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Plan A Plan A Logo The logo is based on a Helvetica bold, uppercase ‘A’. The counter has been altered to make it look like a tree. This combination of type and image is intended to evoke ideas of sustainability and the environment, through recognising it as Plan A. The accompanying type is Helvetica Neue Light. This relates to the previous Plan A logo and M&S. The choice of colour is based on the M&S Pantone green (382C). This ensures that the logo is still associated with M&S. The darker green for the type makes it stand out from the logo, so that it is clear what it is. This also works with the eco-friendly image.

PANTONE 382C C - 49 M - 22 Y - 93 K - 7


Kirsty Hair & Maya Srivastava

We have created an evocative logo for Plan A and applied it across a range of consumer communication channels with the intention of informing, advising, and inspiring M&S’s target audience (primarily middle class women aged 45-54) to be more eco-friendly in their own lives through Plan A.

Plan A

Plan A

Plan A 10-15% of the average

25 million coffee-farming

household electricity bill is

families are dependent

due to appliances being left

on their crop to feed and

on stand-by.

clothe themselves. Find out more at

Plan A

Find out more at

Plan A The UK currently produces

Eating your 5 a day can

28 million tons of household

reduce your risk of heart

waste per year. 60% of this


ends up in landďŹ lls. Find out more at

Find out more at

Plan A Awareness Billboards

Kirsty Hair & Maya Srivastava

Each of the five billboards represents one of the five pillars of Plan A. The aim of the billboards is to raise awareness of Plan A and the challenges it faces. We want people to start recognising the logo and to associate it with sustainability. The billboards also lead people to M&S if they want to find out more information about Plan A.

Plan A

Plan A Buy Fairtrade Coffee More of your money goes to the people who grew the coffee beans.

Plan A

Plan A

Plan A

Plan A

Eat your 5-a-day

Use Less Water

Use Energy Saving Bulbs

Recycle Newspapers

A good diet will help you

On average, we

You will save money, use less

Save trees - it takes 24

stay healthy, prevent

each use 150 litres

fuel, and help to reduce

trees to make 1 ton

illness & live longer.

of water a day.

carbon emissions.

of newspaper.

Plan A Bags For Life

Kirsty Hair & Maya Srivastava

These are a first step in people making an eco-friendly change. They help to publicise Plan A when they are in use. Each bag represents one of the five pillars of Plan A. The imagery looks as though you are carrying something in your bag, which reflects the pledge shown on the reverse of the bag. The pledge acts as a reminder to make changes in your life as it includes the benefits of taking the pledge.

Plan A

M&S Plan A Window Display

Kirsty Hair & Maya Srivastava

The window display alerts passers-by to Plan A and some of the pledges. It is intended to intrigue people and offers them a chance to find out more in store. Each image, which would be suspended separately, represents one of the five pillars and has an accompanying pledge. The logo and other information would be printed on the brown backdrop.

Plan A

Plan A In Store Information Leaflet

Kirsty Hair & Maya Srivastava

A concertina leaflet, containing information about Plan A and the pledges that the customer can take, which are categorised under the 5 pillars of Plan A. The pledges have a star rating for difficulty. A perforated coupon on the back on the leaflet gets the customer a free bag for life, to help them take their first pledge. The leaflet would be printed on recycled paper, using eco-friendly inks.

Plan A

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