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Use Environmentally Friendly Indoor Lighting When Thomas Edison first invented the light bulb, he probably did not have it in mind that people would be using it as part of interior decoration. But that is in fact what it has come to. At a time when technology is progressing at a pretty impressive rate, people’s demands to make their homes look good have also escalated. However, it must be kept in mind that we as the human race have an obligation to improve the environment of the planet we live on, and not pollute it. Saving on indoor lighting is a part of the solution. It is possible to get a good look on the interior of the house by not using a large number indoor lights. It would be a good idea to hire an interior decorator that specializes in lighting. This way, you can get the best advice for the size and type of lights that look good in different parts of the house. Aside from indoor lighting, there are many other electrical appliances in the average home that use up electricity when not plugged out. For example, the cell phone charger when kept plugged in even after the battery is full, eats up power, albeit not that much, and should be plugged out. Remember to switch off the lights of an empty room. Not only will this help improve the environment, but will also save you a lot of money on utility bills. Also, it is useless to keep lights on during the day instead of utilizing light from the sun. This way, no compromise on the beauty of the home will be made because during the day, the lights are visible even when switched off. Another very useful way of maximizing the effects of indoor lighting is to use light-colored paint on the wall. This will cause the light to reflect off the walls and make the room look brightly lit even with just a relatively low-powered bulb. Just about ten years from now, the incandescent bulb was the most popular choice of consumers when it came to indoor lighting. Now, however, a newer technology called the fluorescent bulb has replaced the older bulbs with tungsten filament. The obvious advantage of this new light bulb is that it gives out a more favorable-to-the-eye shade of light for ten times less power consumption. If you forget to shut off the lights when leaving the room frequently, it would be a wise idea to invest in motion sensors, available from most good lighting retailers, and not worry about it again at all. There are many more aspects in life that if properly tweaked would make a great difference in the environment. Just imagine if everyone in the world made an effort for conservation of the environment of this world that we call home. There are individuals who spend billions upon billions of dollars to help improve the environment. We can do our part by simply changing a few bulbs and invest in some of the latest technology in indoor lighting.

Use Environmentally Friendly Indoor Lighting  

An article outlining how you can do your bit for the environment by using eco-friendly lighting in you home.

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