence: The Pulitzer Prizes and Journalism’s Impact at UNT.”

Check out our microsite from the Pulitzer event and video: Five Pulitzer winners and five finalists returned and discussed their achievements, history, and motivations. They stressed the importance of good foundations, and how important they are to becoming a journalist. They didn’t get to where they are just by pushing a button. It took hard work, something the panelists were careful to stress. They were humble. At the end of the day, they weren’t trying to win a Pulitzer, they were just trying to get the story. Many, such as Pulitzer Prize winner Dan Malone and finalist Kalani Gordon, spoke about the importance of feeling a connection with the stories you’re trying to tell. “Care about what you’re doing,” said Gordon. Malone added, “Find something that you are passionate about or morally outraged about.”


The Mayborn | Annual Report 2016-17

Another area where the two panels also agreed was the idea of making sure to come into the story with an open mind. “If you go into a story thinking you know the answer, you’re not doing your job,” said Pulitzer Prize winner Gayle Reaves, who now teaches reporting classes at the Mayborn. Pulitzer Prize finalist Melissa Boughton agreed, even calling preconceived notions “dangerous.” She went on to say, “Everyone has a story and every story is different.” After the event, many stayed and talked to students, who crowded around them like they were rock stars. The event’s response was well received, with more than 400 students, faculty and staff attending. The Twitter hashtag #Mayborn100 lit up with dozens of tweets from people at the event, including pictures, videos, quotes and feedback. Mayborn School of Journalism public relations major Evan McAlister said, “I have never been so proud to be a part of the Mayborn.” The Mayborn acknowledges the generous support of Humanities Texas and the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation in presenting this special event. Make plans to attend a second Pulitzer-related panel, “Seeing and Believing in the Age of Fake News: Finding Truth in Visual Journalism,” that will be hosted by the Mayborn in the fall of 2018.

Showcasing History

UNT students peruse a gallery exhibition celebrating the Mayborn's 100 years of student media. The exhibition was on display for three weeks and featured archival photographs, a timeline of the university's journalism history, videos and a collection of historical artifacts.

Guests attending the Mayborn's special event, "A Century of Excellence: The Pulitzer Prizes and Journalism's Impact at UNT," also toured the gallery exhibition celebrating 100 years of student media at UNT that included reproductions of NT Daily front pages.

Retired lecturer Keith Shelton stands by a photo taken during his 23-year tenure at UNT. He was the first NT Daily adviser and taught several students who went on to become Pulitzer Prize winners or finalists. Shelton is also a former editor for the Denton Record-Chronicle.

Annual Report 2016-17 | The Mayborn


Celebrating Success Mayborn-Style!

Students from throughout the Frank W. and Sue Mayborn School of Journalism as well as the Mayborn Graduate Institute of Journalism received more than $200,000 in scholarships and other prizes at the 2017 Celebrate Mayborn event held on April 27. The 7th annual event, themed Mayborn Momentum, was the first held in the beautiful new University Union ballroom.


ore than $200,000 in scholarships were awarded at the Celebrate Mayborn event April 27. Almost 300 people attended the annual ceremony, which celebrated student achievements and recognized school faculty, staff and alumni. The event included the induction of 28 students to Kappa Tau Alpha, the journalism and mass communication honor society. As part of the networking roundtables, students met with professionals in the photojournalism, public relations, advertising, print, digital and broadcast fields. Celebrate Mayborn, now in its seventh year, is the Mayborn's yearly event to recognize greatness and celebrate success – from students, faculty, staff and others. It’s also the time when the school celebrates the achievements of notable alumni who are out in the world creating stories and documenting history as reporters, editors, writers, authors, publishers, photographers, PR practitioners, videographers and overall communicators. The Mayborn has more than 5,000 alumni working in a wide variety of fields around the globe. The 2017 C. E. Shuford Hall of Honor winner was Deborah Ferguson, co-anchor of the NBC 5 Today weekday morning news program. Ferguson joined NBC 5 in 1991 after starting her journalism career as a reporter/anchor


The Mayborn | Annual Report 2016-17

for WBAP Radio in Fort Worth. The award is named in honor of C. E. “Pop” Shuford, who started UNT’s journalism program in 1945. WFAA-TV (Channel 8) anchor Cynthia Izaguirre, who earned a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism from the University of North Texas, received an award for distinguished professional achievement and spoke about her time at the school. “Cynthia is a terrific role model and an inspiration,” said Dorothy Bland, Mayborn dean and graduate institute director. Elvia Limón, a Dallas Morning News reporter who received the outstanding graduate student award, offered guidance for fellow students. “My advice would be to be as involved as you can and, when things get hard, take a second to breathe,” she said. “It’s gonna be OK.”

Did you know?

Eleven students of the Frank W. Mayborn Graduate Institute of Journalism were awarded Mayborn Scholarships at the spring Celebrate Mayborn event. Mayborn Scholars receive up to $10,000 per academic year. For a list of this year’s Mayborn Scholars, see Page 8.

Congratulations to all the winners! MVP Student Media Award – Tiffany Ditto NT Daily Photographer of the Year – Colin Mitchell NT Daily Reporter of the Year – Sarah Sarder NT Daily Writer of the Year – Clay Massey Star Sponsor Award – Tina Young C.E. Shuford Award – Deborah Ferguson Mayborn Medallion Award – Robert and Viveca Stock Distinguished Professional Achievement Awards Cynthia Izaguirre Terri West Alumni Appreciation Award Raymond Miles Career Service Recognition Awards Billy Matthews Steve Stoler Rising Star Awards Ryan Durr Samantha Guzman Cory Mageors Super Alum Awards Austin Allen Spring 2016 Mayborn Student Ambassadors Nathan Cooper Linda Kessler Gabrielle Ebron Andrea Masamba Cristina Fuentes Jennyfer Rodriguez Conner Gray LaSheta Skinner Trerell Hearn Shitara Taylor Kappa Tau Alpha National Honor Society Inductees Tyler Hicks Jennifer Becan Rachele Blick Lisa Jany Linda Kessler Kayleigh Bywater Ashley Moore Chase Carter Anh Dao Nguyen Jennifer Cazares Jennifer Pache Cassandra Deakin Jacqueline Fellows Dionecia Petit Jennyfer Rodriguez Jesika Fisher Victoria Garcia Kevin Ryan Emily Goldstein Evgenia Sinopidou Krystal Solomon Lauren Gordon Connor Gray Carmen Stewart Sarah Guenther Azia Tullos Christian Hamilton Hannah Wachholz American Advertising Federation Alpha Delta Sigma Honor Society Inductees Anila Ademi Bea Martinez Jennifer Becan Christina Rodriguez Emma Carlson Phillip Sternitzke Becca Taylor Cassandra Deakin Hannah Wachholz Cristina Fuentes Danny Laake Nicole Willis Spring 2017 Outstanding Student Awards Advertising – Crystal Mazuera Public Relations – Sarah Guenther Journalism – Linda Kessler Graduate – Elvia Limón

2017-18 Scholarship Recipients:

Anna Gray Ricco Journalism Scholarship – Bailey Maxwell Barbara Colegrove Journalism Scholarship – Mishal Niha, Karsyn Scherer and Marcus Sykes Bill and Brenda Ford SWOOP Scholarship – Hannah Vilches Bill Lace Journalism Scholarship – Dylan Asher C.E. Shuford Scholarship – Kayla Padol and Catalina Uriarte Charldean Newell Journalism Scholarship – Chance Chaney, Kyle Davis, Lauren Gordon, Emma Pina, Alexandra Rangel, Erin Sledge, Jessica Smith, Robert Tristan and Trevien Thomas Charles and Madge Dameron Journalism Scholarship – Christian Jimenez Dave T. Lane/Belo Scholarship – Andrea Czobor, Christian Hamilton, Kaylen Howard and Brady Keane DFWIMA Scholarship – Omolade Bangudu and Nathan Cooper Diana Rae Hanson Memorial Scholarship – Kristen Harlow Edwards Okpa Journalism Scholarship – Kara Jobmann Foster Marketing Journalism Scholarship – Cameron Harlow Gage Future Journalist Scholarship – Michael Rochman Journalism Les Dames D’Escoffier Scholarship – Kearin Beeson and Sydney Minor Junetta Davis Memorial Scholarship – Kayleigh Bywater, Sara Carpenter, Kayla Davis, Rachel Elliott, Victoria Falcon, Monique Gutierrez, Gabriela Perez, Blanca Reyes, Tuere Robinson, Subin Roh, Adriana Salazar, Matalin Sanders, Cesar Valdez and Jacob Williams K.M. Jeanis Memorial Scholarship PR – Alma de Leon Kenneth May Memorial Scholarship – Madison Berry Mayborn SWOOP Scholarship – Marc Frias Osborne & Dee Linquist Endowed Scholarship in Journalism – Vanessa McTillmon and Mishal Niha Paul Recer Journalism Scholarship – Kady Shirley Ricco Ethics Awards Scholarship Competition – Brandon Bolin Riley Cross Endowed Scholarship – Brooke Parent Roy Kidder Busby Scholarship – Caylin Gibson and Mishal Niha Dorothy Bland First Generation Journalism and PR Diversity Champions – Sarah Sarder (Journalism) and Krystal Solomon (Public Relations) SWOOP Mayborn in London Award – Nathan Cooper SWOOP Mayborn in New York Award – Hannah Jelic, Mesha McDonald and Hannah Vilches William Randolph Hearst First Generation Scholarships – Lauren Bengoa, My-Han Duong, Karina Escajeda, Tiara Green, Linda Kessler, Relvyn Lopez, Sidney Mireles, An Dao Nguyen, Krsytal Solomon and Michael Vu William D. Richardson Memorial Scholarship – Angela Roe 2017 Frank W. & Sue Mayborn Graduate Scholars – Rebecca Aguilar Ashley Porter Nicole Rodriguez Andrea Arterbery David Barnett Hailey Sutton Amanda Talbot Evelyn Gonzalez Kelly Juntunen Hannah Wise Joy Omokore

Annual Report 2016-17 | The Mayborn


Mayborn Scholars

From left, Rebecca Aguilar, David Barnett, Hannah Wise, Andrea Arterbery, Dean Dorothy Bland, Kelly Juntunen, Hailey Sutton, and Amanda Talbot. Not shown are Evelyn Gonzalez, Joy Omokore, Ashley Porter, and Nicole Rodriguez.


he Frank W. Mayborn Graduate Institute is proud to announce its 2017-2018 Mayborn Scholars. The group includes Rebecca Aguilar, Andrea Arterbery, David Barnett, Evelyn Gonzalez, Kelly Juntunen, Joy Omokore, Ashley Porter, Nicole Rodriguez, Hailey Sutton, Amanda Talbot, and Hannah Wise. The Mayborn Scholars are announced each year at the annual Celebrate Mayborn awards and scholarship event. The Mayborn Scholars program was endowed by Sue Mayborn in 1999 to honor her husband, Frank W. Mayborn. To date, more than 170 graduate students have received up to $10,000 annually to complete a master’s degree at the Graduate Institute. The scholarship is applied toward tuition and other educational expenses, and serves as recognition for academic excellence in journalism. In return, the Mayborn Scholars complete service hours for the school in the form of mentoring other students, performing strategic communications services, assisting with the annual Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference and acting as ambassadors to the broader journalism community. With the Mayborn family’s generous support, the Graduate Institute remains at the forefront of advanced education in journalism. Our graduate students come to us from across the United States and around the world, and are representative of all divisions in journalism. Ours is the only professionally accredited master’s program in the four-state area of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and New Mexico,


The Mayborn | Annual Report 2016-17

with its most recent reaccreditation occurring during the 20152016 school year. The rigorous process included a several day, onsite visit from a team representing the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications. Each year, during the annual Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference, current and former Mayborn Scholars meet with Sue Mayborn at a special reception the evening before the conference gets under way. It’s an opportunity to personally thank Sue Mayborn for the scholarship support, to network and to hear about academic as well as industry news. Sue Mayborn is the editor and publisher of the Temple Daily Telegram and the Killeen Daily Herald, two of only five independently owned newspapers with circulation above 10,000 in the state of Texas. In Mayborn Scholar updates, David (Jessie) Laljer, M.A. 2017, is pursuing his Ph.D. in sociology at the University of Oklahoma. Jim Dale, M.J. 2016, Jacqueline Fellows, M.A. 2017, Randy Loftis, M.A. 2007, and Gayle Reaves, M.A. 2015, are all now teaching at the Mayborn.

Did you know?

A number of Mayborn student internships at The Dallas Morning News routinely evolve into full-time employment after graduation. During 2016, Mayborn students including Tiffany Ditto, Adalberto Toledo, Elvia Limon, Caleb Downs, Eline DeBrujin and Dalton Laferney interned with the paper, covering major stories and receiving accolades from editors.

Ricco Ethics Award Winners


ach year, the University of North Texas’ 13 colleges and schools encourage their undergraduate and graduate students to participate in the annual Nick and Anna Ricco Ethics Award Scholarship competition, which awards a $1,000 prize to each winner.

