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Which Professional Video Camera Is for You? Once you decide to buy the professional video camera that you’ve been dreaming about for the past month, you must make sure to not rush into deciding which one you should get. There are so many different brands and kinds out there, each offering their own specifications, features, and prices. It is best that before you make your final decision, you do your research first and find out which one is really the best choice. Here are a few questions that you might want to answer before buying your very own camera. 1. Why do you need a professional video camera? If you’re planning on using your camera lightly, such as taking your own personal videos, or even if you plan to setup your own YouTube channel, you can probably just look for a High Definition USB Camcorder. But if you’re thinking more along the lines of making videos for movies or television, doing professional videography, or making an instructional DVD, then that’s a whole different league in itself. You might need bigger firepower then and a bigger camera might be good for you. 2. What features are absolutely necessary? If you are making videos professionally, then changeable lenses would be a great feature to have because it would be easier for you to adapt the lenses depending on the lighting you need. Also, you would need to verify if it has High Definition function and capacity to adapt to low light among many other functions. It is absolutely necessary for your professional video camera to have both automatic and manual focus options. Automatic focus is great for general camera use, but if you want to maximize the capability of your camera, having manual focus can help you get a wider variety of shots in different environments and settings. 3. How are the other pieces of hardware? More often than not, people are more preoccupied with the quality of the video that a professional video camera takes. However, it is equally important that the audio quality that accompanies your images is also impeccable. Your camera should be able to accommodate a variety of mic inputs. Look for XLR inputs, as these are more commonly used in professional cameras – not the quarter-inch or eighth-inch outputs that are common in standard mics. 4. How do I hold this camera? The type of way you hold your camera also is relevant. Shoulder-mounted cameras are easier to hold for longer periods of time. What use would you have for a camera with great features when it’s too heavy and you have difficulty holding on to it?

It wouldn’t hurt if you first rent a camera that you’re considering, so you can try it out for yourself. Professional cameras are known to cost more and they depreciate in value quite quickly. It will save you from having to regret a purchase just because you didn’t do a test run. You can also visit your local store to know more about which professional video camera is right for you.

Which Professional Video Camera Is for You?  

A guide on buying the right professional video camera.

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