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Mayang Tathya

I am Mayang Tathya. I graduate from Binus University, majoring in Creative Advertising. I have a big enthusiasm in graphic design, art directing and illustration. I look forward to learn new things and develop together with your company.

Curriculum Vitae

Personal Info Full Name : Mayang Tathya Nayenggita Date of Birth : 05 November 1994 Address : Harapan Baru Regensy, Nusa Indah C/1 No. 59, Bekasi Barat Contact Phone E-mail Line

: +6285781651856 : : Mayangtn

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: : : : Mayang Tathya Mayangtn

Characteristic Passionate, highly motivated, trustworthy, responsible, always learning, creative

Curriculum Vitae

abilities Hand drawing, Illustration, Digital Illustration, Editorial Layout, Graphic Design, Photography, Retouching, Digital Imaging, Branding, Typography, Copywriting, Videography Interests Art, Music, Fashion, Sports Education SD Al - Azhar 19 Jakarta Timur SMPN 199 Jakarta Timur SMKN 48 Jakarta Timur Hellomotion Academy Bintang Merah Binus University

as Production Team

( ( ( ( ( (

2001 - 2007 ) 2007 - 2010 ) Multimedia, 2010 - 2013 ) 2012 ) 2013 ) Visual Communication Design, 2013 - Desember 2017 )

at Titik Dua Magazine, Campus Organization. January - November 2015

Curriculum Vitae as Freelance Graphic Designer and Visual Artist

2013 - Present as Freelance Graphic Designer

at Indonesia International Week Event 2015, March - September 2015 ( 6 months ) as Intern Graphic Designer

at Milestone Integrated Marketing Solutions, November 2016 - February 2017 ( 3 months ) as a Graphic Designer

at Ministry of Public Works and Housing, January 2016 - January 2018 ( 2 years )

Fresh 'n Brite 2015 - Photography "Pameran Hari Pendidikan Nasional" pada tanggal 2-9 Mei 2015 at Gallery Nasional - Woodcut WWF Campaign - Mix Media Illustration held at Binus University as a Chief organizer for 360 Playground Exhibition held at Binus University

2015 - 2018

Phase Brand Fields

: Ad Assignment : BonCabe "Cabenya Sampai di Lidah" : Digital Imaging, Copywriting

BONCABE Boncabe is a popular chili powder in Indonesia. Boncabe's target consument are people love spicy food. To describe the spicyness, I change the tongue into chilli.

Phase Client Fields

: Published : Kansai Paint : Digital Imaging, Layouting

KANSAI PAINT Kansai Paint provides high quality decorative paint, which is various kinds of wall paint that can protect and beautify the building. I was responsible for rebranding the Premium Interior sheer paint can and the Colour Catalogue Book.

Phase Client Fields

: Ad Assignment :: Copywriting, Typography, Digital Imaging

PERGI NAIK MINI, PULANG BAWA MINI The purpose is to persuade people to choose a metromini instead a car. In this ad, I emphasize the Tagline and make it into typography.

Phase Client Fields

: Published Re-Branding : Kementerian PU, Direktorat Jenderal Sumber Daya Air : 3D Typography, Illustration

The Illustration are based on the logo and the intrepretation of Direktorat Jenderal Sumber Daya Air. There is Dam, Pipe, Irrigation, Trees, Paddy, River., and the other machines. To make it look more Interesting, I emphasize the Typography of SDA.

Phase Brand Fields

: Champaign : Kementerian PUPR : Photography, Digital Imaging, Typography, Illustration

HAYUK SELAMATKAN CIKAPUNDUNG Hayuk Selamatkan Cikapundung is a campaign to increase people's awareness of the use Cikapundung River. The Big Idea is 'if River can speak up, what will they say?" (Kalau Sungai bisa ngomong?) .

Blue and Yellow are the Main color of Kementerian PUPR Red as the symbol for the courageous of the river to speak up.

Phase Brand Fields

: Graphic Standard Manual Published : Yayasan Ihya Ul Ummah : Layouting, Typography, Illustration

YAYASAN IHYA UL UMMAH (YIU) (YIU) is Islamic Foundation School. I was responsible for making the Graphic Standard Manual (GSM) as a guide to maintain the consistency of identity (logo) in its placement on various media branding .

Phase Fields Tools

: Personal Project : Digital Imaging, Illustration : Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

This empty space will be filled with good works after I continue my journey in your company. Let me know If I'm Suitable :)

Portfolio by mayang tathya  


Portfolio by mayang tathya