“Winning the scholarship meant a lot for me,” Bolin said. “It validated that I was a good writer and could really communicate well even in a contest type setting. It meant that all of my ethical training and even just going for my master’s degree was worth all the work I had put it.”

The Riccos created the competition to promote Nick and Anna Ricco. intellectual debate and discussion on ethics as related to students’ areas of study at UNT, their field of vocation or their avocation.

Bolin said he’s very appreciative of the Ricco Brandon Bolin. family for their support. “Mr. and Mrs. Ricco are truly amazing and giving people,” he said. “I hope to be like them one day.”

The goal is to stimulate the applicants to new heights of reasoning and self-discipline, and for students to recognize and better comprehend the need for ethics in their personal and professional lives.

Bolin is proud to have received his undergraduate and graduate degrees from the Mayborn.

The 2017 subject for the essay competition was to write about unpaid internships and why they are unethical. For Brandon Bolin, M.J., 2017, the subject struck home. “As an undergrad, I had done an internship with a local healthcare corporation where I would drive miles around DFW each week without ever getting compensation for it,” he said. “The topic of my paper was how unethical it was to not even be compensated for gas because of how much I had to drive. “My longest commute would be from Denton to Waxahachie,” he said. “While I loved my internship and learned a lot, I felt a little short changed because it was unpaid.” While in the master’s program, Bolin took a graduate level media ethics course at the urging of Dr. Koji Fuse. “Ethics is an interesting subject,” he said. “The only reason I enrolled in the course was because one of my most enjoyable professors, Dr. Fuse, told me about the class and how much of a learning experience he thought it would be for me.” Bolin said he’s glad he took Fuse’s suggestion for two reasons. The first is that he can tell prospective employers he has taken coursework in ethics. The coursework also helped him win the prestigious Ricco Ethics Award.

“The school is just filled with so many great professors and determined students,” he said. “I have definitely walked away as a better person with so many great friendships.” The 2017 Ricco Ethics Award Scholarship winners from all across UNT were: Brandon Bolin Devasantosh Mohanty Douglas Burns Gabrielle Cordray Deborah Cockerham Billy O’Dell Eliza Smith Kevin Jenkins Zehra Hussain Sven Lohse

Mayborn School of Journalism College of Arts and Sciences College of Business College of Engineering College of Information College of Merchandising, Hospitality and Tourism College of Music College of Visual Arts and Design Honors College Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science

Did you know?

UNT’s own Eric Edling won the first-ever Director’s Challenge video contest at the 34th annual Barbara Jordan Media Awards luncheon co-hosted by the Mayborn School of Journalism and the Texas Governor’s Committee on People with Disabilities in April 2016. Edling’s video, “Respect the Lines,” was produced with the help of Mayborn alumna Ranjani Groth. To learn more, visit: or see Page 28. Annual Report 2016-17 | The Mayborn


13th Annual Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference: The Power of Words


he heat of July was offset by the coolness of some of the nation’s top storytellers at the 2017 Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference, held July 21-23 in Grapevine, Texas. Dozens of newcomers joined conference attendees who’ve been attending from the very beginning to hear greatness from keynote speakers Katherine Boo, Sebastian Junger and Charles Johnson, in addition to two dozen other literary notables. “The Mayborn is an outstanding conference, truly the best in its field in the U.S.,” wrote one respondent. “Thank you for letting me hear from many wonderful authors and writers of all sorts,” wrote another. Pointing to Sunday morning’s closing keynote address from Pulitzer winner Charles Johnson, yet another said, “What a gift he is to us all. I could listen to his wisdom all day.” This year’s conference featured a stellar lineup of panelists and speakers ranging from agents and freelance writers to noted biographer James McGrath Morris and legendary ESPN writer Wright Thompson. Presentations featured personal anecdotes and insights into how the words we use as journalists and writers have direct, meaningful and powerful impact on the world around us. Saturday’s full day was capped by a memorable keynote address by award-winning author and journalist Sebastian Junger, author


The Mayborn | Annual Report 2016-17

of “The Perfect Storm,” “Tribe,” “War,” “A Death in Belmont” and “Fire.” In a poignant message shared with an audience of 500, Junger added relevance to the Mayborn’s “tribe” by discussing how groups are united and made stronger by a common interest and shared struggle. A Sunday morning panel featuring The Dallas Morning News team behind the seven-part “Aryan Princess” series – Mike Wilson, UNT alum Leona Allen, Scott Farwell and Dana Amihere – discussed in detail how the story came together over 18 months and evolved into a multi-platform storytelling opportunity that ran in print, digital, audio and video formats. Pointing to New York Times bestselling author Sara Hepola, KERA Executive Producer Jeff Whittington and others, one attendee said, “You have amassed a powerful group of talent for the conference.” The Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference, produced by the Frank W. Mayborn Graduate Institute of Journalism at UNT and supported by The Dallas Morning News, Texas Monthly and others, brings together hundreds of writers, journalists, authors, agents and publishers each year to celebrate the power of storytelling in all its forms.

Friday Keynote: Katherine Boo

Saturday Keynote: Sebastian Junger

Sunday Keynote: Charles Johnson

2017 Featured Speakers Leona Allen Dana Amihere Farley Chase Stella Chávez Jason Fagone Scott Farwell Michael Graff

Sarah Hepola Skip Hollandsworth Jim Hornfisher Tom Huang Brooke Jarvis Paul Kix Alia Malek

Planning is already under way for the 2018 event, which will be held July 20-22 at the DFW Lakes Executive Conference Center in Grapevine, Texas. The theme for 2018 is “Are You Not Entertained? Real People, Real Stories, Real Storytelling.” In addition to a stellar lineup of keynote speakers, the 2017 Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference featured more than twodozen noted authors, journalists and other panelists. From author Sara Hepola’s witty discussion of her memoir, “Blackout: Remembering the Things I Drank to Forget,” to Jeffrey Weiss’ introspective discussion of writing through terminal struggle with brain cancer, each contributor brought together the pieces of narrative to show how “The Power of Words” contributes to the world around us.

Rachel Monroe James McGrath Morris David Patterson BJ Robbins Dianne Solis Wright Thompson Jia Tolentino

Chris Vognar Peter Waldman Jeffrey Weiss Jeff Whittington Mike Wilson

These include the Best American Newspaper Narratives Contest, the Young Spurs writing contest, the Mayborn Biography Fellowship, the Mayborn's Ten Spurs (personal essay and reported narrative) contest, and the Mayborn's book manuscript contest. Previous winners’ works can also be read at www.themayborn. com. Applications for award stipends to attend the conference are also available on the conference website.

For more news on the 2017 Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference, check out #maybornlitcon17. To register for the 2018 conference, visit, where you can also find information and deadlines relating to the Mayborn's writing competitions. Annual Report 2016-17 | The Mayborn


Conference Awards

Each year, a select group of high school students are presented with the Young Spurs award, given in partnership with the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library. Recipients are granted stipends to attend the Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference. The 2017 winners are (from left to right pictured with former UNT provost and vice president for academic affairs Finley Graves) Henry Boedeker, Shiva Saravanan, Delphine Djomo, Miranda Lowrance, Daniel Hernandez, Tierra Body, Erika Torres and James Hartley.

Minority College Student Awards To date, the Dallas Morning News has contributed more than $52,000 in awards to outstanding minority students who are recognized each year at the Mayborn Conference. The awards offset the cost of attending the conference. The 2017 winners were Roberto Andrade, Andrea Arterbery, Jubenal Aguilar, Stephanie Silas-Vega and Rita Unogwu. The Mayborn Emerging Writer Award This award was established to help identify and train up-andcoming narrative writers age 40 and younger. Professional writers, undergraduate students and graduate students are eligible to apply. Two Emerging Writer Awards were presented in 2017. The winners were Ciara O’Rourke and Meagan Flynn. Weatherly Student Awards Donated by University of North Texas alumna Grace Weatherly, the Weatherly Student Awards provide funding for five undergraduate or graduate students who are enrolled at UNT to attend the conference. This year’s award winners were Amelia Jaycen, Kyle Martin, Clinton Peters, Angela Roe and Marcus Sykes. El Futuro Literario Award This award is presented to a writer covering Hispanic issues or a Hispanic professional writer working for a newspaper, magazine or alt weekly. Hispanic digital or print publishers are also eligible as well as Hispanic undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in writing programs. The 2017 winner was Ana Azpurua. Green Light Award This award is presented to an undergraduate or graduate student who is enrolled full time. This year’s winner was Sarah Gardner.


The Mayborn | Annual Report 2016-17

Best American Newspaper Narratives This contest, co-sponsored by The Dallas Morning News, is designed to encourage narrative nonfiction storytelling at newspapers across the United States. “With the focus on narrative journalism that these awards represent, we hope they will encourage more compelling, important and interesting narrative stories that attract and retain subscribers,” said Jim Moroney, publisher and chief executive officer of The Dallas Morning News. The contest has proven to be a smashing success, with nearly every major daily in America participating. This year’s BANN contest judges were Maria Carrillo, a senior editor at the Houston Chronicle, in charge of Sunday and enterprise; Kelley Benham French, a former narrative journalist for the Tampa Bay Times turned journalism professor at Indiana University; Adam Playford, director of data/digital enterprise for the Tampa Bay Times; Gayle Reaves-King, who has won both a Pulitzer Prize and a George Polk Award; and Steven Wilmsen, enterprise editor at The Boston Globe. The 2017 BANN winners, including the three winners, three runners-up and four notable narratives, whose work was published during calendar year 2016, will be included in the fifth edition of the BANN anthology, to be published before the 2018 Mayborn Conference. First Place – Terrence McCoy, The Washington Post Second Place – Hannah Dreier, the Associated Press Third Place – Billy Baker, The Boston Globe Runner-up – John Woodrow Cox, The Washington Post Runner-up – Christopher Goffard, the Los Angeles Times Runner-up – Steve Thompson, The Dallas Morning News

Notable Narrative – N.R. Kleinfeld, The New York Times Notable Narrative – Steve Thompson and Anna Kuchment, The Dallas Morning News Notable Narrative – Lauren Caruba, the Houston Chronicle Notable Narrative – Lisa Wangsness, The Boston Globe 2017 Ten Spurs winners The annual Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference features several national contests, including the personal essay and reported narrative competitions. During a two-round judging process, entries were first selected for the workshop and then further narrowed for the awards to include the top three personal essays and the top three reported narratives, along with four runners-up. Each winner received a distinctive trophy, a Ten Spurs pin and membership into the Ten Spurs Society. All 10 entries will be published in the 2018 edition of Ten Spurs.

High School Workshop and Young Spurs Multimedia High School Workshop The Frank W. and Sue Mayborn School of Journalism hosted its fourth annual Multimedia High School Workshop in July 2017 for 17 top young journalists eager to learn the art of storytelling from the best in the business and the Mayborn journalism faculty. The 2017 participants were Miranda Alexander, Madeline Badowski, Lauren Macy Bannister, Dylan Reed Benson, Olivia Betka, Tyrese Boone, Alleyah Brown, Molly Chambers, Sarah Alexis Harrell, Lauryn Mackenzie Jones, Nina Melishkevich, Tanya Raghu, Sanjana Reddy, Alexis Rosebrock, Christianna Elizabeth Simon, Juliette Strope and Jennifer Zhan. Young Spurs We call them Young Spurs, a group of promising high school and community college students selected each year to attend the Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference, participate in a group workshop and rub elbows with some of America’s greatest narrative nonfiction writers. They earn their seats by submitting original, factual accounts of historical events or people to our national writing contest, which was launched in 2010. Our 2017 Young Spurs, along with their teachers, attended a writing workshop with George Getschow and were recognized during the conference’s Southwest Soiree on Friday evening. During the coming year, they will also have their historical narratives published in The Dallas Morning News.

Personal Essay Awards First Place – Debbie Williams Second Place – Brent Jones Third Place – Christina Hughes Babb Reported Narrative Awards First Place – Adam Rhew Second Place – Meagan Flynn Third Place – Richard Rejino Ten Spurs Runners-up Elizabeth Clark Jamie Friedlander Rick Jurgens Jen Tota McGivney Biography Fellowship The 2017 Biography Fellowship was presented to Julia Flynn Siler. Book Manuscript First Place – Kim Horner Second Place – Seema Yasmin Third Place – Ione Hunt von Herbing

“The Mayborn’s Young Spurs competition offers aspiring journalists and biographers a remarkable opportunity to hone their craft, spend time with established writers and gain recognition for their work. It could make a world of difference in a young writer’s life,” said Pulitzer Prize-winning author Debby Applegate. Each year, Dr. Shirley Hammond, the director of the Education Department at the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum in College Station, launches the Young Spurs program by inviting high school students from around the state to the library for a lecture series on the art and craft of narrative nonfiction writing. The lecture series is recorded and made available for online viewing. In addition to the library, other partners in the Young Spurs program are Big Thought, Youth Journalism International, Biographers International and The Dallas Morning News. The 2017 Young Spurs were Tierra Body, Henry Boedeker, Jake Gutierrez, James Hartley, Daniel Hernandez, Kimberly Lamb, Delphine Leoue Ngoko Djomo, Miranda Lowrance, Shiva Saravanan and Erika Torres.

