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01 Cover Page.jpg

02 Loving Feeling Vest_Cobalt-Red Honeybush.jpg

03 Loving Feeling Vest_Red-Blush Honeybush.jpg

04 Mustang Sally Drape Pullover_Cobalt-Mint Fynbos Frenzy.jpg

05 Mustang Sally Drape Pullover_Beetroot-Blush Fynbos Frenzy.jpg

06 Sugar-Pie Wrap Blouse_Dove Grey-Sky Blue Hanami.jpg

07 Sugar Pie Wrap Blouse_Cream-Beetroot Indian Summer.jpg

08 Good Golly Blouse_White-White Golden Rabbit.jpg

09 Good Golly Blouse_Red-Blush Honeybush.jpg

10 Now-Or-Never Cardigan_Jade-Tobacco Indian Summer.jpg

11 Now-Or-Never Cardigan_Beetroot-Coral Golden Rabbit.jpg

12 Peppermint-Twist Cardigan_Cobalt-Mint Fynbos Frenzy.jpg

13 Peppermint-Twist Cardigan_Beetroot-Blush Fynbos Frenzy.jpg

14 Can't Help Myself Cardigan_Red-Beetroot Hanami.jpg

15 Game Of Love Slip Dress_Cobalt-Red Honeybush.jpg

16 Game Of Love Slip Dress_Red-Blush Honeybush.jpg

17 Sugar-Shack Swing Dress_Dove Grey-Sky Blue Hanami.jpg

18 Honey-Bunch Wrap Dress_Beetroot-Coral Golden Rabbit.jpg

19 Be May Baby Panel Dress_Red-Blush Fynbos Frenzy.jpg

20 Miss-Molly Shirt Dress_White-Red Geisha Memoirs.jpg

21 Miss-Molly Shirt Dress_Red-Beetroot Hanami.jpg

22 I'm A Believer Maxi Dress_Periwinkle-Cream Geisha Memoirs.jpg

23 I'm A Believer Maxi Dress_Cream-Beetroot Indian Summer.jpg

24 Happy Together Maxi Kaftan Dress_White-Red Geisha Memoirs.jpg

25 Happy Together Maxi Kaftan Dress_Coral-Sky Blue Hanami.jpg

26 Ipanima-Girl Trouser_Red-Cream Geisha Memoirs.jpg

27 Ipanima-Girl Trouser_Cream-Red Indian Summer.jpg

28 Blue-Velvet Trouser_Tobacco-Taupe Indian Summer.jpg

29 Blue-Velvet Trouser_Rabbit-Red Geisha Memoirs.jpg

30 Groovin' Trouser_Charcoal-Jade Fynbos Frenzy.jpg

31 Loco-Motion Trouser_Unprinted Sky Blue Denim.jpg

32 California Dreamin' Trousers_Denim-Sky Blue Hanami.jpg

33 California Dreamin' Trousers_White-White Golden Rabbit.jpg

34 Crimson And Clover Cargo's_Red-Beetroot Hanami.jpg

35 Crimson And Clover Cargo's_White-Red Geisha Memoirs.jpg

36 Patty The Perfect Pump_Rabbit-Red Geisha Memoirs.jpg

37 Patty The Perfect Pump_Red-Cream Geisha Memoirs.jpg

38 Patty The Perfect Pump_Denim-Sky Blue Hanami.jpg

39 Back Page retail prices.jpg

Maya Prass Summer 01 2012  

Maya Prass have launched the first collection for summer 2012/13. Use the link to view the catalogue. For further information contact info@m...