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Preventing Infectious Diseases

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What Are [Edition 1, Volume 1] Infectious Diseases?

Human bodies use skin and

recommended you do the

chemicals to fight pathogens.

following: protect yourself,

Physical barriers such as skin,

eat a balanced diet, drink

Infectious disease is any

mucous membranes, and

water, reduce your stress

disease caused by an agent,

chemicals prevent pathogens

levels, and exercise regularly.

or pathogen, which has

from even entering your body.

A way to prevent getting

invaded the body. Infectious

If the pathogens get past the

sick is to get a vaccine,

diseases can be spread from

physical barriers through a

which is usually prepared

food or water, animals,

cut or burn, then the body

from killed or weakened

something in the


environment, or from

“Even with medical advancements, maintaining good hygiene is still one of the best ways you can help prevent the spread of disease”

person to person. There are five different types of pathogens that cause infectious diseases; bacteria, viruses, fungi, protists, and

uses inflammation to protect

pathogens so that the body

parasites. Fungal infections

itself. Inflammation is

can build immunity to the

can be treated with

characterized by pain, redness,

disease. When you are sick

antifungal medicine and

and swelling as a reaction to

you should follow these

antibiotics can be used to

an infection. The immune

rules: stay home and rest,

treat a bacterial infection.

system’s job is to deal with

drink fluids, and take all

Bacteria can build antibiotic

pathogens that enter the body.

medicine prescribed to you.

resistance to antibiotics that

White blood cells and

To prevent the spreading of

are used improperly. This

antibodies move through the

disease one should: get

can be prevented by not

lymphatic system, a network

vaccinated, and keep clean.

taking antibiotics for a viral

of vessels that carry lymph

disease, and always

throughout the body. In order

finishing prescription

to stay well if you’re sick it is


Common Infectious Diseases With so many pathogens

throat, fever, and yellow or

Athlete’s foot, jock itch, and

everywhere, it’s impossible to

white specks on tonsils. Some

ringworm are examples of

avoid all of them. Two

viral diseases are hepatitis

infections caused by fungi.

bacterial diseases are

and mumps. Hepatitis is the

There symptoms are that skin

meningitis and strep throat.

inflammation of the liver, and

can become itchy, red, and

Meningitis is an inflammation

symptoms of it are yellowing

lesions may appear. Amebic

of the membranes covering

of the skin, fever, and

dysentery, protistan infection,

the brain and spinal cord; it

darkening of the urine. It is

is an inflammation of the

can be caused by bacteria,

spread by contact with bodily

intestine caused by an amoeba.

viruses, and sometimes by

fluids of an infected person

Its symptoms include nausea,

fungi. Symptoms of

and by ingesting

diarrhea, and sometimes fever.

meningitis are a severe

contaminated food or water.

As for parasitic infections,

headache, fever, stiff neck,

Symptoms for mumps are

head lice is the most common

sensitivity to light, and nausea.

pain and swelling of glands in

parasitic infection in the US.

It is spread by contact with

the throat, fever, and a

Organizations such as the

saliva or mucus from an

headache. It is spread by

Centers for Disease Control

infected person. Strep throat

contact with infected air-

and Prevention (CDC) and the

is spread by contact with

borne droplets and personal

National Institutes of Health

mucus from an infected

contact. Other common

(NIH) help treat and prevent

person as well. The symptoms

infections can be caused by

the spread of infectious

for strep throat are a sore

fungi, protists, and parasites.


I hope this newsletter has taught you more about infectious diseases and how to lead a healthier lifestyle. Mayar Desouki Hume-Fogg High School Student Lifetime Wellness


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