Annual Report 2016-17 | The Mayborn


Conference Media & Social Engagement

The fourth annual Multimedia High School Workshop was held concurrently with the 13th annual Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference, culminating with post-conference work done on the UNT campus. Seventeen young journalists worked with Mayborn faculty, including Brian Lochhead (above), throughout their week-long workshop.

The 13th annual Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference brought together more than 400 writers, authors, agents, publishers and others to celebrate the Power of Words and the craft of storytelling. Three of the nation’s most celebrated authors – Katherine Boo, Sebastian Junger and Charles Johnson – handled keynote speaker duties, sharing stories of how they’ve used words to create real and lasting change in the world around us. More than two-dozen other notable speakers and panelists shared insights into facets of storytelling like freelancing, writing a memoir, dealing with international subjects and getting great interviews throughout the weekend conference. Writing for The Dallas Morning News, Michael Merschel summed up Boo’s Friday keynote: “Because Boo wasn’t just eloquent, thoughtful and smart. She was determinedly funny, sneakily crass, and always, always willing to break down every side of her thoughts and experiences. And as she talked, the room unfurled and joined her.” At a table full of reporters, one young woman leaned over to her colleague and whispered, excitedly, longingly: “She’s so cool.” About the keynotes Junger and Johnson, Merschel added: The convention was awash with these humanizing moments. Sebastian Junger, author of “Tribe” and “The Perfect Storm,”


The Mayborn | Annual Report 2016-17

spoke of how war reporting fascinated him, but he stepped away from it when his friend and collaborator was killed on the job. National Book Award-winning author Charles Johnson spoke how it took him years to learn everything he could about Martin Luther King Jr., so he could answer every conceivable question about him for his novel “Dreamer.” The Mayborn Conference trended all weekend in the DallasFort Worth area, gaining traction throughout the national media through tweets and retweets. To see more on how the conference was reported and the conversations that were generated, check out the hashtag #maybornlitcon17 on Twitter.

Did you know?

The 2017 Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference enjoyed a capacity audience in June with more than 500 storytellers attending the Literary Lights Awards Dinner to hear keynote speaker Sebastian Junger. Award-winning writers Katherine Boo and Charles Johnson were also keynotes for the three-day event. For more information, see Page 10.

Dr. Charles Johnson, a professor emeritus at the University of Washington and the author of 22 books, was the Sunday keynote speaker for the 13th annual Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference. In discussing his extensive body of work, which includes multiple genres, Johnson provided attendees with invaluable insights on the writing process.

Trending on Twitter #maybornlitcon17 Met amazing young people taking on journalism, fearless authors and great storytellers at #maybornlitcon17

#maybornlitcon17 power rankings 1. hallway/bar conversations 2. @CharlotteMag crew 3. speakers 4. saying, you too? 500x 5. omelette bar I want to be learning until the last day of my life and creating until the last day of my life – Charles Johnson #maybornlitcon17 An inspiring and varied #MaybornLitCon17. A reminder to keep improving, keep reading, keep honing & thinking about the art of storytelling.

To read in-depth profiles in this year's Mayborn magazine, visit

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Conference '18

Save the dates now for the next Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference. July 20 - 22, 2018. Plans are already under way for the 14th annual Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference, to be held July 20-22, 2018, in Grapevine, Texas. The conference theme – announced at the end of the 2017 event – is “Are You Not Entertained? Real People, Real Stories, Real Storytelling.”

Support the Getschow Endowment

Every day, journalists are fighting to maintain their credibility. Increasingly, there is pressure for reporters to tell compelling newsworthy stories that inform and – now, more than ever – entertain. No longer can journalists count on the routine story. They must cast their nets wide, writing about the usual issues – crime, courts and politics – but also athletes, entertainers and internet celebrities.

Fourteen years ago, George Getschow envisioned a gathering of industry professionals and writing enthusiasts to share thoughts, ideas and insights from others to perfect the craft of storytelling has resulted in what we know today, as the Annual Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference.

This type of storytelling, when done well, requires good reporting combined with rich, interactive graphics, videos and podcasts that lead to informative stories that engage readers in print, online and on air. The 2018 conference will address storytelling in an era where journalists must not only inform, but entertain. Make plans now to be entertained and informed at the 2018 Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference. Visit to register now.

As we honor the leadership and legacy of George Getschow now, as a retired principal lecturer and visionary, we ask you to make a tax-deductible contribution, at a level appropriate for you, to help us build upon George’s legacy and to enhance and continually present this world-class annual conference. To help support the Mayborn Conference through the George Getschow Literary Nonfiction Endowment, visit https://one.unt. edu/george-getschow-endowment.


The Mayborn | Annual Report 2016-17

Conference Board & Committee Conference Advisory Board Erik Calonius Author

Michael J. Mooney Author, Editor & Freelance Writer

Robert Rivard The Rivard Report

Jim Donovan Author & Literary Agent

Sonia Nazario Author

Hampton Sides Author

Joe I. Hight Best of Books (Edmond, Okla.)

John Parsley Little, Brown and Company

Sue Smith The Dallas Morning News (ret.)

James Hornfischer Author & Literary Agent

David Patterson Stuart Krichevsky Literary Agency

Dianne Solis The Dallas Morning News

Tom Huang The Dallas Morning News

Norman Pearlstine Time Magazine

Gay Talese Author

Kevin Merida ESPN – The Undefeated

Ron Powers Author

Dave Tarrant The Dallas Morning News

Bob Mong President, UNT Dallas

Nick Ricco Ricco Family Partnerships, Ltd.

Conference Planning Committee Dorothy Bland Dean and Director, Mayborn Graduate Institute of Journalism James Mueller Interim Associate Dean, Mayborn School of Journalism Neil Foote Conference Co-Director Michael J. Mooney Conference Co-Director Jim Dale Conference Manager Jake Straka Conference Marketing

Brandee Hartley Assistant to the Dean

Jo Ann Livingston Writing Contest Coordinator

Rochelle Sykes Budget Officer

Brian Anthone Conference Assistant

Jean Probst Bookstore Manager

Amanda Barksdale Event Coordinator

Leah Waters Director, High School Multimedia Workshop

Jordan Williams Event Coordinator

Nancy Kolsti UNT Public Information Officer Junebug Clark Conference Photographer

Save the date! The 2018 Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference will be July 20 - 22 in Grapevine, Texas. Watch for news and more information here:

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“First Amendment: Under Siege?”


or journalist Rebecca Aguilar, concern about Americans’ rights is nothing new. “I’m the daughter of immigrants – undocumented immigrants – so I know about rights,” she said. Even before Aguilar became a reporter, she exercised her First Amendment right to free speech. “I grew up going to protests, not to the mall on the weekends,” she said. Freedom of speech was at the forefront of a panel discussion titled “First Amendment: Under Siege?” hosted by the Frank W. & Sue Mayborn School of Journalism on Feb. 16, 2016, and moderated by Aguilar. Adjunct professor lecturer Randy Lee Loftis suggested the event because of what he described as “fundamentally different” relations between the media and the administration of President Donald Trump. Loftis, who also works as an environmental journalist, said he’s never experienced a time when the First Amendment was questioned as a premise – until now. “I think everything we do as journalists wouldn’t be possible without it,” Loftis said. He noted that the amendment’s importance extends beyond reporters to anyone who doesn’t want the government interfering in what people can say, write or publish. Panelists for the event were Aman Batheja, political editor at the Texas Tribune, Kimi Lynn King, political science professor at the University of North Texas, Michael Lindenberger, editorial board member of The Dallas Morning News, Matt Mackowiak,


The Mayborn | Annual Report 2016-17

president of Potomac Strategy Group, and Paul Watler, First Amendment attorney and partner at Jackson Walker LLP. Much of the discussion focused on the amendment’s abilities and limitations. “All of you guys have every bit of right to stand up on your chairs and shout us down,” Lindenberger told the audience. That freedom extends to the nation’s highest office. “We can’t stop the president from delegitimizing the news media if that’s what he chooses to do,” Watler said. Regardless of whether Americans agree with the president’s sentiments, “I don’t think it’s the job of journalists to be approved of by the public,” Mackowiak said. One audience member asked the panelists how to combat fake news. “Fake news is not a new concept. It’s been around for a long, long time,” Batheja said. However, social media has changed the way information – or misinformation – spreads. The impact of fake news on the presidential campaign has ignited more conversations about the topic, Lindenberger said. He suggested that readers “come up with a media literacy strategy” and increase their skepticism of publications they know to be biased. Brittany Burnam, a senior integrative studies major who attended the event, said she wished there was more diversity among the

panel. Burnam said she’d be interested in a deeper conversation because “the political is personal,” but that she had learned about freedom of speech on campus and the difference between hate crimes and hate speech. Loftis said he hoped students gained an “understanding that the First Amendment is a living thing that has to be nurtured over the centuries.”

In the Photos Photo, opposite page, from left, Paul Watler, First Amendment attorney and partner at Jackson Walker LLP, Matt Mackowiak, president of Potomac Strategy Group, Michael Lindenberger, editorial board member of The Dallas Morning News, Kimi Lynn King, political science professor at the University of North Texas, and Aman Batheja, political editor at the Texas Tribune. Above photo, the panel presentation, which was open to the public, drew several hundred students in attendance, along with UNT faculty and staff, and members of the community. At right, veteran journalist and Mayborn Scholar Rebecca Aguilar served as the panel’s moderator. Annual Report 2016-17 | The Mayborn


Mayborn Student Success Jessy Diamba was one of 14 student interns who covered the 2016 Society of Professional Journalists national convention in New Orleans. Diamba was also named a semi-finalist by the National Screening Committee of the Institute of International Education for the 2017-18 Fulbright U.S. Student Program. Advertising students Monica Fernandez, Juree Goode, Beatriz Martinez, Joy Omokore, LaSheta Skinner and David Zendejas participated in the Multicultural Talent Pipeline Program in New York City in September. The Mayborn team was led by Professor Sheri Broyles. Broadcast/digital students Andrea Czobor, Nakadia Hackworth and Andrea Sotelo attended the South Central Broadcasting Awards ceremony in October 2016 in Fort Worth with BEA adviser/Senior Lecturer Michelle Redmond. Hackworth serves as UNT BEA club president.

Tyler Hicks, M.A. 2017, earned the Faculty Senate Graduate Scholarly Writing: Argumentative or Expository Award for his paper, Racial and Gender Delineation in 21st Century White Savior Films. Daniela Ibarra received a $5,000 scholarship from the San Antonio Association of Hispanic Journalists. Jesika Fisher participated in the Summer Publishing Institute conducted by New York University, and now works as a digital content specialist for the city of Carrollton. She takes the comprehensive exam for her master’s degree in the fall 2017. Journalism students who received award stipends to attend the 13th annual Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference in July were Andrea Arterbery, Amelia Jaycen, Kyle Martin, Angela Roe, Marcus Sykes, and Rita Unogwu.

Candace Allison, Amber Reece and Kali Ah Yuen received Outstanding Undergraduate Student Awards for the fall 2016. Allison was honored for advertising, Reece for broadcast journalism and Yuen for public relations. Kate Skinner received the Outstanding Graduate Student Award for fall 2016. Alexis Reese was selected as one of the top journalism students from across the nation for the News21 project in 2017. The Dallas Morning News helped sponsor her participation. Jordan James and Victoria Upton participated in the Multimedia Short Course in March at Florida A&M University. Upton was also selected to attend the 2017 National Student Journalism Conference at The New School in New York City in March. Krystal Solomon, a public relations student from Houston, was among 10 finalists for the $10,000 Rather Prize. Andrea Czobor, a junior broadcast/digital journalism student, worked as a production assistant during the 2017 Super Bowl in Houston. During the summer 2017, she worked as a production assistant in the CBS Studios in New York City. Czobor also was one of 20 students selected to cover the 2016 Online News Association convention in Denver, where the student newsroom was sponsored by Google. Three journalism students placed in the top 20 in the 2016-2017 Hearst contests. Reece Waddell placed 13th in sports writing. Tomas Gonzalez placed 17th in multimedia media news and Kristen Watson placed 19th in the same contest. Dalton Laferney placed first in the Society of American Business Editors and Writers Awards for this package: http://


The Mayborn | Annual Report 2016-17

Andrea Czobor on the sidelines at the 2017 Super Bowl in Houston.

Kate Skinner.

Leah Waters.

Chase Carter with (from left) Drs. Meredith Clark, Tracy Everbach and Gwen Nisbett.

Graduate Research

Seven graduate students successfully defended their theses during the 2016-2017 school year: Kate Skinner for The Castle/Nikki Heat Phenomenon: A Detailed Examination of Female Representation in Entertainment Media. Tracy Everbach, associate professor, was her committee chair. Kevin Ryan for King of the News: An Agenda-Setting Approach to The John Oliver Effect. Interim Associate Dean James Mueller and Principal Lecturer Neil Foote were co-chairs of his committee. Leah Waters for The Persuasive Power of Ridicule: A Critical Rhetorical Analysis of Gender and Humor in U.S. Sitcoms. Associate Professor Koji Fuse was her committee chair. Jessie Laljer for Comparing Media Usage of Binary and Non-Binary Transgender Individuals when Discovering and Describing Gender Identity. Tracy Everbach, associate professor, was his committee chair.

Jacqueline Fellows.

Jessie Laljer.

Elvia Limón for Struggling Dance: the Latino Journalist Experience Covering Hispanic and Latino Communities in Dallas. Tracy Everbach, associate professor, was her committee chair. Jacqueline Fellows for Sources Say ... He May Have Been Depressed and Angry’: Source Credibility in Framing Mental Illness as a Contributing Factor to Mass Shootings. Meredith Clark, assistant professor, was her committee chair.  Chase Carter for Who is Really in Charge Here?: A Qualitative Exploration of Opinion Leadership in an Online Gaming Community. Meredith Clark, assistant professor, was his committee chair.

Elvia Limón with Drs. Tracy Everbach and Gwen Nisbett.

Annual Report 2016-17 | The Mayborn


Student Media

The North Texas Daily is a student-run, digital-first, nonprofit newspaper that provides information, commentary and entertainment to the UNT community. Originally known as The Campus Chat, the newspaper celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2016. “North Texas Daily is the catalyst for our students to land their first role in the ‘real world,’” said North Texas Daily director Adam Reese. “We continue to grow our reach through digital first content, relative stories in our broadsheet publications and new innovations of printing through special publications. “We provide the students an opportunity to manage their advertising desks, manage their editorial teams, and place into production 30-plus broadsheet papers per year as well as various tabloid special publications,” Reese said. As part of its activities during the 2016-2017 school year, the North Texas Daily introduced students to advertorial publications as a supplement to the weekly newspaper. Twelve advertorial publications were published, creating greater opportunity for all Mayborn School of Journalism students to be published. North Texas Daily’s website is Mayborn Lecturer Gary Ghioto serves as the faculty adviser.

NT Daily TV news anchors Jake Haimowitz and Paige Schnorbach prepare a newscast.

NT Daily TV offers news programming written and performed on-air by Mayborn broadcasters ranging from freshmen to graduate students. The station produces more than six shows a week (two-plus hours) of original news programming, covering topics that range from sports and entertainment to religion and local issues. focuses exclusively on a news format. In between its news programs, music is rebroadcast from, which plays a variety of music styles from local Denton artists. NTDaily Radio is also broadcast on through partnership with the Denton Convention and Visitors Bureau and the downtown welcome center. To enjoy programming from Mayborn students, visit and follow the station on Facebook and or Vimeo. NTDaily Radio station manager is Mayborn Lecturer Brittany McElroy; Adam Reese is the operations manager.


The Mayborn | Annual Report 2016-17

NTDaily TV is available on Denton Community Television (Charter channel 191/digital 47-4/Frontier Fios channel 39). By working on NTDaily TV programs, students who are interested in television are able to practice the skills they learn in their journalism classes. Using the latest technology and software, students produce, write, report, shoot, edit and anchor their broadcast stories, while working with faculty members who have extensive experience in the industry. Students also have the opportunity to create and produce other programming of interest to the university community and residents of Denton. Follow NTDaily TV on Facebook and Vimeo to keep up with students’ newscasts. Adam Reese serves as the operations manager. Faculty adviser is Mayborn Lecturer Brittany McElroy.

Denton Live

Denton Live gives students the hands-on experience of writing magazine and website content for the city of Denton’s Convention and Visitors Bureau, producing their tourism magazine Denton Live. The class allows students to experience the publication world, including the “real life” demands of a publisher, editor, design director and deadlines.

Denton Community TV

Operated by the Mayborn School of Journalism, Denton Community TV is the city of Denton’s public access channel. Through their work, students are provided excellent hands-on opportunities to produce newscasts, sports programs and talk shows to air for the channel. Students and Denton residents both produce programs in the Mayborn’s state of the art DCTV studio. Funding from the city and additional money received from grants support the TV station. For more information about DCTV, contact Adam Reese, operations manager. “We are looking to grow our group of local producers within the Denton community in order to expand our programming,” said Reese, noting that each year, the station’s board of producers meets to discuss new programming opportunities and provide input for best practices of DCTV.

Students write, edit, photograph, video and illustrate their stories as well as create the layout and design using state-of-the-art software. Their content is published in the magazine and on Denton Live’s website, giving the students impressive portfolio pieces. The Frank W. Mayborn Graduate Institute of Journalism publishes Denton Live in cooperation with the Denton Convention & Visitors Bureau, where Mayborn alumna Kim Phillips, M.A. 2010, serves as vice president. The magazine is distributed at tourist and business locations across the state. “With a print circulation of 60,000 and a significant online following, students receive a great deal of exposure on their work, along with their real-world work experience,” said Eric Nishimoto, M.J. 2013, adjunct professor and Mayborn alumnus teaching Denton Live. For more information on the Denton Convention & Visitors Bureau and past issues of Denton Live, visit

Did you know? The Dallas Morning News staff was named a 2017 Pulitzer finalist for its coverage of the police ambush in Dallas in July 2016. A number of UNT journalism alums and students can take pride in being part of that team effort. Among the UNT alums working at The Dallas Morning News in the summer of 2016 were Amanda Wilkins, Tasha Tsiaperas, Elvia Limón, Vernon Bryant, Leona Allen and Nicholas Friedman.

Annual Report 2016-17 | The Mayborn


Mayborn Abroad: London

Mayborn in London students have an opportunity to learn about all types of international media organizations during their five weeks abroad. When not participating in class activities, the students are able to explore other British cities, such as Manchester, Liverpool, and Bath.


ssociate Professor Thorne Anderson and Assistant Professor Gwen Nisbett led the Mayborn in London summer study abroad program in 2017, with 26 students participating. While across the pond, the students explored all aspects of the British media for five weeks, including visits to the BBC, the Frontline Club, plus advertising and public relations agencies such as Wieden+Kennedy and Edelman, among others.

Duray, Jason Felts, Marc Frias, Caylin Gibson, Kaely Heine, Hena Husain, Abigail Jones, Simreen Kheraj, Natalie Martinez, Moriah Nolen, Tyler Plato, Vashti Reidt, Aileen Sanchez, Hayley Swinton, Zachary Ulrich, Keyana Underwood, Anna Willis and Brigitte Beltran.

During their five weeks abroad, students heard from guest speakers with the Reporters Without Borders London bureau, the BBC, the Guardian, the Evening Standard, 89Up, and the Muslim Council of Britain. The class also offered students an opportunity to explore several other British cities, including Manchester, Liverpool and Bath. Mayborn in London took place during a volatile time in British history as the country entered the early stages of its Brexit negotiations, experienced several major terrorist attacks, suffered the tragedy of the Grenfell Tower fire, and faced surprising defeats to the governing Tory party in a snap election. “It was a unique opportunity to observe British media and society as they dealt with tragedy and political turmoil,” Anderson said. “I’m certain our students will carry the lessons of this experience with them for the rest of their lives.” Students who participated in the London summer class were Sara Alban, Isaias Ariza, Dylan Asher, Omolade Bangudu, DeAndre Betters, Nathan Cooper, Haley Corzo, Joseph Cox, Alec


The Mayborn | Annual Report 2016-17

Broadcast/digital student Jason Felts sits in the anchor seat at NBC London news bureau, where reporters often do live reports.

Mayborn in New York

Dr. Sheri Broyles (front row, at far right) and her Mayborn students visited with major advertising agencies in New York City during their Maymester JOUR 4020 advertising class. They are shown here at Wieden+Kennedy agency with Mayborn alumna Ashlea Ramirez, who is seated next to Broyles.


ed by Dr. Sheri Broyles, 17 Mayborn advertising students spent two weeks in May in New York City, a major international advertising center, visiting agencies and alums to learn how the ad business runs in the Big Apple. “Before they go, I tell the students to be prepared to be a New Yorker for two weeks,” Broyles said. Course activities focused on three primary areas: advertising agencies, media and advertisers. Daily group appointments were held with members of the New York advertising community. Students met with industry personnel in their area of career interest through a shadow program. Visits were made to major agencies including DigitasLBi, Wieden+Kennedy, Ogilvy & Mather and Anomaly as well as diverse agencies such as Translation and smaller boutiquetype shops. Mayborn students began their trip with a visit to Advertising Age, the industry’s leading trade magazine.

of that and it was an all-around awesome trip.” Students participating in the class were Christopher Allred, Jennifer Becan, Cassidy Brown, Kaitlin Fike, Sarah Hall, Hannah Jelic, Bailey Maxwell, Mesha McDonald, Leah McGraw, Ryan McConnell, Gabrielle McGarry, Emma Pina, Brian Rosatelli, Erin Sledge, Kelley Smith, Jessica Urbina and Hannah Vilches.

Students took advantage of the city’s many cultural and educational opportunities during their non-class hours and on weekends. Students stayed in dorms in Brooklyn Heights, just a subway stop away from Manhattan. “It was an awesome opportunity to look into a world we all hope to occupy after graduation, learning how the big agencies manage some of the world’s biggest brands,” said senior Hannah Vilches. “Add all the excitement and energy of New York City on top Annual Report 2016-17 | The Mayborn


Barbara Jordan Media Awards

The 2017 Barbara Jordan Media Award winners are shown with their medallions, with UNT student Eric Edling in front.


he Frank W. and Sue Mayborn School of Journalism and other UNT organizations hosted the 34th annual Barbara Jordan Media Awards in a celebratory luncheon held at the UNT Apogee Stadium Club on April 13. The awards are sponsored by the Texas Governor’s Committee on People with Disabilities, and recognize outstanding journalism that contributes to better understanding of issues facing people with disabilities. Thirteen awards were presented this year for categories including Print Feature, Book, Broadcast Feature, Radio, Broadcast Series, Photojournalism, College Student, Internet, Print Commentary and others. A new category, The Director’s Challenge, was included this year and the winning recipient was University of North Texas student Eric Edling. Edling’s video, “Respect the Lines,” was produced with the support of Mayborn 2016 graduate Ranjani Groth. Here is a link to the video on YouTube:

Texas Governor's Committee on People with Disabilities member Archer Hadley addresses the luncheon guests.

The luncheon included video presentations of the award winners’ works, the reading of a special proclamation by Denton Mayor Chris Watts and comments by various members of the governor’s committee, who thanked the Mayborn School, UNT and the city of Denton for the partnership. Kristi Nelson, NBC 5 anchor, served as emcee for the awards luncheon.


The Mayborn | Annual Report 2016-17

News Engagement Day

Mayborn journalism students and friends stop for a photograph at the #NewsEngagementDay tent. Lower right, Mayborn adjunct professor Sara Blankenship Reynolds, M.A. 2014, and her German shepherd, Levi.


NewsEngagementDay trended nationally on Twitter Oct. 4, 2016, with a big assist from hundreds of Mayborn journalism students and faculty. This was the third annual AEJMC-sponsored event, which focuses on the role of news and news-gathering. Mayborn adjunct professor Sara Blankenship Reynolds, M.A. 2014, said her students weren’t sure what to expect, but dived right into the activities. “By the time each group finished their shift, they were almost racing back to the desk to show me what they posted and how it was already being picked up and reposted,” she said of the conversations being shared online. Reynolds was among several Mayborn faculty members who brought their “newshounds” to campus for the interactive event. “The part that really got me was seeing my students take pride in something they created, and knowing they contributed to something bigger than just this class or just this campus,” Reynolds said. “A lot of them will start their careers in community news and the work they do there will feed into the bigger ‘machine’ of storytelling, and every single contribution they make will work to uphold the tenets of not just the journalism industry but democracy as a whole.”

Annual Report 2016-17 | The Mayborn


Student Organizations UNT Ad Club and Gravitas

Each year, Gravitas competes in the Tenth District in AAF's National Student Advertising Competition, the nation's oldest and most prestigious collegiate advertising competition. Entering teams develop and present a comprehensive integrated marketing communication plan for a national client. The 2016-2017 client was Tai Pei, a maker of frozen Asian entrees and snacks. Gravitas had 24 students on its team, with five returning from the 20152016 second place team. The district competition was held in April in Fort Worth, with Campbell, Principal Lecturer Bill Ford and Dr. Sheri Broyles accompanying the students. In very stiff competition the Gravitas Plans Book placed third, and the team finished 0.2 points out of third place.

NAHJ The UNT Advertising Club is a chapter of the American Advertising Federation, the trade group that represents the interests of professional and students in the advertising industry. Ad Club accomplished and completed many tasks in 2016-2017, including meeting every other week. During these meetings, members were provided useful information about the advertising industry and tips on how to improve one’s resume, portfolio, business cards and social media to increase their chances of being hired and prepared for their future career. Ad Club also hosted many notable guest speakers. Over the school year, Ad Club visited more than 10 advertising agencies, providing important connections in the industry as well as a first-glance into top-notch agencies such as T3 and Slingshot. Ad Club also held its annual Austin Trip, with 20 members traveling to the Texas capital for two days and one night to visit advertising agencies, including R/GA, GSD&M and T3. UNT Ad Club’s goal is to provide a bridge between student life and professionalism. The chapter is overseen by Brice Campbell, Mayborn visiting lecturer in advertising. “The club provides a point-of-entry to the AAF and promotes the understanding of the roles and responsibilities of people at advertising agencies,” Campbell said. Campbell also serves as adviser for UNT’s ad team, Gravitas, which provides students with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to work as teams in solving real world problems for major national brands. “It best stimulates what it is like to work at a real advertising agency,” Campbell said.


The Mayborn | Annual Report 2016-17

The UNT chapter of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists provides its members with many opportunities to network in journalism and related fields, while also developing their leadership skills. “Thanks to NAHJ, I met my mentor Rebecca Aguilar who helped me land the internship of my dreams in my hometown, San Antonio,” said UNTNAHJ Vice President Daniela Ibarra. “I’ve only been in NAHJ for a little over two years, but I wouldn’t be where I am without it.” During the 2016-2017 year, UNT-NAHJ hosted several activities, including a “Ted Talk Pizza Night,” where students watched and discussed several Ted Talks on journalism-related topics, and a resume workshop where members had their resumes critiqued by faculty and UNT Career Center staff members. Members also attended the distinguished lecture series featuring journalist Steve Stoler, an event co-sponsored by the Mayborn School of Journalism and UNT’s Division of Student Affairs, as well as a keynote speech by author, journalist and professor Dr. Melissa Harris-Perry during the UNT Equity and Diversity Conference in the spring 2017. UNT-NAHJ co-hosted two speakers with the UNT-NABJ chapter as well as hosting several speakers on its own, including Mayborn alumna and Dallas Morning News reporter, Elvia Limón, M.A. 2017, who provided members with tips on how to prepare for a professional career, and Francisco Chairez, a PR associate for the Dallas Summer Musicals, who discussed opportunities in the field of public relations.

UNT-NAHJ members attended the Hispanic Communicators Dallas Fort Worth chapter’s “Sport Marketing Playbook” at Mountain View College in Dallas, where they learned from industry professionals about the many ways that professional sports teams and players market themselves. Chapter members Daniela Ibarra and Jacelin Gutierrez attended the joint NAHJ/NABJ conference in Washington, D.C., in the fall 2016. Ibarra and member Andrea Sotelo were slated to attend the Excellence in Journalism conference in Anaheim, California, in the fall 2017. Mayborn Assistant Professor Gwen Nisbett serves as the chapter adviser.


UNT’s student club of the Broadcast Education Association connects students with practicing professionals; emphasizes industry ethics, diversity, and inclusiveness; and promotes opportunities for excellence in leadership, community service, and production. Through their membership, students also can apply for more than $27,000 in annual scholarships available to undergraduate and graduate students attending BEA-affiliated institutions. “UNT’s BEA chapter has become a force to be reckoned with,” said Andrea Czobor, a senior broadcast major. As part of their activities during the 2016-17 school year, Mayborn BEA students and faculty attended the South Central Broadcasting/BEA Regional Conference, which was held at TCU in Fort Worth, and the Southwest Broadcast Newsroom Workshop/Texas Association of Broadcasters in Fort Worth, where they heard renowned broadcaster Alan Tompkins’ discussion about the difficult questions journalists face.


The UNT-National Association of Black Journalists chapter had a busy year in 2016-2017, engaging its members in a wide range of fun, networking and educational events, as led by Victoria Upton, president. Among the many activities was a “Straight Outta Undergrad” panel, featuring recent graduates who offered straight-talk about getting a job, keeping a job and building a career. Another meeting focused on “Us and Ours” and examined the importance of culture. Members toured WFAA and CBS11, where they met reporters and producers. Their tour of 1310-The Ticket allowed them to see the top-rated sports radio show in action, including a chance to meet the “Original 88” former Dallas Cowboy Drew Pearson and broadcast legend Norm Hitzges. As part of the NABJ Region III Conference, members volunteered to help with the event as well as participated in the panels. UNT-NABJ also became involved in the community by participating in the Adopt a Block program. UNT-NABJ, which was founded in 1987, promotes diversity in the newsroom and other journalist values. The chapter’s primary goal is to assist its members in strengthening their skills and providing career networking opportunities. Student members also have access to scholarships, internships and conventions. Principal Lecturer Neil Foote serves as the chapter adviser.

The year also saw the BEA chapter partner with the UNT-NAHJ chapter to co-host several discussions, including one with former Channel 8 reporter and author of “Tonight at Ten” Steve Stoler, and another with Emmy Award winning CBS reporter and anchorman Steve Pickett. The chapter also hosted NBC 5 weekday morning reporter Courtney Gilmore as a speaker for one of its meetings. Mayborn Senior Lecturer Michelle Redmond served as the chapter adviser; Mayborn Lecturer Brittany McElroy will serve as adviser in 2017-18.

Hatch Visuals

Hatch Visuals, the Mayborn School’s student-run visuals agency, serves as a client-focused outlet for the school’s photojournalism and multimedia curriculum. Participating students negotiate and fulfill real-world assignments with clients from within UNT and from a variety of local businesses and other organizations. Students learn on the job about subjects ranging from managing projects to negotiating contracts and invoicing for their photographic services. The agency also conducts weekly photographic skills and business practice training sessions. Hatch members learn from visual media experts including professional photographers, photo editors and videographers, many of whom are Mayborn alumni. Associate Professor Thorne Anderson supervises Hatch, which is managed on a day-to-day basis by students. “Hatch experience has helped several of our alumni get jobs after graduation,” he said. “And we’ve been around long enough that some of those now-seasoned professionals are returning to Hatch as trainers.” Annual Report 2016-17 | The Mayborn



UNT’s Public Relations Student Society of America chapter is a pre-professional organization that provides tools for members to reach their professional goals. During the 2016-2017 school year, UNT PRSSA toured Splash Media, Fleishman Hillard, Burson Marstellar and OCG PR. Members also participated in community service projects and weekly meetings, where they received insightful information and access to many resources. A major goal for PRSSA is to provide its members with the chance to network with successful public relations professionals from a variety of fields. PRSSA also offers more than $30,000 in scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students. The UNT chapter has won a number of awards, including the Star Chapter Award, Case Study Competition and the Most Social Award. Rebecca Poynter, lecturer and public relations professional, is the new PRSSA chapter adviser. “Our kick-off meeting was the biggest we have had in years,” said Krystal Solomon, chapter president. “We are looking forward to another great year. Our executive board has been working to make it fun and productive.” Among its plans for the 2017-18 school year, UNT PRSSA will send four members to the 2017 National Assembly in Boston.


SPJ UNT is a student chapter of the national Society of Professional Journalists. At UNT, professional journalism means upholding the canons of the craft, from record seeking to fact checking, resource collecting and savvy use of tips and tools. The chapter also serves to establish valuable relationships between its members and professional journalists working in the industry. Through their engagement with the professional community of journalists at a variety of Metroplex publications and media organizations, SPJ UNT chapter members are able to keep in touch with the cutting edge in effective journalism skills. Each year, SPJ UNT schedules numerous activities for its members, ranging from tours of newspapers to networking mixers, research boot camps and training in records requests. Speaker panels are arranged on topics from investigative to sports reporting. Mayborn Lecturer Mark Donald serves as adviser.


Twenty students provide the creative drive behind SWOOP, the Mayborn’s student-managed advertising and public relations agency, which each year completes major projects for its


The Mayborn | Annual Report 2016-17

clientele. SWOOP gives students the chance to interact with clients, build and execute campaigns and work together in a team environment. The agency offers brand consulting, copywriting, graphic design, social media, advertising campaigns and public relations services that cater to a client’s specific needs. Both on- and off-campus clients can expect most of the same services as they would find in a professional agency. From setting project deadlines to solving client problems in a fast-paced environment SWOOPers engage in the same activities they will do as professionals after graduation. They have the opportunity to learn various aspects of the industry at the same time as creating impressive results for SWOOP clientele. SWOOP alumni have found that this hands-on training allows them to step into agencies in Dallas and Fort Worth, and also New York, Chicago, Portland, Seattle and other cities in the United States, and be productive from day one. Principal Lecturer Bill Ford serves as SWOOP’s director.

Did you know?

Associate Professor Thorne Anderson was honored with a 2017 Senator Paul Simon Spotlight Award from NAFSA: Association of International Educators for his Heart of Mexico Literary and Visual Storytelling Project. Launched in 2013 by Anderson and Lenin Martell, associate professor at the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico, the program enables Mayborn students to partner with international students to study journalism, ethnography and daily life in a small town in Mexico.


Mayborn broadcast student Alex Lilley (second from right) earned the privilege of being the first of our students to participate in an internship with the Dallas Cowboys organization. Competing with many others, Lilley participated in a lengthy interview that provided opportunities to show skills with cameras, audio recording equipment and also basic interview techniques.

Undergraduate Fall 2016 Internships

Jessica Alonzo Duran, Compass Point Marketing LLC Sam Beckett, The Dentonite Austin Bourdeau, Canonball Frank Brauer, Hearing Loss Association of America Genni Brito, Univision Marleine Calderon, FC Dallas Danny Cardozo, Social Media Delivered Darla Cullen, Marketing Eye Dallas Tiffany Ditto, The Dallas Morning News Tamara Ede, Time Warner Cable Christina Forsyth, Muller Holdings International LLC Hannah Giang, New York Life Insurance Company Jeffrey Gregory, KTCK Sportsradio 1310 The Ticket Ashley Hall, Lady in the Red Dress PR/Marketing Agency Ebony Halliday, Keystone Fellowship Church Lorie Hahnl, AIA Dallas Chelsey Hayes, CBS 11-KTVT Lindsay Higgins, Matchpoint Agency Stephanie Huizar, Social Media Delivered Brandon Karlis, Skulley Effects Joshua Knopp, Lewisville Texan Journal Hunter Laake, Agency Entourage Joshua Lawson, University Program Council Riley Lewis, The Loomis Agency Harrison Long, Denton Record-Chronicle Michael Lozano, KTVT/KTXA Olivia Martinez, KUVN Univision 23

Kiley Miles, TriDigital Marketing Samantha Morrow, The Monitor Mary Murphy, Richardson Living Magazine Dylan Nadwodny, FC Dallas Antonio Nichols, Social Media Delivered Chandler Osborne, Children’s Advocacy Center of Denton County Matthew Payne, Denton Record-Chronicle Diana Perez, KUVN Univision 23 Anahi Perez Faz, Univision News Zamir Ramirez, Bolt PR Sierra Ramos, New LifeStyles Paige Redwine, Balcom Agency Connor Risenhoover, KTCK Sportsradio 1310 The Ticket Nora Romo, KUVN Univision 23 Austyn Roney, Two Left Sticks Hailey Seymour, KVGI Radio Elizabeth Smith, Children’s Advocacy Center of Denton County Donald Smith II, Denton Chamber of Commerce Charles Taylor, The Sports Quotient Parker Thornton, UNT URCM Adalberto Toledo, The Dallas Morning News Jamie Wagoner, Raze Media Chelsea Watkins, Denton Record-Chronicle Kayla Whatley, Warner Music Group Tammara Williams, Aspiro Agency Mohammad Yousuf, AIM Media TX

Annual Report 2016-17 | The Mayborn


Broadcast senior Andrea Czobor on the set of CBS This Morning. Of the internship experience, Czobor said, “I decided to research, contact, and involve myself with projects that I found satisfaction and joy in. I’ve never been a person to sit back. While I’ve been here, I’ve put myself out more than ever. I am officially halfway through my program and almost every day has proven my effort and determination successful.”

Spring 2017 Internships

Elena Alvarez, We the Birds Cleo Armstead, Family Guide Inc. Emylie Arn, City of Mesquite Jennifer Becan, Seacrest Studios - Children’s Health Gabrielle Biard, MLK Companies Sarah Bradbury, D Magazine Partners Hannah Breland, All About Babies Emma Carlson, Holdings Julia Cerda, United Way of Denton County Paula Colli, A&A Marketing Thomas Cook, The Lewisville Texan Journal Teddy Crimmins, Culture-Hype Estelle Dailey, The Dentonite Cassandra Deakin, Square 205 Bianca DeLeon, The Bomb Factory Gabrielle Ebron, UNT URCM Julia Falcon, D Magazine Partners Sebastian Faura, BARetc. Jason Felts, Dallas Snipers Hockey Team Ramiro Gonzalez, Denton Record-Chronicle NaKadia Hackworth, KEBN Radio Trerell Hearn, KXII News 12 Abigail Hebert, Agency Entourage Christa Irvin, Dancing with the Stars Lisa Jany-Escalera, [x]cube LABS Kara Jobmann, MCA Public Relations Samuel Kagan, Long Drive Agency Stephanie Lesko, City of Flower Mound Riley Lewis, The Collegiate Recovery Program


The Mayborn | Annual Report 2016-17

Ashley Limas, Align Projects LLC Karla Lopez, CollegeFashionista Beatriz Martinez, Compass Point Marketing Crystal Martinez, KXII News 12 Travis McCallum, Bolt Public Relations John McHenry, KTCK Sportsradio 1310 The Ticket Shawn McKay, Sherry Matthews Advocacy Marketing Samuel Metzler, Endicott & Company Public Relations Maddie Migis, MM2 PR Dylan Nadwodny, FC Dallas Soccer Club Joy Omokore, Jagwan Insurance and Financial Services Sonya Patcharapinyopong, Social Media Delivered Gabriela Perez, The Dentonite Jennifer Phillips, NBC 5 KXAS Brianna Pleasant, Northern Texas Pro Golf Association Brenda Robledo, Seacrest Studios – Red Balloon Network Katherine Romig, Daniel Gage Media Paige Sander, RobbinsKersten Direct Jillian Selzer, Cliché Magazine Jadon Sennet, Rockin Rodeo Sarah Shellam, Texas Raves Magazine Emily Shuler, White Pants Wiley Singleton, Blitz Weekly Livia Trevino, City of San Antonio Channora Trieu, Mercury One Anjulie Van Sickle, The Dallas Morning News Allison Vickers, Office of Congressman Michael Burgess Joy Wade, The McManis Insurance Agency Caroline Wright, CBS Sports

Mayborn student Amber Reece interned at the broadcast desk of CNN in Atlanta during the summer of 2017. Reece is shown here with CNN Weekend Anchor Fredricka Whitfield.

Summer 2017 Internships

Katherine Adams, Texas Legends Basketball Summa Aholo, Junior League of Dallas Stephanie Arriaza, Eighty Three Creative Jennifer Atanasoff, Maloney Strategic Communications Brendin Axtman, Borgen Project Jake Bateman, Ansira Devyn Bernal, Austin Fit Magazine Meagan Black, Criterion.B Hayleigh Breeze, Identity Media Services Cassidy Brown, LeSalon App Kayleigh Bywater, Denton County Transportation Authority Matthew Carlin, Cinderblock Nichole Castagnino, Dex Media Dylan Catherman, WALO Creative Inc. Jennifer Cazares, Consume with Love Sean Clark, From the Future LLC AnnaLise Coble, CBS 11 Brooke Combs, Melody of Hope Jeffrey Cooperstein, Cumulus Andrea Czobor, CBS News Kayla Davis, Serve Denton Misti DeHart, Live Like Josh Foundation Jessy Diamba, USA Today Catherine Durkin, Camp Fern Madison Ellis McQueen, The Facts Newspaper Meredith Erikson, Bolt Public Relations Sarah Francis, Agency Entourage Jessica Gall, Stonebridge Ranch Country Club Amir Gooden, Inkcredibly

Grant Gwin, Fidelity Charitable Keoni Holoman, Children’s Advocacy Center of Denton County Daniela Ibarra, KSAT-TV Jade Jackson, CBS 11 Thomas Jones, KXII News 12 Anaisa Kalita, Sara Hussey PR Kathleen Kelly, Square 205 Taryn Land, Square 205 Hannah Lauritzen, Houstonia Magazine Kyle Martin, Denton Record-Chronicle Clay Massey, FC Dallas Evan McAlister, Office of the Governor Justin McMillin, Criterion.B Jasmine Meredith, Pure Speed Performance Track and Field Club Inc. Amelia Mock, Seacrest Studios – Children’s Medical Center of Dallas Anastasia Moncada, Therapeutic Center for Hope Ashley Moore, Texas Ballet Theater Patrick Parish, Innovative IDM Karla Polanco, Ivie & Associates Inc. Emily Pribanic, D-Bat Sports Jesse Priest, Fort Worth Weekly Xochitl Ramirez, Proterra Advertising Alexis Reese, Carnegie-Knight Initiative on the Future of Journalism Education Alexandria Reeves, VolunteerNow Ryan Rieck, Live Nation Brenda Robledo, KXII News 12 Brenda Rocha, Maloney Strategic Communications Lauren Rosenthal, DFW Style Daily Nicolas Ruiz, Pocket Money Coupons Rhiannon Saegert, Eater Dallas Adriana Salazar, Ivie & Associates Inc. Marlene Salazar, Seacrest Studios – Children’s Medical Center of Dallas Karsyn Scherer, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Evgenia Sinopidou, CultureHype Cory Smout, DECA Dental Group Brittany Sodic, Study Breaks Magazine Carme Stewart, Camp Fern Jamila Stewart, Lewisville Area Chamber of Commerce Alyssa Stringer, Dex Media Morgan Sullivan, CultureHype Raquel Talamantes, CultureHype Shitara Taylor, WBAP News Talk 820 AM & WLIP News and Information 570 AM Shelby Trahan, KTRK-TV Channel 13 Eyewitness News Kristina Uresti, Culver Public Relations Michael Vu, Oliver Fox Advertising Madison Wilson, Denton Record-Chronicle Sarah Young, pNeo

Annual Report 2016-17 | The Mayborn


Career Fairs


ndergrads and graduate students have the opportunity to meet with nearly three dozen potential employers during the Mayborn’s semi-annual Internship and Career Fairs, which are held during the fall and spring semesters. Students wear their professional attire and have their résumés ready to share while visiting with the different industry representatives. The fairs are held in partnership with UNT's Career Center. Companies that attended:


• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Abercrombie & Fitch Agency Entourage Allied Integrated Marketing American Campus Communities Arlington Convention & Visitors Bureau Bioworld Merchandising Broadleaf Commerce Camp Fern for Boys and Girls Camp Lonehollow CBS11- KTVT Collabera Credera CultureHype D.R. Horton, Inc. Dieste Education at Work First Refuge Ministries Fort Worth Business Press Greensheet Media HCK2 Partners Innovative-IDM Ivie & Associates, Inc. J&S AUDIO VISUAL Killeen Daily Herald KAUZ-TV KTEN Media KXII-TV KXXV

The Mayborn | Annual Report 2016-17

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

LDWWgroup Light the Way International Maloney Strategic Communications Mixed Media Creations MSB Consulting OKI Data Americas, Inc. PAVLOV, LLC Peace Corps projekt202 PSAV Raze Media Salem Media Group Seacrest Studios at Children’s Health Shoptology Six Flags Over Texas / Hurricane Harbor Socialcentiv Social Media Delivered Southlake Style Magazine Splash Media Sterling Renovations and Design The Five Star Institute The Marketing Arm TPN TracyLocke URCM USAA WRG

Alumni Updates Kristi Nelson

Kristi Nelson never imagined herself on TV. From the time she was little, she simply wanted to tell stories and, one Christmas, she got her wish. “When I was around 9, I asked for a typewriter for Christmas,” Nelson said. “I used it to make my own newspapers. That was the beginning of the dream.”

Nelson would make up stories, type them up on her little typewriter, then cut and paste them onto paper to make them look like a real newspaper. She then embarked on her own successful newspaper business, selling her hand-crafted papers to members of her family. Following her “freelance” days as a work-from-home newspaper creator, Nelson also recalls a moment from a PTA meeting in elementary school, where she pretended to be one of her role models, local Metroplex news legend Clarice Tinsley. “When I was young, [Tinsley] was something of a pioneer in the business and a great role model for black women in Dallas, so I wanted to be her,” Nelson said.

Alumni News

Mayborn advertising alumna Ashlea Ramirez (at left) has risen quickly at New York’s Wieden+Kennedy agency, working as a project manager on highprofile accounts including Delta Airlines. She tracks her success back to the basics she learned at the Mayborn.

“Personally, it didn’t cross my mind that right after college I’d be living and working in New York,” she said. “Texas is a huge state, but for me the experiences that I’ve had at UNT has opened doors to the industry worldwide. Being involved and committing to the ad programs and organizations was the beginning for me. People in the industry saw my passion and how I often stepped up to the plate when it comes to leadership. I was about getting things done. And I’m still about that today.” In her current role, Ramirez believes she’s at the heart of the business she loves. “Here at W+K, I feel like I’m doing the best work of my life. And my career just started, like that really makes me stop and say wow, I made it. I’m doing it. And, humble

Hundreds of stories, two degrees and several awards later, Nelson is now a well-established journalist and anchor for NBC 5 in Dallas/Fort Worth, the nation’s fifth largest television news market. She anchors the 4 p.m. and 10 p.m. newscasts. Nelson is a Texas native and grew up in Oak Cliff, just south of downtown Dallas. She attended The School for the Talented and Gifted, before attending the University of North Texas. She graduated with her bachelor’s degree in 1994, with her focus in news editorial writing. “I didn’t know I would be good at television,” she said. “It was not what I set out to do but it has worked out, and I’ve been here at Channel 5 for 16 years, 17 total with NBC. I did not anticipate it being my entire career.” Since her transition to NBC, she is now a well-known face in the DFW community. In her time with NBC 5, she has won several journalism awards, including an Emmy for her multi-part series titled “Kristi’s Gift,” which documented the process of donating a kidney to her mother. She has received two Lone Star Emmys, a Gracie Award and several awards from the National Association of Black Journalists, all of which have contributed to her lengthy and successful career. And it all started with a little girl, her typewriter and a dream.

brag, I’m killing it.” The success story Ramirez has to share with current Mayborn students? “Put in the work and wherever you want go, or whatever brand you want to work with, and it’ll happen for you.” Jarah Wright, B.A. 2013, is the marketing and promotions manager for the Grand Junction Rockies, one of the Colorado Rockies’ minor league teams. “I just completed my first season in Grand Junction but my fifth season working for a minor league baseball team,” she said. “It’s always fun telling people how I learned my marketing/journalism/ broadcasting/writing skills at the Mayborn.” Annual Report 2016-17 | The Mayborn


Becky Kimbro

Becky Kimbro has figured out a way to turn what she jokingly says was her father’s disappointment into an enviable career. “I think my dad really wanted boys when he had me and my sister,” she said. “I remember my first Ranger game like it was yesterday. You look out at the ballpark and you see that field … it’s almost emotional.” The 2008 advertising graduate now makes her living channeling that early love of baseball as the vice president of marketing for the Texas Rangers. Baseball is her third career stop following a nearly two-year stint as senior marketing manager for the Dallas Cowboys. Prior to Kimbro’s entry into sports, she started out in political media consulting. She prefers sports. “I was a news junkie as a kid, always interested in politics,” she said. “I didn’t understand how awful it is. I got my fill and then some” serving as media director for the Smart Media Group from September 2006 to August 2010. Kimbro says her time in the political world provided a key benefit she now finds useful in sports marketing. “Sports and politics are similar,” she said. “You have this product you can’t control. People are very passionate about both subjects. When you’re selling a sports product, you deal with people who are very emotional about their team.”

Did you know that Nicholas Friedman, B.A. 2016, and a former NT Daily editor-in-chief, is now a homepage/social producer for The Dallas Morning News? Jayda Fisher, B.A. 2013, has been working for the experiential marketing company, Freeman, for the past 2.5 years. She recently accepted a new position within the company’s marketing team as a sales lead development manager, where she works with advertising, digital marketing and sales. Nicole Jordan, B.A. 2012, (at left) has been promoted to senior editorial writer for the Neiman Marcus Group. She helms the brand magazine, named the book, and strategically steers editorial content across channels (.com, social, etc.). Nadia Galindo, B.A. 2012, worked in several reporting positions in Texas, including CBS Austin, before moving out of state for a freelance reporter job at News 12 Long Island, in the New York City area. In 2017, she landed a full-time position as a


The Mayborn | Annual Report 2016-17

Kimbro credits her alma mater for preparing her to tackle many challenges. “The most incredible thing about UNT is I was able to (complete my degree) and have a fulltime job in Dallas,” she said. “I wouldn’t have a career without UNT. It made me think critically about messaging. I still use Sheri Broyles’ creative marketing campaign brief. It’s the foundation for developing our campaign every year.” Kimbro now serves on the Mayborn School of Journalism Board of Advisors. “It’s a really great thing to be able to see behind the curtain,” she said.

Terri West

Terri West couldn’t have imagined that a short-term job right out of high school would parley into a career at the highest levels of technology, but then she also couldn’t yet see the power of storytelling as taught by the journalism program at the University of North Texas. A 1982 graduate of UNT – then North Texas State University – West would eventually become a senior executive with Texas Instruments, overseeing a staff of several hundred communicators, journalists and storytellers at TI locations around the world. But that all started with a one-month summer assignment following high school graduation. “I loved the company and they loved me back,” she said. “My first summer job there led to another and before I knew it I was on leave of absence throughout my college career at UNT. So, I had a great thing waiting for me when I graduated.”

multimedia journalist at News 12 Westchester. Teresa Rodriguez, B.A. 2011, is the manager for employer brand and recruiting operations at Sephora in San Francisco. Staci Parks, M.J. 2015, is a copy editor for HealthMarkets. Amelia Jaycen, M.J. 2017, is the assistant editor for Sea Technology magazine, based in Arlington, Va. Jaycen also works as a contract freelance writer for the American Institute of Physics. Tyler Hicks, M.J. 2017, is working as a senior assistant director of admission at Austin College. J.K. Nickell, M.J. 2012, is now the senior editor at Texas Monthly. Adrian O’Hanlon, M.J. 2015, has been promoted to news editor for the McAlester News-Capital in Oklahoma. Michael J. Mooney, M.J. 2009, co-director of the Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference, wrote American Way’s August 2017 cover story on Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott.

West worked her way through a variety of entry level assignments at TI, including corporate communications and investor relations, and quickly found herself interfacing with all parts of storytelling at the company. A rapidfire ability to quickly learn the facts and frame up effective ways to share stories with a variety of audiences became West’s stock in trade.

says that the ability to quickly drive to the heart of a story and communicate effectively will always be an important skill.

“Richard Wells (former journalism professor) was my biggest inspiration in college,” she said. “I especially enjoyed reporting stories. You learn how to think critically and ask the right questions in journalism school – and that led directly to shape messages and create communications that worked.”

“At the end of the day, in the engineering world, it’s the ability to write, communicate and influence others that makes big things happen,” said West. “It was never the technology at Texas Instruments that kept me there. It was the challenge of using good journalism to connect the dots so that great things could happen that kept me excited.”

West, who as senior vice president of Texas Instruments ultimately led a worldwide group of 350 communications professionals, demonstrated how the common skills learned in journalism at UNT fed directly into framing up messaging for her group worldwide. “The core thing that has run throughout my career at TI is the ability to influence and tell a story,” she said. “Everyone sees a common mission and understands the goals. Then, no matter if it’s digital marketing, college recruitment, government relations or whatever, they all have the same story to tell.” Retiring early in 2017 after a 35-year career with the technology giant behind the integrated circuit and dozens of other products that have helped to change the world of technology, West

Whether creating recruitment programs for new employee prospects or developing a global advertising and public relations campaign to support individual product lines, a solid ability to look at challenges and opportunities, and then craft stories that lead to solutions, is perhaps the one thing that hasn’t changed with technology, she said.

Among the experiences at UNT that meant the most to West’s career? “I certainly can’t forget the Friday afternoon slash sessions where the professors would come in and tear our newspaper stories to shreds,” she said. “That was perhaps the biggest single thing that helped to shape me into the communicator that I became at Texas Instruments. That was a sometimes-brutal but incredible learning experience.” The staff of the North Texas Daily continues to undergo weekly slash sessions in advance of releasing the paper. Asked for the challenges she sees facing the journalists and storytellers of today and tomorrow, West said, “It’s the ability to not only tell a good story but to do it quickly. Audiences have shorter attention spans than ever and we take in so much more. Ask all the right questions and then write a really crisp lead paragraph – that’s the key to success.”

Robert F. Darden, M.J. 1978, was named the 2016 Outstanding Teacher in the Baylor University College of Arts & Sciences, where he is a professor of journalism, public relations and new media. “When I was at North Texas, I received superb teaching from a variety of professors, all of whom modeled both academic excellence and personal integrity to me,” Darden said. “I give much of the credit for whatever awards have come my way to teachers like Keith Shelton and Doug Starr.” At Baylor, Darden has won almost every major teaching and research award, including the Cornelia Marschall Smith Award as Outstanding Professor (2011); the first Baylor University Diversity Award (2010), Outstanding Research Professor, College of Arts & Sciences (2008); and the Baylor Centennial Award (2008). He has published two dozen books, most recently “Nothing But Love in God’s Water, Volume II: Black Sacred Music from Sit-Ins to Resurrection City” (Penn State University Press, 2016).

Jim Dale, M.J. 2016, an adjunct professor and marketing director for the Mayborn, earned second place in the AEJMC magazine contest for his 2016 article, “A Road Well Traveled,” about Pulitzer Prize winning author Gilbert King that he wrote for Mayborn Magazine. He and his classmates, Ashley Porter, Britney Tabor, Jacqueline Fellows, Emily Toman and Aaron Claycomb, were also honored with third place General Excellence, third place for Editorial and honorable mention Design for their work on the magazine. Annual Report 2016-17 | The Mayborn


James Perez

James Perez’s trip up I-35 from San Antonio to Denton may have been an intermediate stop en route to Hollywood if his original plan had materialized. Yet in a way he says it has, though since July 2013 his business card reads Sales Manager, CBS 11/ KTXA 21. Perez graduated from Central Catholic High School having researched radioTV-film departments before deciding on UNT. “Denton was both close enough and far enough away,” said Perez, who found RTF “crowded,” deciding he could learn the technical side of film on his own while changing his major. The 2003 B.A. in journalism recipient spent a summer balancing work as a video editor for Camp TV with an internship at CBS owned-and-operated KTVT-TV. Shortly thereafter, Perez received a fulltime offer from his soon-to-be boss and mentor, Matt Flewelling. His film career was placed on what appears to be permanent hold, initially due to logic any young graduate driving a beat-up pickup would understand. “Part of the reason sales attracted me was the kind of cars the sales people were driving,” he said.

“It’s not all about ‘spots and dots’ anymore,” he said. “It’s up to us to come up with ideas and concepts to set our clients apart. That can be anything from a 30-minute auto show to vignettes on the town of Addison. We’re in the mix from beginning to end. Local advertisers ask us to write storyboards for them. We’re shooting video ourselves.” Perez even acted in one spot. “You’ve got to trust the people you work for and who work for you,” he said. “People take jobs for the money and they jump and jump and jump. You spend a good 80 percent of your life at work. It’s important to enjoy it.” Perez often crosses paths with people he met at UNT. “A lot of people I went to school with I’m still in contact with,” he said. “A lot of alums work here. “UNT provided me with a small glimpse of what the real world was about. You can’t just rely on a degree. My professors weren’t easy on us. I think that really helped me a lot. There’s a little bit of grit with people who graduate from UNT,” Perez said.

Randy Romero, B.A. 2012, is a digital media strategist at DigitasLBi, a social media advertising agency in Chicago.

Brian Hale, B.A. 2008, is a communication manager, marketing and communications, for GM Financial.

Shawn Gadley, M.A. 2014, works as a copywriter on advertising accounts at Geometry Global agency in Chicago.

Keith Shelton, M.A. 1972, and a retired lecturer, was the 201617 president of the UNT Retiree Association. To honor Shelton, many of his former students and fans contributed to endow a scholarship in his honor. He was presented with a Mayborn Medallion on Sept. 29, 2016.

Kevin Ryan, M.A. 2017, is an adjunct professor at Tarrant County College, where he teaches Intro to Mass Communication. He is also a frequent contributor to the Dallas Observer. Lori Conrad, B.S. 1991, is a market communications director at CBS in Dallas. Theresa Kushner, M.J. 1973, is the senior vice president for performance analytics with Dell; she is based in the Austin area. Elizabeth Guevara, M.J. 2016, is the bilingual media manager for the Dealey Group.


Starting as an account executive for CBS Radio in June 2004, he moved to the television side in 2006. Perez decided to make a career in sales after seeing the impact he could have on growing local businesses from the advertising side, while still getting to use his film and video chops.

T.C. Greene, B.A. 2015, is the coordinator of media relations at the Los Angeles Lakers. Jason Roberson, B.A. 2000, is the new managing editor of the Dallas Business Journal. Randy Pruett, B.A., 1977, is a vice president with Cooksey Communications in Fort Worth.

Alumna Sarah M. Broom was named a 2016 Creative Nonfiction Grantee for her memoir, The Yellow House, to be published by Grove Press. Broom’s work has appeared in a number of publications, including The New York Times Magazine, The New Yorker, The Oxford American, and O, The Oprah Magazine.

G. Morty Ortega, M.J. 2013, has taken the job of multimedia specialist in Baylor University’s Marketing and Communication Division, where he produces mostly videos and some photos for Baylor’s social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). “I was hired because they were looking for a video producer with the eye of a photojournalist and strong storytelling skills, both of which I honed at Mayborn,” he said.

Javier Rodriguez, Ph.D., who earned his B.A. in journalism in 1981 from UNT and his Ph.D. from Harvard in 2000, is now an associate professor in English at UNT.

Jo Ann Ballantine, M.J. 1992, and former marketing specialist for the Mayborn, is the 2016-17 campaign co-chair for the United Way of Denton County Inc.

The Mayborn | Annual Report 2016-17

Jonathan Soto, B.A. 2013, is now a Fox Sports SW producer. Did you know that Kacinda Crump, B.A. 1993, is a producer with Fox 4 News in Dallas? Nikela Pradier, M.J. 2004, is a reporter with KRIS Communications in Corpus Christi, Texas. Gemeral Berry Jr., B.A. 1974, a former UNT journalism lecturer, now works in marketing with Our Texas Magazine. Marie Watts, B.A. 2006, is the assistant to the city manager for Cedar Hill, Texas. Nana Adwoa Antwi-Boasiako, B.A. 2013, is a production assistant at the PBS NewsHour in Washington, D.C.

Mayborn alumna Jordan Bostic Grantham is shown with her husband, Scott, and twins, Hope and Evan.

Jordan Bostic Grantham, M.J. 2009, was promoted to senior communications manager at the National Athletic Trainers’ Association. She manages a team that handles all internal communications to 44,000 NATA members across the world. “Our content is focused on the latest developments in sports medicine and athlete safety, and our portfolio includes an award-winning monthly magazine, a quarterly digital magazine, 12 digital newsletters, four websites and numerous social media channels,” she said. “We also oversee video production and photography while collaborating with our meeting planners to produce an annual sports medicine convention for 10,000 attendees.” Scott Sidway, B.A. 2016, tied for second place in the BEA Media Festival of Arts Radio Newscast Category for his “Texas Super Tuesday Election Update —10:30 p.m.” Did you know alumnus David Moore is the Cowboys Insider columnist for The Dallas Morning News? Graham Douglas, B.A., 2005, is a creative director in New York City. He married Casey Dalporto on Sept. 17, 2016, in Brooklyn; the couple honeymooned in Sri Lanka and India. Judge Ken Molberg, B.A. 1973, has been re-elected as an appeals court judge in Dallas. David Barber, B.A. 1982, has been named senior reporter at the Van Zandt News in the Canton area. Alumna Camille Grimes is the executive director of The Dallas Morning News Charities. She also organizes the DMN's annual high school journalism workshop. Kate Skinner, M.A. 2016, is a culture communication coordinator for the Howard Hughes Corp. in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Lara Wallentine Hussain, B.A. 2000, formerly with the Texas Instruments Foundation, is exploring education career options and now lives in the Denver area with her husband and son. Theresa Gage, B.S. 1990, is the vice president of brand partnerships for InMobi, a firm that is a pioneer in the next generation of mobile-only ad experiences. InMobi was recognized by Fast Company as one of The Most Innovative Companies in 2016. As the VP of brand partnerships, Gage works with clients to create in app video campaigns. Michael A. Lozano Jr., B.A. 2017, is a multimedia journalist and weekend anchor for ABC Local 2 News, KMID, in Odessa, Texas.

2016-17 Adjuncts Frank W. Mayborn Graduate Institute of Journalism alumni who served as adjuncts during the 2016-17 school year include: • Sara Blankenship Reynolds, M.A. 2014, (Media Literacy, Mass Communication and Society, and Comparative International Media Systems) • Bo Carter, M.J. 2006, National Football Foundation consultant, (Sports Media) • Jim Dale, M.J. 2016, Mayborn marketing director, (Broadcast Advertising) • Stephanie Knight, M.A. 2012, (Strategic Social Media) • David McPhate, M.A. 2014, award-winning reporter, (Intro to Media Writing) • Annette Nevins, M.J. 2014, (News Reporting, Writing and Editing) • Eric Nishimoto, M.J. 2013, Collin County PIO, (Magazine Production) • Stacy Parks, M.J. 2015, online managing editor, D Magazine, (Intro to Media Writing) • Gayle Reaves-King, M.A. 2015, (Principles of News, Intro to Media Writing) • Vivian Unger, M.J. 2013, president of Broadcast Resources (Advertising Strategy) Annual Report 2016-17 | The Mayborn


Faculty & Staff

New Faculty & Staff

Carolyn Brown, an award-winning broadcast journalist, producer and director with more than 20 years of experience in the industry and more than a decade of experience teaching broadcast journalism in the academy, has joined the faculty as a senior lecturer. Brown has worked for a variety of news media outlets ranging from Fox News and CBS in New York to KRON-Bay TV and KNTV News in the San Francisco area. Documentary filmmaking also is one of her passions. She “can help prepare our students for a wide range of jobs from field reporter to executive producer,” said Thorne Anderson, an associate professor in photo journalism and search committee chair. “She can help connect our students with jobs and internships across the nation.” As an assistant professor at American University, she helped overhaul the broadcast curriculum and designed the production studio. She has done broadcast interviews about her work with NPR, the CBS Evening News and CNN en Espanol. Brown earned her M.A. in liberal studies from Northern Arizona University and her B.A. with a dual major in political science and art history from Colgate University.


The Mayborn | Annual Report 2016-17

Brittany McElroy, an award-winning multimedia journalist with nearly a decade of industry experience, comes to UNT from the University of Missouri, where she was part of a team that won a regional Edward R. Murrow Award for Innovation in Journalism in 2017. She has worked as an adjunct professor since 2013 at the University of Missouri’s NBC affiliate newsroom. McElroy was the evening news anchor at KOMU-TV in Columbia, Mo., where she also filmed, wrote and edited special reports and managed a team of student reporters and producers. Prior to moving to Missouri, she worked as a weekend anchor, reporter and producer at KSLA-TV in Shreveport from 2010-2013 and at KCBD-TV in Lubbock from 2008-2010. She earned her bachelor’s degree in journalism and political science from the University of Missouri as well as her master’s degree in journalism with a concentration in media management. She has earned several other awards, including first place in the Missouri Broadcasters Association for her documentary work in 2016 and two gold awards from the Kansas City Press Club for documentary work in 2016 and beat reporting in 2014 and 2015.

Valarie Bell is a lecturer and has a key role in the startup of the Mayborn's new M.S. in Digital Communications Analytics degree program using the accelerated online model. She has nearly a decade of experience working in marketing and public relations with major clients such as Baxter, Siemens and McDonald’s. Bell brings strong quantitative and social media skills, and has taught classes online for several years, including social statistics. She defended her dissertation in sociology, which explored social media drought shaming as a tool of digital norms enforcement and a measure of drought burden inequality at Texas Woman’s University, where she earned her Ph.D. She earned her B.A. in philosophy from the University of Illinois; she has M.A. degrees in social psychology and forensic psychology from the University of Nevada-Reno and the Illinois School of Professional Psychology, respectively. Randy Loftis is a lecturer and an awardwinning journalist who worked for more than 30 years as an environmental and investigative reporter for The Dallas Morning News and The Miami Herald. He has done freelance work for the online journal Texas Climate News, The New York Times and National Geographic. Loftis earned his master’s degree in journalism from UNT. His thesis was titled “Environmental journalism curriculum as an imperative of democracy: A philosophical exploration.” Loftis is active in the Society of Environmental Journalists and Investigative Reporters & Editors. He has earned dozens of awards ranging from the Worth Bingham Prize for investigative reporting from Harvard University to a public service award from the Texas APME. His work has earned him fellowships in Denmark, Norway, Germany and Spain; he also is working on two books. Kara “Kary” Greene, student services specialist in Advising, has moved to fulltime status to assist with advising and office duties in the Dean’s Suite at the Mayborn. She has a bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M University and 13 years’ experience working in media sales for Fox TV and Petry Media. She once represented 75 national television stations in the top 50 markets and worked with national accounts including Pepsi, Southwest Airlines, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Texas Lottery, HEB, Ford and Dodge/Chrysler.

In Memoriam:

Dave Tracy

The Mayborn School is deeply saddened by the loss of lecturer Dave Tracy, who died April 12 in Dallas. A memorial service was held in June. The Mayborn School of Journalism has established a scholarship fund and contributions can be made at in David Tracy’s name. Tracy, 69, joined the Mayborn School of Journalism in 2013 after a long career in television news, corporate video and commercial video production. He served in the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam War and started his career in radio. He then became a writer and producer for KFMB-TV, San Diego’s CBS affiliate. He also was a general assignments reporter for WMBD-TV in Peoria, Ill., and for KDFW-TV in Dallas before switching to corporate communication. Tracy worked for American Airlines, Westcott Communications and VHA, all in the Dallas area, before founding his own video production company in 1993. “Dave was a bundle of creative energy, someone who constantly challenged himself to get better,” said Mayborn Principal Lecturer George Getschow. “He leaves an indelible mark on the Mayborn and on all of us who had the privilege of coming into his orbit.” From 2008-2011, Tracy taught high school journalism in the Carthage Independent School District. Tracy received five Dallas Press Club Katie Awards for Excellence in Journalism and a National Cable Ace Award, for a story produced while he was earning his bachelor’s degree from San Diego State University. At UNT, Tracy created in 2015, an online radio station. Students produce weekly 15-minute programs that cover news, sports and entertainment, an Ask the UNT President program and station promotions. To view a tribute created for Tracy by his students, visit To donate to the Dave Tracy Memorial Scholarship Fund, contact Dean Dorothy Bland at Annual Report 2016-17 | The Mayborn


Faculty Research Mayborn faculty members had a successful year presenting their research in major academic conferences and publishing in a wide variety of academic journals and the mainstream press. The work also appeared in all sorts of media from books to digital. Thorne Anderson earned the Creative Works Award from the Visual Communication Division of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication Annual Conference for the Heart of Mexico project in August, 2016. He also won First Place, Documentary Short, from the National Press Photographers Association in April, 2016. Anderson and Lenin Martel won the Mark of Excellence Award for Online In-Depth Reporting from the Society of Professional Journalists, Region 8 for Heart of Mexico: Migrant Dreams in March 2016. Anderson did four micro-documentaries for KERA and, PBS and NPR affiliate public media. He also did a photo essay for He was director and photographer for a web broadcast on Texas Standard. Sara Champlin published a half dozen articles in a variety of publications, including the Journal of Medical Internet research. Champlin specializes in health communication research. For example she wrote “Gestational Weight Gain through a Health Literacy Lens: A Scoping Review,” for the Journal of Perinatal Education. She also presented two academic papers. Meredith Clark published two articles in academic journals and two stories in The Dallas Morning News. She was a speaker or panelist at a half dozen events, including ones at Harvard, Stanford, and the Association of Internet Researchers conference in Berlin, Germany. Tracy Everbach’s book “Mediating Misogyny: Gender, Technology and Harassment,” which she co-edited with Jacqueline Ryan Vickery, was accepted for publication by Palgrave MacMillan. Everbach also wrote a chapter of the book. She published three articles in academic journals, including “Opening the sports closet: Media coverage of the self-outings of Jason Collins and Brittney Griner” in the Journal of Sports Media. Everbach also wrote commentary for three national blogs and The Dallas


The Mayborn | Annual Report 2016-17

Morning News. She was a panelist or presenter at half a dozen sessions at AEJMC. Koji Fuse presented papers at the Annual Midwinter Meeting of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication and at the National Communication Association, including “Japanese-Tortured POWs: A Fantasy Theme Analysis of Unbroken and The Railway Man,” which he wrote with Mayborn student Tyler Hicks and James E. Mueller. James E. Mueller published “Stanley Before Livingstone: Henry Morton Stanley’s Coverage of Hancock’s War Against the Plains Tribes in 1867” in American Journalism. He also published a review/essay in Presidential Studies Quarterly and an article in a conference proceedings journal. He revised and updated a teacher’s manual at test bank for a mass communication textbook. Mueller presented four papers and three academic conferences. “‘This Act of Brutal Savageism:’ Press Coverage of Native Americans at the 1862 Battle of Pea Ridge, Arkansas” won a top paper award at the Southwest Education Council for Journalism and Mass Communication Convention. Gwen Nisbett co-edited “Denying Death: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Terror Management Theory” published by Routledge/ Psychology Press. She wrote about a dozen articles for academic journals, including “Does sport celebrity advocacy work? Testing the potential for endorsements to backfire” in the Atlantic Journal of Communication. She has a book chapter in the forthcoming “Mediating Misogyny” book coedited by Tracy Everbach. Nisbett also presented eight papers at a variety of academic conferences, including AEJMC, NCA, and the American Association of Geographers convention, where she presented “What is the nature of conservation volunteerism?” Sheri Broyles published “Advertising education and the Journal of Advertising Education: The 20-year evolution,” in the Journal of Advertising Education. Mark Donald’s play, “Magnum’s Opus,” was performed as a staged reading at the Dallas Holocaust Museum.

In Remembrance The Mayborn School of Journalism recently lost two special friends, former professor Barbara Colegrove and alumnus/retired Dallas Morning News sports writer and columnist Bob St. John.

Bob St. John

passed away Jan. 12, 2017. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in journalism from what is now the University of North Texas in 1960, St. John worked for the San Angelo Standard Times and Lubbock Avalanche Journal before joining The Dallas Morning News in 1963. During the course of his 37 years with the News, he covered the Dallas Cowboys through its second Super Bowl win in 1978. After working in sports, St. John moved to the metro section, where he served as a general columnist through his retirement in 2000.

Barbara Colegrove, who was the first female faculty

member in the journalism program at what is now UNT, passed away Feb. 5, 2017. After graduating with an M.S. from the Columbia University School of Journalism, Colegrove began her career at Time Magazine before working at a precursor to the Public Broadcasting System. She then moved to the Dallas area and was hired as a lecturer in journalism at North Texas State University. She would later teach at SMU before retiring. Even in retirement she remained busy, working as an editor for a local magazine, as a restaurant critic and as a historian for the town of Addison. A philanthropist, Colegrove funded an undergraduate journalism scholarship at UNT, which is endowed in her name. “Barbara brought many of the founders and crusaders of American journalism to life in her classes by dressing like them and expressing their words,” Mayborn Professor Emeritus Dr. Roy Busby said. “You would have thought you were witnessing each in real life in live theater.” Former student Mary Taylor describes Colegrove’s life as “colorful.”

He was a published author and wrote several sports-related books and also compilations of his many columns for the News. Through his career, St. John received numerous awards and was named a Distinguished Alumni by UNT in 1986. “Like many great writers, Bob was very self-conscious and insecure,” says Mayborn Professor Emeritus Dr. Roy Busby. “Both of these traits led to his witty and soft personality showing in the many different subjects he wrote about in his books and columns. “He and ‘Pop’ Shuford (former journalism professor) became even better friends after Bob graduated, and Bob often got Pop tickets to Dallas Cowboys games as a small repayment to Pop for training him so well.” As he was once mentored, St. John is also remembered for his taking up the mantle of mentor to younger writers during his time with the News. He is survived by his wife, five sons and numerous grandchildren.

“It was a joy to have her as a teacher,” Taylor said. “I have a pillow at home that says, ‘A daughter is a little girl who grows up to be a friend.’ In Barbara’s case, we could say she was a teacher who helped her students grow up to be friends. I found her to be a blessing and I’m thankful for the influence she had on my life.” Colegrove is survived by two sons and four grandchildren.

Annual Report 2016-17 | The Mayborn


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Friends Circle $999 or less Mayborn Leader’s Circle $10,000+ A.H. Belo Corporation (The Dallas Morning News and Denton Record-Chronicle) Bloomberg, L.P. Mr. and Mrs. Alan Colegrove Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Colegrove Democracy Fund Denton Convention & Visitors Bureau Mr. and Mrs. David Dunnigan (1964) Cmdr. and Mrs. Nicholas D. Ricco, Sr. USN (Ret.) (1961) Ricco Family Partners Ltd. (1961)

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2016 Homecoming


The Mayborn | Annual Report 2016-17

Advisory Board Mayborn School Board of Advisors Frank W. and Sue Mayborn School of Journalism Doug Adams CEO/COO, ret. National Repertory Orchestra

Becky Kimbro VP, Marketing Texas Rangers Baseball Club

Nick Ricco Principal & Owner Ricco Family Partners

Mike Cinelli Communications Executive, ret.

Delva King, Ph.D. Co-owner KG Concessions

Virgil Smith Chairman SE Smith Edwards Group, LLC

Theresa Kushner Senior VP, Performance Analytics Dell

Lincoln Stephens Co-founder & CEO Marcus Graham Project

Ken Luce Founding Partner LDWWgroup

Wendi Strong EVP, Corporation Communications, ret. USAA

Nelson Clyde IV Publisher Tyler Morning Telegraph Joe Dealey Jr. Consultant Graham Douglas Head of Creative Vimeo David Dunnigan APR Allison + Partners George Foster CEO Foster Marketing Theresa Gage VP, Brand Partnerships InMobi David Hadeler President & Partner Hadeler Krueger Glenn Hunter Executive Editor D Magazine Partners

Sue Mayborn Editor & Publisher Temple Daily Telegram & Killeen Daily Herald

Brian Sweany Former Editor Texas Monthly

John McCaa News Anchor WFAA-TV

Trent Walters Brand Management Principal The Richards Group

Jim Moseley Shareholder Gray, Reed & McGraw, P.C.

Terri West Senior VP, Communications & Investor Relations, ret. Texas Instruments Inc.

Scott Parks Managing Editor Denton Record-Chronicle Burle Pettit Editor Emeritus The Lubbock Avalanche-Journal Ana Cristina Reymundo Chief Creative Officer ACR Media Publications

Keven Ann Willey VP, Editorial Page Editor The Dallas Morning News Tina Young President & CEO Marketwave

Want to help a student? Be a mentor! Applications for students seeking a mentor or UNT alums willing to be mentors can be found on our website: Please return form by email to Dorothy.Bland@unt. edu by Dec. 1, 2017. The mentees and mentors will be notified by February of each year. Annual Report 2016-17 | The Mayborn


Life @ The Mayborn


The Mayborn | Annual Report 2016-17

2017-2018 Calendar Aug. 28 - First Class Day (Monday)

Jan. 15 - MLK Day (university closed)

Sep. 4 - Labor Day (university closed)

Jan. 16 - First Class Day

Oct. 11 - Journalism Career Fair

March 12-16 - Spring Break (no classes)

Oct. 20-22 - Hackathon

March 21 - Journalism Career Fair

Nov. 10 - Grads Are Back

April 26 - Celebrate Mayborn

Nov. 11 - Homecoming

May 3 - Last Class Day

Nov. 23-26 - Thanksgiving Break (university closed)

May 5-11 - Finals

Dec. 7 - Last Class Day Dec. 9-15 - Finals Dec. 23-Jan. 1 - Winter Break (university closed)

July 20-26 - Mayborn Multimedia High School Workshop July 20-22 - 14th annual Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference

Annual Report 2016-17 | The Mayborn


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